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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Knee Jerk Moves? Not This Time.

What Omar did yesterday was prove that he can get the small deals done and was quite impressive while staring at what could have been a disaster. Early in the day, we heard rumors of Oswalt, Schmidt, or Zito, but nothing materialized. The sticking point on Zito was the A's desire for Milledge, the Schmidt deal did not even include Milledge or Heilman, but the Giants decided to go for it, and it sounds like Oswalt deal was squashed by Angelos in fear of making his team better long term. Omar went for the only three pitchers on the market that could have made a difference. He could not get them, so he moved on. After Duaner was hurt, Omar was forced to address the pen or else they might not have done any deals.

"The Sanchez injury forced us to go in that direction," Minaya said.

"It did shift my focus to addressing the bullpen. The bullpen has been very important to us this year, and Duaner Sanchez was a big part of our pen."

It is unclear whether or not Sanchez is out for the year, but the Mets will know as early as today, but more likely in a week. What is clear is that the Mets needed to do something to secure their bullpen since he has been the best reliever for the Mets all season with the exception of Mr. Billy Wagner. During a time when Omar could have easily got ripped off or panicked and overpaid for something, he dished off Nady and brought back Roberto Hernadnez and Oliver Perez. When I first started hearing the Mets were talking to the Pirates and had spoke about Perez, I was excited. The Mets dealt a solid player in Nady, but Milledge could quite possibly play better overall this season than Xavier. I'm very happy about this deal and would have been happy regardless if it was Linebrink or Perez. Omar did well and we should all be happy.

* * *

  • John Manual on the deal from ESPN's trade central:

    I saw Jayson Stark's update, R. Hernandez and O. Perez to the Mets, without the Mets pieces mentioned. I think Oliver Perez is a good guy to take a chance on, especially if you have veterans like Pedro, Glavine and a pitching coach like Rick Peterson to try to straighten him out. The guy was lights-out in 2004. The problem is the lights are definitely on this year, hitters are seeing him pretty well, he's given up 6 HRs in 32 IP in Triple-A and just gave up 8 runs in 1/3 of an inning in his last start. All that said, as long as the Mets don't give up Milledge or their 17-year-old phenoms (Guerra and Martinez) in such a deal, I think it's a good chance to take, because the Mets would have two solid months to work with Perez to see if he could help, at the very least as a power bullpen arm down the stretch.

    Garry Gillette on the deal from ESPN's trade central:

    Gary Gillete
    Big Losers: Phillies, Pirates, Nats. Big winners: Mets, Yanks, Rangers (including Lee deal).

    Mark (Bangor, PA)
    Will the Tribe just DFA Mota?

    I expect they'll deal him for a pretty small return.

    Keith (Fairfax, VA)
    Don't want to be negative, Mets season has rocked, but Perez sounds like a younger version of Victor Zambrano. Roberto will be an able fill-in for Sanchez, but Omar could've gotten more for Nady if his hand wasn't forced. Agree?

    Not really. Nady isn't that good or that valuable. Perez has a lot better upside than Victor Zambrano.

    Nady is tough loss, but I'd rather him than one of the Mets future cornerstones and Perez could be making us think this was an epic steal in a few years. Omar got good value from Littlefield for a player that is not going to help him at all in the big scheme of where they are going. Littlefield made several perplexing moves and failed to really do anything to brighten their future. In reality, with their current state of their team and their young pitchers, he probably should have even dealt Jason Bay for some premium talent like Lastings Milledge.

    Bill Madden on the deal:

    METS GET: RHP Roberto Hernandez and LHP Oliver Perez
    PIRATES GET: OF Xavier Nady
    Why the Mets did it: Hernandez showed he can pitch in New York last season, and the Mets needed bullpen help after Duaner Sanchez's taxicab accident. Perez, a 12-game winner in 2004, amounts to a project.
    Why the Pirates did it: Nady, at 27, is basically Craig Wilson with some fielding ability in the outfield. He represents an upgrade. They also needed to get rid of the star-crossed Perez.
    Winner: Pirates. Nady was too much to give up for the 41-year-old Hernandez, whose ERA after last year's All-Star break jumped nearly two full runs, and who posted a 5.14 mark over the last month.

