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Friday, July 21, 2006

Hoo-hoo...they're rippin' me off Robin.

John Sickels did his pre-season prospects in review piece yesterday and I thought it would be a great idea to rip him off and to go over mine. Admittedly, I missed the mark some on some, but here it goes.

1. Lastings Milledge
What he showed us in his stint in the Majors is that he is not David Wright. I like a little edge and cockiness, but Milledge has some stuff to work on in how he carriers himself and approaches the mental part of the game. That being said, he flashed game breaking abilities and will be a player that can take over games and put the team on his back at times. His high billing is 100% deserved and the kid can play. He left most people excited for what the future holds with him patrolling the Met outfield for hopefully a long time.

2. Mike Pelfrey
I thought Pelfrey was not as dominating as I hoped in the beginning, but he certainly righted his ship and put up dominating starts in his last seven games with the exception of one bad game. He has showed me that him down on the farm is useless. By simply throwing fastballs, he is too good for any league. Having him pitch at AA and AAA will not enable him to work hard enough to progress as quickly as honing his craft in Queens. The kid has an arm and showed some guts by blowing a fastball past Adam Dunn with the bases loaded in his last start. Pelfrey is the real deal and should stay where he is.

3. Fernando Martinez
What can you say about him that is bad? The biggest knock on him is that he has had some health issues, but none that would appear reoccurring. Jose Tabata was ranked in the top 25 according to BA's updated top 25 list and Fernando Martinez was outplaying him early on. If he did not get injured, it would not have surprised me to see him get some time in St. Lucie this season. However, is health issues probably made that impossible, but this kid looks as sure as a bet as it gets when looking at 17 years olds.

4. Carlos Gomez
In 2005 Gomez struggled early and rebounded and he repeated that this season. He raised his average to .267 with a 3 for 5 game with two more doubles yesterday and now has 23 extra base hits in 75 games. He will finish with a respectable number of XBHs, but with a guy who supposedly puts on shows in batting practice flashing his power and a possessing the speed that he does, it is not enough for a prospect as highly regarded as him. That being said, it is easy to forget he is not even 21. If he can find some consistency and play well from day one to the last day, he will be scary. I think a big second half from him will finally propel in into uber status in terms of being a prospect and the future looks bright for the Mets in terms of outfield prospects.

5. Phil Humber
He was a question mark for obvious reasons coming into the season, but he silenced any concerns that anyone has had in regards to him with his performance since returning to action. John Manuel echoed what was written in Baseball Prospectus about Humber in a Baseball America chat and mentioned his velocity was 90-94 and he flashed a plus curve and plus change at times. The biggest problem here is that Humber was basically supposed to spend 2006 just getting reacclimated to being on the mound and he has done nothing but pitch like nothing ever happened. He has posted a 6.92 h/9, 1.73 bb/9, 8.65 k/9, 0.96 whip, and a 3.12 ERA. The problem is that he is forcing the issue that he is probably too good for advanced A-ball already.

6. Deolis Guerra
He was an unknown prior to the season and he is not anymore. For the season, he owns a 7.29 h/9, 4.14 bb/9, 6.29 k/9, 1.27 whip, and a 2.82 ERA. The walks are high, but Guerra missed being born in the 90's by less than seven months. He is younger than Fernando Martinez and has been extremely impressive to say the least in his first exposure to professional ball. He has made twelve starts all season, but if you look at his last eight you can already see big improvements. His bb/9 drops to 3.05 with a slight bump up in k/9 and a significantly lower whip and ERA. The Mets have a live one here.

7. Alay Soler
In the minors Soler was sparkling. In the bigs, he was streaky. While with St. Lucie and Binghamton he walked 12 batters in 49.2 innings while striking out 55. While with the Mets, he walked 21 batters in 45 innings while striking out 23. That alone will tell you why he didn't succeed and like you can chalk up wildness to youth sometimes, Soler will turn 27 this year. I expected more out of him and I think it boils down to what he has inside rather than just needing more experience in the bigs. It is clear he has good stuff and very sharp breaking ball, but I did not see a pitcher than can be trusted in big spots. With the crowded rotation picture in the next few years it looks like the bullpen will ultimately be his home.

