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Monday, July 10, 2006

I don't believe in God.....

....but I believe in David Wright.

Yesterday's game was probably played in some of the best weather that I've ever had while going to a game. Not too hot and enough clouds to not have the sun beat down on you. Two guys in Tom Glavine and Xavier Nady were pitching in to help my fantasy team. Life was great. Then the Mets fell behind. Even though they fell behind, I just felt there was no way they were going to lose. They kind of kicked the ball around and played some ugly ball at times, but it just too nice of a day. The weather was perfect and the D-Rays were fighting back against the Yankees, how could my team lose?

Of course, they didn't. David Wright put the Mets up for good with a three run homerun and it is so hard to keep in mind that he is just 23 years old. He is putting up a .316/.386/.575 line and is on pace for 109 runs scored, 40 doubles, 37 homers, 136 RBIs, 20 stolen bases, and 71 walks. Wright has gotten so good, so fast that it is just ridiculous in what we have come to expect out of him. David is hitting .340/.413 /.571 with runners on, .358/.436/.558 with runners in scoring position, and .296/.364/.570 in close and late situations.

I always thought Wright would hit with some pop, but more like 25-28 homers and touch 30 mostly because of where he played his home games. He has come out this year and shown that he has lot more power than a lot of people thought. He has more RBIs than any other Met in their relatively short history by the All-Star break. I truly think the Mets will lock him up long term after this season and that is the right thing to do. There is nothing this kid cannot do and every facet of his game is great. Obviously I don't need to tell anyone this because we all already know, but it's easy to forget sometimes how good he is at such a young age.

* * *

  • Mike (me) likes Mike (Pelfrey). He is a guy who we were told that throws a certain speed and actually throws it. In the first inning he was tossing 96 and 97 (TV radar gun for what it's worth) and brings it. His slider was nice, but not great, and flashed an off speed pitch. He was a bit too wild, but you can certainly chalk it up to anxiousness. Is he quite ready now? Maybe not, but with the lead the Mets have, let him work on it up here. He might get jacked, but everyone does sometimes and Traschel has even gotten pretty much jacked in his six game win streak. He will have to work harder to succeed than just having to beat up on players he is more talented than on the farm and that is not necessarily a bad thing. While you cannot do this some people, Pelfrey's stuff certainly allows him to learn on the job. I think it really might benefit this team this year to try and bring him along fast.

    As for Henry Owens, he looks like a keeper. How he'll fit in with this team in 2006 is the big question, but it doesn't look like he'll have a space when Heath Bell is factored in. As for 2007, he better help shift Heilman to the rotation though I’d like it to be tried in 2006 since the Mets do have plenty of wiggle room, but people seem to think it is a bad idea. Francisco Liriano had to work up to normal pitch counts and innings after relieving for a while and since Heilman started in Winter Ball, it would stand to reason he would have less of a problem getting up to speed as opposed to a guy who has been solely relieving over the past five years.

  • Phil Humber got roughed up a bit, but I'm too busy being happy about him just pitching to even think twice about it. He'll come around soon enough and it is a good sign that he went six innings in just his fourth start back. Ex-Met prospect Grant Psomas went deep in each game of the Jupiter Hammerheads sweep of the St. Lucie Mets.

    Binghamton lost to the Trenton Thunder, but Ambiorix Concepcion went deep for his first homer in AA and Carlos Gomez continues his hot hitting with a 2 for 4 game as he raised his average to .249.

    Adam Loewen beat the Tides as Lastings Milledge went 2 for 4 with two doubles and three RBIs and Anderson Hernandez continues to struggle with an 0 for 4 night with three strikeouts as while his average dipped to .249.

  • The New York Mets are the only National League team to get an A at the mid-season point by Dayn Perry.

    Despite upheaval and inadequacy at the back of the rotation, the Mets have all but locked up the NL East. They've already used 10 different starting pitchers this season, but when your offense is slugging .467 away from pitcher-friendly Shea Stadium, it makes up for many a sin on the mound. Getting Pedro Martinez healthy again will be critical, but the Mets' lead is insurmountable at this point.

    Taking the division by the All-Star break? Not too shabby.

  • Not to be outdone by the Yankees signing Jesus Montero, the Mets inked Francisco Pena for $750,000.

    "The kid is a good defensive catcher, but it is his bat what will take him far in baseball. We could say that he is a combination of Tony Pena's defense and Mike Piazza's bat," said Leo Mercedes, who runs the young player's career.

    "I feel embarrassed to talk about my own son, but I think Francisco has a natural talent for batting, and as a catcher I can say that right now he has a better arm than I had when I was 16," said Tony Pena, now a Yankees coach who won four Gold Gloves and played in five All-Star games during his 18-year major-league career.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa.....Those are some lofty expectations, but good to hear anyway and great to see Omar make it happen on the international front.

  • There was six....now there are three. Glavine has opted out of the All-Star game and with him throwing 100 pitches today, it was hard to see how he would make it.

  • There are only three starters who posted a 9.00 + K/9 in their sophomore season. Can anyone guess who is on track to be the fourth?