    He got it wrong. Faced with what Omar was faced with, he should be commended. Are the Mets worse off than when they had Duaner? It's a no brainer. Yes, they are, but they are much better than they were after the accident.

  • It looks like the reports that Yuliesky Gourriel did not defect as originally reported.

    A report in Cuba's La Presna news refutes rumors that highly-touted infielder Yuliesky Gourriel, veteran shortstop Eduardo Paret and other players had defected last week. Gourriel was quoted by La Prensa after returning with the Cuban national team from a tournament in Columbia. Gourriel and Cuba were preparing for the Olympic qualifying tournament scheduled to begin Aug. 21 in Cuba, an event that will feature a prospect-laden Team USA that will attempt to qualify the U.S. for the 2008 Games in Beijing.

    Of course, it is hard to trust any news from a communist country as it could all be propaganda, but it really seems like he is back in Cuba.

    As a side note, Castro relinquished power and could actually be dead.

  • Baseball America's Prospect Hot Sheet is out for this week and they like Phil Humber.

    Humber has made it look easy since returning from Tommy John surgery. He is 3-1, 2.37 overall and in his last four outings he has allowed only one earned run over 23 innings while fanning 22 and walking six.

    He has made it look easy indeed.

    Deolis Guerra made it as an honorable mention.

    Deolis Guerra, rhp, Mets (Low Class A): In his last two starts the 17-year-old has allowed one run over 12 innings with six strikeouts and a walk. In his last 10 starts, he is 5-3, 1.94 in 56 innings with a 39-16 strikeout-walk ratio.

    Jeff Keppinger is playing with a renewed sense conviction since he was traded to the Royals.

    Jeff Keppinger, 2b, Royals (Triple-A Omaha): Since being acquired from the Mets for Ruben Gotay, Keppinger has been raking. The 26-year-old is 16-for-37 with three doubles and two home runs for the Royals. At some point, he is bound to get a chance and it is far more likely that will come with the Royals then with the Mets.

  • St. Lucie won 4-0 as behind a solid performance by Brian Bannister. Bannister went seven innings and gave up four hits and no walks while striking out eight. Mike Carp went 2 for 4 with a run scored and a double and Jesus Flores went 2 for 4 with two runs scored and an RBI.

    Fernando Martinez went 2 for 4 with a double, a walk, and two RBIs as Hagerstown lost to Asheville.

  • Gripe of the day:

    John Maine is not in the rotation.

    At least I think he is not. He is not listed as a pitching probable and Mike Pelfrey is in the rotation. Seventeen scoreless innings got him nothing while useless pitchers remain in the rotation, or rather one useless pitcher. The Mets are trying to find out who can help them this October, right? I don't expect this to be the case for the rest of the year, but I do not think anyone can really justify moving Maine to the pen right now.

    Anonymous Coop said...

    I just can't figure out the one "useless" guy you see in the rotation. You can't be talking about Pelfrey...Duque? No, he's been well lately. Trax? That had to be it! :)

    I also have to commend you for taking the "Mr Brightside" look on the trade. I feel - yes, Perez in a few years could make the whole thing seem like a steal. However, the operative term here is "in a few years." I'm left with the feeling that we wuz robbed, man. I mean, where exactly does a scrub like Diaz fit in? *shudder* Obviously not in the majors. Why wasn't he packaged with some other minor league scrub? Can I say "scrub" enough?

    I'm sorry if I'm not feeling jazzed about this, I get your point, but I'm just BLAH. Blah blah blah.

    12:48 PM

    Anonymous Benny Blanco from da Miami said...

