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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fun With Money

Fun with Forbes baseball team valuations...

The last year either New York baseball team turned a profit was 2003 and the last year the Mets turned a profit was 2002. Anyone calling Wilpon cheap can stop. Although, with roughly the same payroll this season, the launch of their new channel, a higher attendance, and a probable trip the playoffs, the Mets might actually turn a profit this year.

Mets Operating Income
Total   Year
-$16.1 2005
-$11.2 2004
-$19.3 2003
$11.6 2002
$16.84 2001
$21.3 2000
Yankees Operating Income
Total   Year
-$50.0 2005
-$37.1 2004
$26.30 2003
$16.10 2002
$18.69 2001
$21.9 2000
Predictably, the Yankees were by far the biggest earners over the past three seasons and no one else is even close. The Mets were one of six teams to top $500 million. I was aware that the Mariners was the most profitable team since 2000, but I did not know that they brought in comparable revenue with the New York Mets. Of course the Mets have a much higher earning potential when they are playing good, but still interesting to note how close they were over the past three seasons.
Team             '03 to '05 Revnue
New York Yankees $779
Boston Red Sox $597
New York Mets $533
Seattle Mariners $521
Los Angeles Dodgers $509
Chicago Cubs $505
Atlanta Braves $490
San Francisco Giants $483
Philadelphia Phillies $458
Houston Astros $456
Arte Moreno purchased the Angels in 2003 has seen his team's value increase an incredible 53%. The Mets were impressive movers as they jumped nearly 40% as the Yankees increased 23% in team value which is impressive because they were already worth $834 million and they are the first baseball team franchise to top $1 billion in value. However, the biggest suprise was the Blue Jays increasing their team value an astonishing 69%. Of course, when your team is worth $169 million, there is a lot of playroom. No team decreased in value and only the Atlanta Braves, Seattle Mariners, and Colorado Rockies failed to increase in value at least 10%. Overall, Major League teams increased by a 27% average in team value since from 2003 to 2005.
Team                 % Change
Toronto Blue Jays 69%
Anaheim Angels 53%
Philadelphia Phillies 51%
Washington Nationals 42%
Kansas City Royals 40%
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 38%
New York Mets 37%
St Louis Cardinals 37%
Milwaukee Brewers 35%
San Diego Padres 34%
Since 2000, big league clubs are sitting at $653,260,000 in positive income for an average of $3,629,222 per team per team each year. The biggest earners over that period were not teams that are considered the big market teams, but mid-market teams.
Team             '00 - '05 Operating Income
Seattle Mariners $86.53
Baltimore Orioles $84.76
San Francisco Giants $77.94
Cleveland Indians $72.78
Atlanta Braves $69.35
Cincinnati Reds $68.27
Houston Astros $65.57
Milwaukee Brewers $62.75
Chicago White Sox $62.30
Oakland Athletics $61.20
The bottom ten has mostly big spenders with a sprinkling of poorly run teams.
Team             '00 - '05 Operating Income
Montreal Expos - $3.00
Toronto Blue Jays - $9.90
Florida Marlins -$12.75
St Louis Cardinals -$17.20
Texas Rangers -$22.96
Boston Red Sox -$39.21
Anaheim Angels -$44.98
Arizona Diamondbacks -$46.11
New York Yankees -$56.71
Los Angeles Dodgers -$85.08
Good 'ole Fred has kept his team the closest to breaking even without losing money with a total of $3,140,000 saved up for a rainy day. Overall, baseball owners have enjoyed a lot of success lately. For the most part, they are putting their money back into their teams which is precisely what the players want and what the fans want since it should in theory translate to a better product on the field. The state of baseball is a very good one right now with the league enjoying a lot of popularity and plenty of fans are coming to the parks to watch games.

* * *

  • They both had a total of 18 homers in the first two rounds to make it the finals, but David Wright was edged out by one homerun off the bat of Ryan Howard as Howard took the homerun derby."I was unconscious in the beginning," Wright said. "Then we had the break, and I cooled off. I was brought back down to earth. I wish I would've had all my 30 outs in that first round. I might still be hitting."

    Wright had 16 after the first round but ran out of gas after that and only hit six more in the next two rounds. Sugar Pants didn't win, but did us all proud and maybe not winning is the best he could have done for the Mets and Met fans.

  • Chat Wrap stuff...

    Richard, Tampa FL: Robert, who's your NL mvp right now?

