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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Chicks Dig The Long Ball

Carlos Beltran...has there ever been a more productive .262 hitter?

Paulie Ballgame's legs must be like jelly.

Ryan Madson's 100+ pitch and seven inning relief peformance was studly...too bad he had to lose, but better him and Darren Oliver.

Speaking of Darren Oliver, big time pitching with a little help from the umps calling Utley out at second, but Beltran was safe at second earlier so there is not much to complain about there.

Jose Reyes may be scrawny, but he's got some muscles. He will put up twenty homers in his late 20's at some point once he gets a better batting eye and fills out a bit more.

What are the chances Alay Soler goes nine in his debut?

All of David Wright's homers come in bunches.

Jose Valentin's moustache is still ugly.


Anonymous john said...

My buddy just IM'd me and said he heard a rumor on WFAN this morning that the Mets are talking to Houston about a sign and trade deal that would essentially be Pelfrey and Cash to Houston for Clemens.

I think it's bullshit and did not hear it for myself, so I am a little skeptical to say the least.

Even if the GM's were both on board and decided to do this, why would Clemens? If he wanted to play for the Mets (which he has said recently that he doesn't), why wouldn't he just sign with us? If the deal went down, he would probably just go home and call it quits.

I gotta admit, the thought of Clemens pitching next ot Pedro and Tommy G is pretty cool though.

8:40 AM

Blogger Jon from JCNJ said...

I could not watch the game at the scheduled start time so I tivo'd it and added three hours of recording time just in case of extra innings. Wouldn't you know that the recording stopped in the middle of the 16th?

Mike I too am looking forward to Soler tonight. I think everyone will be presently suprised by him.

9:35 AM

Blogger Toasty Joe said...

I posted about this on my blog- I was at the game and lasted 11 innings, and, amazingly, made it home in time to watch the last 2. Gi-normous victory!

10:36 AM

Anonymous bmc said...

That houston rumor is horseshit. Somebody at WFAN is smoking banana peels.


You knock Beltran's AVG, but he has an OPS of .994!!! (.391/.603). He's not getting singles, but he's also not making many outs, and mashing the ball. He may even finally be earning his paycheck. oversliding 2nd base.

11:27 AM

Blogger mr. met said...

John, you cannot sign an trade. You cannot trade someone after signing them for six months. They player and allow that, but why would he hurt the team he was going to just to help the Astros? That one is completely silly.

I would love the guy, but the Mets are going to have to just sign him if they want him.

Jon, that sounds not so swell. Good call tacking on three extra hours though. I usually just add on an hour.

Toasty...11 and went home? Shame...But I guess with no more beer, there was really no point.

Who's knocking Beltran's average? I said 'has there ever been a more producitve .262 hitter'. I personally cannot believe it is that low since he has been so good for this team this year.

11:41 AM

Blogger ajsmith said...

Hamels is hurt? If I were the Phils, I'd be worried about his long-term health. They should just trade him to Tampa for Zambrano and Furtu... oh, wait.


12:38 PM

Anonymous bmc said...

It just sounded like a backhanded compliment. I must have misinterpreted it.

1:19 PM

Blogger Anthony said...

Beltran's averaging 44 hr's and 114 rbi for the year at the current pace he's going. I'll take it. Especially since he missed a bunch of time to start. This is more like it.

2:20 PM

Anonymous al a said...

If it where true, it's too bad Mike P isn't here to chair the 'welcome committee' for that cheating piece of white trash. WFAN started this rumor to jack up ratings for the FAT MIKE/DOG BREATH show/Mets' announcing gig tomorrow afternoon. WFAN SUCKS>

3:52 PM

Blogger mr. met said...

Yeah, I love Beltran in a strictly platonic manner. Big fan and I think his eye at the plate this year is Bondsian.

Yeah, Beltran's 2004 HR total is not looking like a mirage.

WFAN does suck. I mean, I have never seen such a blatant hatred for a team on their 'flagship' station. It's unreal.

3:58 PM

Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

it is rather impressive that he's on pace for 130 runs on 140 hits. he's also stealing bases. good shit.

that kinda production is worth good $

4:19 PM


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