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Friday, June 16, 2006


What makes what the Mets just did in sweeping the Phillies so impressive was how badly the Phillies needed this series. If they take the series, but do not sweep, they are 5.5 games out. If they lose the series but take one, they are 7.5 games out. If they get swept? They are 9.5 games out against a team firing on all cylinders. Just chew on this, the Mets have not lost more than two games in a row all season.

In addition to not having a losing streak over two, the Mets have only had two ten game stretches in which they did not net at least five wins. The only two times they didn't win five during a ten game stretch, they netted four wins. Basically, they have been incredibly consistent even when they have played bad. They minimized the damage in bad stretches and it will be terribly hard for the Phillies or anyone else in the NL East to make up ground on this team. If the Phillies wanted to keep up with this team, they needed to make a stand. However, they failed miserably and got swept by the best team in baseball.

Enough of how good this team is in relation to the teams playing today. We know they are good and possibly even the best team in baseball, but how good is this team in relation to Met teams of the past on the offensive end? It is certainly faulty comparing yesterday's teams and their offense as baseball changed significantly over the years and we are in the midst of an offensively explosive era, but comparing this team with yesterday's Met teams certainly paints a picture.

All 2006 numbers are obviously predicted:
| Runs Doubles Homeruns |
| 2006 865 | 2006 349 | 2006 219 |
| 1999 853 (WC) | 1999 297 (WC) | 2000 198 (NL) |
| 1987 823 | 1998 289 | 1987 192 |
| 2000 807 (NL) | 2004 289 | 2004 185 |
| 1986 783 (WS) | 1987 287 | 1999 181 (WC) |
| RBIs | Stolen Bases | Slugging % |
| 2006 830 | 2006 177 | 2006 .454 |
| 1999 814 (WC) | 1987 159 | 1987 .434 |
| 1987 771 | 1989 158 | 1999 .434 (WC) |
| 2000 761 (NL) | 1980 158 | 2000 .430 (NL) |
| 1997 740 | 1991 153 | 2005 .416 |
| On Base % | Batting Avg. |
| 1999 .361 (WC)| 1999 .279 (WC)|
| 2000 .346 (NL)| 1996 .270 |
| 1986 .338 (WS)| 1987 .268 |
| 1987 .338 | 2006 .267 |
| 2006 .336 | 1995 .267 |
I was shocked the 2006 Mets were not near the top in triples and were behind 1996, 1978, 1970, 1979, 1980, 1969, and 1962. However, I was not shocked that the 2006 Mets were no where near the top when it came to walks, but it is clear that this team is just about the best offensive team the Mets have every had. In relation to the rest of the National League in 2006, the Mets are 2nd in runs scored, first in doubles, fourth in homeruns, 2nd in RBIs, 5th in average, 2nd in slugging %, and first in steals.

While the Mets may be leading the Mets teams of the past in many of the important categories, the '86 team was first in avg, obp, slug, runs, hits, and walks. They were in the top five in doubles and homers and could have arguably been a better offensive team in comparison with when you take into account the time they played. From '86 to '88 they were actually very dominant and finished between first and third in hits, homers, walks, avg, obp, and slug every year in the National League. That team of the mid to late 80's was the best Met team ever constructed and went to the playoffs twice. This team is on their way to rivaling them and while it is early, I think it is obvious they will give them a run for their money and could unseat them as the best Met team in history.

* * *

  • The Mets signed five more draft picks. They signed Nicholas Giarraputo, Dustin Martin, Timothy Haines, Teddy Dzuiba, and Joseph Leaper. Giarraptuo and Leaper will be assigned to the Gulf Coast League while Haines, Martin, and Dzuiba will be assigned to the Brooklyn Cyclones.

  • Michael Lazarus may be right, but he is most likely wrong.

    One of the bigger surprises of the first month of 2006 was not just Glavine's resurgence after three so-so seasons in New York, but the way he was doing it. A high strikeout rate and his ability to keep the ball in the park was putting him on track for his best season since he was competed for Cy Young awards.

    Now six weeks later, Glavine is still "earning" wins, but his other numbers have taken a nosedive.

    Except for the fact he was stellar in the second half of last season as well. Let's wait until this happens four games in a row. How perfect can you be? The guy went 20+ starts with at least six innings pitched and was the model of consistency. He could not be expected to keep that up for the rest of his career.

  • It was only a matter of time before the Yankees mystique and winning ways were tied into the Mets and their stellar season so far.

