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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Time to Rise Up In Support Of An Icon/Phil Humber Is Good

The Mets lost last night after I was sure the win was theirs, but I do not care. I cannot let myself get consumed with details of Met wins or losses when Chuck Norris is making headlines.

A new bridge in Hungary could be named after Hollywood action movie actor Chuck Norris unless the trend turns in an Internet vote organized by the Economy Ministry.

Votes for the "Chuck Norris Bridge" had attracted 8,725 votes or 11 percent by Tuesday morning, just ahead of those cast in favour of naming it after Hungarian humorist Geza Hofi and three times more than for Szent Istvan, founder of the state.

Voting will remain open until September 8th and it is your civic duty as an American to vote. You can vote here to try and achieve what would be a huge coup for America to have such an iconic figure such as Chuck Norris have a bridge named after him in the great country of Hungary.

In honor of what could be Chuck's shining moment, some more facts:
  • Chuck Norris has two speeds. Walk, and Kill.
  • Once a grizzly bear threatened to eat Chuck Norris. Chuck showed the bear his fist and the bear proceeded to eat himself, because it would be the less painful way to die.
  • Chuck Norris once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands.
  • Chuck Norris does not hunt because the word hunting implies the possibility of failure. Chuck Norris goes killing.
  • Chuck Norris has to use a stunt double when he does crying scenes.
  • Chuck Norris owns the greatest Poker Face of all-time. It helped him win the 1983 World Series of Poker despite him holding just a Joker, a Get out of Jail Free Monopoly card, a 2 of clubs, 7 of spades and a green #4 card from the game Uno.
  • Chuck Norris can speak braille.
  • Chuck Norris is not hung like a horse... horses are hung like Chuck Norris.
  • When an episode of Walker Texas Ranger was aired in France, the French surrendered to Chuck Norris just to be on the safe side.
  • Chuck Norris never loses a game of Clue despite the fact everyone knows he's the murderer and used his foot to do it.
  • Chuck Norris is 1/8th Cherokee. This has nothing to do with ancestry, the man ate a fucking Indian.
  • If you try video taping Chuck Norris without his permission you will very quickly be filming the inside of your own ass.
  • * * *

    Now on to baseball...Phil Humber just makes me a happy guy. I cannot say it enough, he has impressed the entire baseball world with how fast he has come back from Tommy John surgery. A lot of people wrote him off until he could prove he is back. Well, few doubt the fact that he is back.

    I yanked this from the comments section at Metsgeek and it is from Baseball Prospectus:

    RHP Philip Humber, High-A St. Lucie (Mets)

    Now, if you’re looking for a Florida State League comeback that’s real, here you go. Humber has been receiving rave reviews of late, and he looks to be all the way back from Tommy John surgery, showing the same stuff that made him the third overall pick in 2004. On Saturday, the former Rice star struck out seven over five shutout innings, and in his last four starts, he’s giving up just one earned run in 23 innings with twice as many strikeouts (22) as hits allowed (11). The Mets have no need to rush Humber; he’ll likely finish the year with a handful of starts at Double-A Binghamton, where he was pitching last year when the elbow finally snapped. While mid-2007 as a date for a big league debut seemed far too optimistic a month ago, it sounds about right now.

    In case you missed it, I wrote a piece back on May 26th on Metsgeek.com about Humber and his impending comeback. Since his return, he has posted an 8.53 k/9, 5.68 h/9, 2.37 ERA, .87 WHIP, and a 4.00 k/bb in St. Lucie. Some people think he should sit in St. Lucie for the year and dominate kids, but I think the Mets are doing the right thing. Let Phil Humber's arm dictate where he belongs not where you think he should belong. Keep him on his pitch counts and keep asking him how he feels, but if he kills it, why hold him back?

    * * *

  • "Put out or get out." I knew this Macedonian kid in high school who used to tell me he would drive girls to the city limits back in his old country where there is absolutely nothing and tell them to put out or get out. I don't think he actually did it, but I think it is Steve Trachsel's turn to put out or get out. Kaz Ishii was cut for less. Victor Zambrano was removed from the rotation for less. Trachsel has been bad and though Pelfrey has struggled, he has shown a bit more than Trachsel and that includes last night's performance. I think he can continue to learn and grow and be a solid contributor. Trachsel on the other hand needs to improve on short order. Brian Bannister is on his way back from injury, John Maine has a nice scoreless inning streak going, and Mike Pelfrey has pitched well enough in my eyes to keep getting a look.