8. Brian Bannister
Early in the year, Brian Bannister was the younger and right handed version of Al Leiter in his last two years with the Mets. He was continually working out of trouble and simply does not even have one pitch that could be considered a plus pitch. He has a lot of them which certainly helps, but he is a fourth or fifth starter at best. That is not to say he will not be useful, but with John Maine above him on the pecking order in my eyes, Mike Pelfrey looking like the real deal, and Phil Humber on the comeback trail, it might take a lot for him try and prove he belongs. Ultimately, he will either provide some nice insurance for the Mets, move to the bullpen, or be decent trade bait. Overall though, I was mildly disappointed with his lack of control, but I think that would have straightened out over time. Like Soler, he was uncharacteristically wild, but unlike Soler, I think he has what it takes mentally to move forward.

9. Andy Wilson
In 2004, Andy Wilson hit 21 homers, hit 32 doubles, and drove in 76 RBIs in 108 games. In 2005, he hit 28 homers, hit 25 doubles, and drove in 89 in 130 games while hitting in a pitcher's park. While in a hitter's league this season he has 15 doubles, 4 homers, and 22 RBIs in 79 games. He has a .220 average and a .319 slg% and really needed to prove he belonged while playing with Binghamton. Whatever happened to him is a mystery, but he made me look stupid for putting him in the top ten.

10. Bobby Parnell
He had two starts in the beginning in which he gave up eight runs in 7.1 innings. He has pitched OK of late, but nothing to write home about. He is walking too many hitters and is not having quite as much luck keeping the ball in the park as he did last year and his BAA is much higher. He only gave up one homer in 73 innings last season and has given up six already in 66 innings. He is still pitching much better than he did in college but no where near what he did in Brooklyn last season. It is still up in the air which Bobby Parnell is the real one, but he is still in intriguing prospect and not a total disappointment.

The top ten picture is much clearer now than in the pre-season. Not only is it clearer, but it looks good with ten guys that look to be legitimate players that I think all have the ability to start and contribute on the Major League level. Five of the ten are under 21 and seven of the top ten have tremendously high ceilings. Jon Neise is making me look stupid for omitting him from the top ten and Ambiorix Concepcion and Jesus Flores are having fantastic seasons helping push their down 2005 seasons out of people's minds. However, the problem still remains that the depth after the Mets top tier prospects is just not there.

1. Lastings Milledge
2. Mike Pelfrey
3. Fernando Martinez
4. Phil Humber
5. Deolis Guerra
6. Jon Neise
7. Carlos Gomez
8. Jesus Flores
9. Ambiorix Concepcion
10. Mike Carp

Gomez dropped, but not because he was doing bad. Everyone else was just that good and though I think he has a higher ceiling than Neise, but I think Neise, despite being a young pitcher in low A-ball while Gomez is doing it at the AA level, is a safer bet to reach his ceiling. If Gomez steps it up in the second half, he could easily push himself back into the top five. As for Mike Carp cracking the top ten, his seven homers in 93 games might look weak compared to his nineteen in 89 games last season, but he is in St. Lucie and has nineteen doubles, which is already a career high. His batting average is the highest it has ever been, his on base percentage is up, and most importantly, his strikeouts are down. Carp just turned 20 on June 30th and will be 22 when he will most likely completing his first year at AAA. He is a legit first base prospect and definitely a guy to keep an eye on.

* * *

  • Baseball Prospectus broke out their bashing stick for the Mets.

    After all the praise heaped on Jose Reyes recently, he started off this stretch doing exactly nothing, getting caught stealing the one time he reached base in 17 plate appearances, then earning seven stitches on his left pinky after getting spiked sliding head-first into first. He missed five starts, and in his absence, Willie Randolph has routinely placed both Jose Valentin and Chris Woodward at the top of the line-up.

    June NL Player of the Month and MVP Candidate David Wright dipped as well, going .250/.323/.482 during these 17 games. Carlos Beltran has had a tremendous year, but he also had a slow stretch, though he's still slugging: .208/.295/.509. Carlos Delgado has slid since starting off well (.167/.318/.306), and Xavier Nady (.225/.311/.350) continues to think the solution to swinging too much is to swing even more.

