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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mailbag 7-19-07

I got these this week and just an FYI, mailbag is code for "I ain't got shit today".

I was reading your post over at Toasty Joe's and I started wondering if the Mets are a .650 team that went into a slump or a .550 team that had been playing over their talent level. A quick look at a binomial coefficient table is interesting. The Mets went, what, 3 and 13 in one stretch of June, right? Well, if we assume a winning probability of .6, (conservative estimate since my tables don't list the midpoints) the probability of winning only 3 out of 15 is a mere .002. Given eleven 15- game stretches in a season, a .600 ballclub would, by chance, lose 12 of 15 every decade or so. On the other hand, the probability of a .500 team winning 9 out of 15 is pretty good--about .06, and for a .550 team, its about .09. So a mediocre team will get on a good streak once every season. Granted, binomials assume constant probabilities, which is a bad assumption for a long season of baseball (at what point in the season do winning percentages stabilize?) and the Mets played pretty good ball for about 50 games, not 15 (with Beltran playing great in April, but not in May, so they still played well when he started slumping). But the numbers are not good. Hope I'm wrong, thanks for the great blog,

That was above my intelligence level. Good stuff. I just think there are too many variables in baseball in regards to injuries, promotions, even coaching changes, etc. to make those sort of calculations. Too many X factors as you stated. There were a lot of people that thought the Mets performance last year was a result of several guys like Valentin, Oliver, etc. performing over their heads. The thought was if they were unable to duplicate that, the Mets would be due for regression, which sort of happened.

Well, one thing is clear, their bullpen needs work. If Heilman can straighten out and Smith can come back from his swoon, I think they will be OK. That gives the Mets four good relievers. You want more, but not many teams are working with much more than that. Then you have Pedro and Moises due to return with Milledge up. I think this team will be better in the 2nd half and .650 ball would not surprise me. This is a weak league and Mets will be getting some serious players added into the fold. Who else is going to add any significant parts?

As for Pedro, even if he is decent...not spectacular, his inclusion in the rotation moves Sosa or The Duque to the pen for the remainder of the season. That bolsters the pen giving you five solid relievers and another starter heads to the bullpen come playoff time. Say Sosa and The Duque with Pedro, Maine, Perez, and Glavine starting, which is pretty good if you ask me. Also, having Gotay, Valentin, Endy, Milledge, and Green and Easley for the bench at times is really a big boon as well and I think they are heading in the right direction. It took a bit, but I love the makeup of this team now and I REALLY love it on September 1st if everyone can be healthy at that point.

Good morning,
Love your blog. I try to read it everyday, before my boss comes to work. There has been a lot of talk about Delgado being down this year, and deservedly so as he has really struggled. But now i notice Beltran going into a "deep" slump, only ten points separate his and Delgado's average. I think Beltran is 0 for is last 13, or something like that. Beltran tends to be a streaky hitter in my estimation, but is there something more going on, as in his quad bothering him again? Just wondered about your thoughts on this.

Thanks for your time,


Hey Jonathan,

After watching him run around today, it does not seem like his quad hurts. He is just a weird character. Even last year, you felt like he LOOKED like he should be batting .320, but when you check his stats, he ended up at .275. Before he came to the Mets, he hit .278 with KC in 69 games and .258 with the Astros the remainder of the season. In his MVP-type year in '06, he hit .275. His career average is .279. He won't end up in the .250s, but would a .265 shock us? Probably. Should it? Probably not.

You watch this guy play and wonder why he does not have better numbers. Maybe he actually gives off the impression that he is better than he is and his seasons are propped up by hot streaks that carry the team and stick in our minds. Maybe he just is not as good as many of think he is. That is not to say he is bad as he still puts up premium offensive numbers for a centerfielder, but maybe we should lower our expectations of Carlos. Either way, he is certainly becoming an enigma.

Thanks for coming by....


* * *

  • Joe forgot to take his pills again.

    Rob (Portland, OR): The Mariners are now only 1 1/2 games behind the Angels in the AL west. Are they the biggest surprise of the season so far?

    SportsNation Joe Morgan: I think the Brewers are the biggest surprise, but the Mariners are right behind them. No one expected either team to be contending. The Mariners have an excellent chance if they can get production from Beltre and Richie Sexson, unless the Angels find a way to get another bat.