  • If you are not going to the Ask a Ninja website, you are missing out. You can find tons of his stuff on Youtube.com as well.

    Good times...

  • Veterans usually could care less about the minor leagues. If they have not done it, they don't expect them to do it. Even when Bonds was asked about Pujols early in his career while Bonds was on top, he basically said we'll see. Until anyone proves themselves on the biggest stage, vets really don't care and would rather have a proven commodity and go for it now. They could care less about four years from now, but Omar should as that is his job. That being said, Willis for Milledge should be done, done, and done. The Mets did learn their less with Kazmir for Zambrano and while I don't think they will be gun shy, they will certainly be smarter.

  • Jim Callis lists out the top 15 high school prospects over the last twenty years. There are a few interesting names on the list, but Josh Hamilton's is probably the most interesting because he has started his comeback trail yet again. ESPN had written a great article on him a few years back and I stole it back in 2004 and posted it. Scroll down and check it out if you have some time.

  • Matt Lindstrom was impressive in the Future's Game.

    Righthander Matt Lindstrom, 26, was the Mets' lone representative, but he did the organization proud as the oldest player on either club. The reliever picked up the save in the U.S. team's 8-5 win over the World team, retiring the side in order and showing a fastball that touched 100 mph on the radar gun.

    "I've never thrown in front of that many people," Lindstrom said. A former starter, he never threw with such velocity before this season, he said, crediting the Mets for switching him into the bullpen and shutting him down (with a stress fracture in his pitching elbow) last October.

  • Just because you are twelve games up, that does not mean there are not problems. Anyone that pointed out problems early in the year was chastised by a lot of other fans telling us to be happy and stop complaining, but there were glaring problems. While this team is good, the problems are still there. No one doubts this team's ability to get to the playoffs. Their trip is just about guaranteed, but they are a four game sweep candidate in the World Series.

  • Here is a Mike Cameron fluff piece.

    Anonymous JohnF said...

    Q: What do Pujols, Arod, Johnny Bench, Reggie Jackson and Canseco have in common?

    A: They all had at least 20 HR and 70 RBI at the All-Star Break, before they turned 24. Mr Wright has joined that club.

    12:54 PM

    Anonymous JohnF said...

    BTW, I saw that on Mike & Mike this morning. I notice it was posted on Metsblog a little while ago too.

    12:57 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Oh, that's a nice tidbit. I'm chewing on that one now and it is tasty.

    1:01 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Isn't that feeling of "meh.. they'll come back" kick ass? I love it and I have that feeling this season every game.

    I was actually amazed and fell in more love with Henry Owens than Pelfrey...

    WIth Humber, I'm just happy he's pitching, and I'll take the K's over the hits and ER's against him.

    Carlos Gomez and ??? for Jason Schmidt, I prey, I hope.

    1:04 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Agreed on Humber. 2007 is when I'll start to be dissapointed with ERA. It's usually a bit of a road back and he looks like he is well in front of the curve.

    How bizarre are Owens' mechanics. I know we heard they were weird, they are weirder than I thought. How he generated 100 mphs out of that is beyond me.

    You can forget about Gomez for Schmidt. They Giants have to go for it with Bonds. They have no choice and will not be trading Schmidt because of that. Gomez will end up hitting like .275 again and just be in line with his career, but his lack of power is bit concerning in this Eastern League. You would have liked to see him hit 15 this year. He still looks far away.

    1:15 PM

    Anonymous Brian B said...

    I'm terribly upset because i've been very busy and have not gotten to actually SEE henry owens pitch. It makes me sad.

    2:50 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Henry Owens = Rock Star in my book

    I LOVED Pelfrey, totally think he's the real deal.

    I love the tidbit John F

    Incidentally - Benny, you might have to count me out on the "Metropolitans" game. My boyfriend and I bought seasons at the game on Sat :-) Let me know when the game is though, I'll drop by.

    2:56 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Don't be said Brian. You'll see him after the All-Star break. I'm pretty sure they'll like him more than Bell and it will be Pelfrey or Maine that goes down when Pedro comes back.

    I would try and describe it, but I don't have it in me. It's just nuts. His warm-ups are weirder as it seems to be a bit more exagerated than his real motion.

    The one thing I do know, is that he looks pretty good.

    Coop, you are now going to ever single home game for the rest of the damn season?

    3:28 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Oh good g*d no, I aint goin LOL.

    We are going to dump the fluff on Stubhub, go to about 1-2 games per home stand. Then capitalize on playoffs. Lets be honest here folks, that's the perk of seasons.

    Plus, getting to chill in Diamond Club during rain delays ;-)

    Oh Mike - I went to 5 games in the span of six days. In the immortal words of Danny Glover, I'm too old for this sh*t

    3:33 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    If Henry Owens doesn't give up any runs....Heath Bell will be used as a filler in a trade. What I see of Bell is that he is an excellent minor league pitcher who hasn't been able to develop that 2nd pitch that he needs to stay in the big leagues. If I had my choice keep Henry and trade Heath.

