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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Steady As She Goes

"It (stinks) because we should've won, hands-down," Wagner said. "They had no chance. They should've never even been in the ballgame. I come in there and let 'em right back in. That's what's frustrating. But, you know, can't cry over spilled milk."

You cannot fault Willie for bringing in Wagner in that situation yesterday. With a four run lead and Randolph not wanting to mess around with the Yankees, he wanted to end it and have Wagner shut them down. We know the Yankees are never out of it and they can put up runs fast and that is why Billy was in there. However, to lose in the fashion the Mets did with Mr. Billy Wagner imploding hurts. The bright side is the Mets still have a chance to take the series and that is the ultimate goal when all is said and done. A win today will set the universe straight and Tommy Glavine is going to have a big game to pick up the Mets after a tough loss. That is what aces do. That is what the Mets need and then they can go take two from the Phillies.

* * *

  • Random factoids from Jon Heyman. Barry big trade request

    The A's requested either David Wright or Jose Reyes for Barry Zito. With Eric Chavez in the fold, I guess they'd have figured out what to do with Wright later.

    Of course, the Mets retained their sanity, along with Wright and Reyes.

    Understandably, the Mets now view Zito as a winter target.

    Wright and Reyes aren't going anywhere, but the next most untouchable on the Mets' list, even ahead of Lastings Milledge, might be Mike Pelfrey.

    And by the way, the Nationals have to know they aren't getting Milledge for Livan Hernandez, his $8-million salary and 6.04 ERA.

    Basically, Zito is not available. If Beane really had any interest in trade Barry, the asking price would certainly not be that high.

    A mound of thoughts

    The Mets love Pelfrey, but the more seasoned Alay Soler gets the next call-up.

    That also makes the most sense and Soler was already called up and will start one of the games against the Phillies.

    By now, it's clear the Mets think Aaron Heilman's a reliever.

    You are just figuring that out now?

    Kyle Lohse is on the Mets' radar. And he's got to be available. Twins manager Ron Gardenhire was upset that Lohse didn't remain on the bench after his removal the other night, leading to his surprise demotion.

    Lohse never quite lived up to expectations, but has a good arm. He can throw in the low 90's and is a fastball/slider guy. Yes, his ERA is sky high, but he probably will be cheap since the Twins do not want to pay him $2,400,000 to sit in AAA. He is worth the gamble since it should not cost the Mets too much.

    The Mets are trying to sign righthander Pedro Beato, last year's eighth-round pick. The Brooklyn product, throwing 94 to 95 mph at St. Pete JC, seeks close to $1 million.

    Give him the million and everyone will be happy.

  • It is a shame all that Barry tying Babe Ruth's record is not being celebrated more. I'm not going to get into the entire cheating thing again because we've all been over that before. The one thing that I hope does not get over looked now that Bonds is forever tarnished is that Bonds is, and always was, a pretty fucking good baseball player who had already won three MVP awards before all the suspicions about steroids even began.

  • From Peter Abraham:

    Kazmir coming on: Mets fans may want to skim down to the next item. This is sure to make you sick.

    Tampa Bay's crack PR staff has determined that Scott Kazmir is the youngest pitcher to reach six wins by May 16 since John Smoltz did it in 1989, a day before his 22nd birthday.

    Kazmir is nine months away from turning 23.

  • Mike Pelfrey struggled in his start yesterday.

    The late rally saved Pelfrey, the Mets' top pick in the 2005 draft who struggled on Saturday. He pitched just two-thirds of an inning, allowing three walks, two hits and two runs -- both of which were unearned following a Caligiuri error. Samuel took Pelfrey out of the game after the right-hander had thrown 39 pitches.

    "The last couple starts, it seems like my control has eluded me, and that's always been one of my strengths," Pelfrey said. "I need to find it."

    He is just not close to being ready.

  • Tim McCarver is just a douchebag extraordinaire. He took a page out of the Mike and the Mad Dog book and just made blatant unsubstantiated claims. First, he asked why the Mets are never accused of buying a winning team like the Yankees are with all of the recent acquisitions by Omar Minaya. That statement was stupid on so many levels it is hard to know where to start, but I’ll just break it down simply.

    2006 Total payroll:
    New York Yankees       $ 194,663,079
    Boston Red Sox $ 120,099,824
    Los Angeles Angels $ 103,472,000
    Chicago White Sox $ 102,750,667
    New York Mets $ 101,084,963
    Los Angeles Dodgers $ 98,447,187
    If you are fiscally responsible, you would suprised what you can afford.

    Then he started talking about how Mariano Rivera had Enter Sandman as his entrance song first and Billy Wagner stole it. While it is really minor, it is just annoying when ‘experts’ perpetuate false beliefs and pass them along to large audiences to ensure everyone believes the wrong thing. We all know it was Billy’s first.

    Just end it McCarver. Just end it.


    Anonymous Brian B said...

    i HATE Tim McCunt. Worst announcer EVER.

    1:48 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Brian, I would a agree with you, but as long as Fran Healy is alive along with John Sterling, he is the third worst.

    2:10 PM

    Anonymous ben-izzle from da bron-xizzle said...

    Zito ain't available because the A's got a really good team and currently in something called "1st place".
    Getting rid of Zito does not help them.
    Everyone should just hop off Barry Zito's dick. I'm talking about you newspaper wriers!
    I want Zito in December though.

    Just like alot of players no one will realise how good Barry was until he's gone. Same thing for A-Rod and dare I say... even Sammy Sosa.
    Before you laugh just remember, if you had a Mt. Rushmore of the top HR hitters of all time, Sammy Sosa's UGLY ass face will be on it. Just keep it in mind. He really did have amazing seasons. Maybe 10-20 years we'll care?

