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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

How Much Does a Win Cost?

It is always interesting to see the correlation between payroll and wins to see which teams are getting the most for their money and which teams are clearly not getting much out of their enormous investment. Predictably, the Yankees are sitting at the top as they are every year paying the most money per win. With 38 wins so far, the Yankees have paid $5,122,712.61 per win. They are $1,625,508.94 in front of the Cubs who are paying the second most per win and the Yankees could have 55 wins and would still be paying more money per win than the Cubs.

Out of the top five teams in dollars/win, three are in last place and they are teams that people did not quite expect to be underperforming as much as they have. The Cubs are paying the 2nd most per win, the Angels are paying the third most per win, and the Braves are paying the fifth most per win. All three teams were expected to be in the fray for their respective playoff hunts, but due to some injuries and generally suckiness, they are severly underperforming.

The teams getting the most bang for their buck are the Milwaukee Brewers at $1,644,809.51, the Oakland Athletics at $1,637,975.76, the Cincinnati Reads at $1,602,882.08, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at $1,221,309.21, the Colorado Rockies at $1,178,085.71, and the Florida Marlins at $517,189.66. As bad as the Marlins were earlier in the year, they are not in last place and have ripped off eight wins in a row and have a lot of very young players playing very well. You can criticize their front office all you want, but they seem to be onto something and they would not surprise anyone that much be being in contention in two years. What they are doing with a $14,998,500 payroll is extremely impressive. They are not pushovers by any means.

While this is far from scientific, the MLB average at this point for dollars/win is $2,168,412,57. So by that number, a team getting the right amount of production for their dollar should be in that area. The five closest teams to the average dollar/win are the New York Mets at $120,030.07 over, the Chicago White Sox at $104,459.41 over, the Baltimore Orioles at $37,516.42 over, the St. Louis Cardinals at $114,321.81 under, and the Washington Nationals at $257,564.27 under.

Out of all the first place teams, the Oakland A's, the Texas Rangers ($1,795,491.11), and the Detroit Tigers ($1,795,931.87) should be commended for the teams they have put together in regards to the value they are getting from them. It is no surprise that Billy Beane is one of the tops in the league in terms of assembling a team that is producing with limited payroll and is on track for yet another very good season. However, Dave Dombrowski deserves a lot of credit for what he did in Detroit. He made some highly criticized moves in bringing in Magglio Ordonez and Ivan Rodriguez, but they did not end up bad at all at this point and that goes especially for Magglio. As for Texas, John Hart actually recovered nicely from his A-Rod and Chan Ho Park debacles and Jon Daniels picked up where he left off.

As far as the Mets go, they are 13th overall with $2,350,813.09 per win, which is very reasonable. We have heard comments pertaining to the Mets not being scrutinized for buying a winning team like the Yankees while they should be by numerous people, but I think we all know that Omar has been fiscally responsible while assembling the best team in New York. To put in perspective, the Yankees could have won every single game they played this year and still would have paid more per win than the Mets. The Mets spendthrifts? Not anymore. Minaya in tandem with Wilpon & Co. had the wherewithal to not spend irresponsibly like past Mets teams have done and put a winning product that is set up for huge things in the future while maintaining payroll flexibility.

* * *

  • Alright...Jon Donovan, I take back calling your a douchebag. It seems that I got caught up in nothing.

    A weekend stumble against the lowly Orioles could have cost the Mets, at least here in the PRs. But with a 9 1/2-game lead in the division, one of the best lineups in the NL, a 40-year-old lefty with 10 wins who is heading for the All-Star Game and a new superstar in third baseman David Wright, who can knock on the Mets these days?

    With the Mets #2 in the rankings and some nice words about the New York Metropolitans, you are off my shit list which you were wrongly put on. Furthermore, you gain some points for putting the Braves in the 26th spot.

