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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lineup Rumblings

It has been well documented that Reyes' performance typically drives the Mets and the disparity in his numbers between how he performs when the Mets win as opposed to when they lose is simply crazy. Jose is batting .128/.227/.205 in Mets losses and is batting .320/.366/.520 in Mets wins. What is really shocking is just how much pop Reyes exhibits in the Mets wins. For reference as to just how impressive his line is in Mets wins, Miguel Tejada came into last night's action batting .321/.374/.565. Reyes has sixteen extra base hits in Mets wins in 150 at-bats and four extra base hits in Mets losses in 78 at-bats. When Reyes hits a triple, the Mets have not lost in 2006. For his career, the Mets are 23-4 when he hits a triple.

We all know that Reyes makes this team go. However, Jose Reyes needs to simply find more consistency because at times he really hurts this team. Ideally, your leadoff hitter is not a work in progress and at this point in his career, Jose Reyes is better suited to bat second in my option. Reyes is a pull hitter and should be a line drive/groundball hitter and if he was able to bat second, he could have the huge benefit of batting with a runner on more often. Not only does he perform better with runners on, but it also opens up a hole between first and second if the runner is on first and he should be able to use that to his advantage.

While it is correct that a leadoff hitter is only a true leadoff hitter for one at-bat during the game, they have runners on in front them less frequently than the other spots in the order because of the bottom of the order and the pitcher's spot. With none on in 2006, Reyes is batting .236/.305/.336. With runners on in 2006, he is batting .284/.337/.534. Though not as pronounced, Reyes career splits still tilt towards him being a better hitter with runners on as well. The big problem is the Mets do not have many other choices. Maybe Milledge could be that guy down the line if he can continue to walk, but it is doubtful anyone else will ever leadoff for the Mets while Jose Reyes is on this team.

Though Willie has not really made any mistakes with the leadoff spot being no one else is really better suited for it, he has made some mistakes. Paul LoDuca has done an admirable job, but it still warrants a discussion to move him down or at the very least slide everyone else up when he is sitting. LoDuca is batting .302/.345/.438, but when he is out, the Mets are getting .212/.268/.318 from the two spot. Willie's insistence in putting replacement level players into such a vital spot while LoDuca is sitting is curious, but Willie tends to do some weird things.

Part of the reason why I still think Beltran should be batting second is because Willie's resistance to shake up the lineup when LoDuca sits. When Beltran sits he does and when Wright sits he does, but for whatever reason not when LoDuca sits. LoDuca is going to sit plenty so something more effective needs to be done there. I simply do not agree that those at-bats should be more or less given away. My other issue with the current lineup construction is that the Mets are 12th in runs scored from David Wright's spot in the lineup. Sugar Pants is the team's best hitter and leads the team in OBP. He needs to have people behind him who can drive him more consistently. Of course with Floyd playing better these days, that should happen, but that does not mean there still is not a better way.

While people can show me studies that lineup construction does not matter, conventional wisdom and other stats tell me otherwise. Even though you can put together calculations that can back lineup constructions' irrelevance, it does not take into account how certain people will perform in different situations. You will never know until things are set into motion. Despite Wright's struggles when he moved up while Beltran was out, I believe that is was just bad luck and coincided with a slump. The kid is just too good to not be able to hit anywhere.

All this is really just nitpicking being the team is in first place, but I think it is plain to see that team is not quite producing runs like they were earlier in the year. There are a lot of close games and stretches where it is tough for them to get something going without the long ball. For me, when I look at this lineup and see those things happening, I see that something has to be wrong. Maybe it is a deeper problem that cannot be fixed by juggling the lineup, but this team should be performing more consistently on the offensive end.

1st spot: .259 (9th) .317 (12th) .414 .414 (5th) - 5th in Runs
~ Reyes .254/.317/.412

2nd spot: .277 (13th) .322 (13th) .406 (12th) - 14th in Runs
~ LoDuca .304/.347/.443

3rd spot: .279 (10th) .401 (7th) .629 (2nd) - 2nd in Runs
~ Beltran .277/.394/.619

4th spot: .277 (4th) .362 (8th) .505 (7th) - 11th in Runs
~ Delgado .256/.351/.518

5th spot: .269 (9th) .344 (6th) .462 (8th) - 12th in Runs
~ Wright .325/.398/.546

.6th spot: 266 (8th) .347 (9th) .500 (5th) - 5th in Runs
~ Floyd .235/.333/.414

7th spot: .275 (7th) .343 (6th) .418 (8th) - 5th in Runs
~ Nady .267/.331/.484

8th spot: .247 (11th) .287 (14th) .363(11th) 13th in Runs
~ Matsui .211/.248/.285

* * *

  • Someone needs to test Jose Valentin for steroids. His play of late is getting seriously getting weird.

