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Monday, June 26, 2006

En Fuego

Jose Reyes is on fire and that does not come close to quantifying what Reyes is doing right now.

Reyes will ride into Boston tomorrow on a 13-game hitting streak during which he's batted at a .561 clip — 32 for 57. He has a hit in all but one game he's played this month. His batting average is up to .302; his on-base percentage, a lofty .361.

"He's an inferno right now," Down said matter-of-factly. "The reason for this? He's got talent. His pitch selection has gotten better, and he's taken a shorter approach."

How much better can he get?

Reyes just smiled and said he's enjoying this while he can. Beltran said Reyes is good enough to be a No. 3 hitter, something Randolph probably doesn't want to hear yet.

Jose Reyes is a streaky hitter. When he is hot, he is extremely hot. When he's not hot, he is not even lukewarm. He is ice cold.
Games 1-10:  .304/.333/.522
Games 11-20: .150/.209/.175
Games 21-30: .370/.463/.565
Games 31-40: .182/.234/.341
Games 41-50: .255/.327/.447
Games 51-60: .189/.231/.378
Games 61-70: .452/.521/.667
Games 71-75: .652/.652/1.130
Jose's biggest problem has been his consistency. That is what is so frustrating with him because he looks like he is learning on the job when the Mets need stability in such an important spot. However, right now he has found a bit of consistency to say the very least. Reyes is .561/.583/.912 in his last thirteen games and the Reyes road show went into Canada and showed the fans a .643/.643/1.000 weekend and two back to back four hit games. A lot of average fans might not really know that much about Reyes besides some decent overall numbers in his past years. Unless you watch him daily, there is nothing awe-inspiring outside of the fact you know he steals. However, to watch him is to see a kid that oozes athletic ability and perhaps the most exciting player in the game to watch.

Wright and Reyes open eyes in every city they go to and while the NL towns are familiar with the two who are gaining tons of national exposure daily, the AL towns are not as familiar with the both of them. With Reyes now flashing some pop, he is third on the team in extra base hits with 37 behind Wright's 40 and Beltran's 38. The Mets have three guys on pace to knock over 80 extra hits and Reyes is on pace to have 42 doubles, 22 triples, and 18 homers. Really scary stuff.

Reyes was going to get better. He broke into the league so young and probably a bit too soon. He has showed everyone that he has talent, but he also showed everyone that he has plenty of things to work on. If the kid does figure it out, the sky is the limit and no other player in the league will be as exciting to watch and as big of a game changer. Is Reyes on hot streak or did he figure it out? While we know he won't hit like this forever, something certainly could have clicked with him. If it did, the Mets might have three guys in the top ten for All-Star balloting.

* * *

  • "I'm actually feeling generous. I was going to offer to send a case of K-Y Jelly to the Mets' clubhouse. For as many guys that are prepared to use it. Give me a number."
    --Anna Benson, wife of Orioles pitcher Kris Benson, on her husband beating his former team (New York Daily News)

  • When Duaner Sanchez walked off the mound on Friday I was thinking Tommy John....goodbye Duaner. However all is well as it was only a pinched nerve but it was scary to say the least. You never like to see a pitcher walk off the mound like he did, but when they identified it as his shoulder and not his elbow during the broadcast, I felt better about the entire situation. With Bell pitching well right now and six other capable arms all together, there is no rush to bring Sanchez back and this time off will probably do him good anyway.

  • Some news on Cliffy:

    Cliff Floyd is expected to DH today in Port St. Lucie, his first game action since spraining his left ankle in Los Angeles on June 6.

  • This is high praise considering that Blue Jays play in the AL East:

    "That's the best lineup we've faced all year," Blue Jays outfielder Frank Catalanotto said.

    The Mets are now an astounding 11.5 games in front of the Phillies who have now dropped to four games under .500 and have lost four in a row.

  • Henry Owens is good.

    His numbers for the B-Mets this season are beyond impressive. He has nine saves in nine opportunities. His ERA is 0.83. Opposing batters are hitting .083 off of him. He has 44 strikeouts and seven walks -- a strikeout-walk ratio of better than 6:1 -- in 21 2/3 innings.