    As for the hurlers, Pedro Martinez hit the DL while Alay Soler and Orlando Hernandez both showed their true colors: pumpkin orange instead of Metropolitan blue. Tom Glavine’s regressed, though that started even earlier in the year, and Steve Trachsel’s been normal for him, but that’s not praise. Chad Bradford and Aaron Heilman have both really struggled out of the pen.

    There are concerns, but there is no reason to worry unless it keeps going through August. Of course, the single biggest concern is the rotation and I'm happy with what I've seen from Pelfrey and Maine and I think the Mets might just end up with a solid rotation in the end. They also criticized the trades for Delgado and LoDuca, but I think you had to do the Delgado trade regardless of how bad he is playing now. At the time, it made sense unlike the Zambrano deal. Hopefully he'll snap out of it and this is not the first time he's slumped in his long career. The LoDuca deal is still questionable, but it is hard to complain about him as he has grown on a lot of us as a player despite spotty defense and streaking hitting. The ultimate goal is to win a championship and the Mets dealt prospects they could stand to lose while keeping some good ones. If they win, all will be forgiven.

  • BA shows the Mets prospects a lot of love....

    First on Niese...

    “He recorded seven outs on his change and seven strikeouts on his curve,” Barton said. “The curveball had very good break, seven strikeouts on the curve and four of them were looking. When you get four guys looking on the curve like that, you know it is pretty sharp.”

    Then on Humber...

    Scouts have been giving strong reports on Humber, who has had his fastball sitting 90-94 mph while showing his trademark hammer curve and the occasional power change.

    In 26 innings in the Florida State League, the righthander is now 2-1, 3.12 with a 25-5 strikeout-walk ratio.

    Then on Guerra...

    Guerra took a no-hitter into the fifth inning and allowed two earned runs over seven innings with eight strikeouts and three walks. Like Niese, it was the first time he had all three of this pitches working together.

    “He had his curve going well, and he'd not had the curve going for him all season,” Barton said. “He threw 14 of 19 for strikes. It is a pitch he has been lacking confidence in, but he established it early and was able to throw it behind in the count.

    “His change is his best pitch because he gets so many swings and misses on it with deception and great arm speed.”

    Due to the changeup, Guerra is more effective against lefthanded hitters (.216 average) than righthanded hitters (.241).

    But the best of all came from John Manuel...

    Q: John Mackin Ade from Hilton Head Island, SC asks:
    Regarding the Mets Deolis Guerra, the kid just turned 17 and he's ERAing under 3 at A ball. Sure looks like the real deal.

    A: John Manuel: It does. Is there a question in there? Guerra's last start was his best, he's had a very good year for his age and probably is a Top 100 caliber guy.

    Top 100? Milledge is a top 100, Fernando is a top 100, Pelfrey is a top 100, and Guerra too? Not to shabby.

  • Days of Our Hillenbrand...

  • This shit is serious.

    A fan is taken from Rogers Centre last night after being hit with a foul ball in the second inning of the Yankees' 5-4 loss to the Blue Jays.

  • Blockbuster trade?

    It doesn't make any difference," Rodriguez said of the rumor that had the Yankees third baseman going to the Phillies as part of a blockbuster trade for Bobby Abreu, Pat Burrell, Tom Gordon and David Bell, with the Yankees supposedly also sending Melky Cabrera and a player to be named. "I would veto it."

    Would you? The Yankees 100% don't want you and you are not exactly enjoying getting booed at home, but I doubt any trade would happen since the Phillies don't really want to pay you the $16 million or so left a year after Tom Hicks bends over and takes it while paying about $9 million of your salary a year.

  • It can't hurt to ask, right?

    The Nationals recently asked for prospects Humberto Sanchez, Jair Jurrjens and Cameron Maybin in exchange for Soriano -- an outrageous demand.


  • The title of the day goes too.....Sam Borden! Congrats!