  • Bronson Arroyo is for real. He looked sharp yesterday and put the ball wherever he wanted it. The Mets looked flat offensively again, but you have to give credit to Arroyo for pitching a great game. The Duque looked great for the Mets too and was a borderline pitch away from not giving a homerun up Ken Griffey Jr. Orlando probably hit just about every MPH between 60 and 90 and got Felipe Lopez out on a curveball that he thought was 50 MPH. It was a clinic last night between both starters of how to succeed without a dominant fastball.

    The Reds are a solid team, but very beatable one. Their bullpen is bad and they have a lot of holes in their lineup. Three of four is what I would have expected from the Mets this series, but they are already one game in the hole and struggling a bit. Two games would be a win for the Mets at this point before they take off on an important road trip to the AL East beasts.

  • Eli Gelman has some Mets minor league action in his article. Evan MacLane's goal for this season is to win fifteen games and make it to the bigs as a September call-up.

    "Win 15 games and be a September call-up," MacLane said without hesitation. "When September rolls around, I want (the Mets) to have to make a decision. I want to be good enough in their eyes that it will be a tough decision to make for them."

    Gelman also had a nice tidbit on Nick Evans who has been on fire.

    Hagerstown (Class A) first baseman Nick Evans is one of the top prospects in the Mets system and has shown his hitting prowess this month. The 20-year-old Evans, a fifth-round pick in 2004, batted .371 with six doubles, a triple, four home runs and 15 RBI in 16 games to date in June.

  • David Wright and Jose Reyes were co-players of the week.

    Jose Reyes and David Wright were named co-NL Players of the Week on Monday. Reyes went 13-for-26 with nine runs, while Wright had four home runs and 11 RBI.

  • Things are looking good for the Mets getting some serious presence at the All-Star game.

    First Base
    1. Albert Pujols, Cardinals, 1,777,968
    2. Carlos Delgado, Mets, 700,771
    3. Nomar Garciaparra, Dodgers, 497,585
    4. Lance Berkman, Astros, 486,581
    5. Ryan Howard, Phillies, 459,677

    Third Base
    1. David Wright, Mets, 1,018,804
    2. Scott Rolen, Cardinals, 819,390
    3. Morgan Ensberg, Astros, 531,479
    4. Miguel Cabrera, Marlins, 450,276
    5. Chipper Jones, Braves, 424,300

    1. Jose Reyes, Mets, 769,919
    2. David Eckstein, Cardinals, 689,054
    3. Edgar Renteria, Braves, 620,836
    4. Jack Wilson, Pirates, 594,919
    5. Jimmy Rollins, Phillies, 514,322

    1. Paul Lo Duca, Mets, 960,111
    2. Mike Piazza, Padres, 680,773
    3. Yadier Molina, Cardinals, 559,305
    4. Brad Ausmus, Astros, 535,338
    5. Michael Barrett, Cubs, 403,985

    1. Carlos Beltran, Mets, 1,129,865
    2. Alfonso Soriano, Nationals, 1,084,936
    3. Jason Bay, Pirates, 1,069,986

  • In the holy shit department, the Cubs came to play in the Jeff Samardzija negotiations. Jeff agreed in principle with the Cubs that allows him to finish up his senior year of football for Notre Dame.

    While the Cubs were still hashing out the details of the contract with Major League Baseball, Samardzija would receive $7.25 million if he makes baseball his primary sport. The Cubs have five years to pay Samardzija's bonus under baseball's rules regarding two-sport players. The deal is backloaded, with Samardzija receiving less than $1 million in the first year of the deal, according to sources with knowledge of the contract.

    That's a lotta meat. However, there is still some risk there.

    Samardzija threw 45 pitches in a Wrigley Field bullpen session on Friday and continued to stick to his plan: He will do his best to play both sports at as high a level as possible, until he realizes which sport is the best fit for him professionally. He had a breakout football season last fall, catching 15 touchdown passes among his 77 receptions for 1,249 yards.

  • Baseball Prospectus has a nice dig on Frenchy on this week's BP Hit List, which still has the Mets holding tight in the two spot.

    And while Lastings Milledge (.258/.309/.468) has impressed in some areas, it's worth noting that he has yet to draw an unintentional walk in 68 plate appearances--not quite Francoeurian, but worthy of a bus ticket back to Norfolk nonetheless.

