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Friday, June 09, 2006

Back End Support

The Mets won the first six games that Pedro Martinez pitched in this season and Tom Glavine and Pedro were carrying the rotation in the early goings. After Pedro's first six games, the Mets lost the next four games Pedro started and then split the next two. Basically, we knew that Pedro and Tom would not carry the rotation for the rest of the season and the Mets had some big problems on the horizon. They ended up having big problems and obviously a lot has changed lately and the Mets rotation is vastly improved.

With Orlando Hernandez and Alay Soler in the rotation, things are a lot better. They are 3-2 in their six starts with the Mets between them and the Mets are 4-2 overall when they have started. Combined, they have a 4.50 ERA, 8.29 H/9, 6.63 K/9, and a 1.34 WHIP. For me, those numbers are just fine out of the last two spots, but they are really better than that. If you take Soler's one horrendous start out, they have a 3.27 ERA, 7.36 H/9, 7.36 K/9, and a 1.21 WHIP in five games. You certainly will not get a gem every game out of the back end of the rotation, but if they put up two good games for every bad one, this Mets team will be alright.

Rotation depth worries are largely a thing of the past as the Mets rotation seems set for the rest of the season. With the current five pitching like they are and with Mike Pelfrey settling in for Binghamton coming off of a dominant seven inning shutout performance in which he allowed only two hits last night, things look very good. At this point, there is no more well rounded team than the NY Mets to call them the best team in the National League is not a stretch whatsoever.

* * *

  • The shit has probably hit the fan for Major League Baseball as it relates to drug testing. The Player's Union might be stronger than Major League Baseball, but they are going to have a problem going toe to toe with the government.

    "Major League Baseball needs to get its house in order," Clay said. "After the hearings, with all the information they have, with all the information we have, that players would still try and cheat the game is very disturbing to me. It sets the wrong example."

    It is true that you would have thought that some players would have thought twice. However, when you simply look at the salaries that even bad players are making the risks and rewards are being weighed. With no criminal action and the alternative for a fringe player being not even being in the bigs, it seems like a no brainer for most. As it relates to the top tier players, there is literally tens of millions of dollars on the table.

    Clay was even more disturbed by the section of the affidavit in which Grimsley described the common practice of major league clubhouses having two coffee pots, one marked "leaded" and the other "unleaded." The "leaded" coffee, according to the affidavit, contained amphetamines. "That was even more unbelievable," Clay said.

    We know speed has been around the league for a long time and is a more serious problem than HGH or steroids, but that seems harder to police. Even if greenies and illegal amphetamines went away, there are just too many legal ways to get serious doses of caffeine or energy.

    In an interview yesterday morning with radio shock jocks Opie and Anthony, Leyritz confessed to taking "greenies," or amphetamines.

    "I can remember my first amphetamine," Leyritz said on the "Opie and Anthony Show," which airs on 92.3 FREE FM as well as XM Satellite Radio. "I was out all night drinking with Andy Hawkins and some of the guys on the team. I was a young player.

    "I came in. I was hung over, sleeping by my locker. And all of a sudden, [Don] Mattingly came to me and said, 'Hey, you're in the lineup.' And I went, 'What?' He goes, 'Yeah, I just hurt my back.'

    "Now I'm walking around, I'm going, 'I don't know how I'm going to do this. There's no way that I can go play this game today.' I ran into my teammate who I knew had some of the 'little helpers,' as they called them.

    "He said, 'Take one of these. It should help. It'll take the edge off.'

    "So sure enough, I took one. He goes, 'OK, you can take two, but no more than two.' So I popped one more, and I went out and went 3-for-4 with two homers."

  • Matsui's days as a Met could be numbered.

    In the near future, Kazuo Matsui's days as a Met could be over.

    When Xavier Nady comes back from the disabled list - which could be as early as Tuesday - Matsui is a candidate to be released by the Mets, according to a person with knowledge of the club's thinking.

  • Enough already.

