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Monday, May 22, 2006

Does A One Legged Duck Swim In Circles?

Mr. Billy Wagner had one of the wildest outings he ever had on Saturday but did not let that get to him.

"Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?" he said when someone asked if he was available to pitch in this one. Truth is, he was more than available. Wagner wanted the ball yesterday -- needed it, really -- to erase the memory of that miserable outing.

You have to have thin skin and a bad memory as a ballplayer because dwelling on bad outings will get you nowhere. As for him pitching in the game last night, the Yankee fans should have been careful what they wished for.

"Yeah, I was pretty shocked," Wagner said. "I don't know if that was Yankee fans happy I was coming in or what. Whatever. It was great."

Mr. March, Alex Rodriguez, was 0-for-4 with a walk and stranding seven runners out of the fifteen runners stranded overall by the Yankees.

"We had them on the ropes," manager Joe Torre said.

Tell yourself whatever you need to in order to get through the day.

"It's not just another series," Glavine said. "As much as we try to downplay it, we know the importance of it. It's hard not to get amped up for the Yankees. They are who they are. Regardless of how many people they have injured, they're still the Yankees and they are a measuring stick."

The series should have been a sweep, but the Mets are flying high regardless because they outplayed the Yankees for three games. With last night's victory, the Mets took their third game of this rough nine game stretch and ideal outcome for me was the Mets going 5-4 and they have three wins so far. The only problem now is that the Mets are throwing out Trachsel, Alay Soler, and Jeremi Gonzalez in the next three games and two wins seems like a tall order. The Mets need two starters to step it up and put two wins on the board against their division rival.

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  • Sorry Mike.
    MikeinSpain said...

    Mike, you´re killing me with all this Kazmir talk. Seriously. It´s like finding out I could have had a nymphomaniac lingerie model that night I decided to stay home drinking Busch light and watching the TNT Karate Kid marathon.

    For my sake, just let it go...
    I cannot.

    The way Wes Helms described Scott Kazmir in pregame meetings was, "a young Randy Johnson that doesn't throw as hard."

    That Kazmir's fastball comes in around 92-94 mph instead of 96-98 was of little consolation as the Marlins rode a seasonlong six-game losing streak into Sunday's series finale against the Devil Rays.

    Helms' evaluation proved to be right on as Kazmir confounded the Marlins through eight innings and delivered his team to a 3-0 win at Tropicana Field. In outdueling Dontrelle Willis, Kazmir helped the Devil Rays record their first home shutout since July 29, 2004.

  • DG Has been a wealth of information lately.
    DG said...

    Little more in regards to Beato from Baseball America's preface to their first mock draft:

    "Three weeks before the draft was set to kick off, here's our best guess as to what will happen on June 6. We're assuming that potential first-round righthanders Pedro Beato (Mets/St. Petersburg, Fla., CC) and Bryan Morris (Devil Rays/Motlow State, Tenn., CC) will sign as draft-and-follows rather re-enter the draft. We expect righty Luke Hochevar, now with the independent Fort Worth Cats, will turn down the Dodgers and be eligible for selection."

    Hmmn, that makes him the first round pick we don't have. Not bad at all. Still beginning to think that last year's draft was not as bad as it was layed out to be...
    The draft was not horrible. The Mets walked away with Pelfrey, Niese, and maybe Beato, while picking up Fernando Martinez and Deolis Guerra on the international front, but they had a weak year for position players. The system does not have anything outside of some five tool outfielders and some nice arms, but not very deep at all. The Mets need to be very active this year on the international front and need to get creative in order to stock some solid talent.

  • As good as Delgado as been, he has the fifth highest VORP in the National League among first baseman.
    Top 5 2006 NL First Basemen, by VORP
    Player Team EqA VORP
    Albert Pujols SLN .362 33.4
    Nick Johnson WAS .327 17.8
    Lance Berkman HOU .320 16.9
    Nomar Garciaparra LAN .332 15.2
    Carlos Delgado NYN .307 14.8
  • Not good news on the Fernando Martinez front.

    Mets outfielder Fernando Martinez' thumb injury might be worse than originally expected, as the Newark Star Ledger reported that he could miss up to four weeks. Martinez hasn't played since May 9. The club has not yet placed him on the disabled list.

  • David Wright smashed an epic blast last night.

    Carlos Delgado said "that's about a $20 cab fare. That was far."

    Floyd might not be able to hit very well at this point, but he can throw down some quotes with the best of them.

    "I hope nobody thought they were safe parking behind the bullpen," Floyd quipped. "That was a shot."

    "He even tried to pimp it," Floyd said. "He's got no pimp."

    Note to Wright: Work on pimping it.

    Anonymous benny said...

    Seeing the angle that ESPN had for when BIlly Wagner came in gave me chills.
    That must be one of the greatest feelings in the world. Just running in from the bullpen, 1 run lead, PACKED HOUSE, and just CHEERS!
    Fuck I'm jealous.

