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Friday, March 24, 2006

Soriano Is In Left

Ok, he did it and did not really make much noise after it was done and Washington did some spin control.

"I have no choice," Soriano said. "I love the game. I hope I stay healthy and I hope they play me there every day because I love the game."

"All I wanted to know from him was, was he willing to play left field," Robinson said. "He said he was ready to go, he wanted to get at-bats and get out there and play."

Alright, all is well in the nation's capital and despite all the hoopla, Soriano handled it well in the end. Of course the second day he was in left, he let two catchable balls drop in, but what can you do? The guy is going to have an adjustment period and by season's end, I have no doubt he will be a solid left fielder. He is athletic and has an excellent arm. I would not be surprised if he nailed a few people at the plate.

* * *

  • Ziiiiing!

    In an espn.com piece about Japan's win against Cuba in the WBC championship game Monday, Stark wrote that Cuban manager Higinio Velez "spent the first inning managing like his raft was on fire, and it didn't work out too caliente [hot]."

    Stark, reached on his cell phone Thursday, said, "I apologize to anyone I may have offended. I really feel badly that I wrote that. I regret it. I will never do it again."

    Ok, it was in poor taste to write that and by no means should he really be disciplined other than removing that statement from the column, but c'mon. I'm not exactly easily offended, but it is common sense to leave something like that out.

  • Mo money, mo money, mo money...

    Japan had the pitching, hitting and defense needed to win the inaugural World Baseball Classic, but the tournament remains firmly in the grip of Major League Baseball, which bankrolled the $50-million event.

  • Kaz is ahead of schedule. However, the Mets still will not have him for opening day and are leaing towards Anderson Hernandez.

    Hernandez, a switch-hitter, has had a decent spring, batting .286 (12-for-42) with no homers, one RBI and two steals. He has committed one error playing second base and shortstop.

    Keppinger, a righty, also has hit .286, going 10-for-35 with five doubles and a triple. Hernandez's 12 hits all are singles.

    I'm for Keppinger getting the shot at this point simply because I feel his bat is more big league ready. I think Hernandez is going to have a battle with the Mendoza line as where Keppinger would prove much more useful all around at this point. They say it is coming down to defense (though defense did not factor in their choice to start Kaz, just another case of Mets selective reasoning) and while Hernandez is clearly better on defense, Keppinger is not horrible. In fact, he will not even be a detriment. I think the Mets should consider the entire package.

  • Channel 60 bitches.

  • Posada gets uglier and is set to battle Hideki for ugliest Yankee.

  • Is it just me, or does the new Yankee Stadium look a little too much government building like? I'm not a fan.

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