    The Mets are "conducting an investigation" into some inappropriate comments posted on the Web site MySpace.com by Scott Schafer, their sixth-round pick (184th overall) in Tuesday's draft, a person familiar with the situation said yesterday.

    Team officials didn't find any red flags in their predraft interviews with the 18-year-old righthander, and Schafer even pitched for Pasadena (Texas) Memorial High, which is located in the hometown of Mets director of amateur scouting Rudy Terrasas. The club also was concerned that Schafer used a Mets logo in his profile and referred to himself as a member of the team, even though he is unsigned.

    Things are getting just way too ridiculous these days.

  • Are we even remotely going to say these two in the same sentence?

  • Ummm...yeah...

    Good the see the NY Post’s journalistic integrity is firmly intact.

    Anonymous Brian B said...

    If we cut Matsui and keep Nady or Lastings on the bench, then we only have 1 backup infielder (unless you count franco but he can only play 1st).

    12:18 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco hates celebrities said...

    I don't know if the government can scare the UNion into the testing for hGH.
    It's a privacy issue for not just ahtletes but for EVERYONE.

    My problem with all this is how people feel like athletes should be put at a higher moral ground.
    Like we woudln't do the things these guys are? WHo's to say that?
    I probably would. It's tempting. Mike Schmidt even said he probably would... Atleast he's not full of shit.

    Why do greenies bother soo many people? It's like us taking 3 Red Bulls after out night of drinking and no sleep.
    Does it "ehance" our performance?
    Fuck that. Double Standards, we just like to shit on millionaires.

    You have GOT to fuckign kidding me with the mysapce thing?
    1) Can't people mind thier own business?
    2) Why is there ALWAYS drama ebcasue of myspace? Whether its with the mets, your friends, or you girlfriends. I can't tell you how many times I've seen friendships end, relationships shattered, and people dying over thigns that go on in mysapce.

    At first i thuoght they were comparing Lastings Milledge to MIGUEL Cabrera.
    I never ever in my life want to see any form of comparision between Milledge and MILKY Cabrera, ever again.
    Fuckin' yankee fans are on crack.

    That front page is alto better than the garbage I saw yesterday about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's baby.
    When are we going to stop giving a fuck about celebrities in this country?

    And finally in honor of Kaz Matsui and losing his job, I have this

    12:57 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    This whole Milledge vs. Melky "Mantle" Cabrera thing is ridiculous. Hopefully this will go the way of the great Peyton Manning vs. Charlie Batch QB-debate of the 1990's (or, for us slightly older folks, the Troy Aikman vs. Rodney Pete argument of the late 80's).

    I loved the Post headline (and the picture of Zarkawi's fresh corpse)! Is the News's headline ("Smoked") or the front of its website ("Al Queda Terror Boss Blown Right to Hell") so much better? Mike, please tell me you're not one of those people like Toasty Joe who can't bring themselves to read The Post because of politics. Maybe we should get our Mets news from The Daily Worker.

    1:21 PM

    Anonymous DG's Media Feeding Frenzy said...

    Yup, that's my choice, the NY Post or the Daily Worker. You ought to check out the DW's sports page. Weightlifting. Discus results. You name it. That NY Post cover is priceless. And completely fucked up. But then again, John Bolton blows a hammy because someone at the UN deemed to note that the U.S. gov't tries to villainize the UN to the American people, which is true. And no I don't think the UN is some beautiful organization; it's as fucked up as the next.

    But anyway, back to baseball, how is the Daily Worker covering Lasting MIlledge's proclivity to give inappropriate high fives? "This must be dealt with with utmost severity!"

    Okay, okay, I'm not trying to attack anyone, just going for cheap laughs and possibly referencing my own political viewpoints (which are frankly straight down the mostly ignored middle, thank you).

