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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mr. Brightside

I was admittedly a bit negative with yesterday's post. Wasting a few hours of my life does that sometimes, but it's not all that bad. Yes, the Mets got embarrassed two games in a row. However, if they were going to lose, is it not at least a nice consolation prize that it hurts the Yankees? The Yankees are a game further out than they were before the Red Sox/Mets series started and I get pleas from Yankee fans daily for the Mets to eak out a win.

Thankfully I will not be watching any Met games until I actually go Monday's game against the Pirates. With Boston making the Mets their bitches and Mussina, Johnson, and Wright taking on El Duque, Traschel, and Soler, I have a feeling that I'm saving myself from having a few years shaved off of my life by not watching what could be a massacre. These past two days of baseball have been poc marked with mental lapses, errors, and the Mets looking like they were a few leagues below the Red Sox and I don't see it getting better until the Mets return to Shea.

It didn't take long for my attempt to look at the brightside of things to degenerate into negativity again. I really tried, but these last two days were ugly after such a highly anticipated series.

* * *

  • Thanks to Billy for this link....

    While Peter is not a fan of the shirts, I really don't believe they mean "yeah, I pop the old lady. Ain't I cool?" if you wear them. Most of the clothing is for women anyway and you have to give them credit for their large line that includes shirts, thongs, camisoles, boxer shorts and trucker hats. What's that? You don't know what a camisole is? Neither did I so I googled it and I'm sorry I did. This is a camisole but apparently men where them too.

  • A-Rod hit a game winning homerun yesterday.

    "Hopefully (the booing is) behind me," Rodriguez said. "I needed that and the team needed that."

    You are a naive man.

  • Jesus Flores continues to get some Baseball Prospectus love.

    8. Jesus Flores, Mets
    Age: 21.7 Hitting: .273/.340/.519 in 64 G (Hi-A) Arm: 24-for-62 (39%)

    The Mets have always liked Flores' potential, but his full-season debut last season--in which he hit just .216/.250/.339--was marred by a broken thumb that prevented him from holding a bat properly for much of the season. This year he's perfectly healthy, and his bat--which is his best tool--has not only come alive, it's gotten better every month.

    MONTH AVG HR/100 BB/100 SO/100
    April .197 2.8 5.6 31.00
    May .280 6.5 7.5 29.03
    June .343 6.0 7.5 23.88

    This does not take away from Flores' defensive skills, which are at least solid across the board according to one scout, who graded his arm as plus. If Saltalamacchia is the biggest fall so far this year among backstops, Flores might be the biggest jump.

    Though Will Carroll said that only the top two have star power, it's still good to get the attention.

  • Note to Willie...if Lastings is going to start today, stick him in right.

    Lastings Milledge endured another nightmare – again on a ball that did not reach the Green Monster. He got under a first-inning fly ball just in front of the wall in left field and had it bounce out of his glove for a two-base, two-run error.

    "I just missed it,'' he said. "I just didn't come up with the catch. I don't know what else you want me to say. I didn't come up with the catch. I looked horrible on that play."

  • Bob Klapisch wonders if Pedro would be a shell of his former self in the AL?

    It was supposed to be precision fastballs and deadly change-ups all night, good enough to stifle the hottest team in baseball. Nice image. Nice homecoming story line. Only, it didn't turn out that way.

    Instead, Pedro allowed eight runs in three innings, getting nuked so thoroughly in the Mets' 10-2 blowout it makes you wonder: what kind of pitcher would Pedro be throwing those 86-mph fastballs in the American League?

    Martinez can still throw strikes anywhere from 79-87 mph, which is good enough to frustrate the National League in a down year. But looking back, Pedro was smarter than anyone knew by fleeing the American League after the '04 season, when his fastball was clearly fading.

    I think it is fair to say he would have a lot worse numbers, but the Pedro of the last month or so has not even been the Pedro of the first two months. Hopefully this is just his June swoon or the Mets have no shot in the playoffs.

  • Norfolk reliever Royce Ring, who appeared in 15 games for the Mets last season, has been named to pitch in the Triple-A All-Star Game.

    Good to see Royce get back into a groove.

  • Baseball Prospectus likes Jose Reyes.