    "Championship teams have to win some games like this," Valentin said after the Mets' major-league-high 16th one-run win. "Sometimes you're going to face a team like today that's playing great baseball. You're going to face a top pitcher like Webb. It's better to win one-run games than lose one-run games."

  • Lastings Milledge had a rough day at the plate getting to see what a top pitcher can do to a rookie and he also made an error in the field by dropping a line drive. Of course Milledge redeemed himself in the field with a nice catch on the run and then flashing a great arm to nail a runner down going from first to third, but he he was exposed a bit at the plate and did not redeem himself there.

    Like Nady, Milledge likes to stand far away from the plate. When guys crowd the plate, they are trying to take away the outside part of the plate. When guys are too far off the plate, the outside part of the plate is a big weak spot for them. There is a happy medium and Milledge is not standing in that happy medium. The thing that confuses me is that with Milledge's bat speed, he is not vulnerable to pitches inside which should enable him to move towards the plate. I understand why someone would not feel comfortable crowding the plate, but you have to make sure you have full plate coverage. I know Nady and Milledge got where they are by doing what things their way, but it just seems that moving them in a tick could prove to be very beneficial.

    Milledge is also taking his first boos in stride.

    "My parents were there," Milledge said. "They'll probably kill me for making an error. But it was a bad play on my part and (the fans) let me know about it. I didn't get upset about it. I would have booed myself. I didn't feel bad about them booing me on the play. But it was kind of like they had a short memory."

  • The Baseball Prospectus Stat of the Day:

    Top 5 2006 NL Third Basemen, by VORP
    Player          Team     EqA    VORP
    Miguel Cabrera FLO .338 30.9
    David Wright NYN .318 21.6
    Morgan Ensberg HOU .317 19.9
    Scott Rolen SLN .290 14.3
    Freddy Sanchez PIT .279 13.7
    Miguel is head and shoulders above everyone else in terms of VORP and with Scott Rolen in the lead for All-Star voting, David Wright might have trouble getting a spot on the NL All-Star squad if he is not voted in. While taking three third baseman on the team would be unlikely, Wright certainly deserves a spot.

  • The rumors surrounding Clemens and his return to baseball have some steroid speculation tied in. His deadline for signing with a team was just about the same length as a suspension for steroids. The penalty is fifty games and he returned just after fifty games. Would baseball allow this to happen to avoid another black eye? We know all about Clemens' workout ethic (like no one else works out hard but him), but when you get older it gets a little harder to rebound from games and keep fresh. Maybe it's just all poppycock, but it is all a little coincidental for sure.

  • Johnette Howard has a nice little recap of last night's fucking swell game.

  • According to the Journal News, the Mets are the Mets are 12-4-2 in their 18 series played so far this year.

  • The spin zone...

    "I don't think Pedro stepped up because of the matchup, I think Webb stepped up the way everybody steps up against Pedro," said Willie Randolph, who used every one of his position players to earn the victory. "Pedro's been doing this a lot longer.

    "But I have a great deal of respect for Webb."

    Webb must have been stepping up for his last two complete game shutouts prior to this start too. They have both been pitching spectacular this year and that's the bottom line. One is just winning games and the other is running into a lack of run support.

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    I have heard those conspiracy theories about Clemens, and I would not be at all surprised if they are true. Think about it - other than him, who's the only other player to actually get significantly BETTER when he hit his late 30's? Hint - he's coming to Shea this weekend.

    11:40 AM

    Anonymous jake said...

    in the lineup stat breakdown i don't follow the runs bit, i.e. there are three "5th in runs" -- maybe i'm dense but can you explain please?

    your implying they just let him serve his suspension without announcing it? that would be classy.

    clemens looks really old on tv. i know he is old. but the lines in his face startled me. i hope he absolutely SUCKS nuts and BLOWS out his elbow. wanker.

    12:12 PM

    Anonymous Benny Blanco from da Bronx said...

    I mean we all know about Reyes and his impact but it truely is amazing how much of an impact he actually has.