    I'm not overly concerned about Milledge's lack of walks after making such huge strides in AAA this season. First off, Frenchy just goes up their hacking with no plan. Milledge has actually took some good pitches and showed a decent eye at the plate despite not walk once. Secondly, kids come up and press. They usually do not come up to walk, they come up to hit. He will settle in and start taking some free passes.

    It should also be noted that the Marlins are the next NL East team on the list at 19, the Phillies check in at 21, and the Nats and the Braves are 24 and 25 respectively.

    Anonymous benny said...

    I love the Detroit Tigers, they have a super solid team.
    Good rotation, awesome bullpen, and a good enough offense.
    It'll be very interesting to see what they do during the deadline.

    Haha, Mike, don't you feel like a dick?
    When people are put on my shit list, its jusitified.

    Wow, I'm actually kinda hyped about Reyes starting the All-Star game. It almost makes me wonder, "Does he deserve it?"

    The plan ALWAYS should have been to send him down once everyone's healthy. He'll be ready to rock n' roll next season as the starter.
    This Mets team is nuts for the enxt few years...

    The Cubs deffinitly ponied up for Jeff Samardzija and it was well worth it. If he does the football thing, the Cubs don't lose much money. If he chooses baseball, it'll be a well worth it risk.
    Player of the week this week? Jeff Samardzija easily...

    Will there ever be a no-hitter in 2006? Matt Cain's was broken up in the 8th inning last night.

    And yo, i been thinking about this. How about the people that can, to meet up and attend a game together?
    Would anyone wanna do that?

    12:18 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Mike, I know this is a day late and a dolla short, but I got a nickname for Endy Chavez: Dino, as in Fred Flintstone's pet. Check out the resemblance. It's striking.

    12:23 PM

    Anonymous DG has one leg so naturally works at ihop said...

    Nice piece on MacLane. Great to see that sort of confidence. He's been a winner since day one.

    I just did a new round of voting for the All Star game last night, and I bet my votes weren't even in the amount given. Gotta help in little ways.

    Mets have been flat, but Arroyo pitched really well last night. Once the Mets were unable to capatalize on the early chances beyond Super Jose, I had that feeling. He was a good acquisition for the Reds, the one keeper of their supposedly eye-opening trades - the others will fade.

    And Mike how could you not mention that little dance between Livan and Brandon Phillips? Contrary to Keith Hernandez, who took an extremely negative view of the whole scenario, I thought it was quite funny and not a sign of a bad attitude or anything. I mean, I know Phillips has gotten a rep. But still, it was a moment on the Little League field, and there should still be a place for that in the Majors (like a kid should be allowed to high five the front row after hitting his first home run). I love that El Duque flipped the ball at him.

    12:36 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    My favorite part about the whole scenario was how Brandon Phillips did the old school "LOOK! WHATS OVER THERE!?" thing and El Duque looked! haha!

    12:38 PM

    Anonymous DG's chump change said...

    Man, that's perfect. He does look like Dino!

    12:39 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Benny, I was a bit knee jerk, but I don't feel like a dick. The 'experts' are always on my shit list until proven otherwise.

    As for Reyes deserving it, is there any guy who can change the game more? He's up to .272 with .338 OBP...leads the NL in steals and runs. You could certainly argue someone else, but Reyes has plenty of things to back him up.

    I wonder if the Cubs horrible start played into them paying up for Jeff Samardzija. Either way, biggest contract ever to a draft pick...that's nuts.

    Yes, someone will toss a no-no in '06.

    I'm down for any game. I love Met games, drinking beer, hot dogs, and giving little kids dirty looks.

    Toasty...never too late. We have plenty to name and you win out by default being no one gave Endy one.

    I just did a new round of voting for the All Star game last night, and I bet my votes weren't even in the amount given. Gotta help in little ways.

    You vote doesn't count. Remember that.