    Owens, a member of the Mets' 40-man roster, has been as nearly automatic for the B-Mets this season.

    "His mentality stems, I think, from the fact that he wants to pitch in the big leagues," said B-Mets pitching coach Mark Brewer. "And he wants to go out there at this level and stick it up somebody's fanny."

    Owens has gaudy statistics, a fastball that consistently reaches the mid-90s and a slider that spins toward the plate in the mid-80s.

    "Anytime he's throwing his (slider) for strikes, as a hitter you have no chance," B-Mets manager Juan Samuel said. "With his breaking ball as a hitter, there's nothing you can do."

  • Ambiorix Concepcion was promoted to Binghamton after his solid play for the St. Lucie Mets. Concepcion was 22 and playing Advanced A-Ball and will turn 23 this October. While he was not far off in terms of the league he was playing in and his age, Concepcion is taking up a spot on the 40-man roster. He really needed to step it up after his disappointing 2005 season and he did just that. He only went deep one time, but has twenty one doubles which certainly bodes well for him as the Florida State League is tough on hitters. With a good showing in Binghamton in the second half of the season, Ambiorix could be fast tracked and possibly boost his trade value and give the Mets a valuable trading chip.

  • Dayn Perry sings the Mets praise in his latest Power Rankings.

    Not to damn them with faint praise, but this is rather easily the best team in the NL at the moment and probably for the long term. The back of the rotation remains a sore spot, but they rank second in the senior circuit in bullpen ERA. And, of course, you’d be hard pressed to find a more productive trio than David Wright and the Carloses. Big stretch ahead, as their next 10 come against the Reds, Red Sox, Blue Jays and Yankees.

  • Phil Humber is back.

    "I was competing again," he said Saturday morning. "And it felt good. I felt I was at my best."

    Not in terms of performance -- four runs, seven hits, a walk and seven strikeouts -- but in terms of the potential he brought to the mound.

    His fastball -- 91 to 94 mph -- was back, he said, as it was before his ulnar collateral ligament betrayed him. His curve and change-up had returned, too. He lacked precision, but that was to be expected after a protracted layoff.

    "I've never had trouble throwing strikes," Humber said. "But my pitches, the strikes, were up.

    "First game back, I wasn't worried about that."

    Or his elbow. No problems, no pain. He was on a pitch count -- 75 was his limit.

    Good stuff. He got hit a bit in his first start back in the GCL, but that is no big deal. He struck out seven in four innings and was throwing hard. When Clint Everetts returned to action, he was about 5 mph off his normal velocity and had to build up his arm strength. With Humber already throwing as hard as he did before he left, it is entirely possible he picks up a few MPHs on his fastball. If he can find his control quickly like he found his fastball, he could move very fast. While there is no need to rush him, 2006 taught us that you can never have to many starters and Humber could be a phone call away in 2007 should he be needed with a full time rotation spot with his name on it in 2008.

  • Mike from Mike and the Mad Dog is dumb. What really irritates me about them is how they just exhibit no complete knowledge of baseball and when they don't know something, they make it up. While Mike was talking about BJ Ryan and gushing about how great he is and how great of a year he is having, a Boston fan called up and said if you are going to talk about Ryan, you have to give Papelbon his props. Mike then said that Papelbon was not having the same year. The guy then went on to compare their stats. Innings were about the same, Ryan had a few less hits, Papelbon had a few less walks, and Papelbon had a lower ERA. After knowing they have roughly the same innings and same hits and walks, Mike proceeded to still try and keep up his ridiculous fight and said "I don't care about that, what's his WHIP? I need the WHIP." Umm...Mike, WHIP is walks + hits / innings pitched. If you had all three components for each guy and they were about the same, it's safe to say they have approximately the same WHIP. Ryan's is .66 to Papelbon's .68 and Mike finally agreed that Papelbon is having a year as good as Ryan.

    Hey, it's not like a Yankee fan who does a sports talk show should know much about the Yankee's biggest rival and the team they are looking up at in the standings. It is completely sickening how much money they make and how they just like to make unsubstantiated claims. In this instance the guy got his two cents in and luckily he had the stats in front of him. If he didn't, Mike would have just spoke over him and said the caller was wrong and never even known he was just making shit up. But all that is just par for the course for him every day during his show.