    Just a quick note, I'm in Miami right now and all these Cubans people are like celebrating n' shit.
    And I wonder, who cares? FIrst of all, he's not dead YET. And second its not like the reign in over. He passed down power to his BROTHER!
    That makes no difference it will be the same shit with a different face.

    12:58 PM

    Anonymous Robb said...

    Quite conflicted about this deal. It did scream of overpaying, but really in this day and age is Nady any better than what Reggie Sanders seems to do every year? So though cheap he is easily replacable, that being said, i like x-man....

    Sad to see him go, but the happiest Met today has to be Glass. No longer are the Mets looking for a spot for Milledge, rf is his unless he fails.

    Roberto will be fine, its a nice pick up, if they can figure out perez this is a steal.

    Though interestingly now we can go shopping for an outfielder if we want to in the off-season. Lee anyone?

    1:11 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    1. Glavine @ 41 yr was given a restructured contract but post all star break is acting retired. Oliver Perez at 24, (25 next week) is at least Glavine's equal, but easily could escalate to Zito or Santana. Glavine is the Mets only LHP starter and he COULD retire this yr.

    2. I as many have lusted after Perez when he was demoted. Uncle Rick's Forte with Glavine, Wagner, Bannister Ro Hern, Seo and Heilman has been to get them to a free easy motion, cut down velocity and use more breaking pitches. Oliver is a great reclaim in that tho his velocity is down, he has a nasty breaking pitch and his release is all messed up right now. A change will help. But Perez now factors in a pennant race....(motivation?)

    2. I'm happy for Kepp. He should be the 2nd baseman there by Sept. BUT ruben gotay is hardly chopped liver and could be OUR starting 2nd baseman next yr. Again Gotay is better defensive wise. As many have said Omar will likely go after Zito and Carlos Lee. If he does Gotay and Milledge are the cheap studs ala Wright and Reyes (who stand to get big paydays). Oliver, bannister and Maine are cheap ML ready options as is Pel. Dont forget Pinango, Colazzo, Devaney and even McLane who could compete for back up roles.

    3. I love that Milledge now plays!! He gets 2-3 months to show off. If he bombs he can STILL be traded in the off season (for Oswalt/Schmidt type), and Carlos Gomez (or Concepcion), could be ready early next yr.

    1:22 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    I like Nady. But he was extremely mediocre. We had to make a deal and his hands were tied with the injury. I like Milledge/Endy.

    I think Lee is going to be too fat and not good enough defensively in the future. Guessing there could be a better option.

    That's crazy if Maine is the one left out of the rotation. Seriously. F Trachsel. And I think Pelfrey is going to be great, but right now, I'd have to think you roll with Maine for the time being and let Pelf work more in Norfolk until Sept.

    I was thinking the same thing Benny. Nothing's going to change there until there's no one ruling with the name Castro.

    1:31 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Coop....think of it this way. The Mets could have dealt Heilman out like we all want Diaz out or don't care about him. Fact is, dude can hit. He has hit much better at younger. He is not worth dishing off, but worth keeping. He is worth more down the line.

    As for Perez, the Mets needed a reliever and could have gotten bent over the barrel. Now they got one w/o giving away a cornerstone of the future and got a low risk-extremely high reward guy back that I've wanted since he got demoted so I'm kind of parial.

    Just remember Jason Bay was traded for a middle reliever. The Mets did well when it could have been horrible. Like I said, they are not better than they were on Friday night, but they are better than they were Sunday night with no real impact on their future and that is all you can ask for. Also, Omar went big and just didn't land. It sounds like he was a busy guy, but just enough teams with good pitching fell out of it.

    Benny, isn't his brother supposed to be worse?

    Robb, I like Nady, but he is replaceable. You hit the nail on the head. It's better than Mike Carp being traded and I know I might be minority here. Also, Milledge could bring more to the table this season.