    I did not see the dance. I must have blinked during said dance. I'm fine with people showing of their dancing skills too. As a society, everyone is a bit uptight these days and seems to be against fun. Who doesn't like pie and chips?

    I wish I saw this go down...

    My favorite part about the whole scenario was how Brandon Phillips did the old school "LOOK! WHATS OVER THERE!?" thing and El Duque looked! haha!

    Now I really wished that I saw it.

    12:53 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Then click on the part where it says "Top Play" its a video. Then on the video window, click on the "El Duque unasisted DP" video. ENJOY!

    1:06 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Does anyone know the difference between Wright and $-Rod's all-star votes?

    I think it should be our goal to get Wright more votes than $-Rod. Then I think we can all say who is the perfered 3rd baseman in the game.

    VOTE WRIGHT IN '06!!


    1:08 PM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    there's a reason the cubs havent won in so long.

    it'll be nice to see so many mets on the all star roster. i'm thinking that pedro and glavine will be there as pitchers to go along with all our position palyers

    1:19 PM

    Anonymous Scott said...

    At least Donovan was only on your shit list Mike, it would have been a whole differant can o' worms had he been on your "...dead to me list."

    There are a few positions this season where average or mediocre players can easily make it and NL SS is one of em. No one really stands out against the rest.

    the Mets bats let Duque down last night. He pitched awesomely. He really was a good trade by Omar. Is his contract good for next season too? If we can just move Traxx and get a stud we will be sweet.

    Toasty Joe is right, Endy is Dino Flintstone!!!

    1:26 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ah, that's why I missed the play. I tuned in during the Mets part of the 2nd. That was bush league. F-that. Phillips should have gotten plunked. I thought this was a celebration dance you guys were talking about. I guess he could have been trying to figure out a way get past The Duque, but he should have known all efforts would have been futile.

    A-Rod has too many....1,067,369 as of the 14th, so he probably has a lot more. Wright picked up a ton in that time and still has less today than A-Rod did over a week ago.

    Wright will have more in 2007...no diggity.

    1:29 PM

    Anonymous Farva said...

    If the Mets play .500 the rest of the season, the Phillies would have to play no worse than 56-37 the rest of the way just to tie them in the standings with 90 wins. The Mets are on pace to win 102 games.- Phillie Inq.

    "Well, I'd like to get a power pitcher," Mets general manager Omar Minaya said before last night's game - Newsday

    1:32 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    there's a reason the cubs havent won in so long.

    Good point. They have been extremely mediocre at their high points in our day and cannot keep Prior and Wood on the mound.

    Pedro should go as well as Glavine. I hope they don't look at wins with Pedro..the K leader and BAA leader should be there with his tidy 3.01.

    Four Yankees position players are going so it will be 8 or 9 position players from NY....

    True...but you don't know me that well and yet you seem to know my vindictive ways. Did I bring up a "dead to me list" and who is on it?

    Duque is a free agent, but won't cost much to bring back. Offer him arb, if someone wants him for more than one? Great. Draft pick for the Mets. If not? He accepts and comes back to compliment a great rotation. Although, Glavine, Pedro, Soler, and Pelfrey will be there in 2007 so bringing back The Duque means no Zito. I guess that all depends on if Omar wants him.

    1:34 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Good stuff farva...That is why I'm rooting for the Phillies and the entire NL East against the Yankees. The Mets have little to worry about. They would have to implode....

    1:35 PM

    Anonymous Scott said...

    Thats if Pelfrey is ready in 07. Why not get Zito and let Pelfrey take Duque,Glavine or Pedro's spot in 08 and not rush the kid? If our rotation is


    I have no complaints except that we will need 3 young guys as replacements over 3ish years.

    I think you once wrote Rey Ordonez is dead to you. Benitez should be too.

    1:40 PM

    Anonymous Farva said...

    Man I just read the Si story Top Notch. It rates Reyes as the best lead of hitter in MLB. What an interesting story. Its on the sport spider.

    1:46 PM

    Anonymous Farva said...


    1:46 PM

    Anonymous DG's chump change said...