    E-Rod here to stay

    Third basemen with the most errors:

    Alex Rodriguez, Yankees, 17
    Edwin Encarnacion, Reds, 15
    Aaron Boone, Indians, 14
    David Bell, Phillies, 13
    Chipper Jones, Braves, 13
    Garrett Atkins, Rockies, 12
    Adrian Beltre, Mariners, 12
    Miguel Cabrera, Marlins, 12
    Pedro Feliz, Giants, 12
    Brandon Inge, Tigers, 12

    Players with the most errors:

    Rickie Weeks, 2B, Brewers, 22
    Rafael Furcal, SS, Dodgers, 19
    Carlos Guillen, SS, Tigers, 17
    Felipe Lopez, SS, Nationals, 17
    Alex Rodriguez, 3B, Yankees, 17

    Let's all point and laugh.

  • Endy is good.

  • Tim Haines was suspended for 50 games this Thursday after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.

    Blogger Paladin said...

    Baseball Prospectus needs to calm the fuck down.

    Reyes was coming off of a long stretch of time where he hadn't seen any action. The guy's rusty for cryin out loud, and falling into old habits is something I kind of expected from a young, eager player like Reyes. He'll be fine. Give him some time before you call for his head. Sheesh.

    And while Wright has TECHNICALLY cooled off a bit since the second half has resumed, the guy aint Superman! What, he's supposed to tear the cover off the ball in every game for you people to be happy? Get some Perspective, Prospectus.

    Oh, and for the love of God, how can they POSSIBLY get on Beltran?!? Seriously, since when does hitting grand slams in back to back games signify in any way a player falling into a "slow stretch"?

    They were right about one thing: Delgado has indeed slipped since starting off well. Gee... thank you Captain Obvious! Hell, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes as I watch just about every game this season, I wouldn't have believed it! You guys are THE BOMB! Good call on Delgado, folks. You are all soooooo on the ball!

    ::I hope that wasn't too much sarcasm at the end there::

    So how bout them Milliedge for Abreu rumors!

    Look, I honestly think that Mill is more trouble than he's worth. And this is not a result of one stupid high five incident, which quite frankly wasn't an incident at all. I just get the sense that he is WAAAAY too full of himself, and can easily turn into a clubhouse killer. This is just a feeling, and I think I have every right to feel that way based on many of the things he has been quoted as saying over the past few months, not to mention various actions that should lead anyone to believe that he can be quite a disruptive presence.

    That being said, if he winds up being traded for a 32 year old, who is afraid of the outfield wall, has yet to recover from his uncharacteristic HR derby production of last season, and is saddled with a truly outrageous contract, I think I may cry!

    Seriously, isn't there anything better out there for one of the more highly touted talents in the minors today? Cmon... one on one for Bobby Abreu just doesn't do it.

    12:09 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Paladin, I'm sometimes there with you in regards to Milledge, but he's always ready to admit an error and not to make the same mistake twice, but the problem is if the mistakes keep coming. I think he is a good guy and not a clubhouse problem that Delmon Young will be. Milledge should not be dealt to the Phillies in any capacity. They have no one I want.

    If Milledge is moving, it better be for a certain left handed pitcher who is under control for a few more years.

    12:15 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    I don't see how you can say the Lo Duca move was "questionable." They guy's been rock solid handling the staff, has been hitting in the neighborhood of .300 all year, is terrific in the clubhouse, and does all the little things you need to win (e.g., always moves guys over on base). I LOVE the pickup. Hell, he's Captain Red Ass, how can you go wrong?

    12:30 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Oh, and by the way, if A-Rod's getting booed in NY, can you imagine what they'd do to him in Philly? Here's a hint: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    12:33 PM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    It sounds like a bunch of guys on this site are very protective of Mets prospects. I know it is not an issue, but would you guys trade Pelfrey for Willis, for example? I am not interested in Soriano, but I would trade some prospects for a big time player.

    12:33 PM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    I admit, choc, I do get caught up in the prospect whirlwind. I just don't like to see young players with promise leave only to become stars somewhere else. But if it's the right move for the right player, then as a fan, I'm on board. I just don't see how getting Abreu in a 1-on-1 swap for Mill is a quality move for this organization. Even with Mill's lack of power, I would still rather see him patrolling one of the corners than Abreu. Because let's face it, fire power is not what the Mets need now. They need pitching. Starting pitching. Acquiring Abreu for Mill is not the right move in my opinion.

