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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Something Special

The Mets are a very good team playing in a very bad division and a mediocre league. Only two National League teams crack the top twelve according to Baseball Prospectus' hit list and the Mets are the only one in the top seven. I do not care if anyone thinks the Mets success this season is because they play in a weaker division, this team is can hold it's own with any team. I thought the Mets were one pitcher away from truly hanging with the beasts of the AL, but with the emergence of John Maine, this team has that one pitcher they were missing and can hang.

The Mets capitalize on the errors of other teams and that is a mark of a top tier team. In the fifth inning of yesterday's game, Jose Reyes made it to first on a Chris Duncan fielding error. Then later with the bases loaded, Carlos Beltran grounded into what could have been a double play, but Weaver did not come hard to home and Yadier Molina decided to not go for the double play to nab Beltran at first. You had to know what was coming with the bases loaded as Delgado has owned Weaver over the years. Predictably Willie had called the grand slam play and Delgado knocked a grand slam to bring the game to Pujols 7 - Delgado 5.

The Mets go for the jugular and have the tremendous players to do so. Carlos Beltran has been so big for this team this year and his two run walk off homer last night was one of the most exciting things I've ever heard. When the Mets were down 7-1, I thought they were still in it with Weaver on the mound. They closed the gap to make it a one run game and LoDuca got on with one out in the ninth and with Carlos y Carlos coming up, it was hard to not feel confident. It never made it to the second Carlos and Beltran hit a bomb to win it and Howie Rose's call was a memorable one.

The Mets may not play a flawless game every time out, but they are as sound of any team I have seen this year. They are defensively tight, their bullpen has been coming up big all year, their offense has been clutch to say the least and their lineup just got deeper with the addition of Shawn Green, and their rotation, though they have had their ups and downs, will hopefully come into their own with a healthy stable of arms in September. After watching this team play all year and their ability to capitalize off other teams mistakes as well as their ability to come from behind, it is hard not envisioning them doing great things in the playoffs.

* * *

  • Shawn Green and $6.3 million for Evan MacLane? Omar you magnificent bastard, you have done it again.

    "I'm definitely excited for the opportunity," said Green, who waived his no-trade clause and - according to Omar Minaya - expressed a genuine interest in coming here. "I really like the Mets' chances to go to the postseason and have a chance at the World Series."

    A lineup of Reyes-LoDuca-Beltran-Delgado-Wright-Floyd-Green-Valentin is a right handed pitcher's nightmare. You talk about a lineup of all tough outs and that is one right there. It also is a boon for the Mets as they are deeper on the bench with Milledge and possibly Green when a lefty does start. They can also throw nine very good hitters into the lineup come DH time. I love the move and Omar has proved this year and he can get the small deals done that win championships. Fucking swell indeed.

  • Eric Gagne is willing to take less to stay with the Dodgers next season.

    SAN DIEGO - Dodgers closer Eric Gagne, who is out for the season with a back injury and clearly headed for free agency in the fall, said Tuesday he wants to remain with the club.

    He also is willing to take less money than he might get from another team in order to do so.

    "I'm a Dodger," Gagne said. "I want to be here. I think we have a really good relationship. But that's out of my control. I have to get healthy, and then I will go wherever someone wants me. But I think they want me here, so I don't think it will be a problem."

    Will he take a lesser role? The Dodgers have a few guys capable of closing very well and at bargain prices. However, it is big of him to want to make good on lot of wasted money over the last two years and it is refreshing to see that.

  • First Zito and now Carlos Lee?

    Rangers outfielder Carlos Lee owns a 100-acre ranch outside of Houston, but his expected change of agents from Adam Katz to Scott Boras, confirmed by a source with knowledge of his situation, could hinder his chances of signing with the Astros as a free agent.

    Not good news for teams that plan to look at Lee as a big off season acquisition. Expect a lot of holding out and jerking teams around while asking for silly dollar amounts while shoving large books filled with a lot of Carlos Lee facts in teams faces.

  • You cannot make this stuff up.

    Apparently, the National League's best team isn't exciting enough to keep a former president awake.

    One inning before Carlos Beltran's walk off homer in last night's 8-7 win, Bill Clinton was caught by television cameras napping in the front row behind home plate, with the Mets staging a rally no less.