    Shit, Jose Valentin is soo amazing that the "Brokeback Damons" actually picked him up in the league. AHHH!

    Mike I wouldn't just single out Lastings and give him his own paragraph about having a rough day at the plate. EVERYONE struggled. Nobody could hit Brandon Webb. In 13 innings with the 6 different pitchers there were only a total 8 hits. So I'll just ignore Lastings play at the plate. I look forward to him on friday.

    Looking at that VORP list, The only surprise is Freddy Sanchez. He is KILLING it. .352 AVG, .383 OBP, 4 HR and 27 RBI

    ould baseball allow this to happen to avoid another black eye?

    Basketball did it for Michael Jordan. Jordan has a "forced" retirement. It was an actual suspension for gambling.
    I mean think about Jordan. He said he wasn't able to mentally compete with the death of his dad but... he can go out and play baseball? please...
    Only to go back out a year later.

    I doubt that's what happened with Clemens but it is a possibility. Kinda shallow and fucked up they'd play favorites like that though.

    Did Willie KINDA shit on Brandon Webb?

    And with the draft a week away, let me throw a name out at you. This kid is a new yorker and a high school kid. His name is Dellin Betances.
    These are his comments from mlb.com
    Comments: About as projectable as they come with his size, though he's still very raw. His fastball has hit the mid-90s at times and he's shown the makings of a hard curve.

    He MIGHT be available by the time the Mets pick.

    Dellin Betances Draft Video

    12:18 PM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    I skimmed Mr. Met's post, and need to read it in greater detail, but before I forget: (a) The Sports Guy implied in a post about a week ago, that his favorite conspiracy theory was that Clemens "took off" the first third of the year due to a double secret probation steroids suspension. I think it is entirely possible. Notice all the chatter about how Roger "left money on the table" and a "pro-rated deal". Why is it pro-rated? Why did he leave money on the table? Did he really, or was he made to? The whole situation is odd, and apropos of nothing Bud Selig is a loser no matter if this story is true or false; (b) this lineup has been killing me for 2 years. I am not a sabermetrics guy, and have no numbers to support my lineup, but I do have the common sense of approximately 27 years of baseball viewing: Reyes, Beltran, Delgado, Wright, Floyd, LoDuca, Valentin/Woodward, Nady/Milledge. You could swap 7 and 8, but whatever. Beltran is a #2 hitter, end of story, and the lineup needs to revolve around that fact. Reyes is not an ideal leadoff hitter, but that presumes someone else in the lineup would be better and I don't see that player.

    12:25 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    Funny how we have heard soooo little about Endy Chavez. This dude keeps getting better. His avg is .295 now. I wasnt sure we needed him when we signed him but he has proven himself Mr. Clutch.

    Nothing about Pedro crushing the opposition and geting no run support. This guy has been lights out but unless he starts hitting HR's himself he is not going to get the 20 wins and a Cy he deserves.

    12:49 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Don't forget that Reyes is in line to walk upwards of seventy times this year. While I doubt he'll hit that number, the real problem of the moment is that he needs to bring his average up to where we expected it would be. If he's batting .280, we would not be having this conversation. He's very streaky and takes some godawful cuts at the ball, but when you consider that he's just 22, showing great maturation over last season (and all the while playing Gold Glove Defense!), you have to admit that he's going to be awesome over the next ten years plus.

    I think the Lo Duca issue is more quibbling than anything, Mike. I've come to like this batting order and think Beltran has finally put the third spot debate to bed. He leads the Mets in ribbies. LoDuca's fine as a number two in the absence of the speedy second baseman with bunting skills. What I notice is that Jose seems a little reticent to run at the moment.

    Milledge looked like a school boy last night. Over the course of the game, his whole approach to hitting fell apart - to the point that the third time he batted he just flailed at the first three pitches. The best thing that will happen is that he's going back to the minors when Nady gets back. He'll take what he saw and hopefully use it to go the next level. Webb had him in Pampers out there. (Frankly, he looked like a future HOFer with the command that he had.)

    Parenthetically, I'll note I was getting worried about Nady before we discovered the reason for his slump. Yes, he's streaky in the same manner as Reyes, but what I worried is that Willie was going soft on him for the sake of Mr. (Happy) Endy (if I see that again I'll firebomb the NY newspapers!). Nady needs to be sent out every night and allowed to deal with a bit of adversity without getting benched.

