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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Mr. Billy Wagner,Sincerely,

Mr. Met

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  • Looks like there is a new addition to the Brewer family.

    Actually, I'm surprised it took so long with the large number of Latino players in the game and the tasty chorizo was a welcome addition even if it was for one game. However, our Spanish friend will make a triumphant and more permanent return starting opening day 2007.

  • Mike Carp cannot be stopped. That Flores guy is not so bad himself either. In St. Lucie's 6-2 win, Mike Carp went 2 for 4 with a run scored and Jesus Flores went 4 for 4 with two runs scored, a double, three RBIs and his fourteenth homerun of the year. Flores now has 43 XBHs in 96 games this season.

    Hagerstown beat Augusta 5-2 and Fernando Martinez drove in all five runs. Martinez went 2 for 5 with a run scored, five RBIs, and his fourth homerun of the year which was also a grand slam. Good stuff.

    Matt Durkin looks like a poor investment of $950,000. He is still mired in the GCL and getting killed. Yesterday, he went 2.2 innings and gave up nine hits, eight runs, seven earned runs, and two homeruns. He was a successful college pitcher and is getting shelled by high school kids. Not very encouraging.

    Joe Smith picked up where he left off in the New York-Pen League and threw a scoreless inning for Binghamton.

  • Baseball America has put out their Double-A edition of the Best Tools. Matt Lindstrom was listed as having the best fastball and was listed as being the best reliever. Maybe the Mets can turn him into something yet.

  • Things are not getting easier for Josh Hamilton.

    Devil Rays outfielder Josh Hamilton has been sidelined since July 29 with a knee injury. He is expected to have the knee examined this week, according to the Associated Press. Hamilton was hitting .260/.327/.360 in 50 at-bats for short-season Hudson Valley in his return after missing four years because of injuries and drug suspensions.

  • Oliver Pérez, the left-hander the Mets obtained from Pittsburgh on Monday, threw on the side Wednesday in front of Manager Willie Randolph and the pitching coach, Rick Peterson. He will report to Class AAA Norfolk on Thursday and start Friday in Buffalo. “I’m feeling good,” Pérez said.

  • John Maine earned a spot in the rotation as Mike Pelfrey was demoted to AAA Norfolk.

    "I need to get more consistent with my secondary stuff and fix some things mechanically with my delivery," Pelfrey said. "I got a chance to work with Peterson and he changed some things mechanically. My changeup got better. I want to be back, but I have things to work on."

  • Not fucking swell.

    "I called my mom and my girlfriend immediately," Sanchez told the newspaper in his first public comments since the accident. "I could see the bone on the top of the shoulder. I started to cry. I knew it was bad."

    Anyone hungry?

  • Mad Dog Russo has reached the pinnacle of his stupidity. He called John Maine a journeyman at 25 years old and criticized Duaner Sanchez for being out in Miami on an off night with no game the next day and called him irresponsible. How do you respond to that?

    Anonymous Coop said...

    How about this?

    Dear Mad Dog,

    You know nothing little twit. The only person to place blame on in the Sanchez accident is the drunk driver himself. Regardless of his career, social standing, etc, to place the blame on the injured party is ridiculous beyond any measure. Go screw yourself.

    Love, Coop

    12:03 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Was she drunk? Was the confirmed?

    Also, you are way to nice. Regardless of what anyone says, he thinks he is right. No sense of reality from that duo.

    12:24 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    You respond by turning off the radio.

    12:27 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    Hey Mike. Visiting Californ-I-A and went to an Angels game yesterday. Saw Payton getting drilled and started a chant "Zito will be a Met next year do-da"-The Angel fans love me!

    The stadium has Carls jnr! Man I had a freakin awesome burger! 2 patties, half pound of cheese, sause and the fucker was huuuuuge! But I dont know if Carls or In and Out is better. Carl Jnr has better fries but In n out is fresher. I'll keep trying both until I decide or die from cholesterol.

    12:29 PM

    Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

    Just say no to Fetman and Lapdog!!!!

    12:29 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I dont read Metstradamus often but this post deserves more note;

    ' still think no move was better than this move.

    But I think I was a little hard on Omar Minaya.

    Omar, I apologize.

    But when you wake up from dreams of Jason Schmidt and Roy Oswalt and you wind up with Roberto Hernandez and Ollie Perez, it's kind of like Eric Cartman expecting all the Mega-Men for his birthday but Kyle gives him "Ants in the Pants" and Cartman kicks everyone out of his house'


    12:30 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Toasty, I never listened. I read it elsewhere. I have too little time to listen to them bable.

    Nice chant. Classic that you go the Angels fans to chime in. I'm sure they are praying for it.

    CARL JRs is siiiiick. Did you see the pics of my two burgers that almost made me die while I was in Colorado?

    This looked better than it was, but anytime you put bacon, fried eggs, and has browns on a burger, it's a good time.

    This chili burger was so good that I am going to name my first kid chili burger

    Carl's Jr. is filthy. Mmmmm.....burgers....

