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Friday, April 28, 2006

A Letter to Alfonso

Dear Alfonso,
    I apologize for thinking you would hit 18 homers and bat .250 this year as a National. So far, you have hit seven in twenty-two games and have a .326/.370/.628 line. Hell, you might even top forty walks for the first time in your career and make the 40/40 club. I'd still like to know why you could not hit away from Arlington though. Maybe you were pressing too much or maybe it was two years of bad luck. Whatever it was, I would still like to know. Your teammates complain about not being able to hit homeruns at home and you have ten hits at home and five of them are homeruns. I did say that you would 'be a disaster waiting to happen in Shea Stadium and I am not just talking about defense. I think a Carlos Beltran 2005 type batting average from him in 2006 would be wishful thinking'. I take it all back.
The Metropolitans

Soriano has been impressive at the plate and has adjusted pretty well in left field. What was once something he was really worried about, turned out to be the best thing he could have done. He is not pigeon holed as a second baseman and he could have opened up a larger market for his services in the off season. If he keeps hitting like he is now, he will have no problem profiling as having enough offense for whatever position he wanted play and still get paid big cash.

While I'm apologizing....

  • I apologize to my mom for fornicating with girls in the house during high school going against her strict no fornicating policy.
  • I apologize to my ex-girlfriend for not being able to convey how cool it is to date a guy who has nothing better to do than blog about the Mets.
  • I apologize to my liver for laying out serious punishment constantly. I owe you one buddy.
  • I apologize to that McDonald's employee who I was not able to convey how dumb you are when you would not allow me to get a regular size soda instead of the super sized bucket of soda with my super sized (when they still had super sizing) meal because I do not have enough self control to not consume 40 gallons of soda in one sitting. I'M PAYING YOU THE SAME FOR LESS SODA!!!
  • I apologize to cashier at the A&P from the other day. You gave me an extra dollar back in my change and took it an ran for the hills.
  • I apologize to Danielle. I really was just saying that to sleep with you.
  • I apologize to the company I am gainfully employed from because I waste too much time doing this stupid blog and reading about baseball.
  • I apologize to the people of Iraq. When I voted for him, I didn't know he was going to blow all that stuff up.
  • I apologize to the city of New York. I have relieved myself on your lovely streets one too many times.
  • I apologize to my stomach. I know the medical community says spicy foods and hot peppers do not cause or aggravate ulcers and some say capsaicin may even help protect the stomach, but you tell me otherwise every time I pile it on.
  • I apologize to god. I don't capitalize the 'g' in god and because I don't believe you exist. I think Jesus existed, but he was just a swell guy and not your son.
  • I apologize to Roger Cedeno. I have wished harm on you numerous times, but it is not your fault the Mets gave you that contract.
  • I apologize to the Palm Oil industry. Sure it wasn't me who started a slander campaign against your trans fat free, rich in antioxidant, high in tocotrienol, and cholesterol reducing goodness, but it was the Hydrogenated Oil companies in my country that started it. I feel partly responsible and now we are all fat.
  • I apologize to Omar Minaya. Yes, I did not say the Cammy deal was a horrible deal, but I simply did not think you got enough back. I was wrong.

    "I don't know what he did over there in San Diego, but he's one of the best dudes I ever met in my life," said Cliff Floyd, who was Cameron's best friend on the Mets. "Honestly. I mean, Cam's my boy for life, but I like this guy a lot.

    "It's not even funny. You ask anyone in here, and the first thing they'll tell you is that he's one of the best guys they know. He just has an aura about him that makes you want to be cool with him. He's quiet, but he keeps you loose. Hates when you talk negative."

    That's enough for now. This could go on forever and I've said too much anyway.

    * * *

  • Bud Selig is testing the baseballs due to the 25% increase in homeruns.

    And he was curious enough about the jump to ask that Major League Baseball test the baseballs, he disclosed yesterday during an annual meeting with newspaper sports editors in Manhattan.

    Michael blames crappy pitching.

  • Well, which is it?

    Good news?

    An MRI of Brian Bannister's right hamstring revealed the lowest level of strain, not a significant tear, leading the rookie pitcher to hold out hope team brass might let him take his next scheduled start.

    Or bad news?

    Bannister was diagnosed with a Grade 1 strain of his right hamstring - the least severe - after yesterday's MRI here, but the Mets remain unsure of his status for Tuesday, which is when the rookie's turn would come up again.

    It seems doubtful that Bannister would make that start based on how he looked hobbling around third to score in the sixth inning of Wednesday's 9-7 win over the Giants. The best he was hoping for after the game was a cramp, and now that team physician Struan Coleman has confirmed the strain, Bannister may wind up on the disabled list.

    There are many more articles saying he should not be going on the DL, but the point is that the situation is still pretty much in the air.

  • Diaz is set to travel to Atlanta just in case.

    Victor Diaz was expected to travel to Atlanta as a hedge against Carlos Beltran or Bannister being placed on the disabled list today, but there's no guarantee Diaz will be activated. (Last season, reliever Tim Hamulack traveled to Arizona to join the Mets, but returned to Triple-A Norfolk without ever officially joining the big-league team.)