    Clemens and steroids? Who knows. There are certainly a lot of 40 yr olds who still can get it done. We have to admit that pitchers have many stages of development. To see how Pedro handles pitching now for example shows how much smarts can compensate for the aging body. Many pitchers who are corporally sound continue to get better, IF they understand the intellectual side of pitching. Clemens is just a great pitcher ... and an asshole.

    1:10 PM

    Anonymous bmc said...

    1 S SS REYES
    2 R 3B WRIGHT
    4 L 1B DELGADO
    5 L LF FLOYD
    6 R C LO DUCA

    And that's the way it should be.

    1:17 PM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

    1:26 PM

    Blogger Kenny said...

    Benny criticizing me for adding a hot Valentin to my team? Is this the same guy that added Jeremi Gonzales and Lima Time to his team?

    Huge win last night. This team is worrying me bigtime with all of the one run wins, but better to win them then lose them. Arizona is a quality team and Webb could win the Cy Young this year.

    For what its worth, I've come to like LoDuca 2nd. The guy never strikes out. Joe Buck claimed that he misses the ball on less than 5% of his swings. That's quality #2 stuff.

    1:35 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    For what it's worth, Paulie Lo "struck out" last night, but it was BS.

    1:42 PM

    Anonymous benn-shizzle said...

    Wait.. Kenny? Where are you in the standings? I'm soo high up I can't see you. Are you in double digits?
    Lima Time! gave me first place for 2 days so hey! something went right.
    And i have the Rocket coming back? oh my goodness it's a wrap! i really feel sorry for some of you guys.

    Mike said I wouldn't last to first until past the weekend.
    Well he was right. I'm in second. But it is close. Be afraid.

    1:59 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    While we're busy worrying about our first place team following a nice win, I'll add that it totally sucks that even on a night where Pedro gives us 8 shutout innings, we still have to use the pen for 4 more. As great as the Pen has been for us, can it remain so with this kind of workload? Mike put the projected numbers up earlier in the week. It's a little scary.

    2:17 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    but the projected numbers aren't all that bad... didn't heilman, sanchez and wagner all throw more innings last year than they are projected to this year?

    2:51 PM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    Glavine into Heilman tomorrow night, no use of Sanchez or Billy. Oliver or Bell if the game is within striking distance one way or the other. (I know their pitch counts were low last night, but so freakin' what; Trachsel and El Duque to follow Saturday and Sunday and we're lucky at this point if we get 9 combined innings out of them).

    2:55 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Like to thank Mr. Cerrone for this pic. It's solid.
    Kaz Matsui the pimp.
    And Ms. Millano just loves the ball players.
    Barry Zito->Carl Pavano->Brad Penny and now Kaz Matsui?
    I should walk around hollywood with baseball jersey, pants, and cleats.
    I'd get laid for sure.

    Motha F'n P-I-M-P!

    4:13 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    You know, it's hard out here for a pimp.

    4:16 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    well put re reyes dg, and i agree beltran is doing well at 3 (any doubters can wish he were on there fantasy squad -- go moose knuckles!).

    i'm also worried about the one-run wins even as i thrill in winning them. but my general take on the mets is that we are doing well enough in spite of not firing on all cylinders. lots of mets have played well, but considering the rotation injuries, floyd and reyes slumping, beltran missing time, etc it really seems like we have yet to click. maybe this outlook is beyond optimistic and no team ever has all there guys hot at once, but i just feel like these boys could get on a real roll.

    "I was getting worried about Nady before we discovered the reason for his slump" -- unfortunately we can't chalk the slump up to his appendix as that comes on suddenly.

    4:37 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Benny, I didn't single him out, but he looked worse. No one k'd until him and he got owned. More so...but the talk about Lastings was him standing in the visitors dugout while hitting. Nothing against Milledge and his struggles against one of the top pitchers in the league.

    As for Jordan, I think he was just bored. He spent the last six years shitting on people and wanted to see if he could play ball.

    As for that NY kid, I wanted to find a bunch of high reward, mid 90's arms to profile on the Draft Preview for Metsgeek.com that I cannot seem to find time for. If I get around to it, I may just use that kid as an example.....thanks.

    Willie DID shit on Webb.

    Jake...Sorry, the 5th in runs means they are fifth in runs in that spot. I wasn't even going to put that in because I was using it for my post, but I decided to leave it in. Sorry for the confusion.