    Forget the fact that the Brewers were the pick du jour to win the NL Central, Joe himself was high on them and stated that in like 1,000 of chats never missing a chance to pat himself on the back. The Mariners are far and away the biggest surprise because no one expected anything and many are still cautious about the M's.

    Joe (DC): Besides firing the owner, what are three things the Orioles need to do to become contenders again in the next 3-5 years?

    SportsNation Joe Morgan: I'm not as caught up on the owner being the problem there. He may have interfered in the past, but they're not one or two mistakes from being the team that they are--they've made more than one or two. they need to figure out who they are--an offensive-minded team, a defense/pitching-minded team. They've been trying to do both, but I think you need to have an identity to be a great team.

    Huh? You cannot be offensively potent in addition to having good pitching? Actually, they need a new owner and about five years of good drafting. Not trading Miggy last season buried them for a few more years. Good luck!

    What really boggles my mind is he sounds far less incoherent while on TV.

  • I'm going to hijack some questions from Timmy Kurkjian's chat.

    Steve (Indy): Tim I have a fantastic HOF question. Kent, Posada, Pettite and Pedro. Which of these four eventually gets in the hall? Thanks.

    themetropolitans: Thanks for checking in Tim, the only two surefire Hall of Famers are Pedro and Kent. Pedro will be a first ballot and Kent might take a few to get in. As for Pettite and Posada, they certainly do not have Hall of Fame credentials for me, but I'm sure a lot of people will take their winning pedigree into account. In the end, I do not see any way Pettite gets in, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Posada will be poisoning the Hall of Fame with his chinless face, mediocre defense, and decent offensive numbers.

    Mike (Lexington, KY): What would it take to get Adam Dunn in the Home Run Derby?? Seems very logical to me.

    themetropolitans: Oh I don't know...about ten underage Laotian boys and pound of coke. No seriously, it should be nice to see Major League baseball fly in some smashers that do not make the All-Star team. As much as I love to see guys like Holliday and Rios, the fans want to see things 'go boom'.

    Mike (Dallas, TX): Are the expiring salaries of Schilling, Clement and Lowell going to translate into the Red Sox making a major push for A-Rod?

    themetropolitans: If by push you mean no, then yes. They might bid or act interested to drive up the price tag, but Lowell makes sense on so many levels for them.

    Willie (Portland, OR): Tim, the most underrated player in baseball right now is...........

    themetropolitans: Julio Franco. No doubt. I've always felt that actual hits and other things that contribute to wins on the field are vastly overrated. They guy's clubhouse presence is off the charts and when you talk about tutalidge, no one tutals like him. I mean no one.

    Tyler (Bmore): What can the O's get for Steve Trachsel? And would the O's ever make Daniel Cabrera available in a trade?

    themetropolitans: For Traschel you can figure on bag of half used suppositories. As for Cabrera, his value is rather low at this point and I cannot see anyone trading for upside when it comes to him. If they moved him during the spring, they might have been able to get something for him. I think his value is pretty low and I do not see it getting much higher...I've pretty much given up on him making that next jump and think this is the real Cabrera.

  • Julio Franco get tossed under the bus a bit by Willie.

  • Classic...

    "All we want," said one NL executive this week, "is a starting pitcher who's at least an upgrade. But they're just not out there. If we're sitting here waiting for Steve Trachsel to come off the disabled list, thinking that's a big deal, I mean, it's time to slap ourselves in the head. But that's where we are."

    The landscape of baseball is changing a bit and for the most part, all your tinkering and tweaking from outside the organization has to be done during the off-season.

  • Also from the above link, some interesting Pelfrey information.

    The Mets have sent signals that they're now willing to move Mike Pelfrey in a big deal. But an official of one team that has been scouting the Mets' system says: "To be honest, I don't know if I'd take Pelfrey right now, the way he's throwing. I think he's been [Scott] Boras-ized. I'm not seeing the same stuff I saw before. And he's showing a stubbornness that rubs me the wrong way, like [the Boras operation] has convinced him that their way is the better way. I'm seeing this with his guys all over now, and it's becoming a problem all over the industry."

    His stock has dropped quite a bit and it looks like he is not much of a commodity at this point until he proves he can do something at the big league level.

