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Monday, June 19, 2006

Met Nicknames

So far during the season, Met fans have come up with several new nicknames for players on this team. There was Sugar Pants for David Wright, The Undertaker for Paul LoDuca from Metstra, Monday from some genius for Victor Zambrano, The Truth for Lastings Milledge from Benny, Jose "In the Clear" Valentin, and others that are escaping me right now. So, let's get this out of the way and get nicknames.

David Wright = Sugar Pants
Paul LoDuca = The Undertaker
Victor Zambrano = Monday
Jose Valentin = Jose "In the Clear" Valentin
Lastings Milledge = The Truth
Steve Trachsel = The Human Rain Delay (too priceless to throw aside)

If you got a better one for anyone above? Let's hear it. Else, figure out a fitting one for everyone else including Willie. Let's try and keep it interesting as well and stay away from things like A-Rod and other typical crappy nicknames. Swearing is ok, being lewd is ok...just make sure it is good. Think before you suggest and try not to lay any clunkers. I'll be compiling a list for the side bar when all is said and done.

* * *

  • John Donovan on Benny's shit list?

    Four quick hitters for a Friday E-Bag:

    Let's forget about the Mets for a second, shall we? I mean, I know that's practically blasphemy at this point. Everybody, suddenly, loves the Mets. The Mets are winners again.

    Bring your kiddies, bring your wife/Guaranteed to have the time of your life.

    Yeah, OK. The Mets are good. We get it.

    Why must you urinate on the Mets parade? Since the Mets last playoff trip, the A's made the playoffs three times, had 100+ wins twice, 90+ wins four times and 88+ wins five times. Is it exactly a story that the A's are good? Yes, the Mets were good on paper, but being good on paper and playing the games is totally different.

    The Mets not only have not been good for while, but the butt of just about every joke that related to Major League baseball. Met fans have taken a lot of abuse from Yankee fans over the years and now the Mets are good. Really good. Do not trivailize that because you don't like the Mets. The Mets are all over the place for their play of late because they are THE STORY.

  • David Segui was one of the people implicated in Jason Grimsley's affadavit.

    Segui emphasized that he obtained hGH legally from a doctor in Florida. He said he still takes it because he has a natural deficiency of the hormone. He said that when he saw the section of Grimsley's affidavit pertaining to him, he knew he had been implicated, though his name was blacked out.

    "It was almost word for word the conversation we had, except there's a couple key words that were left out," Segui told ESPN. "You know, 'legal' was one of the major - probably the most major omission in the affidavit. ... I was under doctor's prescription, under doctor's supervision."


    He would not speak specifically on the validity of Segui's case, but said: "You wouldn't expect it in an athlete because elite athletes cannot perform at an elite level if they have hGH deficiency or at least you wouldn't expect that they could. ... Having said all of that, he may have had a head injury or a pituitary tumor and didn't tell anybody about it. We don't know."

    All very interesting indeed. Is Segui telling the truth? Who knows. The doctor could have been crooked and said guys were low hGH and prescribed the drug. It would certainly not be the first time a doctor prescribed drugs illegally though they are definitely the minority.

  • Baseball America has an interesting story about Ernie Young, who has just hit his 300th minor league homerun.

  • The Devil Ray's AAA team really puts into perspective the 'problems' the Mets have had with Lastings Milledge.

    Upton's arrest and Dukes' suspension continue a frankly embarrassing year for the Bulls and the Rays farm system. Most notably, outfielder Delmon Young was suspended 50 games by the International League for throwing a bat at an umpire. Young is due to return to the field Tuesday.

    Three stars...three suspensions.

  • Um, yeah.

    Kevin Millar and the Baltimore Orioles were recently in Minnesota. Knowing the Red Sox were the next team coming in, Millar left a gift for his former manager, Terry Francona. It was a wrapped bag of dog poop. "I opened it and reached in before I realized what it was," Francona said. "I just called him back and said, 'Any chance you had of ever coming back here just went right down the toilet with that bag.'"

    He called the shit poop.

  • Ken Oberkfell has returned to the bench.

    Ken Oberkfell, manager of the Mets' Triple-A team in Norfolk, was on the bench for the first time this season yesterday after undergoing multiple surgeries during spring training because of blood clots in his left leg.

  • Tom Glavine netted his tenth win and it was not a pretty one. Thankfully Sugar Pants went deep and hit a grand slam while driving in five and Eli Marrero was impresseve defensively to save a few runs.