    Condor, I did have some major ommissions this AM, but I had a ton of shit to do.

    Kenny, I'm not saying LoDuca does not have redeeming value in the 2 hole, but at least Willie needs to move everyone up a slot when he sits. Willie is dumb. Really, it's very minor and I had to write about something today!

    I like the Valentin move. Ride the hot streak baby. He's hitting like David Wright at this point.

    5:18 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    The bullpen is only on track to be slightly over worked, but the concern is that neither Sanchez or Heilman have gone this high. Yes, as a starter Heilman has, but relieving is different. Only two guys topped 90 in 2005 out of the pen and the Mets are on track to have two of them. The playoffs will hopefully last a month too and those innings go to the studs. It is a slight concern. Hopefullly the Mets wrap it up early and are able to give everyone a bit a of reast later..

    Benny, the link to the pick didn't work...it's blocked. You have to post the URL of his page...

    Pimping might not be easy, but girls closing in on 30 are....

    DG, I agree on Reyes, I'm just saying right now #1 is not the best spot for him. You like to have a non-work in progress guy for a contender to set the tone for the team for the entire year. It just so happens Reyes sets the tone for the Mets and where he goes, the team really does go.

    Pedro is good example of smarts, but Pedro is also what..34? Clemens is 43..a bit different and Clemens still works of power and not smarts. Look at Randy Johnson as a current example of a power guy going down hill fast. The guys that pitch on guile can make it further. Clemens is truly a freak.

    Jake, as for the appendix coming on suddenly, is it not possible that it could have come along suddenly, but a few weeks ago? He didn't even go in for that.

    5:26 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Finally...for all this fanstasy talk....stop.

    It's over. Balls Deep is on top to stay. Stop picking up players. Stop looking at the waiver wire. It starts and ends with Balls Deep. I don't want anyone to get their hopes up only to have them smashed into a thousand little pieces. You may want to start reading Baseball America's Prospect Handbook and study up on the up and comers for next year's draft because the fat lady is singing.

    Best staff? Balls Deep.
    Best player? Brandon Inge...Balls Deep.
    Best looking fantasy team owner? Me...Balls Deep.
    Most well rounded offensive attack? Balls Deep.
    Best team name? Moose Knuckles....I can't win everything.
    Most intenstinal fortitude? Balls Deep.

    5:30 PM

    Anonymous cyril said...

    The one thing I noticed about Reyes was that he hit pretty well when he was in the number two hole a couple years ago. One thing that could temporarily happen is have Milledge lead off, and have Reyes bat 2nd. One possible benefit could be that Reyes would get more protection in the lineup, and have better balls to hit.

    5:36 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I concur.

    I think Milledge is being groomed as a Kenny lofton style leadoff guy. But in the meantime I STILL think Beltran belongs in the #2 spot with D Wright behind him.

    5:48 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    i'm pretty sure once your appendix goes it goes. i think what happens is shit (either acutal shit or some kind of bacteria, i'm not sure) gets into the useless organ and infects it. once it is infected you are going to have a stomach ache so bad you go the doctor and they take it out right away because if it pops you can die. so no i don't think you can go a couple of weeks just toughing it out, maybe a couple days. with me i started feeling bad one afternoon and was in the hospital that night.

    speaking of moose knuckles, that comes from my softball team name, for which i'm on my way to drink beer and go balls deep.

    mike, i guess it's top secret, but whatever you do for work better not get in the way of the blog or we're going to send in chuck.

    5:57 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Well, we know how Willie likes to make rookies earn their chops and I would not suggest doing that this year...to have Reyes bumped for a month while a rookie is up is a slap in the face, but next year if Milledge has a good spring it should be looked at. Milledge is a #3 hitter down the line, but to start, he's a top of the order guy. I thought Reyes-Milledge-Wright-Beltran-Delgado- would be the deal, but flopping the two might make the most sense. The scary part is, Wright will never get moved up because Willie would never drop a guy like Delgado to 5th regardless of what might make the most sense.

    Anon...I cannot disagree. We have to remember that as good as LoDuca has been, he has been streaky too. Two streaky guys at the top is dangerous for obvious reasons. That one really rough stretch when Delgado was hitting a ton of solo shots while Beltran was out was a perfect example of a) how good Beltran has been for the Mets in '06 b) why the Mets need better OBP and stability from the top.

