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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


David Wright and Carlos Beltran were impressive in the All-Star game and watching Wright go deep on his first at-bat and Beltran steal third only to score on a wild pitch warmed my cockles. If fans around the league didn't believe the Mets were for real, they do now because of how the team was represented and they still missed Reyes. Last night's game was also one of the best pitched ones I've ever seen (or maybe worst offensive displays). There may be a lot of mediocrity in this league when it comes to pitching and not much in between the large group of mediocre pitchers and the small group of elite pitchers, but the good ones are just sick. Just think of the arms that did not get into the game on the American League side of things in Francisco Liriano and Jon Papelbon.

Wright and Beltran looked like they were going to control the game and power the National League to victory which would have been fitting since they will make it to the World Series, but Trevor Hoffman's blown save in the ninth was the final nail in the coffin. Homefield advantage goes to the American League again. Not much you can do about that I do not have a good suggestion of how they should actually determine homefield in the World Series, but it should not be decided on the All-Star game winner. The previous method of switching the homefield advantage from league to league every year was OK and simply choosing whomever has the best record to have homefield has it's flaws, but either one of those seems better than what is currently in place.

Joe Sheehan had some interesting observations in his All-Star Game Diary, but one was particularly interesting.

One last Ozzie note: he used two of his manager's selections on Mark Buehrle and Bobby Jenks, then didn't put either into the game, while at the same time using the best pitcher on a division rival who started and went seven on Sunday.

I'm just saying.

After all of that, he just wanted to make some of his players All-Stars just so they can say they were All-Stars and not because he was going to use them. Just really, really weird. The homefield advantage is a minor gripe compared to the manager getting to fill in the roster with players from his own team. Seeing the endless line of White Sox on the team was plain ridiculous. The sooner they figure out that this just does not work, the sooner the All-Star game will be slightly better.

* * *

  • One of the biggest Olympic flops is going to try his hand at baseball.

    Miller has signed a one-game contract to play for the Nashua Pride of the independent CanAm League, ESPN reported on Monday.

    I guess he's not so bad after all.

  • Looks like Ted Robinson had a new gig.

    For two years, I watched, frequently in frustration, as Reyes swung wildly, and barely brushed the .300 on-base percentage mark.

    Last year, a new hitting coach arrived. Rick Down told Reyes he had one responsibility: swing at strikes. Don't worry about walks, ignore on-base percentage, and forget about being another Rickey Henderson.

    Now, Reyes is the National League's All-Star shortstop, leading the league in runs scored (still the essential number in the game), and stolen bases, and second in hits.

    And, in one way, he has become the next Rickey Henderson. Once on base, he is the most disruptive force in baseball. And no one knows or should care about his OBP.

    Well said.

  • What horrible parents.

  • Words not necessary.

  • I truly hate this argument.

    In 462 at-bats in the postseason, Jeter has a .307 average. Reyes has no such experience. None.

    The gap between A-Rod and Wright is just as telling. The Yankees third baseman has a .305 average over 118 at-bats in the postseason. Wright may have won the New York war in the All-Star Game, but he's still waiting to make his first plate appearance in October.

    Big whoop. They have not had a chance to be there and do it. Jeter is otherworldly in terms of his clutch ability so will Reyes get there? Probably not. As for Wright vs. A-Rod, what has A-Rod done in the post-season? If you are actually talking about winning not just today and tomorrow, but long enough for a modern-day dynasty like Klapisch's original question, you go with Wright and Reyes. It's a no brainer.

  • Scott Kazmir certainly looked like baseball's elite yesterday and apparently Alex Rodriguez called him one of the top five pitchers in the league. When he hits free agency, you know the Yankees are going to be big players for him. If he lands there, I might go crazy.

  • Update:

    Alex Rodriguez, wearing white shoes in tribute to his mid-'80s Mets heroes, went 0-for-2 and dribbled a ball on defense.

    First, how do you dribble a ball on defense? I've heard of bobbling, but not dribbling.

    Second, I had no idea that is the reason he wore those silly shoes. Did the mid-80's Mets wear white shoes or something? I'm missing how it shoes tribute to them. Does ugly shoes = the NY Mets? If that's the case, I see tons of people showing tribute to them daily. If someone can shed light on this, please do.


    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Mike - I don't want to hear about your cockles. But I do think that simply switching back and forth between the AL and NL each year from home field would work fine. No fuss, no muss. Let's go back to that.

    12:54 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Stop lying. You love hearing about my cockles.