  • Alay Soler picked up the loss for Brooklyn and threw 4.1 innings and gave up two hits, three earned runs, one homer, and two walks while striking out nine.

  • Thanks to everyone who joined the contest. There were a lot of similar line scores so it should be interesting and I'll be shooting emails out this afternoon with everyone's picks. Sorry about the confusion yesterday too, but I'm sure no one cared much since Maine got jacked up.

    Anonymous John said...

    I cared about Maine getting jacked. He's the Ace of my Fantasy team.

    12:02 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ouch. At least you have an ace.

    12:19 PM

    Anonymous Scott said...

    I hear your pain John I have Maine on 3 teams. Cant omplain he has been solid and it was Pujols who buried him, not a Rickee Ledee, Tucker or McEwing type ala Zambrano.

    My question about Green is will he be here next year? If he is then we dont sign Soriano right? Or Milledge stays in AAA or the bench.

    12:35 PM

    Anonymous sidd finch said...

    Shawn Green for Evan MacLane and $6.3 million?

    I think you mean 'Shawn Green and $6.3 million for Evan MacLane?'

    12:39 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    He will have nightmares of Pujols forever at this point. He struck him out the first time up, but it is safe to say he didn't fool him the next two times.

    Green will be here. His $5 million or so the Mets will end up owing him ($2 mill of which is a buyout) will not be prohibitive. Nady would have gotten about $2.5 in arbitration in '07 (I believe he is eligible now) and there will only be a $0.5 million difference. The money owed to Green won't preclude the Mets from doing anything. I think they should sink all their money into pitching though.

    Add Zito to this team and they are better than if they add Soriano. I'm not sure they add both big ticket guys. Could they? Probably, but the Mets have three $15 mill a year guys for the next two seasons after this, adding two more seems a bit restrictive.

    I see Green in '07 with Milledge in right unless Milledge gets traded for an ace like Oswalt by 3-way or whatever. Green keeps the seat warm for whomever else is on the horizon.

    12:51 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...


    12:51 PM

    Anonymous joe said...

    I see Green having at least two big hits in the post season... he just seems like that type of guy. Great trade. A veteran going the otherway in a big situation? Sounds like Alfonso! Any chance of him making the post season roster for another chance at a ring?

    1:09 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Green will look like a gem of a trade come October especially with what the Mets gave up...nothing.

    Alfonso would be a nice story, but he is d-o-n-e done.

    1:17 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I am so jacked for the Mets now. Bring Pedro and Cliffy back now. Bring on the post-season. Most of all bring on the Yankees in the World Series. Mets are much better. Deeper lineup, deeper starting pitching, deeper pen.

    Yesterday I was listening to Michael Kay he was going on about how the Yankees are the best team in baseball and the Mets were going to lose in the first round. That the maim difference why the Yankees were better is that Procter is better than Bert Hernandez. Big deal, Chris Woodward is better than Miguel Cairo so what.


    1:45 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Copying and Pasting is fun. I'm gonna copy and paste what I said last night.
    I was at the game. Sick fucking game.
    The energy was just nuts. Nothing beats high-fgiving and hugging complete strangers.
    Car-LOS BEL-TRAN chants everywhere followed by M-V-P chants. It was just amazing at the stadium, amazing on the concourse, and amazing outside the stadium with the noise.
    I really want to expereince playoff baseball. I deserve it.

    Mota actually pitched good. I'm not a scout and I'm not good at juding talent from the stands but, Mota has a real fast and live fastball. His changeup was 84 so the difference in the fastball is good.

    Carlos Lee is not worth the B.S. Boras will put you through

    And goodness NO to Soriano. And I don't see Omar going after him at all.
    His name hasn't been attached to the mets with the Mets having interest in like 2 years now.

    1:52 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    i'm so pissed off right now bc diaz got dfa. WTF???!!!????

    haha, i crack myself up. seriously, though, how many good things can happen in one game (except for those of with maine in fantasy)...what about heilman's good inning? another thing that shocked me was how nasty mota looked. that dude throws a circle change that dives like clemon's splitter. The Jacket should turn him into sheer nastiness.