    Mike, the point is that Phillips knew he had no chance, leading to a verifiable existential, vaudevillesque baseball moment. Man, these days the Gashouse Gang would get their asses beaned, and that would just be by the media! They'd have to wait for the next game for the rest.

    Now, I get real mad when you say my vote doesn't count. Admit it, it's because I'm a --------. You're prejudiced against ------'s. I am just so insulted!

    Pedro should not go to the All Star game, so I do hope they look at the wins, etc. He needs physical therapy, dude. R & R. Some time to potter in the garden. No All Star for him. We need him in the second half.

    Today's kvetch: why did the Mets bring up Xavier Nady if he was not exactly ready? Look at the quotes today. The guy basically says that he didn't have his timing. Team could have brought up an extra reliever for all it mattered - or Jeff Keppinger - and given Nady the time he needed.

    I'd take El Duque as a spot starter/long relief guy next year, but Pelfrey will most certainly be in the 4 or 5 spot next year with Soler looking likely in the other. And if Zito is the numbe 3, I'm pretty happy.

    1:51 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Benny, Mr. Met - if there is ever a Metropolitans gathering at the Metropolitans game, definitely let me know. I feel like I know you guys - I read the column every day, although I've just recently participated in the comments. I think I'm a pretty knowledgeable fan, but when it comes to you guys, you make me look like a novice. Gotta give props. :-)

    1:54 PM

    Blogger Kenny said...

    Having just watched the video, I'm shocked Phillips didn't get plunked. That was f'ing retarded.

    Had Pedro been pitching, he'd have been hit.

    1:56 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Why are people soo mad at Phillips reaction?
    C'mon man, desperate times call for desperate measures. He just simply wanted to think of a way to be safe, that's all.
    I woulda done the same, I don't blame him.
    He didn't hurt anybody, he didn't dis-respect anybody.

    It was a fun play...

    2:00 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Agree, Benny. And I'd be up for a game anytime I'm in the States (which thankfully is very very soon!)

    2:03 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Mr. Met, was that you calling into the FAN just now making the point about the dollar cost per win?

    2:06 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Scott, but Pelfrey has picked it up a lot lately. He's going today and I predict another solid outing. Keeping him down in 2008 while he has a Major League contract doesn't make sense. It creates and un-needed 40 man crunch and if he's ready, get the power arm in there.

    Ha, I don't remember that. Rey Rey is not dead to me. However, Benitez is.

    Mr. Verducci speaks the truth and that is why you really cannot argue with Reyes taking the SS spot. Let's just hope he's hot that game so he can represent well.

    Hey, well maybe everyone's vote will count if they go with the popular vote for Prezz.....(and I'm very torn on the issue)

    I kid DG, your vote counts. The Mets players stormed into the the lead in THREE positions over the last three weeks and that is very impressive. AND I DIDN'T EVEN VOTE! I'm bad, yes I know. I just figured everyone else would take care of it. I was right. No harm, no foul.

    Nady looked good in his rehab stint and did hit. He was just having one of those days and he hates junk. Arroyo got the memo. He'll be fine tonight...unless of course this guy is a slop thrower as well.

    If The Duque would do a spot starter/long man deal, sign me up.

    Thanks Coop....

    I agree Kenny...at last buzzed. Pedro would not have enjoyed that.

    2:08 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Toasty...no. I do not call the WFAN...I called one show and that was that Darryl Hamiliton show on MLB...Benny heard me crash and burn. I crashed hard.

    I'm not mad, I just think it's bush league and deserved a brush back...Though The Duque did toss the ball at him. I guess that evened it out then. He showed him who's the boss.

    2:10 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    Nice to see Jason Bay getting some love from the All Star voters in a year when Pittsburgh hosts the All-Star Game. I've been voting for Bay, Beltran and Soriano. The AL voting has a disproportionate number of Yankees and Red Sox at ahead or in contention at nearly every position (Johnny Damon? Robinson Cano?).