    Never made it to In/Out. I was in San Fran a few years ago and that was one of my goals. Unfortunately this vacation nazi I was with had every second of every day planned out. I might just have to fly out somewhere and hit one up or get some next time I'm in Tahoe....I think they are out there.

    Metstra has some skillzzzz.

    12:50 PM

    Anonymous The Brooklyn Bum said...

    I don't know why, but I listened to the Angry Puppy yesterday.

    Within the first hour he was going over how he was going to get through the entire show without there really being anything to talk about.

    Within the next half hour he created the entire Sanchez thing out of thin air. Does he really care about it? Nope, he just needed to fill 5+ hours of radio when there was nothing going on.

    Pelfry needed more seasoning in the minors to work on his breaking and off speed pitches. What really blew me away was that he was able to go from college to the majors in less than a year and consistently get guys out with one pitch. Once he gets a second pitch working he will be a force.

    Can we officially put the 'Omar is a deadline maniac and he only knows how to spend, spend, spend' stuff behind us? His tenure with the Mets has been the exact opposite. We flirted with Sosa, but didn't get him. We flirted with Alou, but didn't get him. What he did do is go out and get the best players available at their positions two years in a row without adding any significant amount to the payroll. Not only has he taken a terrible team and made them into the cream of the crop in the NL, he has not sacrificed the future of the team to any major degree. Sure we traded prospects for Delgado/Lo Duca but none of our 'can't miss' type guys.

    His biggest test will be in this off season if we don't win the WS. Will he crumble to the pressure and go out pick up big names of marginal talent/over the hill ala Steve Phillips or will he continue to operate the same way?

    12:53 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    In N Outs ROCKS THE HOUSE. Carls Jr can't hold a candle. They use the freshest ingredients from the same farm the original owners used, from Nebraska. They use real milk and ice cream in their shakes. Their fries are OUT OF THIS WORLD. Get em animal style. You won't be disappointed.

    On a side note, I think the Stadium formerly known as AT&T Park has a Carls Jr stand. When I went two years ago, I realized something...NY stadiums suck. They are so outdated, and the Mets at least try to get "cool" by having Nathan's stands in the stadium but its just not the same.

    The Trop was extremely boring but has an Outback in there (and great stands...and $7 PITCHERS of beer...well not exactly pitchers...but huge size for the $$). I think the Outback might be invite only though (kinda like Diamond Club)

    12:57 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    In and Out Burger is AWESOME. I make a point of going there whenever I go to LA.

    Mike, is that your hand holding those burgers? Dd you survive? The egg one looks good, the chili one does not. Personal preference, I guess.

    1:12 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    How about Kahuna Burger. I hear them Hawaiian burgers are mighty tasty.

    1:18 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da MIAMI said...

    Oh man, Carlos the Chorizo as the newest racer at Brewer Park?
    YES! I'm loving it.
    And I knew a girl that used to live there, she told me there were alot of spanish, more specifically mexican people living in that area. Surprised the shit out of me.

    Wow, I guess you were right about Carp, he's producing very quietly...

    Fernado Martinez=THe Carlos Beltran of HAgerstown. Just carrying the team on his back.

    I give up on Durkin, he has no control, he sucks ass.

    I love how generic Joe Smith's name is. I cna't believe how good he is. Joe Smith will replace Chad Bradford as the right handed guy who throws underhand-role.

    SO John Maine is a journeyman for spending his career with the Orioles, who drafted him and JUST traded him away?
    He could be a journeyman, but not yet. His journey has just begun.
    How about we talk agbout COry Lidle, starting today for the Yankees? or Sidney Ponson? now those are journeymen, fucking asshole. I don't care if people have opinions that are just retarded as long as they have reasons for them. But what I don't like is when people make comments without doing any homework, especially somebody with soo much access and influence to NY'ers.

    Royals sign Luke Hochevar, yay!

    And I'm going to the game today, I'm hyped as hell. It will be the FIRST non-NY stadium I ever go to. Pedro vs Dontrelle, should be good.

    1:30 PM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    That hand looked like George Costanza's. Was that a hand model?

    1:37 PM

    Anonymous MikeinSpain said...


    i'm pretty ticked off about Chorizo "el picante" being dressed as a Mexican - Chorizo sausage is from Spain, where nobody wears big sombreros. What he should really have is a pair of Rafael Nadal hot pants.

    1:39 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Animal style? How exactly is that served?

    NY Stadiums are outdated. They can fix up their own food in their infrastructure. I actually applaud their decision to be BB's Steaks on the field level.

    Toasty, I ate both of them and felt very, very, very sick. But I wanted to try both, what was I going to do?

    Joe Smith's name is so generic it is funny. He is a slice of Americana.

    Hochevar wanted to hold out again, but he just couldn't. No choice. Welcome to hell.

    Good luck in So. Florida. Don't take the cabs.

    Count, I haven't worked a hard day in my life, but after a few days of snowboarding, they were probably dirty.

    Mike, your point did cross my mind and is noted. But us white people are ignorant. However, the Rafael Nadal pants were probably just not fun looking enough as the Mexican garb. At least he is representing.