    For those who regarded Willie Randolph more as a passenger than a driver during two eras of Yankees' success, the Mets have provided the ideal vehicle to prove otherwise.

    Um, yeah. It's Willie. It's all Willie.

    The Wilpons certainly have provided the resources for a successful reconstruction project and general manager Omar Minaya, who grew up in Queens, has chosen the roster wisely. But the Mets' drive to the best record in baseball and a 9½-game lead in the National League East likely would not have been achieved without Randolph's direction.

    Yeah, and the Yankees would not have won without Torre.

  • This is a perfect example of why playing in New York is so hard.

    Lastings Milledge arrived in the clubhouse at 11:55 a.m., only 70 minutes before yesterday's first pitch, prompting a second straight day of tutorials on how to conduct oneself in the majors.

    Yes. We get that you cannot be late. However, it is the kid's first time and the team has dealt with it. It's a non-issue, but thanks to whomever wrote that article about Milledge being a cocky malcontent because everything is magnified now.

    Milledge ticked off his teammates by showing up for yesterday's 1:05 p.m. game at 11:55 a.m. He didn't break any rules, because the Mets were not taking batting practice and did not have an official mandatory reporting time. But he was, by far, the last player to arrive.

    Is it possible that no one told him? Maybe, but he knows now and to make a bigger deal out of it than it should be is just the New York media hype machine. Just because Sugar Pants always knew better does not mean Milledge has the same rationale. Cut the kid some slack.

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    folks are salivating for the chance to get on milledge. they're actin like he's the met antichrist or something.

    willie's a douchebag in terms of managing. he's like the total opposite of valentine. valentine irked the shit out of his players but could manage his ass off. willie gets mad love but cant pull off a double switch. i will admit it though, part of me feels like he's gotten the team to play by setting the right environment.

    im hoping glavine gets back on the horse this weekend. the short rest start hasn't done him any justice. him being so robotic with his preperation, the mets shouldnt have done that.

    does jose reyes ever stop smiling?

    10:42 AM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    You said it, ossy - Willie is the Herm Edwards of baseball. His players LOVE playing for him, but his in-game managing leaves much to be desired. If you're looking for a baseball comparison, how about Terry Francona? Of course, he has a ring, which means Willie can get one, too.

    10:52 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Valentine knew the rule book better than umps...the guy was a baseball genius, but I always thought he was better at getting the most of kids and should not be managing a team of vets. I think he is a great small market guy.

    He pissed me off because it seemed to me he overmanaged too much. Too many double switches, too many pitching changes, just too many moves.

    Willie has the players playing for him and that is obviously a good thing. They like him and he is frank. I do like that, but he's not the best strategist. However, there are guys like Soscia who are like Willie and can manager. Gary Carter has some serious street cred and would presumably get the respect of the players and he got manager of the year. It seems like he can manage a bit too making him a double threat where as Willie is single threat.

    Balls Deep is hoping Glavine gets back on track...my fantasty team needs him.

    Nope. And that is why everyone likes Reyes...

    10:52 AM

    Anonymous RickM said...

    Valentine was definately a superior manager, but I think his act would get tired quick with the group of veterans the Mets have. If you can imagine Omar peering into his crystal ball in November of 2004 and seeing how aggressive he would be on the free agent and trade markets, you have to say that bringing in a guy like Willie -- with player cred who learned under the laid-back and vet-friendly style of Joe Torre -- was right on. The more I watch, the more I think Willie is the right manager for this team. I know, with the quality veterans and talented players all over the locker room, Jeff Torborg could win 90 games. But there have been plenty of managers who took the reigns of loaded teams and fell flat on their faces (Torborg, again).

    Not letting this team sit back on their big lead and get sloppy in August will be the real test.

    11:24 AM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    I said back in 2000 the Mets won in spite of Valentine, not because of him. He overmanaged way too much. Willie undermanages, but so did Dave Johnson and he was my favorite Mets manager of all time (BTW: I would love to have had Ray Knight or Keith Hernandez get hired to manage this team a few years ago; but you cannot argue with the results Willie is getting this year).

    11:30 AM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...


    I love you man, but if you think the 2000 Mets won "in spite" of Valentine, you're utterly lost. Take a look at that lineup, other than Piazza. Take a look at that outfield - Agbayani, Payton and Timo Perez? Are you kidding me? They also had a shaky closer and a lineup with one stopper (Hampton) and a few B/B+ guys. Valentine squeezed out as many wins from that group than any other manager could.