    "Every time you looked up, Eli was doing something," said Glavine. "Not just offensively, either. That catch he made was huge."

  • Ask BA on Evan MacLane:

      Mets fans have been hearing about Mike Pelfrey and, to a lesser extent, Philip Humber as potential future stars in the New York rotation. However, I've noticed that a prospect I'm not familiar with, lefthander Evan MacLane, has put up very impressive Triple-A numbers this year and was rated by Baseball America as having the best changeup and control among Mets prospects. What can you tell me about him and his ceiling?

      Josh Marker
      San Francisco
    Like Natale, MacLane has a humble draft pedigree. A 25th-round pick out of Feather River (Calif.) CC in 2003, he went 23-10, 2.74 in the lower minors and reached Double-A in mid-2005. He seemed to hit a wall there, going 3-2, 4.14 in nine starts. MacLane didn't fare any better in six starts at Binghamton this year, but he has been lights-out since arriving at Triple-A Norfolk, posting a 6-0, 2.11 mark in seven starts. His other numbers (47 innings, 42 hits, 14 walks, 33 strikeouts) aren't as impressive as his record.

    MacLane, 23, is a typical finesse lefthander. His mid-80s fastball and his curveball are fringy pitches most notable for his ability to locate them in the strike zone. His changeup is his best offering and he has little margin for error. He'll probably pitch in the majors but I don't see a huge ceiling. He looks more like a middle reliever than a starter to me.

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    That's a fascinating karmic coincidence - I just penned a new, supplemental nickname for Sugar Pants on Toasted Joe today. Check it out.

    11:16 AM

    Anonymous Benny said...

    Doesn't Willie have "Fresh Toasted" or someshit?
    Not sure.
    Xavier nady's is easy. "X-Man"
    Duaner Sanchez is deffinitly gotta be "Dirty Sanchez".

    Nah, John Donovan ain't on my shit list just because that article is justified.
    The A's are good. For all this talk about them trading Barry Zito, they don't have to. They're gonna win the division. If anything they're gonna be buyers not sellers this season.
    I'm also sick and tired of the Barry Zito talks, they annoy me. Hopefully it'll put it to an end.
    They're getting no love.

    The thing is, he said was technically considered to have hGH deficiency. So wherever the benchmark is at, he probably just made the cut, ya know.
    He's telling the truth. I mean he showed ESPN the written prescriptions.

    The entire Durham Bulls has been one big happy family...
    BJ Upton? DWI
    Elijah Dukes? Suspended twice, this time indefinitly.
    Delmon Young? BAM! Bat to the chest of an ump.
    Even manager John Tamargo joined in on the fun by getting suspended 10 games for bumping an umpire.

    11:29 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    My boys and I have been calling Lastings 'Last Licks' because of his HR. We always call Trax, 'Stone Cold', from WWE Stave Austin. Duaner Sanchez = 'Dirty Sanchez', and even though this is as wrong as it gets, Aaron Heilman = 'Zieg Heil!' And THAT'S from my Jewish friend.

    - Nokes

    11:51 AM

    Blogger Kenny said...

    Nicknames? That's tough. There's no topping Sugar Pants.

    When I'm not calling him dumbfuck, I generally refer to Willie as Mr. Moustache when I watch games. That could be confusing though, as some may think you are referring to Valentin. Those guys should start a moustache posse. If I wasn't still battling puberty at age 27, I'd grow one.

    11:52 AM

    Anonymous Brian B said...

    Looks like Nady will be playing tonight. I'm glad to have him back but after having Endy, Lastings, and even Marrerro patrolling right field, it's going hurt a little bit to see Nady out there feilding. There is no way Nady would have made the catch that Eli made last night. Hopefully he comes back with a hot bat and makes up for it.

    Carlos Beltran = SeatBelt (Cbelt) Sounsd stupid, but my friends and i have a tendency to call him that. He makes us feel safe in center.

    11:53 AM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    Soft tossing lefty huh? Sounds familiar. Wonder how many Cy Youngs and 20 win seasons he has in his soft tossing arm? If nothing else some other club will be looking at him and ask for him in a trade. Didnt you draw attention to him during winter ball Mike? Someone here definitely did.

    Nicknames are sooo cool. I wish when we heard that Omar had traded for Delgado someone had used that dumb Dell ad "Dude, were gettin a Del!"