    1:49 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Animal style is served with grilled onions - I think with cheese too. Actually i forget but someone recommended it to me and it was really good!

    Benny, the Trop in St pete was the most boring stadium, but I think that has to do with the fact it's a climate controlled gymnasium. Miami should be different. The Pro Player Dolphins Stadium or whatever its called now should at least have a few Mets fan there - should be fun. Give us a full report :-)

    2:03 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    I actually prefer FatBurger to In n Out, though I know I am in the minority. The Philly ballpark has Gino's Steaks (great, but I like Pat's better), Luzinski's bar-b-q and "the Schmitter", which I recall is some sort of grilled chicken, cheese and Canadian bacon product. You can bet we'll be seeing some good confections at GEICO Field in 2009.

    2:36 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Bookie - you don't live in Jersey do you? There is a Fatburger in Jersey City, and I have to say...yes, you are in the minority ;-) I think FatBurgers are gross - *heart* In N Outs

    2:42 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    The Schmidter? I guess thats in honor of Mike Schmidt (duh, Tar). My dad once went to a place that had a Butkus Burger. It had a sports theme. In case you couldn't guess

    2:43 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    They have garlic fries at Camden, though I was unable to eat them after Boog's. It put me in the hurt locker.

    The Trop is one of the worst from what I've heard. Ugly stuff. That franchise cannot do anyting right.

    Gino's in Philly is noteworthy. I loved it when I was there. I liked it so much I thought about seconds, but I was not feeling up to it. Weak performance by me to get filled up by one cheesesteak.

    Yes, we'll have good food then, but why not now? Just upgrade the shitty stands.

    Fatburger in JC? I'm there. I was in Vegas and didn't get it after a long night of drinking for some reason and have regretted it ever since. Now, I can finally right that wrong.

    "the Schmitter" sounds too close to what comes out after you eat. I know it's off the guys name, but c'mon.

    3:08 PM

    Anonymous The Brooklyn Bum said...


    The Angry Puppy just reported that Jose Reyes signed a 4 year/$22.5 million contract with a team option for the 5th year.

    3:58 PM

    Anonymous brian b said...

    Good deal for us, Jose was probably due a very big pay raise in abritration anyway. I'm glad we have him locked up for 5 years. Hopefully david wright follows en suite. Supposedly the 5th year option is for 5 million.

    4:00 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Great news! Awesome to hear one of our young guys is locked in for another five. That'll put him at 8 years at the end of that contract with the club. Good stuff.

    4:26 PM

    Anonymous robb said...

    cnnsi, say 11 mil for the option year..

    4:35 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    NICE!!!! Good deal for all! Get Wright locked up! same deal. Payroll flexibility for those four years guarenteed!

    5 mill for the option did sound low. I would have figured 8, but in five years, 11 mill will be the equivalent of 5 in today's money.

    4:39 PM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    1. Great news re: Reyes.

    2. After Mad Dog's antics yesterday, if there was ever a day I was rooting for the Yankees it was today. I would not have been upset if Lidle pitched a no-hitter.

    4:44 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    2. After Mad Dog's antics yesterday, if there was ever a day I was rooting for the Yankees it was today. I would not have been upset if Lidle pitched a no-hitter.

    You are dead to me.

    Well, maybe not. But can you imagine the backlash Met fans would receive, though we had nothing to do with Lidle, about how great the Yankees are and how players just play better the second they put on that uniform. The papers hooting and hollering about Lidle's no hitter? I might remind you that the Yankees have closed the gap and look like the AL East favorite and they need to start losing....and fast. I'll chalk up your delirium to a long work day. Rule #1: It is never OK to root for the Yankees under any circumstance. I don't care if a girl would let you sleep with her upon Yankee victory, free beer was on the line, you life was on the line, etc.

    Stike one.

    4:52 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Do I get a strike for saying stike one? I actually think I get punched out for the that. I struck out looking.

    5:19 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Lindstrom has the best stuff in 2A ball but can' get anyone out/ I'll take Mr. Owens anyday.

    5:57 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Mike - you in Jersey? I'm in Hobo-town. The Fatburger is by the Uno's over by Harborside Financial Center, off Columbus Dr.

    It's a'ight, not In N Out.

    Boyfriend had the cheesesteak at Shea a few weeks ago and he was, as you say, in the hurt locker. I suggested he get it - some blogger recommended it (was it you?).

    Of course, after I talked all kinds of smack to my good friend (who is a Skanks fan and is cool from the months of November to March) about how bad Lidle SUCKED, he has to put on that display today.

    All I can say about Lidle is...Al Leiter had them ALL convinced last year that all he needed was a Yankees uni to be good. I told him, when he walks someone, starts talking to himself, kicking the mound and razin, and throwing to first, you'll hate him as much as WE did in the last two years he was in a Mets uni.

    6:01 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    It was me who recommended it and it is magical. I love it. Get one everytime. I've had them a lot before, the original store is right by Washington Squre Park and NYU.

    I was in Hoboken until last November. Then my relationship with my girlfriend eneded in a firey crash. Good stuff.

    8:11 PM


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