    Floyd will be back next season. He gets offered arb, if he wants to stay, he accepts and the Mets can structure a deal. If he continues he resurgence and someone wants to give him a two year deal, we get a draft pick. They can find a corner OFer, but I doubt it will Carlos Lee. He scares me. He looks like he could break down and will be looking for a lot of years.

    Perez was second to only RJ when it came to lefties in '04. That is nothing to sneeze at. His upside is very high. What, he had 239 K's in '04 at like 22? Not luck. He has it in him and is still young.

    Kepp should be batting 2nd with Gordon 3rd and Butler 4th and Huber 5th. I have no idea what KC is doing. Idiots.

    1:32 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    perez must have been on roids. i read his fastball is now in the mid-80s. tell me a reason he does not suck in the testing era?

    milledge better produce. for all of his talking he now needs to get it done.

    1:33 PM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    Trachsel cannot go to the bullpen, I suppose why that is Maine was sent there. Trachsel will get cut before he goes to the pen. But I agree with Mr. Met, you need to roll with Maine for as long as he pitches lights out.

    1:35 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Hmmm..Jake, I thought he still through hard.

    As for him being on roids, he has no muscles in his body. Not his arms....legs....toes....ears. He is a beanpole. I don't think it's roids.

    Amen to Milledge producing. It's put up or shut up, but personally, I hope he does both.

    1:36 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Trachsel cannot go to the bullpen

    He shouldn't. He should be cut like Ishii was. Why keep him? Either move Pelfrey to the pen or the minors, but if you want to keep him in Queens, it should not be at the expense of Maine.

    1:37 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Perfectly put Mike. Hopefully Milledge puts up and shuts up!

    1:47 PM

    Blogger Kenny said...

    Milledge is apparently still a douche. I stole all of this compliments to Metsdaily.com...

    Milledge faces possible suspension

    Here's an interesting storyline ...

    Lastings Milledge is facing a possible suspension for bumping an umpire during Sunday's Norfolk Tides-Richmond Braves game but Milledge may never do the time - if there's any handed down.


    The Mets recalled Milledge from AAA-Norfolk Monday afternoon, shortly after completing a deal that sent rightfielder Xavier Nady to Pittsburgh. Milledge, who's average has dropped 25 points in July, is batting .277 with seven home runs and 35 RBI in 76 games for the Tides. In 24 games with the Mets this season, Millledge batted .233 (20-for-86) with three hoem runs and 12 RBI.

    MiLB.com reports, should Milledge return to Norfolk this season, any suspension Mobley imposes would be served, but as of Monday night no decision had been made. Mobley said he had received a report from home plate umpire Mike Estabrook but was waiting to watch a video of the incident within the next day or so before reaching any conclusions.

    2:01 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    I'm surprised no one has pointed out that it is also time for Mr. Aaron Heilman to start pulling his dead freaking weight in the bullpen. Now that Duaner is out, Aaron has to help pick up the slack. It's called being a "teammate." Aaron - The Mets did not deal you, so you ain't a starting pitcher. Some of us wanted it to happen, but it's not happening. So wipe that poopy-pants expression of your face and get some freakin' outs for a change. That is all.

    2:09 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    GREAT point Toasty. Couldn't agree more with that. God knows we need Heilman more then ever now to pick it up. At this point you would think he would go all out and really step up. He has a chance to be get a ring and prove himself. Give it all you have to help your team win a championship and worry about starting next year.

    2:15 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Hey Kenny - Did I miss the boat when discovering Milledge was a *douche*? Wait, are you saying he got into a fight with an umpire? And he got ejected? Holy cow! He is a douche! No one has EVER done that before! ;-)

    Honestly, guys, lets give the "Milledge is a punk" propaganda a rest. He is here, like it or not.

    Personally, I feel that if there is any one good thing to come out of this Nady debacle, it will be that we can see the real deal Milledge. And I don't think that equates to *punk* or *douche* or whatever words we use to describe him.

    2:22 PM

    Anonymous joe said...