    The Jacket, by the way, is a stud. just goes to show how bad VZ sucked that he couldn't get his act togehter.

    i watched the whole game on mlb.com cause i felt victory coming, then my buddy called and my portable phone knocked out my wireless and i missed the 9th inning. talk about a kick in the nuts.

    1:58 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    benny, why no to soriano? i used to want nothing less, but i've converted. the dude is awesome and his speedy power style would fit right in. age? cash? tude? i know you wouldn't care about hit attitude so why not?

    2:00 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Kay is a douchebag. It has been said 1,000,000 times. He is the single hardest thing to listen too. A bunch of nagging women are easier to listen too. He is the homer of all homers. The king of all douchebags. Proctor vs. Hernadnez? Big fucking deal. The Mets go seven deep in their bullpen to what? Three? Two? Fuck 'em.

    Benny, sick game to be at. The crowd must have been going crazy.

    High fiver strangers is great. I do it all the time my games. Anyone that is a Met fan is a good person...that's the way I look at things.

    The thing about Mota is, when I used to watch him, he was siiiiiiiick. 97 mph and looked unhittable. His stuff is there. I didn't see him on TV since I was doing the radio thing, but good to see him bring it last night.

    Lee = bad investment. I stand by it. He needs to be a DH. The Orioles would be perfect as the article said and they can dish Tejada for pitching.

    2:03 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    I'm just not a big fan of him. THere are certain things I'll be biased against because of the past.
    The fact that throwing him breaking stuff low and away puts him away quick and nobody doing it makes me sad. THe book on him is easy.
    I dunno I just don't like him. I don't want him playing LF, I don't want him playing 2nd base. I don't want a 4 or 5 year commitment given to Soriano. Beltran is a year younger than him. Hard to believe.
    So ALfonso Soriano along with the rapper Nas are two things I'll always be biased against no matter what, they left bad tastes in my mouth when i first saw/heard them.

    Also, Jose Valentin, besides the beltran dinger got the loudest applause of the night. Kinda funny and cool though.

    2:04 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    i'm so pissed off right now bc diaz got dfa. WTF???!!!????

    I love it.

    Heilman has pitched like we thought he should, but I still think he pitched better this year than his stats showed and now his stats are starting to back it up.

    VZ was 'injured'. I give him a pass. He was throwing like 5 mph slower as a Met.

    then my buddy called and my portable phone knocked out my wireless and i missed the 9th inning. talk about a kick in the nuts.

    That is one less friend that you should have.

    2:05 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    well, he's a mets fan and was calling to talk about the green trade and told me right away beltran had homered. i still might not have forgiven him except i had just traded him isringhausen so that was sweet.

    benny, i hear you about the nasty taste. however, my nats fan buddy says he's really improved in left and gets tons of assists. he may be a year older than beltran, but that puts him in his prime. think about it this way, his numbers are way better than beltran's. he's going 50-40 maybe. he's swellicious. if we could get him with wilpon's money, why not???

    mike, i know you favor pitching, and i'm not trying to turn into the yankees, but i still want both. we could deal lastings for oswalt and he's kinda cheap for a couple years (right?). whatever, i'm sure omar will take care of it. but think about soriano, beltran and fmart in the future. or just think about next year:


    oh yeah, how about that tag by loduca? hard to complain about the way he's played, huh?

    2:16 PM

    Blogger SonnyD said...

    Getting lost right now in all the hoopla is how poorly Sugar Pants has been lately. July he batted .282/.384/.494 with 4 hr's and 17 rbi, which was ok, but in August, he's .211/.282/.296 with 0 hr's and 7 rbi. Results of the HR Derby? Signing the contract? I'm sure he'll break out of it soon, but just starting to worry a little bit.

    On the other hand, it goes to show how this team is always having someone(s) step up when someone else is down.

    2:31 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da Bronx said...

    Assists have nothing to do with whether or not your good.
    Assits are throwing guys out.
    Ichiro and Vladi are guys with GUNS!
    Nobody runs on them anymore so thier assists are down.