    I think switching is better than this, but switching is not the answer. The only other things I can think of is that the WS winner of the previous year's league gets homefield or the best record.

    Nothing really jumps out at me as being truly fair and unbiased outside of a coin flip.

    1:05 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    How about this - if the two WS teams played during interleague, then home field goes to the team who won the series. If they didn't play, then just go back to switching back and forth (i.e. if it was the NL last year, give it to the AL this year).

    1:26 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    That is certainly interesting. My interest is peaked, but the likihood that they actually meet during the season is more unlikely than likely which is my major problem with that. If they were going to 100% play games every year, that's one thing. To man ifs for me.

    1:42 PM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    1. Umm, I have an idea: why shouldn't home field in the World Series go to the team with the better record? What is so difficult about that, hotel scheduling? Figure it out, we've gotten to the goddamn moon.

    2. Bob Klapisch is a douchebag. Bobby Bo should have taken him when he could 10 years ago.

    3. One thing that I don't hear enough chatter about.....the wild card team should have 1 HOME GAME in the Divisional Series and 2 HOME GAMES in the Championship Series. End of discussion. Then, teams would not be content with a wild card berth (or they'd be less content), pennant races would mean something again, and teams would actually be penalized for not being as good as a team ahead of them. Common sense, my friends.

    4. I love the rest my pitchers are getting right now. Love it. I am serious about either going to a 6 man rotation or at least sitting Glavine and Pedro for a spell in early September. Deadly serious.

    1:48 PM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    First off:

    They sure did! (represent)

    They sure were! (impressive)

    Should have been co-MVPs, but thanks to Cabrera's misplay and Hoff's implosion, that amazing effort by the NL (and Wright and Tran in particular) was wasted.


    I just don't get it. Seriously. I just don't get it.

    What... please, somebody tell me, WHAT is the point of playing all these games if the team going to the WS with the best record does not earn home field advantage?

    Isn't that what it's about? EARNING it?!? Ya know... EARNING it?

    Who EARNS it after some pointless win in an exhibition game? And who EARNS it when it's swapped back and forth from league to league on a yearly basis?

    I don't know. Maybe I'm so far off base, I should just be dragged out back in some alley, and stabbed to death with a rusty knife. Funny, though, I don't think I am. In fact, I think it's just plain logical, which is the reason why the powers that be in the MLB continue to get it wrong.

    In football, you have two teams playing in a neutral site. No home field there, so that's a wash. But the NHL, and NBA both give home field (ice/court) to the team with... you ready for this...





    What an idea! I'm tellin ya folks, I should really be on MLB's payroll. I'd make them boys a fortune with these killer ideas!

    ::do ya sense the sarcasm?!?!?!?::

    Anyway, like I said in the previous topic, this one may very well come back to bite our team when it is all said and done. Chances are in this cake walk of an NL, the Mets may earn a better overall record than the White Sox, who are gonna have one hell of a fight on their hands in that division (and league). That SHOULD earn them home field if they do manage to ge to the WS and meet the Sox.

    Oh well. Thanks Bud. Yer a swell guy...

    1:53 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    1) Because of when teams are in easy divisions like the Mets are as opposed to a team like the White Sox who has a harder treck to the playoffs. I ultimately think that is the easiest way to do it, but like I said, it is still flawed (but what isn't).

    2) Anyone the word douchebag is used, it's a good thing.

    3) I love it...until the Mets get the Wild Card, but I love it. The road should be harder and right now, it really isn't.

    4) The problem with the six man is that everyone likes normal rest but Pedro. Pedro should be skipped like 5th pitchers are and that's a decent solultion because he is the only one who really needs extra rest.

    I agree Paladin. To just throw out what happened in the season in favor of an exhibition game is silly. All suggestions are flawed in some way, but his one more so. Furthermore, it was born out of a desire to create some importance on this game for the fans to get into. It didn't work. Back to the drawing board. Fans will watch if their guys are playing and if there are players around the league they want to see.

    It really does affect the Mets because any NL team is handicapped because of the DH. Thome is White Sox DH for instance as Big Papi is the Red Sox, and we'll have.....???? I know if Milledge is back up, Floyd, him, or Nady can DH and it's not as bad as what some other teams throw out there, but it's not as good as what some of the AL teams are throwing out there. It gives them a chance to get a leg up.