    To teach Milledge a lesson the Mets should have brought up Diaz. It would have shown Milledge that they mean business when they say get your act together and it would have given us another chance to evaluate Diaz. It's pretty obvious Diaz isn't doing well in the minors, but he has done well in the past in the majors. Maybe the guy needs another shot, surrounded by talent and under some pressure. It couldn't hurt right?

    2:25 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Kenny, I'm ignoring what you just wrote. Ignorance is bliss. We need the fucker to play and act like a pro. That being said, I'm still not overly concerned with him. Like someone said, he will still have value after this season if he shits the bed or turns out to be and ass.

    Toasty, I have a feeling this might spur Aaron on. His team needs him and he has it in him. He also saw that teams want him. If he still wants them to want him after this season, he has to put up some numbers to back it up. Or else, he'll be relegated to shitty bullpen innings rather than good ones.

    As for his poopy pants expression, he usually has that on even when he's happy. Have you ever seen him do this? I mean, that doesn't even look right on his face. The guy is like eor (sp?).

    2:26 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Joe, bringing up Diaz teaches no one a lesson. Well, maybe it teaches the Mets are dumb. Diaz is floundering badly. You do not promote .230 hitters when there are like four choices that are better.

    That being said, Diaz can play. I'm convinced of it. How he gets another shot is anyone else's guess, but the midst of a WS run is not the time.

    2:29 PM

    Blogger Jonas said...

    I dont get the Maine situation. In my mind the rotation was easy, he's in it.

    Pelfrey will be a good pitcher, but why rush him if it's not necessary? With Maine pitching as well as he did (first pitch strikes is the best sign) he deserves a stint of a couple of games, pitching in a schedule, meaning he pitches every 5 days.

    I dont know how a team expects to evaluate pitchers having them pitch every what 8-9 days at this point...I say you are only setting him/them up to fail.

    In a perfect world I say Trachsel should be the one removed based on performance, but I think if hes put back on a schedule he should settle into his old self of solid, but no where near spectacular pitching.

    Pitch Maine instead of Pelfrey...least thats what I say now. Pelfrey's time is yet to come...

    2:32 PM

    Blogger Kenny said...


    Its not douche-like to occasionally argue balls/strikes and get kicked out. It is another thing completely to bump the umpire.

    Shit like that needs to be nipped in the bud.
    At least he didn't throw his bat at the guy.

    As for missing the boat, his potential attitude issues have been covered often on this site. There was two week period where it seems that came up everyday.

    2:32 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Mike, I guess that's why I'm not a big numbers guy. I have no tangible proof for this, but Aaron's facial expression and body language all season has told me he wants to be somewhere else. Lord knows it's certainly been reflected in his performance. But as I said, time to put up or shut up.

    2:33 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Humber was promoted. Fucking swell. That guy is a bonafide #1 when he arrives and I doubt it will take that long for him to reach that ceiling of his.

    Jonas, I agree. The Pelfrey thing is perplexing. Maybe They are still doing the six man thing and are going to skip someone and wanted to keep him on track since Maine proved he can be more versatile with his pitching days, but it's f-ing ponderous.

    Speaking of setting up to fail, get Bell routine work. No more 8 day layoffs and get pissed when he gives up a hit in a big spot.

    In a perfect world I say Trachsel should be the one removed based on performance, but I think if hes put back on a schedule he should settle into his old self of solid, but no where near spectacular pitching.

    But that's the problem. His peripherals are horrible. Lowest K-Rate in years. Highest walk rate. He's a year older after missing most of last season with a bad back. What are they waiting for exactly. Bannister, Pelfrey, and Maine are most likely better and maybe Soler.

    Toasty, I'm with you. I think his swoon is 100% mental. Last year, his change was as good as anyone's. This season, not so much. So much of the game is mental and prep. If you ain't feeling it....you ain't feeling it. He needs to start feeling it and getting that change up back.

    2:49 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm eagerly anticipating Humber's first game at AA. May he dominate.