    So Steve, put out or get out.

  • Duaner Sanchez is out for the year. That sucks. If you care to read about his accident, go for it.

  • I know some of you are mad at Mr. Billy Wagner, he has been pretty tight lately and better than you think all year. In April he had a 0.69 ERA anda 1.70 BAA, in May he had a 4.85 ERA and a .220 BAA, in June he had a 1.69 ERA and a .176 BAA, and in July he had a 1.46 ERA and a .178 BAA. He has hit a hiccup in August, but I would still do battle with him. I think his failures have been a bit magnified and his one bad month is clouding people's vision, but he has been pretty damn good this year.

  • Baseball Prospectus' Stat of the Day:

    Top 5 NL Bullpens, by WXRL
    Team                     WXRL
    New York Mets 10.709
    St. Louis Cardinals 7.951
    San Diego Padres 7.670
    Philadelphia Phillies 5.966
    Arizona Diamondbacks 5.902

  • Psycopath Elijah Dukes may be done with baseball after his last suspension.

    "I have no idea when or if I'll be back," Dukes said in a telephone interview. "I packed up all my stuff and I'm headed home. To be honest, I don't even know about baseball anymore. Everything is just wearing on me and this year has just been so frustrating. I'm trying to keep my nose clean and keep to myself, but things just keep getting turned around. I'm tired of it."

    Here is an idea. Try not acting like an asshole and see what happens.

  • The Mets had two players with the best tools in the International League. Anderson Hernandez was the best fielding second baseman and Lastings Milledge was the most exciting player.

    While on the topic of Milledge, his bat is so fast. Watching him last night just reinforces what everyone says and the skills he has. It was also nice to see him get three walks and take what Olsen was giving him as Olsen was more interested in taking on Pelfrey in two situations.

  • Oliver Perez was at Dolphin Stadium yesterday and is expected to throw a bullpen session today.

    Roberto seems to think he knows what the Pirates did wrong.

    "He's got great stuff. He just got confused the last few years," Hernandez said. "They tried to make him into Tom Glavine. He's a guy who lives at 94 to 96 and they made him a finesse pitcher."

    If the Mets can straighten him out, I will no longer wonder why the Pirates franchise is doomed (I actually know why, but this will just reinforce it).

  • Also from the above link....a Zambrano sighting.

    "I feel pretty good. I'm just doing some weights and running and trying to keep my body in shape," said Zambrano, who cannot do any throwing yet. The righthander, vilified by fans for being part of the Scott Kazmir trade, said "hopefully" he'll be ready for spring training.

    ....ready for spring training with another team hopefully.

    Anonymous MikeinSpain said...

    Just got back in town, so last night was my first night watching Pelfrey (and Olson, who's on my fantasy team) and I was really impressed. He's gonna be very good, and already has nastier stuff than pretty much anyone on the Mets. Just needs to get a bit more confident with his stuff, but that'll come over time. Last year Verlander came up and got spanked around 3 or 4 times, and look at him now. I could see Pelfrey in the bullpen come playoff time.

    10:24 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    The difference between Verlander and Pelf is that Verlander had a nasty hammer.

    Pelfrey has a fastball, a hanger, and a decent change. He needs to change the hanger into a slider, but until then, he'll struggle. That being said, he gets by with just stuff which is really impressive. He needs to get the sink on his fastball more consistent too when he wants it drop. Someimes it just gets hung up. That being said, he's more useful than Traxx right now.

    11:04 AM

    Anonymous joe said...

    i'm wondering if anyone else heard keith talk about the drunk umpire last night? that was classic... and way to go for him sticking up for milledge!

    11:04 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Oh...putting him to AAA would help if he is the odd man out, but seeing Glavine take him aside and speak to him and Professor Rick just be in his ear the entire game makes me think he can learn here more. He'll kill AAA with just his fastball. Let him stay here, the dividends could be huge.

    11:05 AM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    I agree. Pelfrey is already a good back-end of the rotation guy, even with how little polish he has. He can learn up here, where he will get better instruction.

    I was happy with Milo's debut. People's expectations of this guy are absurd. Reyes and Wright weren't brought up onto contending teams, and their names weren't bandied about for the type of guys that Milo's were. I just hope he doesn't get swallowed up by these unreasonable expectations.

    And for all of the people that seem to question his character/work ethic... I find it interesting that Omar has so much faith in him. Especially since Omar is very keen on good chemistry.