    Man the D-Rays have some talent but at this rate none of it will ever see the major league playing fields.

    BTW The young blond chick on the View is the biggest bimbo on TV.

    11:55 AM

    Anonymous Benny BLANCO said...

    Why are you watching The View?
    There is much better quality programming out there. Jerry Springer, Maury, Divorce Court, Maury! I can't get enough of those paternity tests!!!

    Some dude on Metsgeek called Jose Valentin "Zorro". It made my day. Other names could be Wario, Mario, Luigi any of those Nintendo characters.

    Kieth Hernandez likes calling Paul Lo Duca, Paul De Lucca.

    12:06 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    Zorro!!! HAAAAAAhAAAA We have his new nickname!!!!Zorro, I love it!

    I was waiting for the 12 noon news on channel 7...honest I was.

    I am reading rumors that Marcus Giles might be available from Atlanta. IF they would trade him to us and didnt make us bleed for him he would be the best 2nd base option out there. If not then leave Zorro there and await AHern. But it ould be great to have that 2nd guy at the top of the order who can walk, steal and hit. Then Lo Duca can anchor the bottom half of the order and protect nady. Belliard, Izturis, Kennedy and Lugo just dont excite me. They dont have moustaches.

    12:25 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    The thing is, he said was technically considered to have hGH deficiency. So wherever the benchmark is at, he probably just made the cut, ya know.
    He's telling the truth. I mean he showed ESPN the written prescriptions.

    Well, you produce less as you get old, so any old guy is going to have less of it than young guys. As far as prescriptions, you can call up a doctor that find on the internet and get whatever you want prescribed...that does not make it right.

    As for the A's, they are good, but don't detract from the Mets....why not write about the red hot Marlins? I think he was taking a dig at the Mets as everyone likes to do.

    Dirty Sanchez, how could I have ommitted that one.

    Brian, I like that one actually....

    Condor, I didn't draw any attention to MacLane. I'm skeptical of him, but that is probably a good thing for you since you think whatever I say the opposite happens.

    BTW The young blond chick on the View is the biggest bimbo on TV.

    I have no idea who she is...what's her name?

    And I second Benny...you are watching the view!

    Zorro for Valentin takes it.....

    De Lucca wins out.......

    Giles will cost a pretty penny. John Schuerholz (sp?) will do any deal that he thinks helps his team. I'm pretty sure he is not against in division trades, but the Mets probably don't have what it would take.

    I still think everyone on the team should grow moustaches....

    12:36 PM

    Anonymous RickM said...

    Reyes should be 'Deuce' because if you put him on first, he's taking second.

    LoDuca should be 'Landing Strip' because that little goatee of his looks like a stripper's wax job. Maybe just 'Brazillian' for short.

    I like 'Seat Belt.'

    Delgado could be 'Whiskas' cuz he's rockin the goatee and his name sounds like del Gato -- of the cat.

    I dislike 'Sugar Pants,' but I'll defer.

    I've heard Cliff referred to as 'Sleepy' but that's lame. His first name is Cornelius, so there has to be an inoffensive Planet of the Apes monicker in there somewhere.

    X-Man is good.

    I'm drawing a blank on Valentin, his real nickname is Tony.

    12:48 PM

    Anonymous JohnF said...

    The blonde chick on The View is married to Matt (or Tim, I can't keep them straight) Hasselbeck, the Seattle QB. She has quite the rack, and was on one of the "reality" shows a few years back.

    12:54 PM

    Anonymous Johnf said...

    My bad, she is married to Tim Hasselbeck, the Giants QB. She was on Survivor at some point.

    12:56 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Rick...Do you understand the genisis of Sugar Pants though? It's supposed to sound bad.

    Reyes and 'Deuce' works well.

    I think Cornelius works itself despite being his real name.

    Valentin is Zorro...nuff said.

    Ah, John, I know who you are talking about now...I saw her on Survivor back in the day. She didn't seem like a Bimbo, but I saw her on a useless show on like TLC or something. I think the real question now is why is Condor watching the View...isn't the world cup on?

    1:07 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    As I stated, I was waiting for the news at 12. Thats my story and i'm sticking to it!

    1:31 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    Elizabeth Hasselback. They were talking about the new HBO show and someone mentioned HBO and soft porn. She says something like 'I dont like any porn, its sick'- That was enough for me.

    1:33 PM

    Anonymous David said...