    Within the piece it mentioned that Grienke would not be moved unless the Royals get astounded by an offer and I would think that warrants a few pointless phone calls by Omar to see what, if anything, could get done.

  • Not only do I point out what I do not like about Willie Randolph, but I point out things I do like as well. I like how Willie making sure pitchers are not easy outs and not just all around clueless when they are not on the mound.

    "You're supposed to be an athlete," Randolph said. "I don't like when pitchers don't exert themselves. If you're that fragile that you can't run the bases, you're not an athlete and you don't belong on the field. You should be in the best shape you can be."

    Of course all this might changed if someone gets injured, but you simply cannot worry about those things. Baseball players are not China dolls even though pitchers sometimes get treated as such.

  • I am not Wallace Matthew's #1 fan, but I have to agree with him 100% here. I've had my Mets Sunday package for about five or six years now and they are phasing out the casual fan. I have a few friends that are Yankee fans and they have to buy season tickets and then act like ticket brokers and dole the majority out so they can go to games. While the Mets winning is a good thing, it is just going to complicate getting tickets to home games.

    It is really annoying because of the fact that one of the reasons I still do this plan vs. just buying tickets to games that I want to go to is that I was under the impression we would get tickets to the new stadium. The Mets aren't big enough yet that I cannot get tickets to just about any game a week or two ahead of time, but that will be thrown out the window when the new stadium opens. I'm not dropping down $10,000 for Mets tickets and I'm not sure how many games I'll actually be able to go to at this point.

    Funny thing is, I remember getting multiple questionnaires asking me how important it was to me that I'd have some sort of preferential seating in the new stadium.

  • Dave Littlefield is not worried about the Pirates new CEO, but he should be. If you want to talk about two guys that should be fired, Littlefield and Sabean would be a top the list. Of course Sabean got an extension and I'm assuming Littlefield's should be coming any day now.

  • What is interesting about the A-Rod and Yankee situation is that they are each others only feasible option. No other team will plunk down that type of cash and I'm not buying into the Angels or Giants rumors. Sure there might be tepid interest, but ultimately who is going to shell out that type of cash? While I am not wavering on my thought that he will surely opt out, I do think he will end up staying a Yankee.

  • Michael Vick's contract situation is cleared if he was released.

    The Falcons signed Vick to a 10-year, $130 million contract in December 2004. He has been paid about $44 million, including $37 million in guaranteed bonuses, and is due to earn a base salary of $6 million this season.

    Teams can amortize the salary cap implications of signing bonuses, but if a player is cut, all bonuses paid but not yet factored into the salary cap must be accounted for within two years.

    The Falcons face an estimated salary cap hit of about $6 million this year and $15 million in 2008 if they release Vick — devastating hits to any team’s budget.

    It slipped my mind that NFL does not have guaranteed contracts hence the enormous signing bonuses. Also, the article states the crime comes with a $350,000 fine and six years in prison. He is not the first athlete to commit a crime, but I think we can all agree not all crimes are created equal and this is one of the more heinous ones I've seen.

  • Kevin Mulvey was solid again for the B-Mets and won his eighth game of the season. He went six innings and gave up only two runs and is 8-8 with a 3.12 ERA.

  • Who else got nervous after the Mets put up a six spot in the first? I would have been more comfortable with a two run lead with Glavine's penchant for having a really hard time holding big leads. At this point, he is the not exactly instilling trust in me and I would prefer anyone but him starting in the playoffs. Of course that is impossible and even I wouldn't put him in the bullpen during the playoffs, but he seems like an automatic loss if the umps are not generous.

  • Has Beltran moved into the role of most useless Met at the plate with Delgado's little renaissance?

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    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Like I said last night, the Mets are slowly but surely heading in the right direction, things are getting better and looking good.
    I think August will be when the Mets show everyone who's boss.

    Mike with a "mailbag" alright, hitting the big time!

    Well some people have to calm down with the Carlos Beltran expectations, that's the first thing. They have to put it into perspective. I mean everyone considers Andruw Jones one of the top outfielders but he's a .260 30 HR type of guy? What's the problem with Beltran being that player? Why do people ride and get on Beltran for being the same type of player as Andruw Jones?
    Carlos Beltran is what he is, a .270 hitter with 30 HR power... All I want from Beltran is for him to take more waqlks his OBP is SLACKIN' this year.
    Unreasonable expectations have "ruined" Beltran from the get-go.