    11:20 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I missed the drunken ump comment. I like the fact that Keith and Gary say shit like that. Keith doesn't care and shouldn't. Makes stuff interesting.

    Keith was a nut when he was a player, so he should back Lastings. Shit, Keith is still the cockiest guy in the stadium and that includes all the players.

    I just hope he doesn't get swallowed up by these unreasonable expectations.

    Isn't it too late for that? I think he'll be very good, but people are expecting him to be too much maybe. .280 to .300 / 20 homers / 20 steals and great D. That's waht I expect from him. However, he's one of those guys that will be able to change the game and take it over, it might not be reflective in overall gaudy stats. You'll have to watch him daily to see how good he is. The biggest x-factor for me is his average though. With his bat speed, I think he might be able to suprise all of us and hit for some big time average.

    11:33 AM

    Anonymous Robb said...

    I tend to believe that Pelfey should be sent down after this start. Right now Maine just appears to be going better. However, I wouldn't send Pelfey to AAA i'd send him to AA and have him and Humber work together. Athletes thrive off rivalries and if Humber and Pelfey can develop the i struck out eight last night, bet you can't get nine, it will help both of their developments. That being said, The human rain delay should be gone after this year and with the Mets probably brining in either zito or schmidt the rotation of Pedro, glav, zito, pelfey/maine/bannister and Humber..
    would look pretty sweat.

    I'm a betting man so i'll take Humber to make the team out of spring training.

    think about it.

    Reyes 23/24
    wright 23/24
    Milledge 21/22
    Pelfey 22/23
    Humber 23/24

    that's some youth and talent for years to come. If they can find a youngish second baseman they'd be in really good shape for 5 years.

    by the By: the LoDuca trade, sanchez trade and even the Benson trade all seem to have worked out in the Mets favor and they did camereon a favor b/c they liked him and even that could be pretty good if they can get Perez figured out.

    11:33 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da MIAMI said...

    Alot of epople are over-reacting with Wagner.
    I mean seriously, calm the fuck down and shut the fuck up.
    Metsblog had about 120 comments about getting rid of him and comparing him to Mariano Rivera...

    CHuck NOrris does not teabag the ladies, he potato sacks.

    I think its amazing what Humber's been able to do. He's at the same exact spot he was 1 year ago. It's as if nothing ever happened.

    That Macedonian kid is a fucking gangster. THat is just... skills. I'm gonna do that, although can't really do it in NY unless you got to like... Philadelphia and I'm not driving 5 hours to get laid.

    The DBacksw top 5 bullpen? goddamn. It's a big ass drop off.

    Elijah DUkes is lying he ain't doing that. He'll be traded in the off-season. Usually I try defending the "mis-understood" but with Dukes, i love how he makes it sound like he's the victim, HA what a dick.

    If the Mets resign him then Omar should be shot in the head. Victor Zambrano should be non-tendered, there's no question about it. I'm not even going to wonder about it because its gonna happen.

    And Lastings Milledge man, he's the truth.

    11:38 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da MIAMI said...

    Oh and by the way, just looked at the Fantasy League standings.
    Guess who's in first place BITCHES!!!

    Benny Blanco from da Bronx will lead his squad "¡MIRA COño!" to the top and stay there.
    Unlike the other flavors of the month there will be no drop off.
    No month was declared nor will declared a ¡MIRA COño! month because the entire season is a ¡MIRA COño! season.
    THis is ny first full year of fantasy baseball and it is NOT luck, its skills bitch.
    FOr once, a team can say that A-Rod put them over the hump, A-Rod was that final missing piece that made ¡MIRA COño! winners.

    11:46 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Robb, no one argues that Maine should be in. He should be in until he proves his solid pitching has been a sham, which it doesn't appear to have been.

    Interesting take on Pelfrey back to AA, but I think he can dominate them right now anyway with one pitch. How does it help him? He's just too strong for that league. At least AAA has AAAA type guys and older MLers who might be a bit more refined in their approach and give him more trouble.

    Humber in the rotatio right out of spring? Ooooo...He might be ready physically, but the Mets will most likely not chance it.

    Who else is Mariano-like? The comparison is unfair.

    I know Dukes won't quit. Too much money on the table. I doubt he wants to head off to school with his apparent disregard for authority and the fact he can be millionarie in baseball, but probably not much else. I don't know if knows this, but it ain't easy bank rolling a million before you are 25 and he can easily do that.

