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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Creepy Revisited

It looks like the Mets smartened up and pulled the ad featuring David Wright endorsing a creepy individual.

"David Wright and the New York Mets have no affiliation or association whatsoever with the event entitled 'Salvation Miracles Revival Crusade,' and neither approve of nor endorse the event," the Mets said in a statement. "The recent TV ad about the event was produced without authorization or approvals through an abuse of a media-newsgathering credential.

"The Mets did not and would not endorse any such event or allow their logos and trademarks be used in such a fashion. The TV spots have been pulled and will not air again. We apologize for any problems or confusion that may have been caused by this unauthorized action."

Hmmm...Let's recap.

"Hi, I'm David Wright. I invite you to the 'Salvation Miracles Revival Crusade' with Dr. Jaerock Lee, at Madison Square Garden, July 27, 28 and 29."

Jaerock Lee apparently has some compromising photos of David Wright and Jeff Wilpon because the spot was filmed and ran with Wright in a Mets uniform during their game (Wright was actually just taken advantage of). Personally? I do not care. I'm just writing about this because Mr. Lee is quote machine (thanks to Ossy and Condor for the info).

To live, I'd drink even the liquid of feces!

Modern medical science was not able to heal me, so I used all sorts of folk remedies. I ate whatever was said to be good for my health. I even changed my name and invited a sorceress to perform an exorcism. But to make things worse, I got the rheumatic arthritis and I had to hide myself. In this terrible situation, I heard that the liquid of feces was good for recovering my health. Although its stench was unbearable, I drank it earnestly.


One day in April of 1974 when I had wandered in the valley of death for seven years, my second elder sister who lived in the countryside came and asked me to guide her to a place called Hyun-Shin-Ae's Altar. I couldn't say no to her and I went there by holding my sister's arms and using my stick. When I entered to the place, I was so surprised. There were so many people praying loudly. They looked out of their minds to me. I thought I had to get out of that place before I also became crazy.

Too late.

Also, to God it seemed not good for Adam to be alone.... ...This was so not because Adam himself felt lonely but because God had been alone for a long period of time before the beginning of time and knew what loneliness was.

Interesting take. I can picture God walking around with his hands in his pockets kicking a rock while walking down the street wishing he had a playmate. Good thing he eventually figure out he was God and could just make whatever he wanted!

Why, then, is it that the dinosaurs lived on earth but became suddenly extinct? God had actually placed dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden. They were mild, but were driven out to this earth because they fell into the trap of Lucifer during the period in which Adam could freely travel back and forth between this earth and the Garden of Eden.

Now, dinosaurs that were forced to live on this earth had to constantly look for things to eat. Unlike the time when they lived in the Garden of Eden, where everything was abundant, this earth could not possibly produce enough food for dinosaurs with big bodies. They ate up all the fruit, grains, and plants, and then began to eat up other animals. They were about to destroy the environment and the food chain. God finally decided that He could no longer keep the dinosaurs on this earth any more, and exterminated them with fire from above.

Didn't hear that one before.

Interesting facts about Jaerock (best name ever?):

  • Aliens came to celebrate his visits to Giza pyramids, which are the buildings, constructed by Adam (according to him).

  • Jaerock Lee dumped down $3.8 million to start his very own Global Christian Network to announce the prophetic word given to Jaerock Lee and "Jaerock Lee's Power" that heals the diseases. Don't forget to call your Satellite provider to see if you can get that channel.

    It it looks like this entire thing just slipped through the cracks.

    * * *

  • Shinjo is a rockstar. Not much else you can say about this guy (by way of Always Amazin' by way of CSTB).

  • Chat Stuff...


    Alon (Brooklyn): Who do the Mets target before the deadline?

    SportsNation Buster Olney: Alon: My educated guess is that sometime between now and Friday, the Mets will make a deal for Rodrigo Lopez of the Orioles. And I think they'll check in on the cost of Barry Zito (probably Aaron Heilman and another prospect not named Milledge or Pelfrey) soon.

    Lopez? Not sure he is quite what the Mets need. As for Zito, still doubtful he moves anywhere, but Olney still thinks there is a chance.

    Rob Middletown, New York: Now that Barry Zito signed with Boras Do you see the A's trading him by the 31st no matter what since they will have no chance to sign him?

    SportsNation Buster Olney: Rob: I don't think they had any chance to sign him, anyway, because they wouldn't devote $12 million to $14 million -- what Zito will probably make annually -- to one player; it would represent between 20 and 25 percent of their total payroll. And while the odds are that Zito remains with Oakland the rest of the season (and the Athletics get two draft picks in compensation when Zito signs elsewhere), there still is a chance he will get dealt before the deadline, with the Mets being the most likely land spot.