    Trachsel is clearly shot. It's a miracle he hasn't been worse! Stranding runners left and right, every single inning, is like picking on your older, stronger, sister. They might let a few things slide, but you'll eventually end up with a monster wedgie.

    I really like Perez, but his velocity is ALL OVER THE PLACE. Very strange. In some starts, he's touching 95 and in others, 90. I'm thinking it could be indifference (change of scenery) or perhaps an injury he's yet to disclose.


    3:19 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Maybe he is short arming and trying to aim it? I too was once an erratic hard thrower (on a much lower level and a much lower velocity). Nothing like bad mechanics and trying to aim a pitch.

    I will say this, even in '04 his mechanics looked like a mess. But Rick's strong point is supposed to be mechanics. This is the test of all tests.

    3:54 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Kenny - point well taken, sorry if I came off as snarky (I have a tendency to do that sometimes!).

    But you have to understand, since the million Milledge trade rumors surfaced, I've had to listen to blowhards (all present company excluded) b*tch about how Milledge is a punk, he's a head case, he's a troublemaker, blah blah blah. When the reality is, we saw him for a short stint and most of us (don't deny it!) loved what we saw. Though average stats, he showed promise.

    Did the high-5-gate bother most of us? No! Did his dress choice bother us in rookie initiation? No! Did his noticeable follies in Red Sox get coverage? Of course they did! But...He's human, and if that happened to Darryl Strawberry in 1983 we would have have heard about it then too.

    The diff between someone like Straw and Stings is that Stings has a support network (Cliff-banger, Willie, his parents following him around the country, etc) and is a pretty good kid, otherwise. I agree bumping an umpire is inexcusable but as you said, no bat throwing. Let's cut the kid some slack.


    4:01 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Milledge showed tons of promise. He showed game breaking ability and won some games for the Mets at the plate and in the field. He was up for what, 20 days? How many guys just kill it from start to end? Not many. And not many show as much as him from the start.

    Did his dress choice bother us in rookie initiation? No!

    His dress didn't, but his enjoyment of wearing it did.

    The diff between someone like Straw and Stings is that Stings has a support network (Cliff-banger, Willie, his parents following him around the country, etc)

    Great point. I've said it before too. The kid is good kid. He's not a malcontent. Does he think everything through? No. Is he arrogant? Yes, who cares? As long as he plays and grows up a bit he'll be a stud.

    I used to drop f-bombs to umps at the plate. I can see why he exploded. I used to get in brawls playing basketball. Sometimes you get caught up in stuff and the game. I can tell you that I was immature and don't nearly get as crazy as I did back in high school in any sports now at 28. The kid is 21. Willie is an ass for a lot of reasons, but he's good with kids and teaching them how to do things the right way. Pedro walked up to him after the big drop. Cliff doesn't let anyone get away with anything. Franco and Delgado are great guys. He can be in awe of how good Beltran is and how he just shuts up and does his thing.

    He'll grow up.

    4:16 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    a few days ago i heard or read, maybe during a braves broadcast on tbs, that willie had announced the rotation for this series and would return to a 5 man after the marlins. the comment i heard was unclear about the maine/pelfrey situation, but i inferred no final decision had been made at that time.

    4:21 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    Thing is that if Milledge doesnt grow up he will never fulfill his full potential, just like Straw. The arrogant young guys are the ones doomed to fail ala Straw, Gooden, Milton Bradley, etc,etc. Would Wright be where he is today if he didnt listen to the best and enhance his natural prowess with off field training and practice? Milledge better not use the dark side of the force or he will be Darth Strawberry II.

    O.Perez is awesome. Saw the guy pitch and when he is on he is UNTOUCHABLE. Seriously, there is no ceiling on this guys upside. But yeah his control is crap at times. Get him up here ASAP with Dr.Rick and get his shit together. This trade could end up giving us an Ace for years to come.

    4:58 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da MIAMI said...