    2:18 PM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    BTW, you guys should check out Ted Robinson's blog over at MSN:


    He talks about Reyes in there, and also says this about the All Star Game:

    "No angst here about All-Star selections. The game is an exhibition with no meaning to those who play. So why do we make a mockery of the World Series by linking a possible Game 7 homefield advantage to this midseason corporate extravaganza? Players are slowly breaking ranks with their union to voice their dislike for this format so when will someone step forward and simply stop this madness?"

    I knew I liked him! ;o)

    2:24 PM

    Anonymous rick m said...

    If you want to know why we have an all star game that "means something," look no further than this morning's ratings:

    Ratings for Fox's telecast of Tuesday night's All-Star game averaged a 10.6 rating and an 18 share, 7 percent above last year's 9.9/16, according to Nielsen overnights. The telecast won every half hour of primetime, including the 8:00 p.m. pre-game hour. The ratings results reflected the continuing resurgence of baseball as the national pastime, also signaled by record rises in attendance at many ballparks. Last week Fox announced that it had sold out all its available spots for the All-Star Game at a record average price of $375,000 for a 30-second spot -- a figure that was nearly 10 percent above last year's.

    You can't argue with success.

    2:47 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Impressive...that does not bode well for all who want to see the homefield angle removed.

    But does anyone really think that had much to do with the homefield thing or just more interest in baseball all around?

    3:00 PM

    Blogger Larry G said...

    Personally, I don't like interleague play. But given that we have it, the league that wins more in interleague play could get home field advantage. Planners could know in plenty of time, and it would be based on the merit of many official games, not just one exhibition game.

    3:08 PM

    Anonymous sgates said...

    From the NJ.com article
    "There were five Mets selected to play in this game. Only four came (Pedro Martinez opting to vacation at home), and only two played (Jose Reyes out with an hand injury and Tom Glavine begging off after pitching Sunday). But the two who played did so as if they had something to play for.

    Does anyone see a problem there?
    And the klapisch article is nonsense, he quotes a guy saying at the present he wants the yankees but that could change real quick as evidence that the yankees duo is better for the future to build a modern dynasty.

    3:28 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Larry, I did think about that and did like that idea, but much like the All-Star game, it relies on a lot of teams that have nothing to do with you to determine what happens when you make the WS. I'm for something that is more empowering to the team itself.

    he quotes a guy saying at the present he wants the yankees but that could change real quick as evidence that the yankees duo is better for the future to build a modern dynasty.

    I caught that and it was fucking funny. It was countering his own argument and was certainly a strange point to see in his own article.

    3:40 PM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    Well there's your problem right there, sgates. The article comes from NJ.com. First of all, what the fuck is NJ.com, and what are their credentials regarding sports journalism? I can only assume that there is some connection with the Bergen Record, but even if this is the case, Bergen Record isn't exactly known for their sports coverage. Also, New Jersey is CHOCK FULL of Skankee fans. Disgraceful. An entire state of frontrunners.

    Pay no mind to that bunk. It will only piss you off, and why would you wanna put yourself through that? Afterall, you are a Mets fan! You've already had much too much heart ache in your life! ;o)

    3:59 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    If the manager doesn't do it who does?
    The fans? nah... fuck that. Let the same people who kept voting for Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield while being injured since April vote for pitchers? nah I'll pass. I don't want to see Scott Proctor and Tim Wakefield i nthe all star game...

    Bode Miller a baseball player? Does he have any previous experience as one? Or is he all skiing?
    I want a contract, I used to play for my high school team.

    That little boys misery on that sheep is my pleasure, HAHAHA!

    You really can't compare Jeter to Reyes. It's not fair to either of them.
    I hate Derek Jeter with a passion but your gonna take a guy that ahs accomplished as much as he has and compare him to Reyes? It's not fair to Reyes' age/energy/potential to Jeter's captain-ness/INTANGIBLES/and experience.
    Same goes for A-Rod and Wright, ti's just not fair to do it yet, they're on different levels right now.
    Two of them are becoming huge stars and two of them already are.
    When thier careers are over, then you can compare.
    And besides, Jeter and Reyes are different types of players and are counted on to do different things.
    I don't like the comparision.

    EVERYONE in the All-Star game wore white shoes. Tejada, Jeter, Zito, Pujols, I dunno why but since they're not allowed to do it in the regular season, its like the cool thing to do.
    Wear white shoes in the All-Star game.

    So the All-Star game made a very high rating and better than last year.
    What steroids controversy?