    Who cares if Shafer has been getting innapropriate teenage action by building up his ties to the Mets. This smells of a chance to go below slot money. Sorry, it's a cynical world we live in. Unless, he supports the KKK, hates Jews, pisses on gays, advocates abusing woman and children plus a bunch of other reprehensible things, do we really care? Man, I get so tired of this crap.

    Speed in MLB baseball? Get a commission started! Or read Jim Bouton's very classic book, Ball Four (which you ought to read anyway!). I foresee a big scandal regarding the quality of MLB toilet paper any minute now!

    I hope the last spots in the rotation are filled for good. There a slight chance El Duque will knock Bell and Pelfrey will take the last spot sometime this summer, but I am officially a lot less worried after Omar got proactive.

    Dear Kaz, Don't trip on the way out the door! I particularly remember reading somewhere that one scout was very concerned about how Kaz's skills would translate to the American game. That man should be searched out and hired. The Mets could dump Marrero for a low tier prospect, bring up Keppinger or AHern as a utility man (preferably Kepp as he has already shown he can hit major league pitching and that helps late in games when you need a measly single!), and get very, very happy. It's that simple!...

    2:07 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    PS. Mike, Lugo might even give us one of those dreaded supplemental first round draft picks!

    2:12 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Brian, good point. I do not see a real point in keeping Lastings unless he is going to start and Nady should not be benched.

    Benny, I agree on the greenie things and don't agree. The difference between us and them is they are knocking people out of the books historically. It should not only be a level playing field today, but for all time. They already have edges on better conditioning and better scouting, but really. That does not mean they can do whatever humanly possible to produce.

    As for the Red Bulls stuff, I do agree. I don't think 'speed' will ever be out. Too much is legal in that arena for it to make a difference. Are they going to start banning Starbuck's coffe or Red Bull? No.

    Agreed on MySpace. The kid is 18. He's going to say stuff.

    Fuckin' yankee fans are on crack.

    Preach on....


    Not me...that's for sure.

    Bookied...I don't care about politics...I do, but I'm not on one side or the other. I'm turned off when it comes to politics because everyone is full of shit. Everyone has an agenda instead of worrying about what is just plain fucking right. That's where we are though and that's how it is going to continue unless we get at least one other major party.

    However, the picture with the text bubble is pretty silly. As for the other newspapers, I don't read any of them because they are basically tabloids. My friend just IM'd me that one so that is why it's on my page. Not playing favorites, just only saw that one.

    DG, I agree. It is priceless and fucked up at the same time leaving me conflicted.

    The UN sucks. Their relevance in the world is very minor at this point.

    The Daily Worker....good stuff.

    Unless, he supports the KKK, hates Jews, pisses on gays, advocates abusing woman and children plus a bunch of other reprehensible things, do we really care? Man, I get so tired of this crap.

    Bingo. Seriously, everyone us so uptight these days.

    I feel bad for Kaz, but he's done here.

    2:31 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    PS. Mike, Lugo might even give us one of those dreaded supplemental first round draft picks!

    Who the fuck is Lugo? We have no Lugo.

    2:31 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Oh, Costa Rica got owned mich to my dismay. Fuck Germany.

    2:38 PM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    1: Re: Kaz....I always feel badly for players who fail in New York, but the corollary is they took the (most) money and chose to come here. They all could have gone somewhere else for less money and been under less pressure. So, in a way, it's part of the deal.

    2: Re: NY Post.....Love the headline. In favor of the war or against the war, there can be no disagreement on the fact this guy was a fucking douchebag. Seeing him dead is a wonderful thing.

    3: Re: Greenies......There is something much less offensive about an amphetamine than about steriods or HGH. I'm not exactly sure what makes it any more "performance enhancing" than a shitload of coffee or red bull. MLB and the Feds should stick to the hard stuff. On a related note, this story is going to get even more huge if and when Pujols's trainer's name has his name un-redacted from Grimsley's affidavit (as is rumored).

    4: The UN could be the most stupid, pointless organization in the world today. How in the world are the U.S., France, England, China and Russia all going to agree on anything when we are all competing with each other for world influence. It's an outdated and inefficient joke.