    On the Mets message board (http://mets.forumup.us/index.php?mforum=mets), everybody calls Valentin Pornstache. I'm surprised it hasn't caught on anywhere else. I think that is the perfect nickname for him.

    1:45 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Alright....I believe you. I believe you Condor.

    'I dont like any porn, its sick' - that just means she does not want to admit to liking it.

    Valentin does indeed have a porn stache, but I'm partial to Zorro.

    1:49 PM

    Anonymous dcrockett17 said...

    longtime snooper, first time poster (iirc).

    nickname suggestions

    * jose reyes = chester cheetah
    (he always has that huge grin on his face)

    * willie = whatchutalkin'bout willie?!
    (a reference to the old different strokes tv series)

    * rick peterson = jheri curl
    (with all due respect to pedro, i've taken to calling rick jheri curl because long curly hair on a man his age just makes me giggle. the added bonus of using the name on rick peterson is that we can use samuel l. jackson's line from the opening scene of "do the right thing," when peterson calls out to the dugout to get a pitcher warming up. "it's a jheri curl alert!")

    1:49 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Victor No Brains = VZ
    Stache for Valentin
    Human Rain Delay & Sugar Pants are the best of all.

    MacLane would probably project better with a couple of more miles on the radar gun. 88 makes a changeup look better than 85. I don't think he'll have a crack at the rotation because of Pelfrey. You never know. And I'm glad someone finally got that question through as I've been submitting the same question to BA for something like two months.

    Nice to see Oberkfell come back. And I don't think there's a diss in Donovan's opening personally.

    The DRays have got their problems with character. The Ledge will be alright. He's just got to grow up, that's all.

    1:59 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Victor No Brains = VZ
    Stache for Valentin
    Human Rain Delay & Sugar Pants are the best of all.

    MacLane would probably project better with a couple of more miles on the radar gun. 88 makes a changeup look better than 85. I don't think he'll have a crack at the rotation because of Pelfrey. You never know. And I'm glad someone finally got that question through as I've been submitting the same question to BA for something like two months.

    Nice to see Oberkfell come back. And I don't think there's a diss in Donovan's opening personally.

    The DRays have got their problems with character. The Ledge will be alright. He's just got to grow up, that's all.

    1:59 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    whatchutalkin' bout Willie is spot on considering how many f-ing ponderous things he does.

    I like the angle of the Reyes smile thing...but Deuce makes me laugh on a few levels. I'm just not very mature.

    DG, Monday still holds the crown for Zambrano.

    MacLane could used some more umph...When Seo was bad in 2004, he lost a mile or two off his fastball and got creamed. He needed to be at 88 for him to be effective. I don't know what is ailing him this year, but something clearly is.

    I think Donovan can bring the A's to light without saying the Mets are getting too much attention. They have always gotten a ton of attention, but it's normally negative. The A's get their due...he's still a bag of douche to me.

    DRays heads are spinning a bit right now with three of their brightest having issues. Upton did something bad, but let's face it. 0.11 is breaking the law, but it just means he made a mistake and he'll learn. The other two are deep rooted character problems that were there before. Dukes and Young are the big problems there.

    DG, I'm leaving the double post there because it's that good.

    2:13 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    I call Willie "Hell Yeah Bitch" or "Willie Wonker" - due to his "fantasy team" name on "Willie's World." I just thought that was hysterical.

    Rick Peterson is "Soul Glo." Whenever I see him in the dugout, I start singing the jingle..."Just let your souuuuuuul glooooo"

    Now Jose Valentin - I'm sure many of you are familiar with Jay & Silent Bob - whenever my boyfriend sees Pornstache (which I like), he says, "Yeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh!" like Jay does when he sees something he likes. Not sure if that translates into a good nickname though, That's my nickname for him at least.

    2:16 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Coop, hmm..those are good too...What's hell yeah bitch in reference too?

    Just read Metstra...apparently Delgado calls himself Diesel. If he calls himself Diesel, I don't think we have a choice. It's Diesel.

    Sould Glo it is...the jheri curl angle wins out, but referencing Coming to America makes it doubly as tasty.

    As for Valentin's nickname, that is the best yet, but translating into a written on is tricky....especially if you didn't see the movie. I don't think there is one of here who don't get Soul Glo....except maybe Benny who wasn't born yet what that movie came out, but the other one is a bit more obscure. Still leaning towards Zorro..I like idea of Pornstache, but maybe we can come up with some ridiculous porn name or rip someone else's.