    The Mets farm system has consistantly been very toosly outfielders and backup catchers. BTW, the Mets could have gotten George Washington High School catcher Angel Salome in 2004 but instead went for Aaron Hathaway, yuck.
    Look out for Salome who's tearing up low A ball.

    And I'm still pissed that the Mets missed out on my predicted sweep, like I said on Thursday... fuckers.

    I hate Mondays, never any Met games. I mean why bother living through today?

    12:42 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Who is pitching tomorrow?

    1:04 PM

    Blogger Mets Beast said...

    i was at that game last night, and man was it crazy... i sat in loge section 27 with some crazy but funny yankee fans, but some crazy but somewhat annoying mets fans... in the 8th i didnt even cheer when sanchez induced a 6-4-3 dp ball from double play-rod... i was so pissed from the bases loaded no out situation... in the ninth, i had to stand up and start cheering wagner, even though how much i cursed his ass yesterday... my brother made a good point and said he cant have two bad outings in a row... a yankee fan two rows in front of me (who barred a striking resemblance to johnny damon) kept saying bring on wagner, and they got em... the radar gun flashed 96, 98, 97 and cano didnt know what got him... when cairo was done, i was so relieved... out on the streets out of the parking lot, we kept saying yankees suck to yankees fans... one drunk guy wanted to fight us, cursin us out n givin us the finger, but it was hilarious... i never went so crazy in my life..

    1:09 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Traxx goes tomorrow and then Soler and Gonzo I'm guessing.

    Yeah, when Wagner came in everyone cheered...Mets and Yankee fans.

    I was the game last night too and it was great. The Yankees fans sounded desperate cheering singles like they were homeruns. I almost felt bad for them...almost.

    The Yankee fans always break it down to violence. They are touch, touchy people.

    1:27 PM

    Blogger SonnyD said...

    That was certainly the hardest Wagner has thrown in a Mets uniform, according to the radar gun. I was watching on TV...he hit 99 several times, and was consistently above 95 on his fastball, which I don't believe he has been yet. I guess he was a determined man...But I was thinking - who controls the radar gun readout? Is it the home team? Whoever does the broadcasting? If it's the broadcasters, I wouldn't be surprised that ESPN notches those numbers up a bit for dramatic flair, whereas SNY just does what it is, or owns a cheap-o $5.99 radio shack special...

    1:34 PM


    Mets might flip Soler and Gonzalez so that Anderson Garcia is available to pitch if Gonzalez struggles. Personally, I don't believe in doing that only because Soler has been pitching on a regular schedule and is supposed to go on Wednesday.

    Little questions of wording that make you worried, department:

    "It's something that probably we need to straighten out with our pitching coach in the pen," Samuel said before Sunday's game. "His [Pelfrey's] command wasn't there. His ball was moving too much (Saturday). And he just threw too many pitches. We just didn't want to take any chance with him. Hopefully, he can come back some point soon and throw the ball the way he's capable of."

    That last sentence almost made me think Pelfrey is hurt. You?

    Did you read that bit about Tagg Bozied completely shattering his knee celebrating a walk off home run? Way too graphic! My BA prospect handbook from 2004 also says he went into the stands with 19 teammates to chase a guy who taunted him and who "threw a soft souvenir ball at him." And yet, if this guy can play the outfield adequately, he would make a great bat in NY.


    2:03 PM


    Mike, Why don't links post as links anymore?

    2:04 PM

    Anonymous DGerific said...

    One more thing:

    No one seems to have pointed out that Glavine's contract next season still really comes down to his desire to finish in third place with the Braves or in first with the Mets. This supposed poison pill in his contract can't be read entirely straight, given that the Mets deferred three million of this year's salary toward next year. Ultimately whether they pay it next year or in 2009, it is still a contractual obligation from this season. So, in my book, that $12 million option (outside of the all star clause) still reads like $9 million to me.

    That said, it is hard to imagine the Mets letting him leave a couple of games short of 300. Course, I imagine I'm not the only fool dreaming of him winning number 25 on the last day of the season!

    2:15 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    The guns on TV and at the stadium are believed to by pumping it up a mph or two for dramatic effects. Who knows...it could be a big C-O-N-spiracy, but we'll never know. I've seen guys that have no business throwing 95 mph hitting 95 mph once in a while.

    I agree. Keep Soler on his regular schedule, you do not want to make it harder than it already is on the guy. Gonzo sucks so they should just push him back.

    It sounds like it, but his quote after the game just said that he could not find his command. I don't think he's injured. I just think it was weird wording.

    What about posting links? I do, but today I had no time to do a real post and kind of flew through it.

    Glavine could do it this year man. I wouldn't put it past him and that would be amazing. He could hit 330 wins by the time he is done.

    I did talk about his contract here, but like I said, the Mets are a better team than the Braves and it might boil down to who has the best shot at winning.

    2:56 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Used to be that if you pasted a link into the comment box here, it would post as a real link. After you experimented with the new layout and changed the posting box here (i.e., choose an identity), links no longer end up in the comments box as such.

    3:08 PM

    Blogger Whitney said...