    I love how Milledge is a bad guy for high-fiving people, lol.
    I mean seriously.
    Keith Hernandez, Strawberry, and Gooden are MANY NY heroes, and they're crazy, wife-beating, coke-heads.
    COnsistancy, that's all I ask for.

    And this whole "checkered past" shit has GOT to stop.
    THe girl was 16, Lastings was 18.
    How many people banged 16 year olds while they were in high school? MANY people did!
    Fuck that yo...

    5:10 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I hope so Jake. Maine deserves a shot to keep going.

    Good point Condor. Milledge could turn into Bradley. That's not good. He had tons and tons of upside to and very similar skills.

    Perez needs to go to Birmingham and gets some silver balls and spandex on and start getting analyzed. Shut him down this year and start working on him. I cannot see him helping this year.

    5:14 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Milledges cockiness is great. There are many people that are confident with an edge that kick serious ass. I do think his attitude will be a nice spike to this team. The guy adds energy and that's good. He's a difference maker and I bet he makes a difference in a few of the games left in this season (including postseason). He's going to come into his own. I'm really glad he's still here. Great to see a homegrown Met come up and be with the team. This is part of the dynasty building that Omar is bringing.

    5:24 PM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    lidle was ripping the phils. and choke master supreme rhodes ripped his ass in return. good to see that wagner wasnt just an ass with his phillies bashing. that team is a mess.

    can we get off this milledge bs already? im kinda wishing we'd traded him so i wouldn't have to hear about all this ego crap. just let the kid play baseball. we're trying to win games not personality contest. and if he turns out to be a cancer or irk the shit out of everyone, trade his ass. if bradley can be traded for with all his baggage, so can milledgee (should he develop into a douche). the mets are in a win win situation with him.

    5:27 PM

    Anonymous brian b said...

    If you watch a video of O. Perez in his 2004 breakout season and then one of him pitching this season you'll see his mechanics have changed and dont seem nearly as smooth. I don't think it's roids, i think it's mechanics. Worst case scenerio he could probably be a good left hand specialist?

    6:18 PM

    Blogger Kenny said...

    My douche comment had nothing to do with banging 16 year-olds when he was 18. I'll plead the fifth on that one.

    I also was a fan of High Five Gate.

    I was just referencing the report a while back about how teammates "off the record" talked about him being arrogant and whatnot. Bumping umps is never a smart move either.

    That being said, I'm a little arrogant myself and I never signed a million dollar contract. God knows what a prick I'd be if I actually had some real money.

    For the record, he currently resides on The Brokeback Damons and I will be entertaining all trade offers.

    6:41 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    isnt it time to start a beltran watch?

    what are the rbi, HR records he's chasing?

    8:38 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    i LOVED THE high fives he was throwing out after his homer and I have no problem with him having an ego. I having a problem with himnot busting it home, looking over his shoulder when he should have been watching the 3rd base coach and if he did bump an ump that is inexcusable. If hecomes to the bigs like a Delmon Young and does not serve his sentence what will be the result? We dont want a Bradley, we want to see more.

    11:24 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    After another blown save, I’m thinking about using Maine as our closer. That moving fastball of his is nasty. Wags’ fastball, though he throws it @ 97, doesn’t make anybody swing and miss. I’m tired of Wagner’ inconsistency. No way we shoud’ve lost that game tonight!

    1:50 AM

    Anonymous Raskolnikov said...

    Just a comment on a comment by Schmitt on Straw because it's a common misperception:

    Straw did reach his potential as a hitter. His career was derailed by substance abuse and immaturity, but at his peak young Straw did dominate as he was capable of with his talents (which was also enough to be the best hitter in the NL).

    One of the worst biases of our perception of Darryl, looking back, were the unrealistic expectations *we* heaped on him. From his minor league track record, young Straw did accomplished exactly as one could reasonably have hoped. Yet New York fans and media always expected more - which was unfair and ungrateful.

    2:47 AM

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