  • It looks like Jeff Keppinger is gone.

    The Royals and Mets appear close to completing a trade of minor-league second basemen: Ruben Gotay for Jeff Keppinger.

    It really makes sense since the Mets really did not like Keppinger and he was getting older and older with no job with the Mets in sight. The Mets get a younger and still just as marginal of a prospect.

  • The Mets two grand slams in the same inning seems to be a bit more special than we all originally thought.

    The freakish events of the Mets' 13-7 win sent Hartig digging through his archives to find how rare it was for a team to hit two grand slams in the same inning—as the Mets did in the 41-minute top of the sixth. Hartig discovered the feat was rarer than a perfect game, hitting four home runs in a game and the unassisted triple play, among other baseball oddities.

    In fact, according to the Society of American Baseball Research, major-league teams have hit two grand slams in one inning only once every 26,850 games—seven times since 1871. That equates to once every 241,653 innings. In other words, 40,157 fans at Wrigley Field hit the equivalent of the baseball lottery Sunday in terms of seeing something against which the odds were stacked.

  • Hopefully Mike Pelfrey can step it up tonight.

    "I think [I'll be calmer]. Especially just being in the dugout, around the games, you kind of get used to the atmosphere," Pelfrey said. "And it's like being in Chicago. I get used to the atmosphere, and I'm not really nervous. I'm not really kind of in awe anymore when I go out there.

    "I think in the first game, I'm pretty much in it, you know?" Pelfrey added. "And everything's just kind of like in awe and you're just kind of in shock. The more you're around it, the more you get used to it."

  • Edgar Alfonzo is happy to be back with the Mets.

    "I'm really happy the way this opportunity has come up with a team I came to the big leagues with my first time. They called me back and they wanted me to play. I just need to get some at-bats, get ready, get confidence and we'll see what's going to happen."

  • Baseball America re-ranks the top 25 prospects in the universe.

    1. Stephen Drew, ss
    2. Delmon Young, of
    3. Brandon Wood, ss
    4. Justin Upton, of
    5. Alex Gordon, 3b
    6. Lastings Milledge, of
    7. Billy Butler, of
    8. Troy Tulowitzki, ss
    9. Howie Kendrick, 2b
    10. Homer Bailey, rhp
    11. Philip Hughes, rhp
    12. Cameron Maybin, of
    13. Carlos Gonzalez, of
    14. Scott Elbert, lhp
    15. Jay Bruce, of
    16. Jose Tabata, of
    17. Chris Young, of
    18. Jason Hirsh, rhp
    19. Andy Marte, 3b
    20. Nick Adenhart, rhp
    21. Carlos Quentin, of
    22. Adam Loewen, lhp
    23. Ryan Braun, 3b
    24. Matt Garza, rhp
    25. Yovani Gallardo, rhp

    Lastings is movin' on up as he jumps three spots and it is interesting see Jose Tabata crack the top 25. That is interesting because Fernando Martinez was valued higher early on in the season than Tabata and Tabata's 22 doubles and five homers are impressive, but Fernando was easily on pace for that with more much more plate discipline. It would be interesting to see where he would have ranked should he have been healthy all year. Phil Humber also made special mention on the sheet as "On the Radar" as a player that just needs innings for their tools to translate into premium performance.

    Anonymous benny said...

    I don't get how the Mets were not affiliated with the ad. How did they NOT know? Were they asleep when they OK'd the logo uses?

    This Jaerock Lee business is crazy, lol.

    Rodrigo Lopez does nto provide the Mets with somehting they dno't already have.
    I'm not a big fan of acquiring mediocre talent. Like Lyle Overbay and Sean Casey last year...

    Kendrick should be a little higher. Atleast top 5. And Homer Bailey has been NAAAAAAASTY this year, so far he's proving me wrong. I thought he was going to flop.

    4:34 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yeah, I'm not sure how they wouldn't know. Some guy came up to Wright and asked him to just record this? Wright said OK? Then they PAID for it and put it on during their broadcast? No one checks on that?

    Lopez isn't worth whatever low level prospect it will cost them.

    Ah, Kendrick is awesome, but everyone in the top five is tight. Once you hit the top 15 or so, they are all pretty fucking sick.

    For next season, the Mets should have Pelfrey, Milledge, Fernando, and Humber in the top 100. Not too shabbby.

    5:21 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Damn, I gotta see this ad. Is it on you tube?

    5:41 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I have not even looked. If anyone finds it, let us all know.

    9:10 PM


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