    I am not as optimistic as you are Benny about Zambrano not coming back. The Mets will still try and make good on that trade yet.

    THis is ny first full year of fantasy baseball and it is NOT luck, its skills bitch.

    Skill and bad trades.

    12:02 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da MIAMI said...

    bad trades? HA! like Abreu for Rolen when my only 3baseman was Adrian Beltre?
    Or maybe COnor JAckson for RIchie Sexson?
    or maybe one of my fav early ones, Moises ALou for Erik Bedard.
    o0o0o, skills.

    12:18 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    No, I'm talking about you and your little friend who gave you Chris Carpenter and Babe Ruth for Todd fucking Jones.

    12:22 PM

    Anonymous Robb said...


    after the deadline i have a lot of faith in Omar. It seems like there is a plan for the first time in a long time that i believe in. The thing about young pitchers is, it's so hard to gauge health which is why i think if he pitches well he'll make the MLB team, he's on the 40 anyway.

    I thought the Oswalt deal was tremendous. Their were few players i would have included Milledge for, OSwalt was one of them and it wouldn't have been a rental. Notice how Omar has yet to be fleeced. It's like he understands his players value, i'm saying this with a grain of salt. If you believe in your players other GMs will too.

    that being said, the Mets really are building a hell of a foundation. Humber, Pelfey, FM, Pena, Niese, the other 17 year old, Carp....

    In terms of double A versus AAA for Pelfey. I think it would be advantagous for him to have the ability to dominate so he can work on learning to pitch instead of just trying to get outs. That being said there is more talent in Double A than AAA usually.

    12:22 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da MIAMI said...

    Fuck you asshole, don't pretend I didn't give value back. Chipper JOnes and Mike PIazza who were both hot at the time.
    And Piazza still is.
    And dont tell me CHipper's injured now because that would be a dumb thing to say. As if I planned it that way, lol.

    12:32 PM

    Anonymous John said...

    Don't look know Benny, but the Sandman is coming. You know it's true. If you need confirmation, look at the irony in Mike's post today. His FIRST Chuck Norris fact is Chuck Norris has two speeds. Walk, and Kill. My FIRST team name was, you guessed it, Two Speeds: Walk & Kill. Think about it, bro.

    12:43 PM

    Anonymous Kyle said...

    I resent being called a "flavor of the month" Benny, and if you notice we're still tied as of today...

    But seriously I got shit on at the trade deadline ie Dirty and Nomah going on the DL at the same time and Todd Walker losing his starting job, and things aren't looking good for the Second Best team, better than Balls Deep, but not much.

    Although, I wouldn't write your acceptance speeches yet, enter sandman has been coming on us at the top for like 2 or 3 weeks.

    12:50 PM

    Anonymous Johnny Sandman said...

    Amen Kyle.

    1:19 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    you little bitches have no idea. moose knuckles is destined to win this league and beginning -- just barely beginning -- to make a move. i'm hardly paying attention to this league (reprehensible, i know, but my other league is with family and friends and it has become VERY personal and ALL consuming to the point where i don't even like to see my favorite player reyes hit triples or steal bases) but i'm still skyrocketing. my hitters are strong and my pitching is coming around especially with sheets back. all i have to do is remember to rotate my starters in and it's over. dont' forget which team owns carlos -- moose knuckle -- beltran.

    oh yeah, i wanted to say that, benny, you crack me up. yes, people need to settled down on wagner and just pray heilman, roberto and lastings can pull their weight.

    1:44 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    before you guys get on me for rooting against reyes -- which i don't really do (except when he's falling down rounding third and denying beltran a triple) -- let me gloat about how my other team has lo duca, beltran, delgado, wright and pedro -- that's right, 2-5 plus the ace -- so rooting for the mets presents no problem.

    1:48 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da MIAMI said...

    Lo Duca on your team?
    I don't think you get points in fantasy baseball for "leadership", "letting Reyes steal", "taking pitches", and "being a tough out".
    Trade him for Ramon Hernandez or Mike Piazza or something.

    2:01 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    My entire team is hurt and now Liriano's elbow hurts. Fuck this crap.

    2:03 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    'Here is an idea. Try not acting like an asshole and see what happens.'

    Classic. I don't understand. Dukes has more baseball talent in the tip of his pinky than I did in my entire body. If only I were fortunate enough to be in his shoes... what a waste.


    2:09 PM

    Anonymous kyle said...

    Ouch Mike, maybe you should rename to "tip deep" before the end of the season?