    3:41 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    Mike--I understand. I am actually pretty much more loyal to The Post than I am to any political cause. My wife and I requie two papers on Sunday morning, so neither of us has to wait. That being said, John Bolton--much cooler than the UN.

    I love The Daily Worker, especially their personal ad section. Isn't that how Duquette found Alay Soler? I chuckle every time I hear (or write) about everyone's favorite Commie Daily.

    3:44 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I'm not saying is NOT a douchebag. He should be dead and I DO think the "warm up the virgins" thing is funny, but are they not supposed to be a newspaper? I don't really care all that much, it was just a head shaker for me. They just have no credibility for me as they are more towards entertainment than actual news.

    I agree about the amphetamines being less offensive. I'm pounding some coffee right now to get me through the day. Also, I think they view greenies as the lesser of two evils and are more concerned about the roids or HGH.

    The names will come out and as you said, it is going to be bigger. This thing is going to be painful for MLB and the entire national media is going to run with it and beat it to death 100,000,000 different ways.

    The UN is a joke. They are as crooked as anyone when they are supposed to be the world police. I really do not think anyone or any country actually respects them anyway.

    As for papers.....I like The Record...it's my local paper, but is not riddled with horrible headlines and bad photoshop. It's just the news. Call me nuts, but that's what a paper should be. I read National Geographic and expect that to be a certain way and I read Maxim and expect that to be a certain way. My level of expectations for the NY rags is already low so nothing really surprises me from them, but I expect papers to be a certain way.

    Communism works in theory.....

    4:05 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    I disagree with you Mike on Soler and Hernandez. Both have had one good outing and all their others have been bad or aweful. If you add Traxx numbers in there then we have 3 starters who are .500 pitchers at best and cant be counted on for 6+ everytime they go out.

    I dont want to sound like a Yankee fan but we do need that one more arm thaty can be a consistant #3 for us. Bannister and Maine? Nope.

    Cabrera? When did he hit his last home run? hmm...never. Dont even try to put him in the same zip code as Lastings.

    Benny, HGH is undetectable becaude it naturaly occurs in the body and is rapidly taken up. The only way to stop em is to catch the sellers.

    "The UN sucks. Their relevance in the world is very minor at this point." -No dude, their relavence to you and the United States during times of peace is low but to those starving in Ethiopia, getting their arms cut off in Sudan, catching AIDS in South Africa, beingshot at in East Timor, locked in prison in Burma, etc. the relavence is FUCKING HUGE. Yeah we dont appreciate it because all we see is the oil for money bullshit. But ask those who had their asses saved by the Pakistani's in blue helmets in Mogadishu and they tell a very differant story.

    I buy the NY post everday. Nothing lines the bottom of my parrot cage better. NYT is a newspaper.

    4:41 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Bad or awful? C'mon man. Soler gave up two earned runs against the CARDINALS and Orlando gave up three against the Marlins in five for the won.

    They will give the Mets a good performance at least every 2 of 3 times out. That's how I feel about it. They throw strikes and makes the batters work while they are on the mound and are not walking the ballpark.

    I agree we needed a #3, but that ship has sailed. I'm just looking for guys who can go out there consistently and put up solid performances. I think they have that.

    The UN does help in humanitarian needs as a central organization to distribute the goods and collect the money, but there are plenty of privatized agencies that can take care of that. The UN is crooked and they are supposed to be the upstanding voice of the world that looks out for everyone. I'm not saying they never did anything, but their relevance and credibility is shrinking daily.

    4:58 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    Nice sentiment, and I don't want to get overly political, but let's look at what else the heros in the blue helmets have been up to in Africa:


    5:07 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Oh, and the fact that the UN still views Russia as a 'superpower' is silly.

    Enjoy the rest of the day...

    5:09 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    You can talk about whatever you want here.....it's all good.

    5:10 PM

    Anonymous DG's Media Feeding Frenzy said...