    Buster Olney: Richard: Only my parents can call me that name (just kidding). Pujols, with Wright a close second.

    Not enough???

    Brien Fletcher(Carle Place,NY): Do you think david wright has a chance at the NL MVP

    Gary Gillette: Yes, an excellent chance with the Mets playing so well. He will have strong competition from Pujols, Berkman, possibly Garciaparra, maybe teammate Beltran, outside chance of Rolen. But I think he would win if the votes were cast now.

  • This just somehow pours more salt in my deep wounds.

    Following Sunday's game against the Yankees, shortstop Alex Rodriguez asked the Devil Rays ace if he wanted to travel to Pittsburgh along with him and Mariano Rivera aboard the slugger's private jet.

  • Miguel Cabrera is apparently no David Wright.

    Olsen was seen shouting at Cabrera as they came off the field before Cabrera reached past teammates in the dugout to poke Olsen in the head with a finger. Olsen attempted to jab back before Cabrera slapped at him with his right hand.

    Cameras then caught Cabrera blowing a bubble with his chewing gum while being spoken to by manager Joe Girardi.

    Cabrera irked his teammates last season for his lack of maturity and poor work ethic. He was suspended for one game in September for arriving late for a game and said of the veterans, they "better not come tell me anything."

    For all the flack that Lastings Milledge has caught, he has at least exhibited respect and willingness to learn.

    Just another side note about his size, did anyone see the homerun derby and the clips of Cabrera during his rookie year? He looks like a different person in such a short time. I maintain my assertion that he may look Mo Vaughn-esque in a few years.

  • Carlos Gomez makes is first appearance of 2006 on the Baseball America Prospect Hot Sheet.

    Carlos Gomez, of, Mets (Double-A Binghamton): Since returning from an injury in mid-June, Gomez is hitting .321 and is 14-for-32 in July in what is the best offensive run of his career. Plate discipline is still a problem though as he has 58-13 strikeout-walk ratio in 245 at-bats.

    Anderson Hernandez? Not-so-hot.

    Anderson Hernandez, ss/2b, Mets (Triple-A Norfolk)
    Hernandez was Wally Pipped in New York by Jose Valentin and it has only gotten worse in Norfolk. No Met did more to improve their prospect status in 2005, but he is hitting .246 for Norfolk on the season and is 6-for-34 in July with 10 strikeouts and zero walks.

    In theory you were nice, but you never fooled me.

  • Here are some highlights of Baseball Prospectus' This Week in Quotes.

    "If he hits .400, I’ll buy him a car."
    --Twins outfielder Torii Hunter, on what he'll do if teammate Joe Mauer hits .400 (Kansas City Star)

    "A Hyundai."
    --Hunter, when asked what kind of car

    "David [Wright] should get Jose [Lima] to throw to him. He'd win for sure."
    --An unnamed Met, on how teammate David Wright may win the Home Run Derby (MLB.com)

    It's easy to feel bad for Lima after that quote, but sometimes the truth hurts. He doesn't recognize he is done, but I guess the Mets are enablers. They took a shot (twice) and it didn't work.

  • Mike Carp went 3 for 4 with two doubles, a walk, and three RBIs while driving in each run for St. Lucie in their loss to Jupiter.

    Brooklyn has recovered after a horrendous start and beat State College yesterday 5-4. New draftee and uber sider armer Joe Smith picked up his third save after striking out the side in the ninth while not allowing a baserunner.

    2006 third round pick John Holdzkom threw two scoreless innings for the GCL Mets in their loss to the GCL Marlins and has a 13.50 ERA in eight innings.


    Blogger Kenny said...

    So is Lima gone for good? I thought he was done with this team and then he was out there getting lit up Friday night. I was unprepared for that and threw a temper tantrum in front of my wife.

    I hope and pray that he is done for good. The team obviously has no respect for him.

    I hope LoDuca's arm is OK after last night. His pitches were looking pretty bad towards the end of the derby.

    And in closing, I hate the derby. It takes way too fucking long and Chris Berman needs to go.

    12:01 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    From Rotoworld:

    Pending free agent Barry Zito has switched agents and is now represented by Scott Boras.

    This may not seem like much of a story, but it likely hurts Zito's potential trade value. Boras is unlikely to allow any teams to negotiate a long-term deal with Zito even after a midseason trade, which means general manager Billy Beane may find the offers tougher to come by.

