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Friday, September 01, 2006

Awful Oliver

Wow. In his last start, there were some positives to take out of Oliver's start. This game? Not so much. He was not missing by much last start, but he was all over the place to say the least in this start. On paper, his command was better with a higher strike to ball ratio, but his command was horrible. Much worse than his last start. When he was missing, he was missing badly. His problem of too many three ball counts to pitchers continued and he allowed fourteen baserunners in three innings and only struck out one.

"The problem was the location," Perez said.

You don't say....

As for Paulie Ballgame, this game was probably the eqivalent of two games catching. When you catch a guy like Pedro or Glavine, you put up the mitt and the ball hits the mitt. Good stuff all around. When you catch a guy like Ollie with the command he had last night, you are continually setting up and moving around for the baseball expending a lot of energy on every pitch. I'm sure at the end of the game Ballgame felt like he went a few rounds with Mike Tyson.

In the end, we knew this about Oliver Perez. I do not think anyone particularly thought he would figure into this year's pitching picture, but we were all enamored with the enigma and the lively left arm hanging from his body and wanted to see him. We saw him in two starts and he needs work. All of the real progress should be coming in the off season when Rick Peterson will earn his paycheck and try and solve Perez's problems. I still truly believe Oliver Perez will be in the rotation from opening day next season because I do think he is the type of player that excels under Rick Peterson. Of course this is contingent upon what is in Oliver's head and whether he is a good learner or a stubborn hot head. He's shown flashes of being the latter but we will not know until next year.

* * *

  • Just like when mommies cannot tell when their kids are ugly, it is hard for fans to be fair when evaluating their players. The other day I wrote about Carlos Beltran as the MVP, but it is nice to see a third party get involved. A fan of team from the American League and not in New York. There is no hatred from fans of rival team in town and no skewed sense of reality because they have a guy on their team that they believe should in fact be the MVP. Jason Churchill, who is a Mariner fan, wrote a piece on ProspectInsider.com in regards to the topic and did a fantastic job.

    He hit his 38th home run of the year Sunday, has 108 RBI and has scored 103 runs. Okay, sure, he’s hitting .286. But Shea Stadium is a pretty severe pitcher’s park, as are the road parks Beltran visits in Florida, Washington and to a lesser extent, Atlanta.

    Better yet, Beltran gets it done when it matters most.

    He sports a 1.210 OPS with runners in scoring position. That number actually goes UP to 1.267 with RISP and two outs.


    He has three grand slams in eight official ABs with the bases loaded this season and has a 1.335 OPS with a man on third and two outs.

    He has a 1.647 OPS versus division-rival Atlanta, including eight homers and 18 RBI in eight contests. Against Philly, he’s slugging .671 with six homers… against Florida? Beltran has a 1.023 OPS and versus Washington, yeah, again… a 1.171 OPS.

    Yikes is right. As if all that wasn't enough, there are more drool inducing stats.

    Beltran’s park-adjusted numbers are sickening - try these on for size.

    .303/.419/.689, 46 HR, 123 RBI. That’s through 129 games.

    Like I said, the discussion for MVP should start with Beltran and end with Beltran. He has shown to be more consistent than anyone and every facet of his game is scarily refined that I cannot think of one player more well rounded.

  • Studes goes over ten great pickups by Omar Minaya and really, every move he has made has worked out with the exception of Jose Lima and Jeremi Gonzalez.

  • Endy Chavez's career high in extra base hits was thirty five in 2003. It took him 141 games and 483 at-bats to get there. In 2004, he hit 31 extra base hits and it took him 132 games and 502 at-bats to get there. This year? 28 extra base hits in 108 games and 277 at-bats. In 2003, he was average one XBH every 15 plate appearances, in 2004 he averaged one every 18 plate appearances, and this year he is averaging one every 11 plate appearances. Endy has been impressive this year to say the least.

  • Nanny nanny poo poo...

    In talking about the playoffs earlier this week, Beltran suddenly brought up that the Astros never sent him the video from the 2004 postseason, which is when he almost carried them to the World Series. Beltran said that he had contacted the team, but didn't get a response -- or the DVDs.

    "I don't even have the videos," Beltran said. "I called Houston to send me the copies and they never sent anything. They were so mad that I left."

    Very grown up. I wonder if Carlos thinks he made the wrong choice?

    Did anyone catch the MVP chants Beltran was getting on the road? At times it seemed like the Mets were the home team in Denver. Really, really crazy stuff.

  • Those pro-basketball players just cannot figure out this international basketball thing.

    "To lose any game is a shock to us," U.S. star Carmelo Anthony said. "We came in with the mentality to win the game and the gold medal."

  • Michel Abreu is the B-Mets MVP.

    Michel Abreu was named the Binghamton Mets' most valuable player for the 2006 season on Thursday night.

    Abreu, a member of the Eastern League's season-ending all-star team, is hitting an Eastern League-best .334. Abreu, a Cuban defector who has played first base for the B-Mets, was leading the team with 70 RBI and was tied with Jay Caligiuri for the team lead in home runs with 17 going into Thursday's game.

