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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Gulp, gulp, gulp...

What does gulp, gulp, gulp mean? Well, if you listened to the Mike and the Mad Dog Show yesterday you would know. I've never seen such a display of....um....affection from Mike and the Mad Dog in my life toward the Mets. I had to check the calendar to make sure it was not April 1st and I had my friend punch me in the stomach to make sure I was not dreaming the entire deal. Bringing in Mr. Bill Wagner (as Carlos Delgado affectionately calls him) shortly after reeling in Delgado has brought out the good side of the usually dim witted duo. Of course they had to add in their off base comments like Met fans can never say the Yankees buy their championships because of their new found desire to buy everyone and anyone amongst other off base opinions, but I would like to point out they are still about nine Mr. Billy Wagner's off of their payroll.

They then went on to talk about how the Mets asserted themselves as a relevant baseball team in New York and that this was not the Yankees town anymore. Of course I could care less what they say, but it goes a long way in showing how the perception of the Mets has changed. They have gone from the red headed step child, the junior varsity team, second class citizens, etc. all by spending a few hundred million dollars and handing out no trade clauses like condoms at a Planned Parenthood Clinic. As the newest Met and good 'ole boy Billy Wagner said, "if you win in New York, you are remembered forever". The only thing left for this team to do is actually do that.

* * *

  • With the Indians poised to sign Trevor Hoffman, the Phillies eyeing Tom Gordon, not many scraps for the Braves to chew on in terms of closers, and the Cubs making progress with Furcal, life is looking pretty good these days in the NL East for Met fans.

  • From ESPN.com, there was some impressive information.
    Lowest career opponents BA among active pitchers*
    Billy Wagner .183
    Armando Benitez .187
    Troy Percival .187
    Pedro Martinez .208
    Trevor Hoffman .208
    *Minimum 500 IP
    Not bad and the Mets have two of them. Of course Armando Benitez being on this list is possibly damning to any good points that can be taken out of this, but whatever.

  • Since I did not post yesterday, I did not get a chance to print this gem, but it was at Metsgeek.com which I will assume everyone checks regularly.

    Jeff Wilpon admitted as much when he said, "We want to create something exciting on the field instead of waiting for the minor-leaguers to produce."

    Oh, baby. Even if you think it, keep it to yourself.

  • Who doesn't like Mike?

    "Good gracious, they're going to have a good team. Aren't they?"
    --Erstwhile Mets outfielder Mike Cameron, reflecting on New York's trade for Carlos Delgado

    "I like where I'm going [San Diego], and I'm in center field again. But I'll be watching for those New York Mets."

    Hopefully he wins a gold glove this year and does it all for San Diego.

    The other two quotes from Baseball Prospectus' This Week in Quotes that stand out are from David Wright and BJ Ryan.

    "It's not fun. It's almost like a cartoon, the ball is in the mitt before you see it. And the difference between Billy and a lot of closers is that he throws inside. And when he throws that slider of his that looks like a fastball, before you know it, it buries in on your back foot. No, it's not fun at all."
    --Mets third baseman David Wright, on facing free agent closer Billy Wagner (New York Post)

    Nicey nice.

    "Bo Junior. After my dad. That's just straight redneck-ology, right there."
    --Free agent B.J. Ryan, on how his given name "Robert Victor" became "B.J."

  • The Orioles were the highest bidder on Paul Konerko and submitted a five year, $65 million offer, but it was rejected. Despite being the highest number of years and the most money, he appears to be leaning towards the Angels and White Sox. I doubt the White Sox are going to retain him especially after they brought in Jim Thome as insurance.

  • IF Derek Jeter moved from shortstop to center field next season, he would win a Gold Glove within a year, Bobby Murcer said yesterday.

    No he wouldn't. He will not get the chance, but he would never win a Gold Glove within a year and probably never ever ever. Sure Jeter is athletic, but there are a lot of athletic people in this league.

  • Manny is selling his pad and the same David Ortizzle that said that Pedro "ain't gonna be no Met" says that Manny will not be back in Beantown in 2006.

  • Braden Looper said he would return to set up Wagner, but it's unclear if that's an option for the Mets. "Is he in the mix? I have to sit down and talk to the agent," Minaya said. "He's not out of the mix."

    I'm torn. I think Looper could be useful, but he certainly would not be the main set-up man.

  • The Mets also have made pitcher Roberto Hernandez an offer to return, Minaya said. "It's in their hands," Minaya said. One of Hernandez's reps, Randy Hendricks, wrote in an E-mail, "There is really nothing to comment on at this time."

    Once again, I'm torn. He's old so you don't know if you are going to get what you did last year out of him and he represents a possible first round pick if someone else signs him and the Mets offer him arbitration. The Mets can ink Dotel and offer Bert and Looper arbitration and hope they go elsewhere. If they don't, the Mets have a mighty expensive, but effective bullpen.

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