    But then again, what the hell do I know! ;o)

    12:48 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I say questionable because Castro could have provided solid catching for a lot less. I agree that he has been solid, but it is not like the Mets had nothing. They have a lot of character guys on this team that another one is not 100% necessary. The Delgado deal comes with no arguments from my end, but the LoDuca deal has a lot more room to be debated. I just think the Mets could have kept Castro and Gaby while getting solid catching from Castro who is better defensively. Just my optinion thought and LoDuca has grown on me, but from a baseball standpoint, not as necessary as Delgado.

    Captain Red Ass is a solid, solid name.

    Yeah, but A-Rod might hit 60 bombs in that park. Yankee Stadium's power alleys are rough. A-Rod would put up huge numbers there and they would love his stupid ass.

    Count, yes, yes, and yes. Willis is one guy I'd give up prospects for, but not the entire farm. I'm never against trading prospects as long it is for young studs. The days of trading Kazmir for Zambrano need to be gone. Kazmir for Willis or Zito? Yes. Smart deals....

    12:48 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I agree with Paladin...A one on one swap for Milledge and Abreu is not what the Mets need and his reasons are spot on.

    12:49 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    I wouldn't trade Pelfrey for Willis. Why? Pelfrey is showing he can be every bit as good as Willis. I think Willis is great. I see no reason to trade a great young pitching prospect for another great pitcher. We need more pitching not less. On that note, would I trade Milledge for Willis...all day long. That's my point. All of a sudden, you have Pedro, Glavine, Willis, Pelfrey. That equals badass rotation.

    LoDuca is really good. As Mike had said, he's grown on all of us and is a big part of this team. But for 6 mil, I still can't help but question if he was better then having Piazza still around. Piazza's stats: .290 avg, 14hr's, 43rbi, .346obp, .517 slg. He makes 2.5 mil this year. He handles pitching staffs great, always has. LoDuca stats throwing out runners are not better then Piazza's. LoDuca's stats: .299 avg, 3hr's, 31rbi, .342obp, .403slg. He gets paid almost three times the amount of Piazza. Considering all that and the money...Piazza's better by a lot. I'll take Piazza's hr's, slg, rbi's, presence, over LoDuca's moving runners over. All that being said, I like having LoDuca on this team and would rather have him then most catchers in the league. I believe he's a great leader. But no one's talking me out of the fact that Piazza is still better.

    12:56 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Piazza's raw numbers are better for sure, but I don't think he would really "fit" into this lineup, if you know what I mean. Throw in the leadership angle, the fact that Paulie's caught 72 games this year (to Piazza's 57), I just think he's better for this team than Mike would have been this year.

    1:03 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    All that being said, I like having LoDuca on this team and would rather have him then most catchers in the league. I believe he's a great leader. But no one's talking me out of the fact that Piazza is still better.

    Exactly 60 or 70 games with Piazza and Castro with the rest is an arguable situation over LoDuca. It's not clear cut, but I ain't crying that he is here. Also Toasty, is LoDuca better for this team than Piazza? Yes. But a huge margin? Not sure. And you would still have a premium pitching prospect to use in another deal. I'm just sayin'....I like LoDuca, just saying it can be debated easier than Delgado. As many said, Jacobs would never have lasted with that horrible slump he was in and his glove is much, much, much worse than Delgado's. Don't let anyone else tell you different. Possibly the worst in the league at first. Horrrendous. He has DH written all over him. I can see him as a Hafner type raker in about four years.

    1:09 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    I think the intangible aspect is important here. Everyone involved - Mets management, Met fans, and Mike himself - felt that Mike's time was done in NYC. I loved the guy, but I'm glad he left when he did, it was time to turn the page. Good for him that he's doing ok for the Pads, but I refuse to cry that his numbers are slightly better than a guy who's been the vocal leader of a team that's 12 games up in the division.

    1:18 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I agree Mike was not a leader. Never was and was kind of nasty sometimes. However, the Mets have plenty of great leader types. If they had none, that's one thing, but they did. Mike would not be hear for that, just to share catching time and be an aging vet that does not play everyday anymore.

