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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

In A Heartbeat....

Sign me up if it means Manny as a Met.

The centerpiece of the deal, coming from the Mets’ side, would be center fielder Mike Cameron and two of the following three prospects: outfielder Lastings Milledge and right-handers Aaron Heilman and Yusmeiro Petit.

Keep Lastings, trade the rest. You have to give up something to get something and as good as I think Heilman can be out of the pen, Soler getting into the states, Bartolome Fortunato being healthy, and a relatively solid relief free agency crop means the Mets should jump at this if in fact the parts are true, which there are conflicting reports on whether the Red Sox even want to move Manny. Of course, I would wait until the deal for a solid closer is done because if the Mets cannot upgrade their pen, then they need to keep every bullpen arm they have or else offense will not matter. I believe they can upgrade the offense a number of other ways, though not as massively as Manny.

Would Manny on the Mets be a bad thing? After all, his Manny being Manny routine is something that may wear thing on a struggling team if they do not do well, but wasn't that the same billing Pedro had? He was an eccentric guy that would wear thin on the Mets and their fans? I do know that Pedro is a competitor as is Manny. It is quite conceivable that both had grown tired with their old surroundings and town and a new challenge like taking the city back from the Yankees and bringing the Mets to the top could be something that drives these two for their time with the Mets. I'm not worried about Manny being Manny if he comes here and I would welcome the best offensive player that ever stepped on the field in a Mets uniform in a heartbeat. Manny could be the missing link to the Mets taking the division after the bullpen situation is more settled and the early rumblings have been positive in terms of the Mets courting Wagner. Another interesting off season for Minaya and the Mets is upon us.

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  • Cameron wants to play center and I have no doubt he will before Spring Training ends. It is in the Mets best interest to find a home for him and slugger for the outfield.

  • A sad day for baseball is upon us. The Pirates are not for sale.

    "I haven't seen the story, but, obviously, it's out there,'' McClatchy said Monday. "We sort of went through this dance in July, with the reports about Cuban buying the Pirates. What I said in July is the same as today. The team is not for sale, and I think (Cuban) confirmed that. Nothing has changed."

    Perhaps no one benefited more from the internet boom than Mark Cuban and his desire to buy a baseball team was rather well known. He was an owner that could have taken on Steinbrenner head on for the national headlines and would have injected life into a franchise that is in horrible shape. Maybe Frank McCourt will admit he has no idea how to run a baseball team and sell his team to Cuban.

    The Pirates are "a franchise that needs a hands-on owner at this point," he said. "McClatchy, he's just kind of never really put them in the right direction."

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