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Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Bright Side

At least Tom Glavine has seemingly gotten back on track with another solid start and his seven strikeouts last night were the most since May 29th.

Now to see if John Maine can continue his scoreless inning streak.

* * *

  • Deolis had yet another good start as he took the loss for Hagerstown. Guerra went five innings and gave up two hits, one earned run, and three walks while striking out three.

    Tobi Stoner has picked up five professional wins pretty quickly for the Cylcones and improved to 5-1 with yesterday's win. Soner threw seven shutout innings and gave up two hits and walked no one while striking out six.

  • HoJo is back in.

    Howard Johnson, who was sent home by the organization after skipping out on the Class AAA Norfolk Tides without permission last week, was reinstated as hitting coach and will return Monday.

  • Beltran can rest after the season.

    "No, I don't want to take a week off," Beltran said. "I think the only thing that helps, the doctor said, is ice and rest. Rest after the season and [it] should be good."

    Weak post, I know. But I got stuff to do today.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thanks for opening the thread!!

    But the post of the day goes to Metstradamus! a must read.

    i hardly think this was a good showing by Glavine. I am praying Ollie gets his control because THIS glavine in Post season is forebodding.

    12:40 PM

    Anonymous Scott said...

    So who will it be? Shawn Green or Preston Wilson. If Wilson is available for free then is he worth grabbing? The D-Backs are willing to trade Green and with his salary he will float through waivers.

    Green is probably the better hitter but it would be cool to have Mookie Jnr. on the 20th anniversay team.

    11:57 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    UGH. All my Jewish friends are celebrating. (Considering i'm from the Middle East, I have many.)

    Can we just skip over these 1.5 months and get to the playoffs?

    Milledge is brutal and slightly pathetic. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for the little bugger.


    2:31 AM

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