    1:27 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Well, other than Paulie Lo, how many vocal leaders do the Mets have this year? The Carloses are both very quiet. Reyes is more of a spark-plug than a leader. Sugar Pants has potential to be a leader, but he's still a baby. Pedro is just nuts. I'll give you Julio Franco, and that's about it. I know I'm being repetitive, but Lo Duca is perfect for this team, and if you offered me Piazza for him straight up right now, I wouldn't do it.

    1:31 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    Delgado is not a quiet guy. He's not firey and crazy on the field, but from everything I've read, he exhudes leadership (and likely deserves a ton of credit for Beltran's new-found comfort zone here). I like Pauley-Lo also, but if the Mets could have kept Piazza, I think he would be fine here, and it would have been nice to see him retire a Met and go into the Hall ceremoniously. I was also hoping that we could have an everyday catcher who could throw out the occasional runner, but I guess we're still waiting for that...

    That being said, is there any way the Mets could have kept Piazza? If they offered him arbitration, wouldn't they have been required to pay him something close to his prior salary of $15 million? And since they didn't offer him arb, weren't the Mets prevented from signing him until May? Please tell me if I have this wrong.

    Finally, re: prospects, as mucy as I hate to refer to the Fat Man of the FAN, he is correc that if you trade prospects for a pitcher about to become a FA, then there is a reasonable chance you could be
    mortgaging your future for 1 playoff start. That would really, really suck.

    1:59 PM

    Anonymous joe said...

    Also, look at Mr. Pizza's stats from his last three years with the mets: 2003 (hurt) 68 G 11 HR 34 RBI .286 BA, 2004 129 G 20 HR 54 RBI .266 BA, 2005 113 G 19 HR 62 RBI .251 BA. That is not the type of player the mets needed in the line up. LoDuca while not the perfect number 2, is doing a quality job. Congrats to Mike for having a good year and yes the mets did have other options, but when comparing the two there is no way the mets don't make that move.

    2:07 PM

    Anonymous Benny Blanco from da Bronx said...

    Firs tI wanna say that whole trip I had planned to go to a Mets game together.
    Scratch it, not many people had interest.
    BUT, if you still wanna go, I'm going to the MetsGeek one, so I should just mix the two trips into one.
    So if you wanted to go to the one I had planned here, go to the one the guys at Metsgeek are setting up. I'll be there and Mike'll be there. HOLLA!

    Mets Geek Bleachers Night

    With all those groundballs, Miek Pelfrey=Brandon Webb or hell even AJ Burnett.

    At this point I see Carlos Gomez as trade bait. I want his value to be as high as it can so he can be traded...

    And I love Jesus Flores, you think he'll be ready by the time Lo Duca is out of here?

    I <3 Phillip Humber!

    I think I'd rather get booed in Yankee Stadium than getting booed at Citizens Bank, fuck that. FUck the Philadelphians.

    2:19 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I agree with Bookied, Delgado has been very vocal.

    And yes, a catcher that could throw people out (Ramon Castro) would have been nice. Also, he has some pop. 20 homers would not suprise me if given a full time shot.

    As for Piazza and ARB....you are right. They could only decrease his salary by 20%, but that is if they went to court. They could have settled out of arb court for a lower rate. It wouldn't have been a big deal.

    Benny, upper deck? I get virtigo up there. Holy shit...Why not try and do the bleacher thing? They'll reserve for a bunch of people if we have enough.....I think anyway.

    Jesus will not be ready Benny, but hopefully we'll still have Castro to bridge the gap.

    2:33 PM

    Anonymous Benny Blanco from da Bronx said...

    Why is everyone complaining about the upper deck thing?
    What are you guys rich or something?
    You white collar assholes never been to the upper deck or something?

    2:36 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Toasty, I here everything you're saying. I really like LoDuca a lot and completely agree that he's great on this team. I was just agreeing with Mike that there could be an argument to be made. But now that it's all said and done, Captain Red Ass is a keeper and his leadership and fire will help this team enormously thru the rest of the year. But I can never talk down our boy Piazza. He was awesome here. I'm loyal like that.

    Delgado is a big time leader. So is Cliffy. Julio is a leader as you said, Glavine is a leader. The team had plenty of leaders and veterans. I think Mike would've fit in fine. He seemed like a decent teammate.

    Benny, when's the game you're talking about? Too bad it couldn't workout for here. I'll try to see if I can make it in.