  • Mr. Billy Wagner likes Duaner.

    "He makes it look too damn easy, personally," Billy Wagner said after Wednesday's game. "I think they should let him close and see how easy it is for him."

  • Ken Rosenthal likes the idea of moving Dontrelle Willis.

    For example, what if the Reds offered a package including third baseman Edwin Encarnacion and top pitching prospect Homer Bailey?

    The notion isn't as far-fetched as it might appear.

    The Reds' new owners want to win. And while Encarnacion and Bailey would be a high price, the Reds would get Willis for the rest of this season and all of 2007 and '08 before he becomes a free agent.

    Billy Beane would never close the door on any trade and listen to all proposals. Loria and Beinfest would be stupid to not at least listen. There might even be a trade that makes sense.

  • Fugly, fugly, fugly.

    Since it opened in 1997, the Mets are 20-51 at Turner Field. They went 1-8 here last season, 2-7 in 2004, 3-7 in 2003. In all, the Mets have not won a season series against Atlanta since 1997, and they lost two of three games last week in a match up of hobbled teams at Shea Stadium.

  • The-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e Mets win! The-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e Mets win! (in John Sterling hack voice)

    The City Council overwhelmingly approved the Mets' and Yankees' financing plans for new baseball stadiums Wednesday. The votes keep both ballparks on track for 2009 openings.

    The council approved the Mets' plan in a 48-1 vote, and the Yankees' vote was 46-3.

    "I like the fact that we got a couple of more votes than the Yankees, but I'm glad theirs passed as well, and this is all good for the city," Mets Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wilpon said after the voting.

  • You ask...BA answers....

    Mets outfielder Fernando Martinez is off to a strong start at low Class A Hagerstown as a 17-year-old, hitting .323/.408/.538 with one homer, eight RBIs and three steals in 17 games. If Martinez were a high school senior right now, where would he likely be drafted in June?

    Jason Phillips

    Martinez signed for $1.4 million out of the Dominican Republic last summer. Though he was a free agent then and would be restricted to negotiating with one team in the draft, he'd do better this June.

    In a draft crop that's very thin on position players and is getting the worst early reviews since the 2000 bunch, Martinez would be coveted. Realistically, he's at three years away from the major leagues, so that might keep him from going No. 1 overall, but he'd likely be one of the first five or 10 picks. He's better than any high school position player available, and you could argue him against the top college position players. Martinez has a higher ceiling than Long Beach State third baseman Evan Longoria, and scouts believe he's a safer bet to hit than Texas outfielder Drew Stubbs.

    Martinez already is an advanced hitter and he also has above-average power potential. With solid speed and a strong arm, he projects as a quality all-around right fielder. For the sake of comparison, he's outperforming the other 17-year-old phenoms in the South Atlantic League, Braves shortstop Elvis Andrus (.221/.279/.284) and Yankees outfielder Jose Tabata (.329/.342/.452).

    Nice. Omar looks like he pulled a fast one with this kid. Possibly the top position player available period?

    Strangely enough though, this Jason Phillips person in Boston has got his questions on here a few times while they ignore my questions like 'where do babies come from' and 'why is the sky blue'.

    Because of their physical stature and electric stuff, I always look at Tigers righthander Justin Verlander and project what he's doing in the big leagues to see what type of pitcher Mets righty Mike Pelfrey will become. Is that a fair comparison? Who has the better stuff and who will be the better pro?

    Michael Frank

    That's an interesting comparison. Verlander had the best pure stuff in the 2004 draft, when he was the first pitcher selected (No. 2 overall), while Pelfrey was the best pitcher available last year and would have been the first taken if not for signability concerns (he went at No. 9).

    They do have a lot in common. They have similar builds, with Pelfrey slightly taller (6-foot-7 vs. 6-foot-5) and heavier (210 pounds vs. 200). Both can light up radar guns. Verlander hit 101 mph against the Mariners on Sunday and usually operates at 94-97 mph, a couple of ticks quicker than Pelfrey. Their changeups are comparable, and Pelfrey's may have a little more potential because he uses his more often.

    The biggest difference between the two is the quality of their curveballs. Verlander has a power breaking ball that qualifies as a true plus pitch, while Pelfrey's curve is an average offering. Neither pitcher has any red flags on their medical history and both throw strikes, so the edge goes to Verlander because of his curve.

    Sick. Both are good. I love the Mets-centric Ask BA.

  • Delmon Young is suspended indefinitely.
    "The Devil Rays organization supports the decision by Randy Mobley to suspend Delmon Young," the statement said. "We do not tolerate this type of conduct from anyone in the Devil Rays organization. We will meet with Delmon and his representatives as soon as possible to further address this unfortunate situation. It cannot and will not be repeated."

    Punk ass, punk.

  • There is bucket loads of good stuff at Metsgeek.com today. Go there and revel on it's goodness.

  • Update 11:20 AM: From Benny....

    Young hitting the umpire with a bat.

    Now that I've seen it, he shouldn't play for the rest of the year. Really, you just cannot do that. It wasn't a little toss. Holy shit.

    This just cracked me up. Also from Benny and a gem.


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