    Why does it bother soo many people that the All-Star game decides homefield advantage. I mean, there's a difference between disagreeing and "not liking" it and having everything in CAPS while you write.
    Is it THAT serious? Does it bother people THAT much? People being sooo mad and passionate about that is funny and a joke to me. Calm down guys, take a chill pill.

    4:28 PM

    Anonymous joe said...

    I personally love that the all star game decides home field advantage. Is it fair? No, but damn right it had me on the edge of my seat in the ninth inning yesterday. We might not even be talking about the game today, or at least the game besides Wright and Beltran, if it wasn't for this fact. I paid more attention to every pitch of the game last night, than I ever had the game as a whole in the past. Why? Because I want the Mets, if they get there, to have home field advantage. If every system is flawed, why not have a system that allows for playoff atmosphere (and ratings/advertising as seen above) in the middle of July?

    4:36 PM

    Blogger Paladin said...

    SORRY, benny. i'll try MUCH HARDER in the future to NOT irritate you, because YOUR opinion of me and how i choose to express MYSELF, really means SOOOOOOOO very much to me!

    Thank you, and have a WONDERFUL day!



    4:41 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    The fans? nah... fuck that. Let the same people who kept voting for Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield while being injured since April vote for pitchers? nah I'll pass. I don't want to see Scott Proctor and Tim Wakefield i nthe all star game...

    Nope. Let the players and managers around the league vote. Maybe writers from around the country. The fans cannot be I trusted. I get that, but one manager cannot be responsible for that.

    It's for charity. He'll strike out three times and boot some baseballs. They just want to sell some beer and hot dogs.

    It's not even the comparison, but who you want long term going forward? It's a no brainer and he chose wrong despite his one scout quote was technically against what he said (did that even make sense)?

    I care benny because the All-Star game choosing homefield is nuts. I get worked up because of the same reason I get worked up about the seventh reliever on the team. A-Rod wants it bumped. A lot of players want it bumped. Most people want it bumped. But the players need to drive it.

    4:47 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    but who you want long term going forward? It'

    Well even then, its less fair!
    I mean, no shit you'd want the young guy!
    It obviously is a no-brainer to take the guys going into their prime rather than the ones ready to head in thier declines. Even then its not fair. Becuase common sense says gimme the young guy.

    And Paladin, that was funny with the XOXO's haha. The more i read it the funnier it is, hahaha. Nice...

    4:52 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The mets in the '80's wore blue spikes. I do remember an All-Star game in the '80's played in the Astrodome in which the mets had like 5 guys and they all wore white spikes. Back then however, many times wore white spikes. Now its just the A's, a nod to Charlie Finley.


    5:11 PM

    Anonymous John said...

    I think we were all on the edge of our seat last night because there is a pretty good chance we can make it to the World Series. Do you think the National's fans or Royals fans gave a rats ass? I don't. Did anybody care the last few years when the Mets had no shot? I didn't. I don't think ratings are going up because of the home field advantage that is tied to the game. Last night, at least, it was a good game; I was interested for 2 reasons. One, there were a bunch of Mets playing and two, there are so many good young players that made it. In the past, there was always a bunch of guys that didn't deserve to be there. For the most part, the rosters were pretty good. I am fine with the team with the best record getting home field. If you want to tie it to anything other than that, how about the league with the best interleague record? I say the league because the Mets this year, for example, played a pretty tough interleague schedule -- at BOS, at NY, etc. No Tampa though. Meanwhile, some teams played some really weak schedules and at home to boot. I don't know. Whatever.

    9:28 PM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    few things...

    i think everyone in mlb knows this is a stupid idea. they do it to partially please the guys at fox and to create baseball talk. i mean, doesnt it make more sense to have fans talking left and right about the all star game? this is a slow time of the year and its much better to have that as the talk then alot of the negative shit in baseball.

    damn. i think about it and wonder about the zambrano and julio lugo trades. had we not traded for them the rotation would be straight filthy.

    if they were still around, i wouldn't mind lima time being the 5th starter (but would prefer heilman/bannister/pelfrey). bad trades hurt so much.

    the star ledger had a cover page story on young baseball stars. they were:

    C: mauer
    1b: pujols
    2b: utley
    3b: wright
    ss: reyes
    lf: Bay
    cf: sizemore
    rf: matt holliday
    SP: kazmir

    four of them were in our system at one point. for years we heard about the mets having a crappy farm system but that says alot considering the good secondary players we got up now and coming soon

    10:30 PM

    Anonymous Brian B said...

    i hate the allstar game. additionally trevor hoffman is a real douchebag.

    11:30 PM


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