    Condor, thanks because Americans have been filled with bullshit about the UN for so long that they don't even realize how important it is elsewhere. I live abroad, and the viewpoint is way different. Is it a crooked organization? Can you show me one that isn't? But is it as bad as the mostly right wing politicos like to make it seem? No. Is it some golden panacea that farts manna like the (very) olden day Sinai? Nope, non plus.

    One of the most beautiful pieces of writing I've ever read is Marx's Communist Manifesto. It is a vision of utopia that utterly neglects selfishly predictable human will, which is why it would never work and why all ersatz regimes that took its name to heart were just fronts for authoritarianism. Great pieces of writing, little practical possibilities. Sad, yeah, but next question....

    The Ledge vs Cabrera comparison exists because most area sports writers prefer the Yankees to the Mets. Milledge is a major talent and Melky is a brand of toilet tissue in Jamaica, or somewhere at least. "Use Melky, man, is very good to your underparts!" No problem.

    Lastly, Human Growth Hormone is the ultimate cheaters drug, and we're going to have to accept that. The scary part is that I'd kind of like to know where I could get some. I mean I'm not getting any younger, have yearly injuries due to sports and I saw this documentary while at the Sports Doctor's office on some docu channel - he's got a big preference for the docu channels - of these people swearing that it was the fabled fountain of youth. A gov't commission will do squat - some cynical politicos will decry the lack of moral value in sport seeping out to taint American culture on the whole, and especially youth culture of course, then same politicos will go home to their ten martinis or bottles of scotch and their thirty something whore/remplacement wives. Their transgressions are of course biblical; I mean, no one shot steroids or HGH in the good book, so while they decry their banal little perks when not being caught doing it, they can cynically argue that it's nothing that hasn't been done before. Disgusting.

    Lastly, the Post has a good sports section. I comb a bunch of sports sections every day on line. More than I should. My wife laughs at my pathetic need for info on
    my favorite team. She'll live with it; I will too.

    5:18 PM

    Anonymous Brian B said...

    A source told the New York Daily News that the Mets and Rockies have agreed on a swap of Kaz Matsui and Eli Marrero.
    Since the Mets are going to pick up the remainder of Matsui's contract, the approval of the commissioner is needed to finalize the deal. Matsui's value gets a significant boost in NL-only leagues. The Rockies probably won't use him as a full-time player, but they will give him more at-bats than he was receiving in New York.

    Jun. 9 - 5:17 pm et

    as posted by rotoworld.com

    I'm not exactly sure what Eli brings to the table for us... it seems like a backup 1st basemen, outfielder, catcher is not really something we needed. We already have a logjam when nady comes back... 3 people who can play first (and i'm sure more), 5 outfielders, 3 catchers

    I'm confused unless this leads to Nady or Floyd being traded.

    5:29 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Not that confusing really. Nady becomes the backup third baseman, Woodward handles short and second, and when Valentin begins to become a liability at second, the Mets either promote AHern or Keppinger to start or acquire someone from somewhere (Grudzy?, Lugo?). Funny thing is Colorado might use Matsui as a shit stop. Hah. Hah. Hah. Good luck folks! Only person I feel sorry for is Woodward who is likely going to get even less at bats. Personally, I'd be fine with him at second.

    Nady ain't going anywhere. Floyd might, but I hope he gets his ring before he goes.

    And a third catcher never hurt no one, as long as he can also play somewhere else.

    5:42 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    ESPN and Newsday are reporting the Matsui move too. Sorry that the Matsuiperiment didnt work out.

    6:29 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Yes, Mike, please tell me you're not like Toasty Joe - that guy's a joke.

    I'm as glad as anyone Zarqawi's dead, but I don't give a crap about the way the tabloid covers have handled it - it's more disturbing to me the way the military is waving pictures of his corpse around and spoon-feeding reporters and the public video clips of his bunker blowing up. Oooo, cool! Ka-boom! It's the modern-day equivalent of putting his head on a stake and parading it through town, I suppose. (I know what you're gonna say - if they didn't do that, then maybe the insurgents will think he's still alive. I understand, and that's legitimate. But that doesn't mean they're not trying to exploit this as much as possible over here. It's an even-numbered year, after all).