    6:01 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Jake...thanks for the info. It doesn't not sound like his slump was too much appendix related. He was struggling for a bit. Nady is just a bad ball hitter. If you don't make a mistake, you can own him with breaking stuff and outside corner stuff. You made a mistake from the center on towards him? Forget about it.

    Godspeed on drinking beer and going balls deep tonight. Hit a single for The Metropolitans.

    Oh, my job is not top secret. Just not interesting.

    6:04 PM

    Anonymous your friendly neighborhood Benny said...

    The link didn't work?
    Wow, everyone who responded after my comment is thrown under the bus for one of 2 reasons.
    1) For not clicking on it. YOU FUCKING FUCKERS!
    2) For clicking on it and not telling me it didn't work. PUNKS!


    Click on the draft video for Dellin Betances.

    And as far as the fantasy stuff goes, look, I have been the ONLY guy consistantly in the top 3. Everyone has come and gone. Makes an appearence or two and leaves again.
    The rest of the league are one hit wonders.
    Balls Deep is more like the Backstreet Boys. Not exactly "one hit wonder" material but the sucess won't last. A fad that will run its course and crash and burn. Never to be revived again.

    I'm a constant. I'm like Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and hell, I'll say it, even Michael Jackson. Always on top, regardless of the times.

    6:10 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    No....the PIMP clip.

    The other one worked.

    Please..stop it. My team was slumping and I predicted the month of May will be forever known as the month of Balls Deep and guess what?

    May 2nd 3:59pm
    I am lulling everyone into a false sense of security. Podsednick is stealing bases like he's getting paid to do it...fuck, never mind, he is...and Balls Deep is stacking up victory after victory.

    May will be know as the month of Balls Deep.

    Prophetic. Really, it was.

    Three days later on May 5th @ 8:50 AM...our own Kenny chimed in on the juggernaut that is Balls Deep

    Balls Deep is juicing. Somebody needs to call Congress - the guy has to be stopped.

    Then John chimed in a few hours later....

    I think he is snorting flaxseed oil.

    My team has been on the radar for a while. Admit it or now, everyone know this was coming. I admire you consistency. Let's say....you are the Braves of the league. You always play well, but just not enough to get you over that hump.

    6:28 PM

    Anonymous benny said...



    6:43 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    It's still not working. I need the link to the page it appears on. Bloggers does that too if I upload photos to it. It does not others steal the bandwidth.

    6:49 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    No doubt Nady is streaky, but appendicitis is not always the immediate horror story we have heard it is - meaning, it is possible to have an infected appendix over a period of time before it becomes a major worry. Nady's back problems and the fact that the problem was found by accident have to point to it having some contribution to his slump. Still, as I wrote above, he had to be allowed to go through a slump without riding the pine for Endy Chavez. In Willie-world, Nady doesn't have enough cred to earn the struggle without being seated, but getting benched as he did in San Diego has got to have a negative effect. For all the Mets' complimentary talk about Pelfrey, Milledge et al being in a situation where they have to go through some adversity, the same should be applied to the younger players (read, less mjl experience). Nothing more to say.

    6:56 PM

    Anonymous John said...

    After a rough couple of weeks, the Sandman is making a comeback. May is over Mike, you will now begin your descent to 8th place. May may have been the month of Balls Deep, Sugar Pants All Stars, and Pavanuts unusually large nuts, but June will be the month of Enter Sandman. Sleep with one eye open, bitches!

    10:00 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    benny i went to metsblog to get to the link, for some reason it worked there but not here.

    mike i guess what i meant is that your blog must be topsecret from your job cause somehow i don't think you work nights...haha...so i always thought you never mention it in case someone from work reads the blog and thus would id you...

    10:11 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    DG...good stuff. That's part of the reason why Willie is nuts.

    8th place john? That will never happen with the likes of Mike Matheny and Chan Ho Park leading the charge...BALLS DEEP!

    Jake...Well, that was a big concern of mine for using my real name at Metsgeek. I spend too much time during the day on this to really let out my true identity. In the end, it worked out because I'm still getting paid to blog 9-5.

    Although lately, I've been pretty busy and it's getting tough. It is hard to balance things out because one involves something I like to do and the other is not something I like to do.

    10:32 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    One thing you can say about Mike, he is balls deep in his own intestinal fortitude.

    We should have a contest to see who has the most exciting and most boring occupation. Hell we should also throw in the most bizarre. Anyone here a paid toe nail collector?

    11:38 PM

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