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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Douchebag Extraordinaire

Deconstructing a douchebag.

A Mets deal for Carlos Delgado could happen quickly, reports Kevin Kernan; the Daily News concurs.

If, in fact, the Mets part with their top pitching prospect to get Delgado, while absorbing all of Delgado's financial obligations, they are insane. They could offer a bag of balls at this point and Florida will take a deal, so long as the Mets are taking the contract.

1) The Mets got seven million dollars.
2) That fact that you even used the word insane to describe this deal tells me you are a douchebag.
3) A bag of balls? That is simply not true. The Orioles wanted Delgado and the Marlins were not just going to give the Mets Delgado out of their own health. They needed to get something in return to justify the deal. You get paid for this drivel? Let us even say for agument sake the Orioles really were not interested, The Fish should just hand him over for nothing within their division tipping the scale in the Mets favor? They wanted to dump salary, but let's get real here.
4) Pitching is a position of depth for the Mets. Pelfrey, Soler, Gabby, Humber, Seo, and Heilman. Trading Petit will hardly be damaging. The aforementioned group is solid. Very solid with a few guys that could end up being much better than Petit.

Again, there is no question that the Mets are going to have the best off season, on paper, of any team in the majors: They're probably going to sign Billy Wagner, they could get Delgado very soon, and they're going to get a good catcher.

Best on paper? Best in reality too jackass.

But the trademark of Omar Minaya's dealings so far is that he overpays for everything. He can get Delgado, and that's great. But why overpay for him? Why not tell the Marlins, Look, you don't have teams beating down your door to take his contract. We'll do you a favor and take his contract, and you'll take one Grade B-minus prospect from this list of three, along with this backup Class A catcher, and you'll be thrilled with that.

Huh? You just need one other interested team. Not forty, but just one. A bidding war only needs two teams. Also, the Mets basically get Delgado for what they wanted to sign him for last year in terms of dollars. They should give up nothing for that? Even I, the one with unrealistic trade proposals that are slanted toward the Mets can see this deal was a good one.

Landing Pedro, Beltran, Wagner, Delgado, all good. But at some point, the bill is going to come due, and the Mets at least have to try to pay market value, rather than spending above and beyond that in each and every deal.

Umm...let's recap. A future Hall of Famer in Pedro Martinez being courted to come to a team that hasn't seen above .500 since 2001 and was 212 and 272 in the previous three seasons for a .438% winning percentage that still had not signed Beltran is an easy sell? The BoSox went to three years, and the Mets merely had to match that to get him here? I'm not sure you have a clue. Actually I'm sure you don't. Same with Beltran. He liked the Astros. He liked them a lot. Should of been easy to pry him away with equal deals, right? How you manage to put shoes on in the morning and get out of the house? Omar is creating an atmosphere that will allow them to not overpay. However, you need to win first.

As far as the Omar over spending? With Carlos Delgado's $13.5 million (we'll even ignore the seven million the Mets are getting from the Marlins), Billy Wagner in for $12 million a year (might not even go that high), Ramon Hernandez in for $8 million (might not even sign him), two solid relievers added for $4.5 million for '06, and three bench players for $4 (won't even cost that much), the Mets are at about $112 million for their Major League payroll when you guess the rest of the roster. Outlandish? Far from it. Omar actually has a great team in place for a reasonable amount of money, and if they choose to pass on Hernandez and go with Castro, the Mets are at about $104 million. Do us all a favor Buster and stop writing crap. Enough with the backhanded compliments when it comes to the Mets and you demonstrate such little knowledge of baseball it amazes me.