    2:23 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Thanks for the shout-out, Mr met!

    As for Hell yeah bitch (or bitches), it's a double thing. Dave Chapelle I think said it as "Rick James" - so it works if you say it in a Dave Chapelle voice, which if you think about it, Willie Wonker kind of looks like him. "Hell yeah bitches!" especially worked when DW hit the game winning RBI vs the Yankees, when Willie ran onto the field

    Hell yeah bitches is also a personal favorite of mine, b/c in Willie's World, "Willie" wrote this his team Willie Wonkers are in first place - hell yeah bitches! I thought that was the funniest thing I ever read. Guess you had to be there.

    2:27 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I'm actually laughing at the Hell yeah bitches, but that's another live one...we are going for the written. You get extra points though.

    Willie's World is one of the funniest sites on the internet. That guy is pure hilarity.

    Willie is down to Willie Wonker and whatchutalkin' bout Willie, but I'm was leaning towards the second due to his mysterious decisions at times...thought he has been better. It might have been more spot on last year which is why Willie Wonker is tied for now.

    2:32 PM

    Anonymous JohnF said...

    If we're going with Coming to America references, then who gets to be "Sexual Chocolate"?

    2:45 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Johnf - that's a good one! That could be Cliff Banger's *aka Floyd* nickname. He seems to be pimpin

    2:51 PM

    Anonymous belladewood said...

    Not to be dense, but what *is* the origin of Sugar Pants? Is it DW's propensity for pastel polos? Or is it some specific event I missed?

    Nicknames expand to the Snigh crew, right? I call Chris Cotter "Billy Bush" because he is so Entertainment Tonight. I couldn't believe how clueless he was while interviewing Jon Stewart and asking him about the deeper meaning of the Daily Show. When famous people are interviewed during sporting events, you only want them to talk about how great your team is. And Jon was certainly accomodating on that front.

    And on the Valentin front: I think I've seen "Super'Stache" floating about the web . . .

    2:51 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    I'm sorry, Rick Peterson is (and will always be) "Mullet Head." Quick, simple, and directly to the point.

    2:55 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Oh come on, Toasty! Have a heart! ;-) I bet even you'll be singing the Soul Glo anthem tonight when they show The Mullet (or "The Jacket" or "Professor Rick") in the clubhouse tonight ;-)

    2:59 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    PS What kind of mullet is he though? Is he a "Cut that mullet" from Wesley Willis? Or "Permmullet?" How about "gym teacher mullet?" He doesn't have a Nascar mullet, that's for sure.

    3:00 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Sexual Chocolate has to go to Pimp.

    As for where Sugar Pants came from...an old post here:

    I heart you David Wright.

    "Sometimes you get lucky," Wright, who considers himself a gap-to-gap hitter, said of his home run.

    Oh you....sugar pants, it's not luck. It is something I like to call skill.

    It was due to his awww-schucks attitude. It's supposed to be in the same tone/vain as when Seinfeld said "no, you're shmoopy" (or however you spell it)...like a pet name for your girlfriend/boyfriend. Wright is sweet as Sugar...hope that makes sense as I have serious issues articulating my thoughts.

    Wesley Willis? Rock 'n Roll McDonalds?

    Rick has a refined mullet for sure if he does in fact have one. I'm not quite 100% that he he is business in the front and a party on the back. Like Darryl from Coming to America, it's more even length all around and just curl.y I think the curls hanging down on the back give the illusion of a mullet.

    3:11 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    You got that right - Wesley Willis of "Rock over london, rock on chicago, burger king" fame. Give Cut that Mullet a listen - too funny.

    My theory on the jacket, even in 95 degree weather? He has some pretty vulgar tattoos on his arms. Remember, they made Danny Graves wear long sleeves b/c of his tats? That's my theory anyway

    3:16 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Mike, I would like to point out that if I had not made that first comment on that post drawing attention to it, "Sugar Pants" might've died on the vine.

    3:27 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    A solid theory....but a wrong one.

    I was looking for an old baseball card I've seen of him, but this works out better. His jacket in the middle of the summer is a much deeper mystery than just tats...

    3:31 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Dang! The theory dies!

    3:33 PM

    Anonymous belladewood said...

    Sugar Pants has a social life! Check it out on Deadspin . . .