    With all the talk of unachieved potential, it’s easy to overlook Reyes’ steady, if slow, improvement over those years. He’s tightened up his defense considerably and his leg injuries, which were verging on chronic and threatened to end his career, are well behind him. Now, he seems to be whittling away his last major weakness.

    Clearly, Reyes isn’t going to going to continue to hit .500, or .400 for that matter. But the longstanding hopes of .300+ with 70 walks a year and some decent pop all of a sudden might even be conservative.

  • Phil Humber returned to the Florida State League after one start in the Gulf Coast League and it is hard to not be happy with his results.

    Humber (1-0) allowed three runs on five hits and a walk while striking out five. The 23-year-old right-hander's first action of the season was a four-inning start on June 22 with the Gulf Coast League Mets.

    While no one doubts the electric arm of Mike Pelfrey having a higher ceiling than Phil, Humber is already throwing 91-94 according to a previous article and it is not out of the realm of possibilities to see Humber contribute more on the big league level first. If watching rookie pitchers struggle has taught me anything, it taught me that a guy who relies primarily on his fastball (no matter how hard it is) and still working on his secondary pitches is going to get hit hard. Pelfrey still has a bit to go and Phil Humber may come along quicker despite coming off of Tommy John due to a wider repertoire of pitches that includes a plus secondary pitch to compliment a plus primary pitch.

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Like the Killers reference in the title there, Mike :-)

    Oh and let me just rant here for 30 seconds - I may be overtly negative here too...but isn't this the Pedro we were ALL warned about when he signed? The coddled, the sensitive, the emotional pitcher? Arguably, he didn't have a game like this last year (we don't know what he was feeling out there last night), so we may have been saved from this behavior last year...but I was truly disappointed he didn't get downright filthy and get tough. So what, he was pitching against his buddies Papi & Manny? If anything, he should know how to strike those bums out!

    And if this is a game in June, how is going to fare in October if he doesn't step up his game and start getting mean, ESP if he faces his buds again?

    I hate to sound so negative, I mean, we are in first, we GAINED ground, we're rolling over everyone we are supposed to be rolling over, the Sox are one of the best in their class, but I don't know...i was thoroughly disappointed in pedro last night. And I *heart* Pedro.

    12:08 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Well, it was not so much a Killers reference as just the title and I pondered changing it so as not to confuse people into thinking I was a Killers fan, but decided to run with it. I actually like the song, but hate the Killers.

    Coop, you are 100% on with Pedro. Moving to the NL as Klap said was a great move, but Pedro has livened up this team and is worth the signing by that alone. Pedro's stuff is not hard anymore and good teams will kill him if he is a bit off. He can be off against the Pirates and still win, but not the Red Sox. This worries me for World Series that the Mets will be playing in and this is why I wanted Omar to bring big Mike a #2/#3 starter for Christmas just in case Pedro was not Pedro.

    He does go into these lapses, but his BAA is still freakishly low and he does lead the NL in Ks (or did, but if he's not, he's close). If this is continuing in August, lets get our panties in a bundle and get really worried. I thought Pedro would step it up too, but who knows. It looked like he was frightened to pitch to Manny and Ortiz. Maybe his head was all jumbled up though I hate to use the mental excuse in Pedro's case since he would throw at this mother. Also, this team is hot...red hot like the Mets were when they were killing everyone. Did the Mets stand a chance? If this was two weeks ago, do the Mets get killed? This weekend series with the Yankees will be a barometer to see if this team can rebound.

    I really wanted to see the Mets play shot for shot with the best team in the AL East and that is why I'm really.....really....really dissapointed as well. It would have validate what we thought of this team and they did not even look like they belonged.

    12:18 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    We are going to need a big time pitcher if we make it to the WS, that has become apparent playing interleague. Duque, Soler, Traxx and Pedro might be good in the NL but they have struggled against the deep AL orders.

    There is no doubtnow that Omar will be scowering the AL over the coming weeks looking for a dominant pitcher. The only question will be what do we give up to get him?

    When is Bannister back?