    2:22 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    buddy, lo duca is batting .405 for the last month, and better than that since i picked him up.

    2:28 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    mike, how about, "Balls Dry"

    2:29 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da MIAMI said...

    I still like Deep Throat for giving the '04 post-season Yankees a run for thier money in "choking".

    Alright fine, you get that, he has a high AVG but no homers and 8 RBI's. GOtta love those 1 catagory players, huh?

    2:38 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Kyle, it's not even entering. My team is falling apart.

    Jake that could work.

    2:45 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Interesting article on Ollie.


    2:55 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    holy shit i just read that link and the pirates must be the stupidest org in baseball. stop striking people out? great advice. more tom glavin and less randy johnson? sweet. re velocity:

    "I'm not worried about it," general manager Dave Littlefield said.

    "Not a concern," manager Jim Tracy said.

    "I don't really pay attention to velocity with anyone," pitching coach Jim Colborn said.


    yeah benny, but i wish lo duca was more rounded but catcher's are touch to find and i need avg and obp.

    3:28 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Jake, I've been feeling better and better about the trade every second of the day. You assume that other team's have a clue, but they don't. Perez could be an absolute steal. STEAL!

    3:42 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You know... call me NUTS, but i'd rather see Ollie pitch tonight than Trachsel. Even if Perez stinks, you still have hope. We KNOW Trachsel is cooked.


    3:48 PM

    Blogger Whitney said...

    Jake, I know you don't get royalties per hit, but I threw another link to your article anyway...

    3:54 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Precisely Emad....Traxx is cooked, which is why I'd rather see Maine and Pelfrey than Traxx and Maine as the last two in the rotation.

    3:58 PM

    Anonymous brian b said...

    To be totally honest the trade of Xavier Nady was a fine one. I mean I really loved having Nady on the team but hes really nothing more than a league average player. I trust that Oliver Perez will come around again, I think he defintley needs some work though. It seems like the Pirates just tinkered with him too much, instead of just letting the guy pitch. 2004 he showed his natural ability to be FILTHY and then the pirates started mucking around. Tom Glavine this, Mechanics this, dont throw this throw this more change these arm angles. I think he needs to apply some K.I.S.S.

    OP isn't for this season anyway, he's for the future, for now we downgraded our bullpen from Duaner to Bert, and yet to be see if our RF is upgraded, downgraded or no change with Milledge. Maybe he is a little cocky and problematic at times but so is Miguel Cabrera for the Marlins no? Would you mind having him on your team?

    I thought not.

    4:01 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Watching Pelfrey pitch, it's apparent he's going to learn very little throwing hanging curves at AA. The fact he is holding his own and not giving up bombs left and right is proof that his fastball isn't merely great, it's special. When they hit the ball, it dies. If Pelfrey throws Hanley fastballs in that spot, the Mets win.

    Silly LoDuca.


    4:15 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Or throwns Hanley an off speed pitch. Three hangers in a row? Not fucking swell at all.

    4:26 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Pelfrey's all nonsense now...

    The Mets have demoted him to Triple-A Norfolk, while calling up Royce Ring.

    Perez, Pelfrey, Bannister. Maybe this means Lima will vanish into the ether?


    4:31 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    That is a solid AAA rotation.

    Lima goes nowhere.

    Pelfrey is going to KILL AAA now that he has been in the bigs.

    Good to see Ring get a shot. Dude has had a nice comeback year. His body type and lack of neck reminds of BJ Ryan. Too bad that is the last resemblence between the two.

    4:39 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Pelf demoted? That bites. I guess we are relegated to Maine man, and I'm fine with that.

    4:56 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Does that mean that Maine is going to be in the rotation? That would be cool at least. Then when Pelf comes back up in Sept after getting that much better, he can replace Trachsel.

    Loved seeing Milledge get three walks last night. I have a feeling he's going to have a big final two months now that he knows where he's at.

    Also, I think Heilman is going to step up now that the smoke has cleared and he knows his role. The way I see it, he'll do what he did last year. Pitch his way into trying to force somebody to make him a starter next year.

    5:41 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    i'm stoked to go see pelfrey, perez and bannister here in norfolk. hell yeah!

    i just can't get over the perez business. the guy is lights out for a whole season and then they tell him to change into a softosser? WTF??????

    thanks, whitney, i'm on my way to check it out.

    5:51 PM

    Anonymous John said...


    How about Blue Ballz.

    6:23 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    John, you have won the unofficial contest.

    8:14 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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