    3:47 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Whoa, a 23-year-old doing shots in a bar. Stop the presses!

    4:14 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    What type of site is Deadspin???? I think it might be blocked by my company firewall...speaking of blocking, I'm shocked blogger or anything that ends in blospot.com is not blocked.

    4:22 PM

    Anonymous belladewood said...

    Don't know about firewall issues, but here's the direct link to the post. I can't explain Paul Lo Duca's eyebrow grooming techniques:


    4:44 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Worked that time. That first pick of Wright is not very flattering.

    LoDuca goes to the same place that Ramon Castro does...you ever see the job done on his eyebrows?

    I like their raiding the college angle...

    4:55 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    As for Willie's nickname...

    From Willie's World:

    What’s up Mets fans, Willie here. Some road trip we just wrapped up. Boo-yah! It’s getting hard to put into words how awesome I am, but I think everybody knows by now.

    What about Boo-yah! (with the exclamation point)....same idea as Hell Yeah Bitches....but better in print in my opinion......

    4:59 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    I've been using boo-yah, it doesn't work as well as "Hell yeah bitches!" out loud, but yeah, that could work. I like whatchootalkinbout Willie - but that's just me talkin

    5:14 PM

    Anonymous Tommy said...

    Sorry if this has been posted, but I didn't read the other 5,700 comments ...

    Jose Valentin = The Puerto Rican Pink Panther (for obvious reasons).

    David Wright = The Messiah (for obvious reasons).

    El Duque = The Duque (Thanks Keith Hernandez, for the translation).

    5:31 PM

    Anonymous tommy said...

    In case you were wondering why "Puerto Rican Pink Panther" ...


    It's an image of the DVD cover.

    Lo Duca actually said it on Rome Is Burning on ESPN one day, so I can't take full credit.

    5:47 PM

    Anonymous Pat said...

    ...hate to say this but I have heard "candy pants" bandied about instead of "sugar pants"..and I liked it better..more assonant..important for a nick...and for Lo Ducca..I have used Palooka

    5:54 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    These thunderstorms might fuck us tonight me thinks.

    5:58 PM

    Anonymous John said...

    Sexual Chocolate....sounds like a pornstar name to me. Pornstar = Pornstache = Joes Valentin.

    6:34 PM

    Anonymous gbaked said...

    Eli Morero - ScarFace

    6:51 PM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    for benny b in the bronx...

    how am i blind? cliff gets alot of love and support for what? his 18 million trips to the dl? his streaky hitting? his one big month wont make up for the 3+ years of half ass baseball in my eyes. the day he's gone, i'll be happy.

    from 2003-05, he gave us 70 HR and 229 rbi. to go with that, his avg and production is up and down. that's something chris shelton does.

    he's a turn on the field and we all know it.

    7:00 PM

    Blogger warmsox said...

    My vote is for:

    Willie "Yeah,it's a lotta meat" Randolph

    It might be long but that commercial will live on forever.

    9:25 PM

    Blogger Simply Amazins said...


    How about this one that I just made up:

    LoDuca Brasi

    It's a nice tie-in to his Italian roots, with the Godfather reference. Plus, it opens up all sorts of exciting possibilities. For example, after a strikeout you could say "LoDuca Brasi sleeps with the fishes." I could go on and on :)

    10:17 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Willie's nickname has gotta to be
    Mr. Freeze or to be more accurate Mr. BRAIN FREEZE beacuase it feels like his brain really is frozen most of the time when he is managing this team. Just like Mr. Freeze was Batman's nemesis, it seems like Willie is the Mets' fans nemesis way too many times. So MR> BRAIN FREEZEE IT IS !!!

    12:44 AM

    Anonymous benny said...

    If we're going with Coming to America references, then who gets to be "Sexual Chocolate"?

    I will NEVER EVERRRRRRR call ANYONE Sexual Chocolate... sorry.

    Mr. Cocotaso the reason i say your blind is because well, you compared Cliff Floyd's production to Kaz matsui's that's soooo incredibly unfair on sooooo many levels.

    Me and David Wright look ALOT alike when we're drunk.

    Rick Petterson is "The Jacket"... that's it.

    12:59 AM

    Anonymous Gehoff said...

    I like to call Ramon Castro "the rapist," for two reasons:
    1. He had a sexual assault charge while in florida and 2. Despite limited opportunities he drives in quite a few runs, thus raping opposing pitchers

    3:25 PM

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