    2:39 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    It's AUgust 9th, a Wednesday. A game against the Padres. So regardless, that was the series I was planning for this site, i think it works out nicely.
    Just click the link you and e-mail Matt, you fuckers!

    2:42 PM

    Anonymous The Brooklyn Bum said...

    That being said, is there any way the Mets could have kept Piazza? If they offered him arbitration, wouldn't they have been required to pay him something close to his prior salary of $15 million? And since they didn't offer him arb, weren't the Mets prevented from signing him until May? Please tell me if I have this wrong.

    Correct. If he was offered arbitration, he could not be offered any less than 75% of the amount he made in the last year of his contract. And because we didn't offer him arbitration, we could not resign him to any deal until May 1st.

    According to MetsBlog:
    …based on this buzz, assuming it is accurate, it would stand to reason that florida would accept OF Lastings Milledge and RHP Aaron Heilman in exchange for willis…the question is would the mets offer it…

    If Omar has the option of doing this, it has to be done. Period. End of story.

    In the off season we sign Zito to a 5 year, $65 million contract.

    Our rotation in 2007: Pedro, Glavine, Zito, Willis, Pelfy.

    Our rotation in 2008: Pedro, Zito, Willis, Pelfry, Humber.

    Are you kidding me? If we can get this done, we will build not only a WS caliber team this year, but the foundation of a dynasty.

    2:47 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    You white collar assholes never been to the upper deck or something?

    Ha, yes. In fact, I traded up to hang out with my friends in the upper deck from my comfy loge seats.

    Hmm....I agree in regards to that deal. Make it happen and worry about the outfield in 2007 and beyond later. Bring back Cliffy for a year and fast track one of the three young studs we have or give Victor a whirl. Endy makes everything better with some depth. Shit, maybe even use the money we were going to use to bring in Zito on Sori.

    Not sure you go after Zito is you have Willis already. They have other needs.....

    2:54 PM

    Anonymous The Brooklyn Bum said...

    hit, maybe even use the money we were going to use to bring in Zito on Sori.

    Not sure you go after Zito is you have Willis already. They have other needs.....

    True but we've got Trachsel, El Duque, and possibly Glavine (Who the fuck knows what's the deal with his on again off again extension) coming off the books at the end of the year.

    Corner outfielders are a dime a dozen. There will be plenty of them on the market at the end of the season. Hell, and if we can go 20 years between outfielders hitting 30 home runs in a season, we can survive 2007 without a big bat in left field. But if we really had Zito, Willis, Pelfry, an impressive Humber quickly following, and a new stadium right around the corner, players would be lining up to play in Flushing.

    3:13 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    That is a pretty silly rotation. I'll give you that.

    It really depends on if Delgado is going to wake up from his funk. The Mets will need some production. If he is producing, they can go lift at one of the the COF spots. If he is not hitting, they need more pop. You cannot have black holes at three positions and minimum production from C. Too much non production.

    3:29 PM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    Man, that Metsgeek game should be verrrrry interesting! I can't imagine getting together with a bunch of people whom I've only spoken with online. A bit curious though, I must admit. Too bad the children who run the site thought it would be best to ban me, seeing as how I was such a disruptive presence!

    LMAO! Say, if I go and tell someone on this site to go "get a life", will I be banned from here as well?

    Let's try it out: Hey, choc! Get a life!

    OK, Mike. Yer move!

    4:18 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Paladin...you were bannded? What name were you posting under? The same name?

    4:25 PM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    Same name, only with a capital "P".

    Bottom line, I made my opinion about a particular issue regarding the Mets known, and another poster decided that it was time to get in my face. I, being the type A personality that I am, take no shit from anybody. I never used any profanity, nor did I personally insult him. But at one point I told him to "get a life". Andrew didn't like this very much, so he decided to edit my statement.

    Now I know it's his site, but I don't appreciate having anyone (nevermind some 20-something year old) make me look like a jackass. Hell, I can do that very well on my own, thank you! ;o)

    Anyway, Andrew contacted me via my email addy, and we went back and forth about how I felt about him editing my statements. Well, he apparently thought that it would be best if I not contribute to the site any longer. This was a surprise to me, seeing as how he never came right out and said that this is what he was planning on doing. I found out on my own as I went to post a comment regarding a play that had occured during a game. It didn't go through, so I tried again. Didn't take long to figure out that my IP was being blocked!