    You gotta be kidding me. Is there any other fucking agent in baseball BESIDES this mother fucker?? This is bullshit! Zito was gonna get the money anyway NOW team will have to over-OVER spend to get this guy. What the fuck?!?

    - Nokes

    12:06 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Lima Time will probably be in AAA....if he's not already. The Mets won't throw in away, besides, someone has to start those games. Just please, can we never actually see him pitch again?

    Chris Berman is a hack supreme. Enough of him.

    I enjoyed the derby for the sole reason of Sugar Pants. I am excited about the game because of Wright and Senior Perfecion. All other years? I don't care. Luckily Wright, Beltran, Reyes, and Milledge will be there for a while.

    LoDuca looked sharp, best BP pitcher out there. He looked great.

    Zito and Boras? Ouch...Well we knew he would cost about $15 million a year...I don't think that changes that. His trade value is hurt if a team wanted to negotiate because we know Boras won't let him do that.

    Nokes....don't forget about the worst part...he'll drag it on until the end of January at the earliest. We get to look forward to having a big question mark as the Yankees and Mets duke it out.

    12:14 PM

    Anonymous NYZ said...

    Research question:

    Has the scout or front office guy who picked D-Wright as the man to draft ever been identified?

    12:48 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    He was signed by Randy Milligan according to Baseball America. He should be on an island and retired courtesty of the Wilpons.

    1:11 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Having Boras as the agent may help the mets this off season, if not before.

    Pelfrey and Beltran are his clients and the mets have a relationship with him.

    btw, it is because of boras that pelrey dropped to 7 in the draft. no one wanted to deal with him but the mets.

    1:13 PM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    Fuck Zito!

    15 mil per... please! If ANYBODY pays Barry Zito anywhere near 15 mil per, then from that point on, a precident is set.

    Labor negotiations coming up shortly? Well, sorry owners! You just gave Barry Zito 15 mil per. That means you are all a bunch of dumbass nimrods, and therefore you have absolutely no right to negotiate anything.

    As if the players didn't already get just about eveything they want. If that happens, the owners give up all rights, and can never again demand anything from any player/employee.

    Oh, and if the Mets do somehow manage to pull off a trade involving any young talent for this guy before the season is over, I might just blow up Shea ahead of schedule. Ya wanna go after him in the off season, fine. No trades for a rent-a-player, and no 15 mil (or anywhere near that) once he is a free agent.

    He aint worth it.

    1:17 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Anon..you are right...and wrong. The problem with Boras is not that it hurts the Mets chances of affording him. Zito is getting paid Burnett money and getting five years, but it's the timeline he works on. He waits until all other sign and look what effect that had on the Astros and their Beltran hunt? They gave it their best shot and put all their eggs into one basket and when all was said and done, they were left with nothing.

    Now, the Mets need a Zito-type pitcher. Problem is, there are only two next season. Zito and Schmidt. Schmidt will be 34 at the start of next season and have a mound of arm injuries. There is only one guy...that's Zito. That wouldn't necessarily be an issue if there was only one interested team, but there should be two in this town alone and the other has pretty deep pockets too. If the Mets get strung along all winter and fail to upgrade their staff because they went for Zito, that is bad.

    Pelfrey dropped to ninth and in the draft, I'm thankful for Boras at times. In the bigs? Never good. The Mets got lucky the Yankees didn't want Beltran and didn't have much competition for him. It was the perfect year for them to snag him.

    Paladin, I can appreciate you and your Fuck Zito! sentiments, but the Mets need him and he's very young still. He'll have five good years and still be what, 32 or 33 when he leaves?

    Millwood got 5 years $12 mill....Burnett got 5 years $11 million. Let that sink in. Zito is a far more valuable commodity. He's getting $15 per year or close to it.

    I doubt they get Zito in-season if they cannot resign him. Milledge + whomever else + whomever else is just not worth it even if the COULD resign him.

    1:36 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    I enjoyed watching our Sugar Pants in the Derby as well, though I think you are being generous by saying he was "edged out by one run." Had Howard continued hitting, I think he might have put some distance between himself and D-Wright.

    I couldn't agree more that the Derby goes way too long. I mean, over 2 hours for a lousey HR-hitting exposition? Chris Berman is very, very annoying. He is still using the same lame knickname/classic rock schtick from '91 when I used to watch NFL PrimeTime in high school. I groan every time I hear his voice on ESPN. Do we get Buck and McCarver for tonight's game?