    OK, I'm done with that. Just had to throw my 2 cents in. Bye, bye Matsui! Talk about addition by subtraction.

    7:04 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Sorry, I'm supposed to be getting ready to go out, but I could not resist checking the comments...

    Lastly, Human Growth Hormone is the ultimate cheaters drug, and we're going to have to accept that. The scary part is that I'd kind of like to know where I could get some. I mean I'm not getting any younger, have yearly injuries due to sports and I saw this documentary while at the Sports Doctor's office on some docu channel - he's got a big preference for the docu channels - of these people swearing that it was the fabled fountain of youth.

    Tijuana man...You can get whatever you want over the border. I've been there and done that.

    You are correct. Everyone is crooked. But I think we all would like to think the UN was a bit more trustworthy, but it turns out they were even worse in some cases. Naive? Maybe, but they are supposed to be keeping other people in check an not the other way around. One of their biggest (if not the biggest) responsiblities in their history was the oil for food program and I think we can all agree that was a folly of epic proportions. An unmitigated disaster to say the least. Money (and lots of it) was stolen on each sides of the house while plenty of people did not get what they needed. I think we all agree it could use a credibility overhaul. From minor shit to Koffi's son to huge things like massive ineffectiveness in some humanitarian aid missions, I don't think anyone can ignore the stuff that has gone on.

    Why is Nady going to be a bench player? The guy was on track for 40+ homers before he went down? That does not really make sense to me. I'm sorry, as good as Milledge is and has been, Nady needs to start. Whether that means trading FLoyd, Nady figures to be a large part of the team next season.

    7:16 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yes, Mike, please tell me you're not like Toasty Joe - that guy's a joke.

    Classic...If you are joke, then sign me up...that doesn't sounds so bad.

    Well, that's the thing. If they don't show the pictures, they will still say he is alive. They had to show Sadam's sons pictures for the same reasons. Even the pictures don't mean anything 100% in many minds over there for sure. No way around that because once they put the pictures out there for proof, then they are leaked.

    7:21 PM

    Anonymous deedgee said...

    True on the pictures and true about the UN as well, a credibility overhaul is clearly in need. But not only there. Everywhere you look is crooked; it is just overwhelming at times.

    That said, Nady should start!

    And I cannot wait to see Kaz backhand balls in the hole at short again. Wait, they don't do that in Japan! (HUH?)

    7:39 PM

    Anonymous DG said...


    Nady just backs up at third when and if DWright can't go.
    That is assuming Valentin is still our second baseman.

    There's a rumor out there that the Mets are trying yet again to do a three-way for Julio "I Beat My Wife, But Now I'm Better" Lugo. That's why I said I thought we could get a supplemental pick.

    Marrero is Cuban by birth. Who's going to ride the Mets for their apparent Cuban bias first?

    7:49 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    Man I'm sick of Omar and all of his Cubans goddammitt!!! Why cant we have some Dominicans and Puerto Ricans? He is trying to create Cuban national team! Holy Shit cant he stick to Venezualans and Mexicans!!!!

    8:12 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco said...

    Ehh, politics suck. Not because talking about it bothers me but because I know NOTHING about it. I'm clueless when it comes to it, so i'll just ignore and pretend to be smart about something else.

    ELi Marrero for Kaz Matsui to me, is as good as it gets...
    Eli can catch, play 1st, and OF. And he's consistantly been a lefty "masher". I like it.

    And hey!! I gotta defend my man Lugo.
    His wife was a psycho bitch who lied about the "abuse". When they finally made it to court, she dropped the charges.
    She's always been kinda psycho.
    I have to defend him because he's a family friend.

    1:30 AM

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