    Speakig of Payrolls i also hate this belief that the Atlanta Braves are broke like jokes. The difference between Mets/Phillies/Braves is really not that big.

    Something I mentioned yesterday that nobody read but...
    Would you draft Danny Almonte? I seen him pitch, he's fucking good. I don't know what type of pitches he has but my boy batted against him, the Married man is as good as it gets.

    I been speding the past day trying to get tickets for tonights game on eBay.
    No luck. Everything is madddddd fucking expensive and quite frankly, my credit card doesn't have much money it.

    2:17 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yeah, the Mets have more money no doubt, the Phillies and Braves...and now the Nats are three teams that could spend $100 million if they had a good team to bring fans into the park.

    2:48 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Benny, read my answer to you in yesterday's post.

    I'll be at the game, I'll enjoy it for both of us.

    2:48 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    If Bonds wasnt a dick, I celebrate him passing Ruth. But since he is, fuck him. And it's not because you're black dude, it's because you're a dick.

    Maybe there will be one day when you pass Hank Aaron, and that will be a sad day for me and I'll still consider Aaron THE Home Run king. But I'll celebrate to the high hills if Puljos, or hell even A- Rod pass you. Dick.


    3:53 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    yo... you don't have any extra tickets at all?
    I really wanna freakin' go man. If you have any extra, at all I'll pay top $$$ for it, lol.

    4:42 PM

    Blogger Dan in Texas said...

    I love Zito too but not at that price.

    Glad to see someone agreed with my thoughts on McCarver. I wrote similar thoughts on Lonestar Met. My father missed the game but called me to talk about it. He wouldn't believe me that McCarver is a Yankee homer. Get in the dingy and go fishing with Frado, Tim; you're dead to us.

    4:49 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Is there anyway we can get a petition going to CBS, ABC or even NBC to bid on the baseball package instead of fox? I believe fox is ruining baseball just like they did whey they had hockey for that short stint.

    Give me OLN or even Lifetime over fox!

    5:02 PM

    Anonymous stock investment advisor said...

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    5:49 PM

    Anonymous Mike S said...

    two things... I usually agree with you but I feel this needs to be said...

    1) I blame yesterday's loss soley on willie, he should not have brought in wagner with a 4 run lead after he just pitched less then 24 hours before (even though it was a quick inning). Best case: mets win and wagner is most likely not available for sunday. Worst case: he doesnt get it done and hes still not available for sunday. I cant think of many instances where willie has used wagner 3 days in a row so id be surprised if he would be available.

    2) Im glad bonds was not celebrated because he did not break the record or even tie it (I dont consider tying the guy 2nd on a list to be celebration worthy regardless of what it is)

    6:14 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Beato was a smart risk last year. Mets knew he would not sign after TJ, but that he would likely be there as a draft and follow. The draft is so lacking in depth that the Mets have to pay the guy like the upper round pick that he is and have the negotiating window to do it as well. Kind of helped to know you are likely not going to have a first round pick the following year I guess. They have the money to do this, and no way he ends up back in the draft pool. He's throwing as hard as he did before TJ.

    Loss last night (my night, your afternoon) was hard to get over, but still, read this:

    "As you guys can see I'm starting to pitch a little more," Martinez said. "This is where I would normally be when I left spring training and one or two more outings afterward, where you feel like you can throw a complete game and I'm throwing 88, 89 and all of the sudden I click 93 and you say, 'Where did that one come from?' I feel that my body is in shape to do what I ask my body to do."

    6:16 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Little more in regards to Beato from Baseball America's preface to their first mock draft:

    "Three weeks before the draft was set to kick off, here's our best guess as to what will happen on June 6. We're assuming that potential first-round righthanders Pedro Beato (Mets/St. Petersburg, Fla., CC) and Bryan Morris (Devil Rays/Motlow State, Tenn., CC) will sign as draft-and-follows rather re-enter the draft. We expect righty Luke Hochevar, now with the independent Fort Worth Cats, will turn down the Dodgers and be eligible for selection."

    Hmmn, that makes him the first round pick we don't have. Not bad at all. Still beginning to think that last year's draft was not as bad as it was layed out to be...

    7:11 PM

    Anonymous Sidd Finch said...

    It's great to see someone point out that Omar is not the spendthrift that he is portrayed as in the media. Good work, Mike.

    I can't stand McCarver either, but he did say something that I've believed for years in the interview with tweedle dumb and tweedle really dumb -- Pitchers would stay healthier if MLB would raise the mound from 10 inches to 15. That was the height of the mound in 1968. OK, maybe not raise it to 15 inches, but how about split the difference, and make the mound 12 1/2 inches high?

    It's good to see Soler make it up. I had high hopes for him in the spring, and now he seems to be ready to make the jump.

    I really like Lo Duca's comment about the Subway series, that it's so exciting, no one needs greenies!

    Billy Beane is doing what building contractors do that do not want to do a job. They make the price so ridiculous that no one in their right mind would accept, but they'd take it if accepted. As David Ortiz would say, "Zito ain't going to no Mets".

    7:14 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    The thing that makes me sad is that i was SOOOO close to being right on my prediction of a sweep.
    Fucking billy wagner, made me look like a fool.
    SOOOOOOOO close to a sweep.

    1:58 AM

    Anonymous MikeinSpain said...

    Mike, you´re killing me with all this Kazmir talk. Seriously. It´s like finding out I could have had a nymphomaniac lingerie model that night I decided to stay home drinking Busch light and watching the TNT Karate Kid marathon.

    For my sake, just let it go...

    6:55 AM

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