    2:27 PM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    Believe me, I am very aware of the fact that both Millwood and Mr. Always Injured Burnett were signed to two of the more obscene contracts in the history of MLB. But it's no coincidence that Zito has yet to even come close to his Cy Young performance of 2002. Four seasons later, all he's been able to muster is a few good-great starts per year. He's certainly picked it lately, but has yet to prove that he belongs in the elite class of pitchers in MLB.

    Maybe a shift to the NL will help him out. Lord knows the lack of offense should help him, not to mention the fact that he will be aided by an entire league that for the most part has never had to face him. But this guy has had his 15 minutes, and now I truly believe that he is at best a borderline, very good pitcher. A bit better than above average, and well below great (actually not even close).

    Maybe one day he can manage to pull it all together and regain some semblance of that old form. But he probably won't. At least not for an entire season. At times you will see flashes of brilliance, because physically, he has the goods. But I just don't think he is a top notch competitor, and that's why he will never fully regain that old form. As a result, he is not (and never will be) an elite pitcher. And if he is not an elite pitcher, then he does not deserve elite pitcher money. That does not mean he won't get that money. Afterall, sports franchises have proven that they will always pay for someone they believe MIGHT give them what he didn't give his prior club (Burnett for example). I just don't think it's right.

    At the right price (and don't ask me what that is cause I have no idea), I honestly wouldn't mind seeing him give it a shot in a Mets uniform. I just can't see anyone tying themselves up in a guy who's best record since that 2002 Cy Young year was 14-12, with a 3.30 ERA. Cause from there it just got worse.

    2:33 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Bookied, I must admit, I didn't see the end. I DVR'd it and didn't think ahead to go over by a half hour or so. I didn't read anything on it, I just skimmed and looked at the tracker. So....I thought it was closer than it was apparently.

    Should be Buck and McCarver. Kill me now. Is Fran Healy available? HA! Of course he is....

    Paladin, I agree...he's not en elite pitcher. In fact health and the gift of innings may be his biggest asset right now since he is no ace. But, the market being what it is and he's still in his prime, he's getting paid. Will he be worth what he gets? Is anyone worth $15 million?

    Also, keep in mind a move to the NL will give him must better numbers too. I would expect a 3.15 ERA to 3.30 over fiver years in the NL....He's still a solid pitcher, just not elite. But a move to the NL may allow him to once again put up elite numbers. The NL is so much weaker than the AL it's just silly. Zito can also be put in big games and go against anyone. Let's not forget the Mets have no lefties outside of Niese in their system worth anything. He has plenty of positives...

    2:41 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da Bronx said...

    To me, it is REAL hard for me to believe that neither the Mets NOR the Yankees turned out profits in a while.
    Especially the Yankees, no way in hell.
    It's lying with statistics...

    It's not about payroll, it's all about spending on the RIGHT players.
    I mean, imagine if this were a couple of years ago.
    Pedro=$13 million
    Kris Benson=$9 million
    If this were 2002, Kris Benson would have been the ace. Does that extra $4 million hurt THAT much? You feel me?
    God Bless Omar.

    Oh that A-Rod... always giving back to the kids. Always giving back to the community.

    Being a baseball player kicks ass. Could you imagine, instead of makign $5 bets, you bet a car n' shit. Amazing...

    HAHA! Holy shit, whoever said that about Lima is the fucking man. For some reason, I'm guessing it was Cliff Floyd!

    Joe Smith=pitching well.
    Johnny Holdz?..not soo much.

    Barry Zito on the Mets. I like it because he does not have to be the ace of the staff. He would be either #2, or #3, which is perfect for him.
    Would $13 million for Zito hurt? well, think of it this way, with Milledge filling in for Floyd, its looking pretty good as far as payroll goes.
    I think, that once again, the payroll will be consistant.

    3:29 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Benny, believe it. Of course there is debate as to how much money the Yankees can hide from their network, but Mr. Wilpon has been losing money.

    And yes, it's not how much you spend, but how you spend it. The Mets are doing a nice job of spending wisely.

    Payroll wise there is no doubt they can handle Zito over the next five years. Glavine will go one more tops with the Mets and be dropped and his salary slots right into that and Floyd, Traschel's, and Zambrano's salary comes off the books next season. Their payroll will be the same with $13 to $15 million invested in Zito. I think they have to bring him in.

    3:41 PM

    Anonymous rick m said...

    Cabrera is definately juiced, did you see his forearms? You can't add mass like that on your forearms without a lot of pharmaceutical help. He is a heck of a player, though.