    3:35 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yes, the perk of the season package is the playoffs, but it's been years and years of investing with no dividends yet. This year is definitely different, but hopefully I get more than one.

    Ah, the Diamond Club huh? Hob-nobbing with elite and rubbing elbows with the crust of the earth. The Diamond Club is far nicer than the Pinstripe Club.....Just another facet of life the Mets trump the Yanks.

    Bell's ERA is 0.83 after his scoreless inning last night. I still think he looked pretty good with the Mets this year, but I'm in the minority...I know that and I'm ok with that. As for his secondary pitch, I relly didn't think his slider was all that bad. Shit, it even looked better than Pelfrey's. But what seperates (not the only place the two pitchers differ by far) is the late sink Pelfrey has where Heath Bell has a well known straight as an arrow fastball. But I think he fared well and will be solid bullpen guy one of these years if given a full time chance.

    4:02 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    So Wags is all for selling off Kazmir...I mean Milledge to bring back Zambrano...I mean Willis. Yes I know Willis is a true S.T.U.D. stud diddily stud but who plays LF next season Mr Wagner? Are we signing Carlos Lee? Would that be too many Carlos's on the same team?

    Willis is great but how great could Milledge be?

    7:43 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wagner needs to look over HIS shoulder.

    Henry-O, Heilman and Sanchez are alot cheaper.

    lidge, Jenks and Papelbon are all examples of new kids on the block who came from nowhere to achieve huge playoff success. Henry Owens you are next.

    8:25 PM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    Four batters up, all of em fall flat on their face...


    16 in the first round! First batter in the contest to light up the place! The crowd absolutely LOVES this kid! LOL!


    Great thing to watch as a Mets fan. He may be done though. Seems absolutely exhausted, but even if he falls short in round 2, that first one was incredible!

    Great show.

    9:11 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    Owens and his funky delivery are a pleasure to watch. I was the only guy at the bar Saturday afternoon who was riveted to the 17-3 game while Henry was in. I was thinking the same thing about his ability to attain that kind of velocity with that alligator arm delivery. Very cool.

    Four days and counting until Toasty and I see the Mets play a couple at Wrigley. Saturday's first pitch is a bar-friendly 3:06 local time. Fucking Swell.

    9:20 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Well, Condor....I'm don't want bad trades anymore with prospects. That's not to say no prospects get traded no matter how good, but Willis is worth it for sure.

    Dirty Sanchez is the Mets closer of the future, but Owens is not a bad contingency plan.

    Wright's a stud...thanks for ruining my DVR'd homerun derby!

    Hopefully he takes it home, but remember what happened to Abreu after killing in the homerun derby in '05? Kiss of death....

    Bookied, I've been in bars at the end of the season with the Mets playing for nothing watching games. One time a guy asked me if I was really interested. The easy answer was yes. How the fuck could I not be? It's baseball?

    Same thing with Owens though. I must admit, the season gets rough and long sometimes and guys like Owens, Milledge, and Pelfrey keep it fresh.

    Getting smashed at Wrightly at 3:06? That is fucking swell. Tailgate at the bars and then get roudy in the game.

    9:40 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Bobby ABreu hit a seasons worth of HR's last year. He hit like... 50.
    Can't compare Abreu to Wright... not yet atleast.
    Wright will be fine...

    9:52 PM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    He's spent! Only 2 in second round, and was ROBBED by some hot shot kid! Would have barely made it out, and the kid jumps to make the catch! I couldn't believe it. And the crowd bood the kid too! LOL! Very funy.

    I wouldn't worry about this screwing with his mechanics at all. This kid is a far better overall hitter than Abreu.

    Oh, and sorry for ruining it fer ya! Didn't know you were recording it! ;o)

    Watch it anyway. It's amazing to hear the crowd reaction to him.

    10:00 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    I'll keep it real and I won't lie.

    I took advantage of the HR Derby and took this as the one of few times I'd be able to root for Ryan Howard. I rooted for him over Wright, I'm not gonna lie.
    Howard is a beast and he's fun to watch.

    10:57 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    David did us proud.

    At least if anyone was going to win, it is my fantasy stud Ryan Howard.

    You didn't ruin it. I ended up really ruining it as I just DVR'd two hours and didn't even get to see the end! I've learned my lesson. You really didn't ruin it, I was going to watch it anyway. The crowd definitely went crazy for him. Awesome to see.

    Et tu Benny? First your endless love of A-Rod, no this????

    1:00 AM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Hey man, that was a one time thing. Never again. After July 11 I will not root for Ryan Howard ever again.
    It was a one time only type of deal.

    5:44 AM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    Who plays left field next season Mr. Met if Milledge is traded? Do we pick up Lee? Cliffy is just too long in the tooth.

    Willis has not been the stud he was last season but that may be due to his lack of support and a bad locker room. It would be great to have him as our ACE but is he going to be great for 5 or more seasons? Is Cabrera available to come along with him for LF at seasons end?

    8:44 AM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    this guy benny is amazing.

    how the hell u gonna be an arod fan and root against wright. he's given us nothing but good times and to root against him is a shame. root for the jersey homey not the name.

    10:32 PM

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