    12:21 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Bannister was eligible to come off of the DL on the 26th I think and has yet to throw a pitch. After such a long layoff, he would be a few weeks away if he started this week. So it's not out of the realm of possibilities to think an early August return is the soonest we would see him, but he is just another option in the same line of pitcher that was already have manning the back three. We really need Pelfrey to be the Mets version of Jon Lester. There just is not much out there. Zito 'ain't going to no Mets'...Maybe Schmidt? But this is the problem to not having a deep farm system, only Lastings has value for someone good. Ervin Santana was rumorred to be offered for Crawford, but he costs Milledge and other prospects as well. The Mets have issues. No doubt.

    12:31 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    mike why do you hate the killers? i don't know anything about them but i do like their (overplayed) album.

    bp loves reyes. isn't it ironic (unlike rain on your wedding day and other unlucky things the nickolodean girl thinks are ironic)? it's great how even the statheads jump on the bandwagon after a hot spell. reyes has always been my favorite, even better than dw, bc he's the most fun to watch. i thought the whole point of sabermetrics was to help you anticipate things like an increased walk rate leading to better overall play. what's the point if stat guys get suprised by obvious things like reyes busting out? not that i hate stats or anything, they rule.

    give pedro a break. he's in month-long a rough spell, it happens. it's no surprise that his emotions affected his pitching last night, just too bad the effect was negative. in my other league a few weeks ago i did trade for santana instead of pedro, but i'd still take pedro over just about everyone else. plus above all as you say mike, he got the ball rolling and what he has already done for the mets is enough to justify his whole contract.

    12:39 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    has milledge lost value do you think? he has in my mind.

    if not, trade him and soler and floyd for crawford and promote pelfrey. not that this would happen, but crawford would be sweller than swell.

    12:42 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I hate them because they annoy me. I do think Mr. Brightside is a great song. Make no mistake about that shit. It reminds me of Vegas when I was at the Hard Rock and it was pumping every ten mintues. Good times.

    Sabermetrics is ALL about trying to predict the unknown. It is to be used in tandem with traditional scouting and it is a useful tool. It's hard to predict what a player will do, but it is proven that some stats can help paint a picture of the future. That being said, with guys like Reyes, they bust down those walls. You don't think Beane would have loved Reyes? Talent trumps all sometimes and I must admit, I was not sure if Reyes would hit his ceiling, but I am feeling more comfy about that with his newfound ability to walk.

    As for Pedro, his velocity sits in the mid 80's sometimes. With a weak staff that is deep, but not great, you have to worry when one of your top dogs is kind of looking bad when a lot of peopole think he has a myriad of injuries that could contribute to a breakdown. He is so vital to this team.

    Milledge? Tough one. I don't think so. He proved he can play on this level, but has things to learn. You cannot teach the talent the kid has and he has shown he CAN be a game changer.

    That being said, if Milledge + Soler = Crawford, sign me the fuck up. You can have Niese to for that matter. Crawford ridiculous.

    1:00 PM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    I am finishing up Moneyball as we speak, and as I understand it the point of sabermetrics is to ascertain, over the course of a full year (that is the important part) how many runs a team is going to score, and how many it is going to give up. You can then translate that into wins and losses. Playing moneyball does take into account hot streaks (such as Reyes') because over the course of a full year those streaks have a tendency to even themselves out (see the last 2 games). The downfall of sabermetrics is that it can never account for what will occur in the short term, i.e. an important series against the Red Sox in June or the Divisional Playoffs in September. In a short series, "luck" and "getting hot" are more important than a season full of stats.

    I'm not sure Beane would love Reyes. Beane hates the stolen base, and hates players that don't walk or, at the very least, look at pitches as a way of wearing down the hitter. Hey, Beane did not like Tejada, he could not like anyone. And, for anyone who didn't read Moneyball, it makes readily evident that Art Howe was a complete loser, who did as he was told by his GM. Not surprising that the old Mets bought into it and gave him a big deal.

    1:23 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Count..if you are reading Moneyball, this is a great read.

    Beane is a saber guy, but tools are still tools. There are guys that bust that down every once in a while like when he drafted Jeremy Bonderman despite the fact he was a high school pitcher.

    1:34 PM

    Blogger neworder said...

    From my standpoint I see a work in progress. By NO means is this a rotation I want in the playoffs. Several games highlight this and the annual failures of the Cards, braves and astros prove that a team cannot be one dimensional.

    The R-sox have (quietly) retooled and Beckett for Pedro is a lesson Omar needs to take literally.