    I'm curious about those out there who hate McCarver so much: were you fans in the mid eighties when he did color for the Mets? His voice, like Bob Murphy's, is inextricably linked (in my mind) with some great teams and my own early fandom. Just hearing his voice brings a smile to my face...

    3:55 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    I wasn't being negative about Buck and McCarver; I actually like both of them. I agree that Tim, though long winded, was the voice of Mets Baseball throughout my entire childhood, and I am happy for any opporutnity to hear him. I miss Murph too.

    4:35 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Oh, I don't think he juiced. He's more beef, not muscle. He has tree trunks for legs and he does not look like the juicers of the late 90's early 00's. I just think he's going to get bulky...really bulky.

    I was just starting to watch the Mets around then and did like him then, though I was too young to really care. Now? He is just so long winded and goes on about pointless stuff. He is irritating and thinks he knows it all. He has too many cliché-type things flying out of his mouth and is repetitive and I don't even watch him often.

    I don't get all reminiscent when I hear his voice since it was so long ago and just because Healy was around for a bit doesn't mean I get teary eyed when I hear him. Not that McCarver and Healy are comparable, but you get the idea.

    I will get grilled for this too, but couldn't wait for Murph and Kiner to be gone. I really didn't like their game calling at the end or voice. I am far happier now with the team than I ever was and don't mind Kiner for an inning every Friday...feel free to lambaste me.

    4:47 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Mike can u clarify for me - the Zambrano and Trax salaries come off the books after 2006 ends or after 2007 season? Just a little confused over the wording.

    5:27 PM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    Kiner really lost it at the end. Not only did his voice deteriorate, but his mind did as well. He obviously found it more and more difficult to keep up with the game, and have his words keep up with his thoughts. He would jumble words, take long pauses, and quite frankly it became rather sad at the end. I'm glad to have him in the booth though once a week. It's a nice feeling to hear his voice. Hope he stays in good health for as long as possible.

    As for Murph, well, the deterioration in my opinion was not as severe at the end as it was for Kiner. Again, like Kiner, there were obvious slips due to age progression. And yeah it could get uncomfortable for listeners such as myself, but I would NEVER, EVER say that I couldn't wait for him to be gone. And I don't think that he would have stretched it out any further either, because he was a very prideful man. He would not have let the act go on too long, and I don't think he did. For me, Murph went out just at the right time. I wanted to hear that mans voice for as long as I possibly could, because I realized just how lucky I was to have had the honor to hear him call games. I just wish he would have lived longer so that he could FINALLY enjoy the retirement he so rightly deserved. Makes me very sad just thinking about that.

    I also remember McCarver fondly. You say you were too young to truly remember his voice and stylings back then (shit, I'm only 30!), but rest assured he was NOT the complete pompous ass he appears to be today. Maybe it's just a matter of his success getting the best of him. He has since become a national voice, and has done very well with his career. As a result, I wholeheartedly agree that he is, more often than not, virtually unlistenable now. This is also something that makes me sad, because he was once a damn fine announcer.

    Personally, I always thought that Rose should have taken the TV gig, with Cohen sticking to radio. Maybe Cohen would have eventually left to do bigger and better things elsewhere, which is why he was offered the job. And while I have no doubt that Cohen will get better and better as he continues to do more and more TV (he's certainly not as good as he was on radio, and understandably so), I really love the way Rose calls a television broadcast. This is a guy who has been calling hockey forever, and if you can pull off being a top hockey announcer, hell, you can call ANYTHING! He is brilliant on TV (and on the radio as well), and I just felt that Cohen had the chance to go down as one of those classic radio guys! He was just so brilliant at painting a verbal picture, and he had already invested so much time into it that I felt he would be our next Murph. But, that's not the way it went down, and honestly the organization has improved it's overall presence in the media substantially with the addition of Tom McCarthy (AKA, Gary Clone!). Now the Mets have not only a brilliant radio team, but also a very, very good (one day will be brilliant) TV team to go along with it.

    Long overdue!

    Oh, BTW, who remembers Gary Thorne doin Mets radio in the mid '80s, and then some TV for channel 9 in the mid '90s? I have ALWAYS loved the way he calls a game. Great voice, and a highly skilled announcer.

    5:48 PM

    Anonymous farva said...

    "He was signed by Randy Milligan according to Baseball America. He should be on an island and retired courtesty of the Wilpons."- No he should be the chief scout.