    Anonymous benny said...

    Someone earlier said that Reyes will be like Miguel Tejada, although it could happen and it sounds nice, I doubt it. But shit, Reyes is good. He makes things happen.

    Anna Benson is a dumb bitch.

    Ambiorix Concepcion got promoted, when will Henry Owens get promoted?
    And bttw, Concepcion is NTO taking a spot on the 40 man roster. After his incredibly shitty year last year, he was removed.
    Concepcion for Jason Schmidt? yes, please!

    Phillip Humber, make that ETA 2008!

    I'm surprised Mike didn't hang up on him. That's what they usually do, just hang up to make you look like an ass clown, without a chance to defend themselves.
    NY sports Radio sucks because the guys onyl know about the NY teams and sometimes BARELY at that. I like to know about ALL teams and broaden my horizens.

    12:28 PM

    Anonymous Joe said...

    Jose Reyes = stupid hot
    Anna Benson = stupid but hot

    12:51 PM

    Anonymous joe said...

    Mike Francesa = stupid and fat

    1:06 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm not sure I would qualify Anna as hot anymore. She looks like a worn out whore and comes across as a whiny twat. (see Anna pictures during Kris Benson's Orioles press conference)

    Francesa is an idiot. I heard and saw that exchange with the Boston fan on the YES network. The incredulous look on his face while this caller was making his point is classic. Even after he admitted that Papelbon is having similiar success as BJ, he still had the same fucking smug look. He can drink a case of diet cokes, he's still going to be jabba'esque.

    Did anyone catch the last two innings of the WhiteSox Astros game? Wild stuff.

    I heard Buster Olney on ESPN Radio this morning saying that the Mets are the class of the NL. That must have hurt him to say that.

    Milledge is going nowhere (via trade). I'm not sure if he's even going to be demoted when Cliff comes back. I think he might be better served to be around this clubhouse and rotating in the outfield, than playing everyday at AAA.

    Where is Eli?

    - Bada

    1:14 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I think Tejada is apt. I don't think Reyes will have the same homerun power, but he steals a ton of bases. Reyes upside is very, very, very high.

    Owens must have done something to Omar. I don't get it.

    Amby was removed? Hmmm....I guess they will put him back on at the end of the season or else he'll be plucked.

    Concepcion for ain't going for no Schmidt. He's have to hit a homer in every at-bat until the trade deadline.

    As for Mike, I'm suprised too. He usually doesn't let the callers get a chance to prove him wrong, but he was so sure he was right and was going to back up his own ridiculous statement he let him have it.

    Anna is looking weathered these days. I think she's lost it.

    1:15 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Oh yeah...did anyone notice that Matsui went on the DL with a bad back? From multi-all star status in Japan to Triple-A disabled list....Wow

    - Bada

    1:16 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    The White Sox are stupid good. They were down 6-1 with Oswalt on the mound, it looked over. I didn't see the rest of the game, but the White Sox and the Tigers are 9-1 in the last ten. Really crazy stuff going on in the central. I think the Twins are 9-1 in their last ten too and have three wins behind the Yankees. The AL Central is the best division in baseball and unseated the AL East.

    Olney warming up the Mets, huh? No backhanded compliments?

    No rotating outfield. Bring Lastings back up the end of August and let him get his hacks.

    1:17 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Matsui should retire.

    1:17 PM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    Anna Benson is no one whom I would ever, under any circumstances, kick out of bed.


    1:27 PM

    Anonymous rick m said...

    Does Wagner have options left? Send him to Norfolk to get his shit together and let Owens close for two weeks. What's the worst that can happen? The Mets drop to seven games ahead?? Pedro too -- the Mets don't need these guys for the next two months, give 'em a little vacation.

    I like Anna's big mouth. Remember when Valentine would shoot his mouth off about something stupid before a big series and take the media pressure off of his team? I always thought that was a slick move. Not that the 2006 Mets need any relief, even Francesca just said the NL East race isn't even worth talking about. But she'd definately keep things loose.

    1:33 PM

    Anonymous belladewood said...