    11:38 AM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Oops, I meant "rotation" with one stopper (not a "lineup"). You caught my drift, I'm sure.

    11:39 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Point taken Rick. As much as Willie grates on me, it is hard to argue that point.

    Count, I agree with Toasty. Part of what was Bobby's strongpoint was getting the most out of guys like Benny and Timo. That 2000 team would get mauled by this 2006 team time and time again.

    Valentine was not well liked by many vets and that included the affable Cliff Floyd before he was ever on the Mets!

    11:46 AM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    count choculitis, you've got to be kidding me. that mets team wasn't great. i still dont know how we got to the series that year. the outfield was probably the worst postseason outfield the last 10 years. our rotation had TWO bobby jones and a scab in rick reed. hampton had a shaky year too.

    and armando benitez was our closer.

    if you can get to the series with him as a closer, you deserve some props.

    11:55 AM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    oh i totally forgot about that!!

    bobby v hated cliff floyd!

    that makes him a genius in my eyes.

    i cant wait til 7 days after the world series and the floyd era ends!

    11:58 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ossy, no love for Cliffy? Everyone loves Cliffy. Dude was getting MVP chants last year. He gave everyone hand jobs after most home games! That is fan dedication. I'd like to know what you have against him...

    12:20 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Why is Willie Randolph considered such a super Yankee?
    He was drafted by the Pirates and even played a season with them.

    Why is everyone on Milledge's dick?
    Next we'll know he was eating a Snickers bar when we all KNOW the proper diet for a Major Leaguer doesn't include candy.

    How come when Milledge is late its a big deal where he must be sent to the minors, while when we heard the story about Jason Vargas being late, it's funny.
    Ya know, the guy who missed the bus. Decided to go on the train, went the wrong way ended up in Brooklyn or someshit and ended up taking a cab to the stadium to arrive 15 minutes before the first pitch.
    So that's a funny and cute anecdote but for Milledge it makes him a "lousy, lazy" attitude type of guy.
    Last week I said "FUCK BOB RAISMAN", today I say "FUCK Dan Graziano".

    - Benny Blanco

    12:32 PM

    Anonymous belladewood said...

    The critique of Glavine on TV talking-head shows has been crazy -- the guy is a well-known creature of habit and has had two starts in a row where he pitched on abnormal rest, the first when his arm wasn't ready and the second when his arm was too strong and he couldn't place the ball. Also, wasn't that the game with Hunter Wendelstedt at home plate and the dime-sized strike zone? I have no doubt he'll be just fine on Sunday. As for Pedro . . . well I admit to a bit of sleeplessness there.

    Cliff will be missed next year. Didn't you read that quote from David Wright in the Times about Cliffy -- that Wright knows he could call Cliff in December at 4 in the morning and Cliff would be there to talk to him? Awww.

    12:53 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Benny, Willie went from Windmill Willie to driving force for what was already the best team in baseball. Whatever...he does derserve credit, but c'mon now. Let's not get crazy. This team is in first with or without him and maybe even makes the playoffs last year. Keeping Ishii in until August KILLED the Mets.

    ..and fuck everyone.

    belladewood, good stuff. Yes, Glavine's last game was the dime size strikezone and he was getting way too much of the plate. He'll be fine and struggling Oriole team is just what he needs.

    Awww...Sugar Pants...Sugar Pants and Cliffy sitting in a tree....I wonder if McEwing is jealous?

    1:03 PM

    Blogger Kenny said...

    What's with the Willie lovefest today? You guys are on crack.

    Compared to last year, he is doing a fine job - but that doesn't make it good. That's like saying the girl who weighs 220 is hot, solely because your comparing her to her 300 pound best friend standing next to her. She's still a huge bitch.

    No disrespect to the girl who posted a few months ago about us being chauvinists or whatever.

    1:55 PM

    Blogger Kenny said...

    Speaking of Sugar Pants...

    Wright is hitting .583 on an 0-2 count and .343 after the 0-2 count. Those are freakish numbers. I'd sit in a tree with him anytime. Move over Cliff.

    2:27 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    No disrespect to the girl who posted a few months ago about us being chauvinists or whatever.

    I'm sure there would not none taken if she still came here.

    Your statements about Sugar Pants are scary. Very scary.

    2:52 PM

    Anonymous DG of the Derbervilles said...