    With Petey's obvoius toe/hip issues, he needs rest and an opp to reset.

    Yesterdays game made Soler look 'not so bad'. And really he is not.

    But Mike the quote of the day IS yours 'Note to Willie...if Lastings is going to start today, stick him in right'...definately !!!

    1:38 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    While we're on the subject of Bright Sides (I DO like The Killers, BTW), maybe a series in June to expose the team's weaknesses is a good thing, in that we now have a month to address them via trades, call-ups, etc. Continuing to pound on the weak NL every week has made us grow complacent enough to believe that the team isn't in need of improvement. Okay, maybe not us really (we are Mets fans, after all), but it could at least alert Omar & Co. that they may need to do something.

    2:27 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    thanks for the BA chat Mike, good stuff. the one scout came off looking dense i thought. in my post i was just dogging stats guys cause they never gave reyes love and now hop on the bandwagon. but i have no problem with sabermetrics or scouting and think the two sides should stop making mountains of molehills bc they really agree on more than they realize, as the stats guys often point out. i did like moneyball. it was an excellent book on many levels beyond sabermetrics. joe morgan is an idiot, btw.

    but why, mike, why? why do they annoy you is what i want to know. just bc they are overplayed? i'm out of the music loop but i ended up with their album on my ipod and wore it out, all the songs rocked. have you heard the whole thing?

    2:36 PM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    I thought THE KILLERS album was at best OK. The first half of the CD is awesome, I don't care how overplayed the songs were (and they were). But the second half of the CD is ordinary at best, and brings down the whole. They have an unreleased song, "The Ballad of Michael Valentine" which is pretty cool.


    In that vein, I think bands like PANIC AT THE DISCO, KAISER CHIEFS, and FRANZ FERDINAND kick THE KILLERS' ass. But, that being said, "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine" is a kick ass song (and can sometimes be heard leading into Mike & Mike at 7 am on ESPN radio).

    2:55 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    I'm taking the long view here. Seeing where we ache is better than getting crushed in the playoffs. I think Pedro will be fine but may need a week or two off. We could do that with the lead we have, with the offense we have too for that matter. Soler totally got me down, the big whimp. You could nearly hear him offering to pay Tuesday for a hamburger today. Despicable.

    I don't think Milledge has anything to feel ashamed about, but he should head back to Jake's house when Floyd comes off the DL. He's shown that he'll be fine next year, but that, like Reyes, he'll take some time to reach his potential in the majors. All you folks who want to trade him suddenly need to check yourselves. He misplayed two balls for goodness sake, and he's forgotten to work his counts, but he's legit.

    I'm probably not going to watch tonight either. Rather read the recap, digest the boxscore. But don't give up on our series with the Spankees. They are not the same caliber as the streaking Sox. In fact, the Sox are not even the same caliber as the streaking Sox. BUT, they're not far off. The Yankees, however, ARE far off.

    2:56 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I too have the Killers on my IPOD. I don't know, that one song for one that was all over the radio before Mr. Brightside side could be the biggest piece of shit ever. I was actually interested in their entire album and anxious to hear it and I just didn't like it. I guess no specific reason except personal taste.

    Agreed new order, this rotation cannot go into the playoffs contructed as such.

    Bookied, that is a great point. If the Mets just rolled over NL opponents, they'd get swept like the Cards in '04. Maybe this will open some eyes. I went from liking the rotation to seeing a four game sweep in the WS very fast. Bad week? Maybe, but what I see doesn't look pretty.

    Soler did look like a scared little child. I hate the playoff proven term because you don't need to be in the playoffs to prove your worth. I have faith in Wright despite not being there, Lester looked like he had some cojones, John Lacky and K-Rod did fine....Dirty Sanchez seems ok, Soler seems soft. I think that is a problem Too esily rattled.

    DG, I know the Yankees are not the same caliber as the Red Sox (who are streaking through the quad and to the gym), but they are still winning and we have unfavorable pitching matchups Fri and Sat and it's a toss-up Sunday. 2 of 3 would make me fell better, but I wanted a nice showing by the Mets to prove they belong. I agree games against the AL East mean nothing in the end, but you hate to see them get treated like they are the Royals.