    Signing Zito is going to be a big deal over the winter. The yanks will certainly be interested and willing to overpay for a sure fire ace. Might be worth trading Milledge for Willis just to miss out on this bullshit over the winter.

    Berman or Buck and McCarver, hmm, a shit sandwich or a philly shitsteak? Hmm, which do I want less of?

    It is amazing to think that the team has a big nucleaus but the fringe players will change significantly from year to year. Next year we probably lose Trax, Zambrano (oh please let him go!) and Floyd. In fact out of the starting rotation only Pedro is certain of coming back! Glavine is no certainty due to that contract, El Duque, Soler, Pelfrey (probably #3 starter) etc are no certainties. We really need two more pitchers who will be long term #2 and #3 pitchers for us after Glavine goes. Pelfrey is probably one and Willis or Zito could be another.

    8:13 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    After this little jaunt with Kazmir, A-Rod proves that he is King of the Pricks.

    8:33 PM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    The Prince of New York!

    Is there anything this guy can't do?

    Gotta love it. Not only does he knot it back up, but he does it against that scumbag, Rogers! NICE!

    9:28 PM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    Might be the best All Star game for any NY Mets player with regards to offensive production. Wright knots it up to make it a brand new ball game, while Beltran single handedly creates his own scoring opportunity by being aggressive on the base pads (BTW, where the FUCK is all that aggressive base running when he's playing for his own team?).

    On top of that, it may very well have been the best All Star game I've ever seen. Tremendous pitching from both sides, with guys dialing it up several notches knowing that they will only be pitching 1-2 innings at most. And while there weren't many hits, just about all of them were timely, and very important. Of Course the American League gets the most important hits of the evening, all off of Hoffman, who went from making the first two batters look stupid, to making the next three look like heros.

    ACTUALLY, only two of the three looked like heros. Because correct me if I'm wrong here, but why have Cabrera guard the line so closely with two outs and nobody on? So what if they get one extra base hit with two outs! NOBODY is on base to score if one goes down the line! Now I might just be way off base here, but I just don't think you make that big a hole for a guy to shoot it through like that. Not when there are two outs in the ninth with no runners on base. That's just playing it too safe. Granted, Hoff winds up giving up the farm after that hit, but the hit should never have been to begin with.

    Shame that after such a well played game on both offense and defense, the NL goes and gives it up with both a meltdown by ONE pitcher, and what I believe to be a misplay by ONE fielder. Terrific team play the entire game... botched by just TWO guys with TWO outs in the ninth. Total waste.

    Certainly bitter-sweet. Our Mets performed very, very well all weekend long. They did everything they possibly could in order to not only make this a great spectacle for their fans, but also to try and win the game for their league, and maybe even themselves for when it comes time for the playoffs. Oh well. It's only an exhibition game, right?

    ...........right? Oh, no it isn't. THIS TIME... it counts. What a load of shit.

    8:58 AM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    few things.

    mike, ur crazy for bashing those guys. while mccarver goes on and on sometimes, he was awesome with the mets. gary thorne was awesome too. channel 9 baseball was the shit. everything (graphics and all these other announcements) felt secondary to the game and the announcers.

    murphy was awesome. i loved that he appreciated good baseball. he wasnt a homer like the TBS bastards,t hat old sack of shit rizzutto and that fucking scumbag john sterling. i hate hearing announcers go ape shit when they are supposed to be reporting a game. murphy did that. he'd get excited sometimes, but for all teams.

    benny is officially a "moneyball" guy. i guess thats why he's president of the howard and arod fan club.

    9:30 AM

    Anonymous joe said...

    The first two hitters, Jermaine Dye and Miguel Tejada, went down faster than you could say, "See ya in Queens for the seventh game of the World Series." But then it was Paul Konerko's turn.

    10:00 AM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    "But then it was Paul Konerko's turn." -- joe

    You know that will come back to haunt us.

    A rival 3rd baseman in our division lets the tying baserunner on because he doesn't know where the fuck he should be positioning himself in that situation. And who's the man responsible for hitting that "what should have been the game ending out" ball?

    None other than Paul Konerko of the Chicago White Sox. The same Chicago White Sox who may very well get to their second straight World Series, and may very well face who?

    The New York Mets. And if that happens, you know against that line-up, that defense, and that pitching staff, with them having home field...

    Can you say, BLOOD BATH?

    10:25 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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