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Friday, August 12, 2005

Plan B

Omar has some decisions to make.

Further tests on Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran revealed Friday that both are more seriously injured than previously thought, and the hospitalized outfielders are doubtful to rejoin the Mets anytime soon.

Cameron could be lost for the season after the Mets announced Friday that the fractures of both cheekbones he sustained in Thursday's collision with Beltran will require surgery. He also suffered a broken nose and a slight concussion, though a CT scan did not show any more severe damage to his brain.

Beltran was held overnight at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla and a CT scan indicated that he had suffered a minimally displaced facial fracture that the Mets said "most likely will not require surgery." The Mets centerfielder, who also sustained a concussion, was scheduled for more tests Friday.

First, it is time for Wright to moved into the third spot in the order. Second, it is time to figure out who is going to play center. Woodward and Williams are not going to get it done during such a vital stretch of the season even if it will only be five games that Beltran is out (it seems like it may be longer) and the Mets went from two centerfielders deep to everyone’s favorite teammate, Gerald Ice Williams, being the only one left. The Mets really do not have many options. However, I have seen Eric Valent play the outfield and while nobody would confuse him with a gold glover, it appears he can adequately cover some ground and would provide the biggest bat out of all the other options. Angel Pagan may very well warrant a look and his .267/.324/.400 line is not far off Valent's in terms of average, but his SLG and OBP are way off. I guess it really depends which direction the Mets choose to go, but I think they need to look towards offense. Either way, Pagan or Valent should get some serious consideration when all options presented.