    A hidden gem in your Reyes coverage today: projection of 22 triples. That's astounding, and in the modern era, almost unbelievable (in the true sense of the word). A quick check of Baseball Ref confirms that the last time anyone hit 22, it was 1930. If he could do it -- and of all the projections, I think that one is the least far-fetched -- it would be thrilling.

    It also seems like we can thank his sore wrist for his new swing -- it was hurting too much swinging the old way so he shortened up quite a bit. Suddenly, he's seeing pitches much longer, allowing him to cover more of the plate and also be more judicious in his pitch selection. If, when his wrist is fully 100%, he remembers this feeling, I think that will stop the wild swings in consistency we've had in the past. It might be a stretch -- we all love Reyes, but he's a bona fide space cadet.

    1:42 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Count, now you are saying two different things. There are plenty of ladies I would not kick out of bed, but that does not make them attractive. While Anna is clearly attractive, she has lost some luster. She is looking a bit weathered these days. Must be from all the moving.

    But she'd definately keep things loose. Indeed she would.

    Imagine if Jose played in San Francisco? About half of his 18 doubles would be triples. When they eventually get a double hitting machine that is a speedster, we'll see 30+ triples out of there one day.

    Ha, Reyes a space cadet? I thought he comes across as smart and hard working. He is certainly not Manny-type aloof at the very least. It's all pitch recognition for him. Laying off slop in the dirt would have made him infinitely better. A) He would stop swinging at balls. B) He would get them far less and therefore more pitches to hit. Whatever the case in terms of why he is doing it, it's great. Hopefully like I said and you aluded to bella....Jose had something click.

    1:56 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    I still remember the first time Reyes came up. That game in Texas. I was so friggin excited to see what he could do. Reyes is a star. I've never doubted that once he got over the leg crap at the beginning, and then matured, he'd be nothing less than a major star in this league. I mean the kid is still only 22 (maybe 23?). I completely agree with Randolph on this one, he's going to be a MONSTER. He's got all the tools. No reason to think he won't be hitting 25 hr's, 80+ rbi, 60-80 sb, a crapload of doubles/triples with phenomenal d. Wouldn't want anybody else in the league at short for us. He's going to be a major star.

    Mike, couldn't agree more. Anna is more and more looking like a sloppy, weathered whore. That being said, I would still do her in a minute being the pathetic man that I am.

    Here's the one thing with the Lastings situation that I'd like others opinion on. I am starting to be of the thought that Lastings is a better player right now than Xavier. I like X Man a lot. But I really think his defense is lacking and that Milledge is better suited out there. At the plate, X is streaky. I think if Milledge stayed up, started and continued to get at bats, he would continue to get more comfortable and be better then X. It just seems he's a better athlete that can add a lot more electricity to this team. Thoughts?

    2:20 PM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    i'm glad to see humber back on the trail. people forget how good of a prospect he was (the number 3 pick that and was a kick ass pitcher on a good Rice team). he could mess around and be a nice number 3 starter if not an ace should he come back. i've got my fingers crossed.

    if reyes can hit .300 the mets offense would be ridiculous. but we all know that right.

    3:03 PM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    Anthony, thanks for coming around. I totally agree. As I've said, Milledge can win you games by himself, whether in the field or at bat. Nady is a nice, complementary player, nothing more. Milledge should be playing, and I'd almost try and pull a Bobby V here and rotate Cliffy, X-Man and 'Stings depending on the circumstance, keeping them all fresh.

    3:04 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    That being said, I would still do her in a minute being the pathetic man that I am. Your honesty is appreciated.

    I can't think of anyone else at short really either. I don't think one player can change the game like he can. He steals at will and is not even hitting with some pop. Really quick bat too boot. If he can keep his swing consistent and not fall into his usual bad habits, he is scary. I know that I've gotten frustrated with him in the past and will likey get frustrated with him again, but when you look at his age and how long he's been around already, it's really, really nuts. The kid is not even going to peak for another four years.

    The mets need to sign him and David at season's end.

