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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Where are Koo?

I'm entitled to some horribly named posts too, no? Mr. Koo looked like he would be one of Willie's main go to guys in the start of the season after he was ran out to the mound in three of the first four games. Despite having a solid 5.87 k/9 and 3.52 ERA, he's only totaled 7.2 innings, which is good for sixth most in the bullpen and there are only six people in the bullpen right now. While Koo has held lefties to .091 BAA, righties have had considerable success against him with a .389 BAA.

Being the only lefty out of the pen, it looks like Willie has him pegged for a lefty specialist, which is something I hate to see. I think match ups are overrated and I hope Koo gets a chance to prove himself as a guy out of the pen. With me liking Aybar than most, I think the Mets could have six guys out of the pen that are good, but Koo needs to get more work. Mr. Koo deserves a real shot to be a productive piece of the pen, and I hope Willie gives it to him.

* * *

  • Pedro gives up a season high five runs, but strikes out eleven en route to his fourth straight victory. He has a 7.0 k/bb and 11.34 k/9. He has a .68 WHIP and .145 BAA. The homer happy Mets knocked four over the fence for the second night in a row and Carlos Beltran went off with a two homer game. As of now, Carlos is on pace for a line of .296/.350/.504 with 31 homers, 42 doubles, and 115 RBIs. Now if he would only start stealing bases.

    Cammy continues to endear himself in the 2nd spot and Kaz Matsui continues to bury himself deeper in the bottom of the lineup. Roberto Hernandez saves his first game since Noah built the arc...life is good right now. Only one baseball team in New York is over .500 and they for once, are not the Yankees. 17-4 leaves the Mets 2.5 games out of 2nd place and poised for the sweep of the formerly hot Brewers if Glavine was not pitching today. Hey, there's always a chance the Mets win by way of a slugfest.

  • I'm starting to associate baseball with boobs. Not that it's a bad thing, just a strange association. Every time I go to Pro Sports Daily's rumor's section, I see this:

  • "I think it's fair to say that when you're with a big-market club, you have the ability, if you choose, to go after guys who are more difficult to sign," said Minaya, who added, "I've always had a great relationship with Scott."

  • Some Q&A with the always candid Cliffy.

    Q: You're playing as if you have a chip on your shoulder after the off-season trade talk.

    A: That's why I didn't go to the [off-season] caravan. When you go to spring training, you want a clear mind. I thought it was best for the team and myself to chill.

  • The conspiracy theory is put to rest.....for now.

  • Lastings makes his appearance back in the lineup for St. Lucie.

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