    Davey Johnson as your favorite Mets manager? Not Wes Westrum? Seriously, the best manager the Mets ever had was Gil Hodges. And Casey Stengell was the most entertaining. Bobby V had a hell of a lot of ego. Dallas Green was a dick (read: Larry Bowa). Art Howe was an idot savant who left the savant in Oakland.

    I have to say that my view of Willie has been tempered this year. Tactically he's average, and he plays favorites big time with the young guys, which leads to confidence problems (read: Heath Bell). But, he is a decent manager for this team, and I applaude his handling of Milledge so far.

    The NY media view on Milledge is a mix of fawning and bloodthirst. I really don't think they want to get over the first Milledge stories (inappropriate sex). Is it because he's black? Honestly, you've got to wonder.

    However, Milledge is showing that he lacks maturity while he has serious talent. I think Willie and the vets are making their points with him. It will remain to see to what extent Lastings can learn their message. Ultimately, I think he'll get it, and as I wrote when he was brought up, the best thing is to send him back down and let him realize that he's got stuff to work on. A lot of young athletes are used to getting their way because they've always gotten it. Preaching maturity is all he needs. I just don't think he's a bad person. He's 21 yrs old.

    Glavine swoons a bit, and everyone gets all doomsday. He was never going to wail all season, but hopefully, he gets a couple of the victories he's owed from lack of run support of years past, then gets back on track. He'll be close to 300 before the end of the year, but let's not expect he'll pitch well in Philly or Arizona for that matter.
    Bad park for his skills.

    I think we should all chip in for a replica DW jersey with Sugar Pants written on the back and then send it to him. I hope he doesn't do something stupid like marry Heather Locklear or someone of similar ilk.

    2:53 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Any jab at Art Howe is a good one.

    Willie's favoritism is annoying for sure. Old school guys like Leyland and Cox could care less about service time. They only care about production and the ability to contribute to win the game which is afterall the ultimate goal.

    I do think Milledge will get it because he seems like a good kid. Granted, I don't know him or hang out with him, but nothing he has done has been egregious. High fives? Please. Looking back to see where the ball was? Mental error. Being late? Was he told when to get there? It's not like he was blowing coke off a hooker's boob and punch a pizza delivery guy. All his mistakes could easily be tied into his youth and being around players bigger than him should help. I see no reason why he will not be a good soldier down the line.

    Glavine will be back and I still expect 20 wins from Tommy Boy.

    Your Sugar Pants idea is brilliant. I was thinking about that as I was strolling outside going to the bank and getting lunch. Now, when both of us think of the same idea of putting Sugar Pants on a jersey, that is scary.

    3:29 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    We have to do it. Courtesy of the Metropolitans. I would most definitely contribute to get this done.

    3:50 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Too bad everyone else at the stadium will not be in on the joke.

    3:58 PM

    Blogger Kranepool said...

    You guys can brush over Milledge showing up late all you want but Willie and the coaching staff handled it the right way. You have to nip that in the bud. Anyone who has ever coached knows that every player is not treated the same, but a rookie has to earn the right to bend the rules. Don't be shocked when Milledge is sent down for an attitude adjustment.

    10:46 PM

    Anonymous Brian B said...

    i demand content!!!!!!!!

    can you believe dro gave up a homer to benson, what the hell.

    8:14 PM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    i have no love for floyd. when he was carrying us last year, i knew there was a stink fest coming sooner or later. and he did that.

    he's done that this year too.

    he's too streaky and gets too much credit. his defense sucks. he's always making these circus catches cus he misreads balls.

    had cliff made more moeny, he'd be hated by many. he just a notch above kaz matsui in my eyes in terms of hype and failing to meet up to it.

    i will admit that he is awesome in the clubb house

    1:18 PM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    no gary cohen = 10-1 road trip

    gary cohen = 0-2 homestand

    1:19 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    he just a notch above kaz matsui in my eyes in terms of hype and failing to meet up to it.

    You must be a blind man.

    2:17 PM

    Anonymous Brian B said...

    It seem's tommy and pedro have really been a little off lately. Maybe mets should try to find that extra day's rest for pedro. It's good to see the mets score with their B team out there today.

    3:20 PM

    Blogger Mookie5 said...

    METROPOLITAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS. you gotta believe! being a mets fan is all and only about believing not the stats...leave the stats to georgey and the rest of the yankees swallowers....just let the magic keep happening.........

    11:35 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    5:24 AM

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