    Joe Morgan was quick to dismiss Wagner's 99 mph as an erroneously inflated reading. He's sharp like that, and if you want to read how, try:

    Fire Joe Morgan

    (though lately they've opted to crush Mike Celizic more)

    3:21 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    I was at both, Friday and Saturday's games. Awesome time. Both games were unbelievable. Being a part of that kind of energy is very rare in life. Nothing like Shea in those situations. Friday night was pure ecstasy in the ninth. Saturday afternoon was pure hell in the ninth. I'm fucking exhausted from all of it. Classic shit. 2 out of three is good. Should've been a sweep. It looked obvious that the Mets are the better team. We are going to rule this year.

    3:25 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    postseason wins don't count toward the 300 do they?

    it's amazing how glavine has changed. wasn't so long ago no one thought he would approach 300. i for one hated to see him pitch this time last year. now mike says 330 maybe and others are comparing to warren spahn who ended up with 363 -- last night the (otherwise unspeakably asinine) announcers were pointing out how the two pitchers' numbers match up at this point in their careers.

    i guess somebody's wearing their glavine jersey with pride these days.

    4:02 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    I posted this on mine, but I may as well post it here - was that Pedro making fun of Posada's ears in dugout in the top of the 9th inning last night? Sure looked like it.

    5:18 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    DG, I can email you an HTML tag to make your life simpler. I'm not sure why it does that.

    If they really do post the wrong readings to make things more 'exciting', that is just silly.

    Anthony, have you ever been to a playoff game there? The place fucking bounces. As crazy and electric the Mets/Yankee games are, there are still a lot of Yankee fans so the chearing is maybe split 35,000 to 20,000. In the playoffs you have 50,000 going nuts for the same team. It is really, really amazing.

    Jake, no they don't. Yeah, Glavine looked done for a bit and now he looks like the can throw for another four years after this. He motion is so easy it is hard to see how he will go through much decline. Obviously he's older and it gets harder, but the guy has never been on the damn DL and looks to be in great shape. As long as his accuracy can keep on point, what's stopping him? Clemens used so much of his legs, it's just harder for him now that he is old. Glavine has nothing like that in his motion.

    Actually, I still have not really worn the Jersey this year and didn't wear it yesterday. I love the 87 spring training jersey I got with Darryl's number on it. I always where that one.

    Toasty, I was at the game and didn't see anything. Was he making his ears look like dumbo?

    6:19 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...


    6:27 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I must admit I was sick and upset when I found out we lost saturday with a 4 run lead and our 11 million dollar closer on the mound.Thank god we play everyday otherwise it would of been a very long time for recovery. I'm still pissed but I'll get over it, that is what being a MET fan is over 44 years.

    6:49 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    Saturday afternoon was wild. I saw a woamn Yankee fan (a really good looking girl) being dragged out of the field boxes by 3 security morons, one of them was pulling on her long blond hair! Mets fans were throwing beer and bottles at her. I wish I knew what she did besides being a Yankee fan.

    Anyone see the sky diver miss the stadium before the game? Poor bastard really got caught up in the high wind.

    7:04 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I must admit I was sick and upset when I found out we lost saturday with a 4 run lead and our 11 million dollar closer on the mound.Thank god we play everyday otherwise it would of been a very long time for recovery. I'm still pissed but I'll get over it, that is what being a MET fan is over 44 years.

    Exactly the reason why I'm not into footall. Waiting a week between games when you have a tough loss is just horrible.

    Condor, that girls sounds like she had to have done something wrong. Yankee fans have problems making sounds judgements so I can see that. A skydiver on Sunday? That wind was nasty. I'm shocked they went through with that plan.

    8:06 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    The skydiver was there on Saturday. He really got hassled by the crowd in the parking lot. He clipped a lamp pole on the way down.

    Sounds like Pelfrey really is 12-15 months away from the ML. Apparently his curve and change-up are really bad and he will take time to straighten out.

    Lets get past Kazmir. We can wish but that is not going to reverse the trade.

    The bridge is built, lets get over it.

    10:16 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Kazmir is a guy we like and will continue to follow...just like we still follow Wiggie and other x-Mets. We'll always be fans of him...I'm not sure what anyone has to get over. I like Verlander and will follow him too. That's just the way it goes.

    11:48 PM

    Anonymous benjamin blanco said...

    Speaking of guys we follow and like, Kendry Morales just got called up by the Angels.

    12:28 AM

    Anonymous Pavan said...

    Another guy we still follow:


    Damnit, and I was waiting to pick him up in the fantasy league. Yahoo doesn't have him up.

    1:04 AM

    Anonymous Pavan said...

    Sorry, I don't know how to hyperlink it. It's alex escobar who got called up a few days ago, and just went down with an injury again.

    1:08 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    No only did they call him up, but he gets injured. Holy shit that sucks.

    4:50 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    Its not the following that is bad, infact that is pretty cool, it is the continual crying over the trade and the loss of this young stud. It happened, boo hoo. Suck it up.

    9:16 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    6:06 AM

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