    LOL! Eh. I enjoyed posting there, but I aint gonna cry over being banned from some kid's site. I honestly believe that his decision was far more juvenile then my telling some guy to get a life.

    4:35 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Do you want to be taken off the ban? or do you not really care?

    You've been posting here and you seem swell.

    Over there, they don't mind disagreements or argumentative stuff, but they only have a problem when someone gets attacked personally. If you were arguing baseball and then said "you must be retarted or I hope your grandmama dies" or something, that would be frowned upon. Calling someone and idiot or stupid....etc....frowned up. Constructive arguments? Good. The other guy could have started since there are plenty of irratating people over there, but what you said Andy probably felt was wrong. He is really nice and fair guy. I must admit, I am not sure about your situation, but I would bring it up to Andy about letting you back in if you are interested.

    4:44 PM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    No, no, no! Not at all. Terrific gesture on your part, and I really do appreciate it, but I wouldn't want anyone going back to teacher asking if it were OK for me to return to class!

    As for the swell comment... well gee, Mike, I didn't know you felt that way! LOL! Yeah, I'm an OK sorta guy, but I do have quite a chip on my shoulder! I try to be fair, make eloquent, well written statements, but I am very passionate. It's my downfall sometimes.

    It's nice here, and I enjoy making the occasional post. You and most others who post here seem to be knowledgeable fans, and the interaction thus far has been pleasant. So I'll stay! But I don't have any desire to get back into the Geek zone.

    4:59 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I agree....I get into scuffles with people there too, but I can't get banned.....It's like diplomatic immunity.

    No problem. Didn't think you would, but don't hold anything against Andy...

    5:02 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hoo hoo, tell 'em fred. i invented everything!

    6:35 PM

    Anonymous Jaerock Lee said...

    Oh, and by the way, if A-Rod's getting booed in NY, can you imagine what they'd do to him in Philly? Here's a hint: Duracell, Everready, Energizer...

    8:45 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    Dont listen to that turd in a turtleneck Fatman. Omar is no dummy and he will improve the club for the long term.

    Alot of rumors have Milledge leaving the club. Seems the office doesnt like his cockiness.

    Omar could not have possibly seen the return to form of Jose Valentin. He is the come back player of the year and he is playing a position he doesnt really like! Damn, they better get this guy to fill a gallon bottle of urine for testing! Keep ripping the ball Zorro!

    10:09 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    Gotta get Zorro more at bats. Maybe time for him to bat behind sugar pants.

    10:11 PM

    Blogger Raskolnikov said...

    It fascinates me how quickly Lo Duca can form an impression on a fan base. The image he produces and the reaction he elicits from fans is very similar to his stays in LA and FLA. It's a lot like Reagan, Lo Duca just has this teflon quality to him.

    And I don't believe there is any substance to it. Leader, gritty, tough, vocal - these are all descriptions we love to use when seeing someone from afar. In a sense, they're the cliches of writing and image building. He's been a Met for half a season, how could we attach so many of these labels to him already? How can he endear himself to us so easily already? It fascinates me, and that leads me to more than a twinge of troubling thoughts concerning Lo Duca.

    1:19 AM

    Anonymous benny said...

    I don't like Paul Lo Duca at all but Raskolnikov, you can just see it in him.
    Lo Duca is balls man. You could just him on the field, yelling, taking control of shit, arguing. You can just see it.
    I'm not in love with him but I will give him the props, he is a leader and doesn't take shit from anyone trying to shit on the team.

    12:37 PM

    Anonymous Benny said...

    Brass monkey, that funky monkey
    Brass monkey - junkie
    That funky monkey

    I <3 Carlos Beltran
    I <3 Pedro Martinez
    I <3 Jose Reyes
    I <3 Carlos Delgado
    I <3 Billy Wagner
    I <3 Dirty Sanchez
    I <3 Zorro
    I <3 David Wright

    I <3 the Mets!

    Fucking DOMINANCE!

    5:14 PM

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