  • Baseball Prospectus named their top twenty minor league pitching prospects and the Mets have three of them.

    7. Mike Pelfrey, Mets
    Age: 22.6 H/9: 7.57 BB/9: 3.08 K/9: 10.18

    The most well-paid pitcher in the 2005 draft, Pelfrey signed too late to make his debut last year, but he reached the big leagues this season after just 88 pro innings. At 6-foot-7, Pelfrey gets a strong downward plane on a sinking 92-95 mph fastball that has touched 98, and he commands the pitch well when many young and tall pitching prospects struggle to find a consistent release point. For anyone who saw his four big league starts, in which he had a 5.48 ERA and a sub-standard 13/12 K/BB ratio in 21.1 innings, Pelfrey's issues were clear. While the fastball is plus-plus, both his curveball and changeup are no more than average, and he lost confidence in the pitches, learning a difficult lesson about the need for a three-pitch arsenal. He's expected to get another look in September as the Mets put things into cruise control, so we'll see if he's made any adjustments. The secondary pitches don't have to be great, but he will need them to keep hitters on their toes.

    14. Philip Humber, Mets
    Age: 23.7 H/9: 6.99 BB/9: 2.52 K/9: 9.65

    Another one of those pitchers who had Tommy John surgery, returned quicker than expected and has looked as good as he ever did, if not better. Pitching very well in Double-A, both he and Pelfrey will compete for Opening Day rotation slots in 2007.

    19. Deolis Guerra, Mets
    Age: 17.4 H/9: 6.75 BB/9: 4.39 K/9: 7.18

    His ratios aren't great, but this is a guy born in 1989 (feel old yet?) who is already in the Florida State League and holding his own. Sitting at 89-91 mph with plenty of projection thanks to a 6-foot-5, 200 pound frame, Guerra's changeup is already a solid offering and his curveball has made great strides. The Mets need to slow down his development, but his ceiling is sky high.

    Not bad for a team that traded two that traded many of their top pitching prospects away over the past few years. Eleven teams had one prospect on the list, three teams had two, and the Mets were the only team with three. Fucking swell.

  • There were minor league baseball games played yesterday, but no one cared.

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    "The problem was the location," Perez said.

    Yes, the fact that you were located on the mound was a big problem.

    11:40 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Low blow man....low blow.

    12:00 PM

    Anonymous MikeinSpaininLA said...


    Not sure I agree on Beltran as MVP. For one thing, you gotta let the season play out. For another, I find it tough to choose any hitter who hits in front of and behind other legit MVP candidates (same goes for Jeter). Has he been awesome? Yes. MVP-worthy? Yes. But Pujols is the best hitter in the league, period, and has NO-ONE around him. Sure, Rolen's having a pretty good year, but that lineup relies on Pujols 100 percent. Also, this wouldn't even be a discussion if he hadn't got hurt earlier in the season. So, while I'm loving Carlos, it's a tough call.

    And Howard's a legit candidate, too, though the fact that he's really come on fire lately, when the Phillies needed some of that earlier in the season, makes him lose points. Only if they make the playoffs, or just miss them, would I put him in front of Beltran or Pujols.

    Last thing:

    Player A: 12HR, .340, 83rbi, 93r, 28SB, good defense,
    Player B: 16HR, .308, 72rbi, 81r, 17SB, great defense,

    While A's stats are better than B's, it should be taken into account that A hits in front of and behind All-stars, while B hits in a mediocre lineup. So, why then is Jeter (A) the LEADING candidate for AL MVP, and Carlos Guillen (B) has never, at any point, been mentioned in the MVP conversation?

    As far as I'm concerned it's gotta be Big Papi, but if you want to appreciate the contributions of a non-power hitting type, then Jeter is pretty deserving. But so is Guillen. Yet the former's going to win the award while the latter will receive zero votes. Huh.

    12:41 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Best hitter in the league can get the Silver Slugger at their position. Best hitter does not = MVP.

    Carlos has been tight man...tight.

    I agree on Howard. He wasn't as big early on as he was now and that is part of the basis of my argument. No June swoon for Beltran. Just production from day #1 and has been THE constant with this team. The best offense in the NL. When Wright slumped, he was killing it. When Delgado slumped, he was killing it. When Reyes got off to a slow start, he was killing it. A lot of Pujols #'s were from his en fuego start.

    Pujols 1st half: 256 ABs / 10 doubles / 29 homers / 76 RBIs / 2 steals / .316/.435/.703
    Pujols 2nd half: 160 ABs /17 doubles / 10 homers / 33 RBIs / 3 steals / .329/.399/.611

    Beltran 1st half: 287 ABs / 19 doubles / 24 homers / 68 RBIs / 12 steals / .279/.388/.606
    Beltran 2nd half: 160 ABs / 16 doubles / 14 homers / 44 RBIs / 4 steals / .300/.385/.675

    I agree with you on the lineup to a certain extent, but that shouldn't diminish the incredible year that he is having. Beltran gets the edge in the 2nd half and Pulojs gets it in the first, but not by much and don't be clouded by average. This is not based just on BA. Beltran has had the better year in my eyes, but they are extremely close.