    Nady's upside comes no where near Milledge's. That being said, Nady looks like he can hit 30 dingers in this league and the Mets need a corner next year. I wounln't mind seeing what he can fetch on the trade market, but I still think you have to leave X where he is. Maybe dump Floyd if you can something decent? He won't bring back a top prospect, but the Tigers are going for it this year. They wanted a left-handed bat and if Cliffy can get back soon and prove he is healthy, that may clear up the log jam.

    Humber is good. Really, really good. Nasty stuff and four above average pitches. People don't realize how good he is because he got a 'safe pick' label placed on him, but he can throw. His arm is slightly less electric than Pelfrey's, but has two plus pitches and four above average pitches. He can still reach his ceiling faster than Pelfrey.

    if reyes can hit .300 the mets offense would be ridiculous. but we all know that right.

    Yup. If Reyes can hit .320 with .380 OBP he might score 200 fucking runs! No one has topped 150 runs since 2000 and the no one has topped 160 since the 1930's (I think, I just looked it up and already forgot). Reyes is on pace for 147 as of now. We'll see, but Reyes could have a really special season.

    3:04 PM

    Anonymous JohnF said...


    Notoriety is not a good thing, Mike! I realize it gets used as a positive by reporters and writers all the time, but it drives me nuts.

    2 definitions off the web:

    "Unfavorable, usually unsavory renown"
    "the state of being known for some unfavorable act or quality"

    belladewood, Dale Mitchell had 23 triples in 1949, and Snuffy Stirnweiss had 22 in 1945. Lance Johnson has the Mets record - 21 in 1996.

    3:53 PM

    Anonymous JohnF said...

    Anyone notice these Norfolk transactions?

    06/25/2006 Released RHP Jason Scobie
    06/18/2006 Released IF Juan Tejeda
    06/18/2006 Added IF/OF Jacob Cruz added from extended spring training

    Scobie had been horrific this year. Cruz is another "never-was" (as opposed to a "has-been"). Isn't there anyone under 30 who can play 1B at Norfolk?

    4:56 PM

    Anonymous belladewood said...

    I missed old Snuffy. Mea culpa. But seeing how it hasn't been done since the Truman administration it would still be fun to see.

    Also, as to Jose's space cadettish ways -- I don't mean to suggest he doesn't work hard. He obviously does. It's just that sometimes, with Jose, he's distracted by the excitement of just being there. His baseball sense is innate and not studied at all. He can't analyze what he does so well, and that's why it's so wonderful to see, and so elusive to harness.

    Another favorite baseball space cadet was a certain Vladimir of Montreal whom I coveted for years and years before he was snapped up by the LAAofA. If I remember the SI article correctly, Vladimir prepared for games by playing himself against the pitcher on Sega or Playstation or something. Prime space cadet behavior.

    6:40 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    No problem Mike. I thought you would appreciate that honesty.

    I was thinking the same thing about Cliffy. But boy, that would be a tough one to trade off this year. He's such a soulful part of this team. It would almost be scary to mess with the locker room trading such a leader of the team in the middle of the season. I definitely hear you on Nady. He has some good pop and is solid. Just hate to see Lastings go. Tough call all around.

    6:58 PM

    Anonymous brian b said...

    memo to anna benson, mets are in first, orioles are not. ask kris if he thinks THATS clever.

    2:41 AM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    The Sons of Sam Horn (the Sox message board) is buzzing about the next 3 games. Calling it "the series of the year" thus far. And they are giving the Mets their due:

    QUOTE(Spacemans Bong @ Jun 26 2006, 07:41 PM)
    Reyes is on an otherworldly hot streak right now - he is 32/57 the last two weeks. The last week he is 17/27. He actually hasn't walked for about two weeks - he has walked 29 times this year, decent numbers - but he has been so hot that he's raised his averages to 302/351/495. By almost every metric available, he is the best shortstop in the major leagues in 2006.

    Oh, and he's 34/42 in SBs and on pace to hit 40 doubles, over 20 triples and about 15 home runs. And MGL recently commented he was +16 on defense. Oy gevalt.

    Edit: Oh, and David Wright is hitting .336 and slugging over .600. And neither guy is over 23 years old.

    If they had held on to Scott Kazmir they'd be the team to beat for the rest of the decade :blink:

    11:04 AM

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