    3:08 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Off-baseball topic - I am a BIG time Killers fan, cannot wait for their new album. Although i somewhat agree with Count Choc's assessment, as I told someone once - you guys don't know me in real life, but I was 7 y/o when Duran Duran came out with Rio, and it had a profound effect on my life and my music tastes (as cheesy as that sounds). The Killers album made me a 7 y/o girl in my room, listening to Rio again. I felt hopeful.

    But yes, Franz Ferd does rock and has been consistent in their recordings...but NO ONE in my humble opinion can top Keane. My new fave band :-)

    OK back to baseball - if we win tonight (which i won't be watching), I'll be happy. But Mets do need to make moves to improve their rotation.

    OK Mike - the visual of the Sox streaking through the quad, made me LOL. priceless

    4:13 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    i hope you guys have good reason not to watch (i do, softball game) otherwise you have no business calling Soler or anyone else soft. but you are right about the rotation. consistency from el duque would help.

    otherwise, let's hope pelfrey comes through bc i don't see a trade happening. check that, what i mean is if a trade does happen i think omar will do something none of us could have anticipated. how about bell, ring and owens for schmidt? haha, i'm kidding.

    jenny was a friend is good. so is indie rock n roll star or whatever it's called. like i said i'm out of the loop so thanks count and coop for the tips on the other bands.

    my problem with milledge isn't the drops or avg. but his attitude makes me nervous. i hate to say it especially after puffing his ass but the tude seems to ooze and i'm afraid it could turn sour one day. i know, i know he hasn't done anything bad, he just sketches me out.

    4:26 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Coop, I'll check them out again.

    Keane...I saw them once opening for another band. I just checked them out on Amazon....They are that good, huh?

    Jake, I'll be at a show tonight and in Lake George until early Monday. I have my reasons, though I'm not upset at missing that many Met games. Pelfrey might be brought up for lack of better choice. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    I think Milledge was humbled a bit this series and that is not a bad thing. Watching Beltran save his ass on another fly ball shows him what a real MLer does and that he has work. Fenway did a job on Lastings.

    4:33 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The bright side of this series is that if Omar thought that this team could win a World Series, this will show him they are not. The Red Sox and probably the White Sox are better.

    It shows flaws with inexperienced players like
    Soler, Milledge, Wright and Reyes all struggling this series under the glare of a playoff like atmosphere. Nothing we can do about that except get experience.

    As mentioned it has exposed the weakness in the rotation that Omar, when he traded away both Benson and Seo exacerbated.

    Unfortunately the NL East is the only division without a competive race and likely the only division where the good starters will be traded from. Livan, Myers, Hudson, Smoltz and Dontrell could all move. Unfortunately, not many teams will want to trade to a divisional rival.

    Would you trade Milledge straight up or in a package for Willis?


    4:47 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    Lake George rules. My good buddy is from there and I've visited a few times. You're not from there are you?

    4:49 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    Re: The Killers-you can download "Michael Valentine" and another good song "Under the Gun" from iTunes; they are the "b-sides" of the "Sombeody Told Me" single (just search The Killers on iTunes and you'll see it). I also like "Midnight Show" from Hot Fuss.

    The question, as always, is what will the Mets have to give up. I am starting to think that Owens is a likely trade candidate, just because Wagner is signed to a 4-year deal and Henry is so hot right now. Also, Omar always seems to be talking about how John Maine is going to help us. This leads me to believe that either (i) Maine will find his way into the rotation by late summer (adios Alay) or (ii) Omar is pumping him up for a trade.

    Saturday looks like a good pool/beach day, so there's your built-in excuse for that game. I still plan to be close to a TV to see all three Subway Series games. Even away at the Beach, I always miss being at Yankee Stadium when the Mets are there. I WILL be a Wrigley in 2 weeks when the Mets visit.

    5:01 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Would you trade Milledge straight up or in a package for Willis?

    Yup. I don't want to part with him, but given the agen of Willis and the track record, that is just hard to find. He's a hard throwing lefty to boot.

    Jake, I'm not from there. We just drink beer and pee in the lake up there.

    I love Owens, but 27 year old closers in AA don't carry much weight. I would not mind seeing Maine again with a healthy finger get another shot.