    1:10 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Oh, great to see you post again!

    1:10 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Fickle voters will always be more impressed with a late season dash over true consistency. The fact that 75 of his 128 hits have been for extra bases have to be considered when it comes to Beltran. Howard may have 49 homeruns but has only 17 doubles. More than half of his hits have been singles (but those 128 ribbies are mighty large).

    Further, the lineup argument has to be mitigated by the fact that Rollins and Utley bat in front of him. That's not chicken feed afterall. Beltran has earned his money for this season AND last season in the span of five months!

    O-P (hereby referred to as Opie) is for next season as you note. It sounds like he just lost it (command, mechanics and all) once he became enervated, but I think that he will factor in to next year's rotation.

    The BP stuff is great. The shMets won't rank high as an org due to (lack of) depth but those three are some righteous dudes, dude! Plus, I wouldn't be surprised to see Jonathon Niese enter that list next year as well.

    Lastly a question: what was Opie's velocity like last night?

    1:45 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Yeah, hello mikeinspaininla; sorry to lose you over here!

    1:46 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Niese has a bit to go to crack the top 20 with a new crop of prospects working their way up the ladder like Kyle Drabek and Betances....

    OP was hoving around 90/91 with a few 93/94s mixed in. Not as hard as his last game for sure, but that wasn't his problem. He was probably not throwing as hard because he had no idea where it is going.

    Howard is a top five candidate for sure, but not the MVP. If you want to go the weak lineup route, who is more valuable than Cabrera? And as you pointed out DG, the other guys in Pujols and the Reds lineup are not chopped liver, though clearly not as deep.

    2:24 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da Bronx said...

    Oliver Perez looked like shit.
    2007 will be the year of the Oliver.
    He was around 92-95, DG.

    Carlos Beltran for MVP, all of Shea Stadium is aware of it. Will the writers?
    And I'm biased...

    Everytime Beltran is mentioned with the Astros, all I wonder is... if it was just a no-trade clause that stood in the way, how come they gave one to Roy Oswalt?
    Who is first of all a pitcher.
    And second of all he's an injury plagued guy.
    Whatever, stupid Drayton McLane and his policy of not giving no-trade clauses.

    Carmelo Anthony has the right attitude though. You cannot go into ANY game with fear or thinking about anything but winning. You need that winning mentality. Otherwise you get bitchyness and depression like Boston red Sox players had for MANY years with fear of NY.

    2:32 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "Very grown up. I wonder if Carlos thinks he made the wrong choice?"

    Um, Houston certainly did. Instead of giving a declining Roy Oswalt all that money and having Willy 'Most Overrated Player In Baseball' Taveras play center, they should have re-signed Beltran.

    I hate Willy Taveras. I really hate Clemens. I despise the Astros. Seriously. Profoundly. I remember last year when Beltran did NOTHING in their building. I want blood. I want vengeance. I want a sweep.

    "To lose any game is a shock to us," U.S. star Carmelo Anthony said. "We came in with the mentality to win the game and the gold medal."

    I was up late finishing some work and had the game on in the background. Carmelo is the ONE player I saw bringing it. If I were Stalin, I would have every other player executed on the court after the game. You are taught to defend the pick-and-roll in GRADE SCHOOL.


    3:50 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    On Ollie...

    I really hope he can pull it together; if only because baseball needs more characters like him.


    3:55 PM

    Anonymous Dandy DG McGee said...

    Come on guys, it's gotta be Opie! Who is surely more bearable to watch struggle than Zambrano though not by much.

    Niese is going to turn out to have been a very very intelligent pick. Good scouting.

    I failed to mention before that that BP shoutout to Humber makes you wonder all the while whether he'll be more valuable in 07 than Pelfrey. I think the Mets have gotten this idea that Pelfrey is going to be there, but all signs point to letting him have another half year in Norfolk.

    Betances reference just made me think of this year's draft again - what a disappointment. That makes two drafts that were basically done from an alternative universe. It was a mistake not to sign Beato, and after Mulvey and maybe Smith, they picked goose eggs.

    One positive of note is that while I was in dial up hell no own bemoaned the trade of Evan MacClane who may have been a clone (of False Tooth McGlavine) but was little to lose for Not Chipper Green. Omar may not draft em, but he knows how to scout em and trade em.

    4:17 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I hate Willy Taveras. I really hate Clemens. I despise the Astros. Seriously. Profoundly. I remember last year when Beltran did NOTHING in their building. I want blood. I want vengeance. I want a sweep.

    Preach on brother.

    Executed, huh? I didn't watch the game, but what about Wade? I thought he was solid.

    Opie has that being a character thing down, but it is hard to be one when you suck.

    Humber > Pelfrey

    Right now and maybe forever.

    The Mets could have easily walked away with Beato, Betances, and Mulvey....Not a bad group really. Now they they have to rely on Holds-cum turning it around and Joe Smith being the uber Bradford.

    I agree on Omar...Green was gotten for nada...

    4:23 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I'm out! Have a great weekend in case I don't post.

    4:23 PM

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