    People always love to run on inexperienced guys or guys with bad reps.
    Soriano ALWAYS gets run on. Manny ALWAYS gets run on. Not becuase thier soo good on the field, not becuase they have such cannon for arms but because people take thier chance on them.
    With Ichiro or Vladi a guy with mediocre speed like... Jose Valentin would not go... EVER.
    With Soriano or Manny, they're going, they're taking that chance, EVERYTIME.

    And Soriano in general is just screaming Adrian Beltre to me. It's not all about the HR's and SB's. I just think he's a pretty flawed player. He's a "flailer". He just swings. Beltran was a much more complete player.
    Speed, Power, Good Eye, Contact, Defense.
    What does Soriano have out of those? 2?

    Also, there is this mis-understanding of what the "prime-years" are. If you look historically at players, the best seasons are the 25,26,27 seasons. DOesn't mean they won't be good but the odds of them improving and having even BETTER seasons are pretty low.
    The media or just people in general have this perception that the prime years are 28,29,30, and even 31, when they're not.

    After 2007, Oswalt is a Free Agent. And who's to say the Mississippi boy would sign with the Mets?
    So that's 1 year of Oswalt before he hits the Big Time.

    2:34 PM

    Anonymous joe said...

    Tonight is the 40th Anniversary or The Beatles 2nd (and final) concert at Shea Stadium. At 6:30 "1964... The Tribute" a Beatles cover band will be playing a 20 minute set (at second base, like the orinal show mentioned strangely at this weekends '86 ceremony) and then a song in between innings. I, being both a Beatles and Mets fan, will be in attendance. (This band is 100x better than the band they usually have in August of years past) This is not an intentional effort to solicit or advertise for my website (www.BeatleTease.com well i guess it kind of is) but I wanted to both inform everyone of the show tonight and let you know my website currently has a 15% off sale if you wanted to check it out.

    2:37 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    point taken re assists. i have no idea how good his outfield defense is or will be. also agreed on prime years -- to the extent that your prime begins at 25, but in baseball guys should be fine into the early 30s as far as i know. maybe not peaking or improving, but fine. offensively, home runs and stolen bases may not be everything, but he also has a good average so what else can you ask for?

    not that i really care whether we get him, i trust omar to do the best thing. but if not soriano or lee, then who? are we going to roll out green and milledge? i kinda doubt it.

    2:41 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    "High fiver strangers is great. I do it all the time my games. Anyone that is a Met fan is a good person...that's the way I look at things."

    This is the reason why I like reading your shit Mike. Classic statement.

    I'd add on to all the greatness going on with this team, but you summed it up well on the post and there's nothing to add.

    Tigers, White Sox...bring it on. Yankees...BRING IT ON. I feel like we're licking our chops at another shot at those over inflated, over rated, over paid chumps across town. I have more confidence then I have had all year that this Mets team can absolutely win it all this year. I've been saying they have as good as a chance as anybody. But if the guys stay healthy from here on out, I believe they have the best chance and are the most well rounded team out of everyone. Can't wait to watch it all unfold.

    Soriano still kind of scares me. I'd like to see better defense. I love Green to fill out this year. Awesome move.

    I think Omar is going to go all out in the offseason at acquiring major pitching. I wouldn't be surprised to see him acquire to major starting pitching acquisitions. All he does is talk about how you can't have enough pitching. He'll fill the holes adequately at 2B and LF, but go after starting pitching hard is my assumption.

    3:40 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    If John Maine is the ace on your fantasy team, you're in trouble. I'm lucky to have Santana, Liriano, Zito, and Lackey.

    Great day yesterday to be a Mets fan.

    Beltran is looking good for MVP. All he needs now is to get rid of that mole. I swear I saw the mole twitch when he was being interviewed by Cotter last night.

    - Bada

    4:42 PM

    Anonymous joe said...

    What does everyone think about Philly making the playoffs? I for one am not worried about what happened in the last series with them, but playing a few games in Philly is definitelly not preferable. I feel like they swing for that one spot in left center field and hit a ton of home runs because of it.

    4:43 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Guerra was promoted to St. Lucie. Splendificent!


    6:06 PM

    Anonymous brian b said...

    i high five strangers unless im in the field box seats. those fancy pants down there dont even stand up for home runs.

    8:06 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Anon- You're ok unless you start to hear the mole speak. Then you know you need professional help.

    11:11 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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