    Enjoy Wrigley. I've only been to Camden, Jack Murphy, Shea (obviously), Citizen's Bank, and Yankee stadium (obviously). Not too fucking swell.

    5:13 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    I like willis. but I can see too many other scenarios where we can assemble a package without Milledge. Flores is also a keeper.

    The assets that are usable include Ahern (compare to Reyes), Kepp, Floyd, Valentin, Heilman, Soler, Vic Diaz, and Concepcion.

    Other arms to consider; Jason Schmidt and Oliver Perez.

    Milledge has been a work. Mostly because prior to this Spring he was a CF. Also last yr he was in A ball. If not CF he SHOULD be in RF his arm is more potent there.

    Floyd is a cult hero but he wont be back next yr. If he can fetch Zumaya I would do it. Add that trade to Vic Diaz and Heilman for Pinero/Meche ( a #2-3 starter) I think these Mets could do well in the playoffs.

    In '99 The Mets neither make the playoffs nor make a run without Kenny Rogers.

    5:31 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    Willis's deception-based stuff and contorting delivery always scare me long-term (though I am no scout).

    Re: Owens, shouldn't his age not be a factor given his conversion from Catcher? He's not some AAAA guy who just never made it, and I figured teams would know it. However, I think his age is the reason why the Mets will probably deal him. If his numbers are telling the truth, then he is a closer-in-the-making, but we can't wait for Billy's contract to expire and bring Henry in at 31.

    Anon--I have been hot for Ollie Perez for years, but he seems to be too risky for a contending team to deal with. If Peterson can't straighten him out (in 10 minutes or otherwise), then we just have another project for '07 (albeit an intriguing one). I agree with all the names you floated. Meche would be much more reliable than Traxx, though he's not the sexiest name out there.

    5:43 PM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    that first comment was pretty gay. a man should never post that heart crap in a forum of other men.

    this is prolly just a bad stretch. relax folks. its a long season. for all you know glavine may throw a 3 hitter tonight and we'll sweep the yankees (unlikely but ya never know). we still have a chance to avoid the sweep and stay at .500 for the trip so far. i still like my chances in the bronx btw.

    btw this talks make me feels justified about my predictions earlier this year. i said that the mets were 1 2007 world series contender and needed a lil bit more work b4 they ironed out all of their flaws (rotation and outfield).

    6:05 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Coop is a lady...she is free to do as she pleases.

    Ossy, me and you could not be in more agreement about 1 starter away from. One starter.....so close, but so far.

    6:21 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Later everyone...I'm off.

    6:22 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    The Mets losing these games has not bothered me.
    You got guys over-reacting on Mets blog. Makes me wonder how odl they are. They're all like "Trade Wright-he's a choker, Trade Pedro, Trade Milledge he can't field" and blah, blah, blah!
    Fucking ridiculous.

    nice you going to the game monday, i'm off on monday, i'll think I'm gonna go too.

    ARods new nickname is Mr. June! lol. I still find it amazing how a guy "14th in the AL" being unclutch but whatever.

    I'm happy for Jesus Flores, i got faith in him. And after last season its good to see production everytime i see the boxscore for St. Lucie.

    People are over-reacting on Milledge bad fielding against the GREEN MONSTER, ARGH! as if he's a shitty fielder. Don't people listen anymore? Did they ignore the part where people have constantly said its hard to field at Fenway and even Yaz and Jim Rice took time to get used to it.
    Seriously... fuck some of the Met fans that are allowed to type nowadays.

    6:52 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    The Series amde me realize the Mets need one more starter.
    Not a pussy ass mediocre, non difference maker type like Gil Meche, Joel Piñiero, or Odalis Perez.
    But a real deal top notch difference maker like Jason Schmidt. At the beggining of the season I was scared of Schmidt but not anymore. This guy is back to business.

    7:04 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Yes, Ossy, don't be fooled by the moniker - I'm a chick :-) I also dole out *hugs* in the forums so (hug) ;-)

    10:08 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    YES! HUGS!

    10:45 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Agreed Benny. Everybody needs to chill. We do need one more front line, badass starter to get it where it needs to be. But we all knew that. Milledge is going to be the real deal. He's a difference maker.

    Yes, HUGS...good COOP!

    11:56 PM

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