    Should the Mets try to trade for Adam Kennedy? I keep hearing whispers that Anaheim will make him available because Howie Kendrick is ripping it up at AAA.

    2:19 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Cano is laughable. Not a bad player obviously, but c'mon. The only Met who does not deserve to be where they are is Delgado really.

    I like Kennedy. I would be interested in that move fo' sho'.

    2:27 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    I just figured everyone else would take care of it. I was right. No harm, no foul.

    I have the same philosophy on the Presidential election.
    Why bother voting when NY will end up blue?
    But then again, even if it were done by the popular vote I think I'd rather just stay home and play video games or go out and get drunk on that day every 4 years.
    I hate politics, people are too sensitive when it comes to that...
    And I hate the idea of just 2 parties. And don't tell me its not true because in the end, it IS 2 groups... I don't want to belong to any group.
    I want to be my own.

    Alright, in my very ghetto Group Meeting at Shea, questionaire.
    Weekday? Or Weekend? Which is easier for people?

    2:41 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Benny for selfish reasons make it a Saturday. I'm there every Sat :-)

    2:49 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I agree Benny....Politics blow and two parties is one party away from having a Monarchy type rule here. It's pretty silly really. God forbid there are more parties because then people might actually make decisions based on what they think it right rather than votes.

    I'm there every Sunday, but anyday works for me as long as it is obviously not during work.

    2:57 PM

    Anonymous John said...

    Benny, weekend. Count me in. I'll make the trip from RI.

    3:02 PM

    Anonymous Farva said...

    Since the All-Star game determines who hosts the 7th game of the WS (if needed) and since we are in with a helluva shot at getting there, shouldnt we be voting for the strongest NL team and a bunch of chicken fuckers for the AL team so they lose?

    3:08 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I like the idea of voting in the chicken fuckers and the Yankee fans are thankfully taking care of that for us...Cano? A-Rod? Please. I can't wait until A-Rod whiffs with the bases juiced clinching homefield for the Mets.

    3:54 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    I like your thinking guys. I will be voting for Dmitri Young.

    4:30 PM

    Anonymous DG's chump change said...

    The only Spankee I've been able to actually vote for is Jeter; otherwise, there are clearly better options every position. If there was an All Star position for utterly useless numbers I suppose I'd vote for A-Rod but there isn't so I won't.

    I voted: Ortiz, Ellis, Jeter, Chavez, Mauer, Guerrero, Manny & Ichiro.

    For NL, I voted Delgado (even though Pujols deserves it more), Matsui - yeah right! I voted Utley!, Reyes, Sugar Pants, LoDuca, Beltran, AJones & Carlos Lee. First series of 25, I had Cliffy in there, but he doesn't really deserve it given injuries, slump, and last night (50 votes) I felt Lee so I voted him there.


    4:58 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    I just saw a sign when Nady hit that homer that read

    "Hasta La Vista, Nady!" Theres a new nickname for him!

    9:28 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    Someone should explain to the Reds what a bullpen is.

    9:32 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Not until after this series, please.

    11:01 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Nice game today!
    Loved it!
    I just gotta mention after Zorro was thrown out at home in his attempted inside the parker. He got a standing O, lol. How often does that happen? It was like watching a horse race and the entire crowd picked Zorro to win it.

    Oh and by the way, i feel like shit. I go to Metsblog and see that he had the SAME freakin' idea about meeting up and attending a game. Sure his is gonna eb bigger and much more of an event but I still feel like a copy-cat asshole.

    Also, if ANYONE went to the game, there were like 3 different "incidents" that happened in the crowd, dunno what happened but they prolly involved violence, so if anyone knows what happened, fill me in, I dunno what happened.

    So, A Weekend it is!

    11:24 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    DG...good stuff. I completely agree about A-Rod..I'm posting an amusing article about him tomorrow.

    Condor, that wins out for Nady...I will be getting the list together.

    Zorro attempted an inside the parker...and got thrown out while getting a standing O on top of it! Holy shit, wrong night to go out to dinner.

    Benny, is bigger always better?

    11:30 PM

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