    Uhh yeah they do need a good owner. When they have as much money they're willing to spend but with NOBODY taking it, you know there's a problem. I've written this plenty of times but Jeff Weaver, Vladi, Paul Konerko, Delgado, and Richie Sexson have been some of the few names of the top of my head that have rejected the Orioles money over the past few off seasons. That's a problem especially when you consider the fact that they offered more money than anyone else for Konerko and Delgado. It's time for a new owner...

    That random NL exectutive who is probably and most likely Omar Minaya or one of his boys, IS THE MAN! HAHA, great quote, random NL exectutive guy!

    I disagree with your opinion on the Yankees being the only place that can afford him. I can DEFFINITLY see a desperate Arte Moreno or Giants organization going after him and laying down the money. Especially Moreno. The dude gets what he wants.

    In regards to Citi Field and the seating, well, I can see why the Mets are decreasing the number of seats but it also sucks because someoneis going to suffer and of course its the "poor man". They should atleast have the partial ticket plans! It's the least they could do.

    Dave Littlefield is a d-bag.

    You would prefer anyone but him during the playoffs? I dunno man, maybe I'm biased or my opnion is swayed but last year, the games I was able to see at Shea, he pitched masterpieces. His pitching was beautiful! I dunno how he did it but he got it done, I don't think he was scored on in ANY of the games I went to, he was just amazing. Maybe he turns it on or something, I don't know but when playoff time came, Glavine was awesome.

    1:24 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Mr. Oliver my posts are far too long and I think you may have to ban me to save my sanity. BTW when I read in a post that Vince Scully said tomorrow’s Mets pitcher was Oliver I thought you had joined the team. Okay, I’ll call you Mr. Met from now on.

    I find that first email intriguing primarily because we have a manager that seems to eschew advanced stats and, most certainly, advanced mathematics. Yet the results of his team come under such analysis. The material is not foreign to me since I have to deal with that level of mathematics in my profession. But after dealing with it at work I look forward to watching and analyzing baseball in simplistic terms. Stats and history are part of the lore and history of baseball. But taking it to the next level seems to take the romanticism out of the game. Mr. Met I think your answer to that email was right on. Willie, though, has seen so much baseball and it’s all in that computer in his brain and complex, advanced math is continuously processed and it results in Willie’s “gut” feeling. Simplistic enough?

    I like to think of the Mets as the people’s team, even though it is owned by the Wilpons. But they must do what they must do to maximize revenue sources so they can meet the high payrolls and put out a wining team year after year.

    Wasn’t Dave Littlefield a throw-in in every trade made in the history of baseball?

    I love these old fashioned pitcher’s duels.:)

    After a tough loss in SD the Mets showed resiliency and pounced early and often on Derek Lowe and those who followed him. The Dodgers’ showed a never say die attitude by coming back time and again against Glavine and those who followed him. But in the end the Mets bats and arms prevailed in a game that had you holding your breath till the last out. Great game and great win.

    BTW my analysis on tom Glavine. Give him a plate ump like the one in the last game in SD and he will pitch well against any team. In lieu of that give him an aggressive opponent that will go after pitches on the black and he will be successful. But throw him against a patient, good hitting team and a tight strike zone and he is batting practice.

    3:20 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    When Beltran is in one of his hot streaks he reminds you of Mickey Mantle in his prime (well not really, Mantle had a longer and more vicious swing and Beltran will never hit one 560’ but you know what I mean). When Beltran is cold he reminds you of a switch hitting Don Hahn. Some real old timers tell me that Beltran defensively reminds them of Joe DiMaggio in the way he effortlessly glides after the ball and covers so much ground.

    3:29 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yes Benny…I do get mail. But if I made it a weekly column, it would be mail with DG and people wanting to link.

    Carlos Beltran is what he is, a .270 hitter with 30 HR power.

    Spot on…I’m not saying there is an issue with Beltran being a .265 hitting with 30 homers with gold glove defense, but we all need to downgrade the MVP every season expectations and Wright should be considered for the three spot….does anyone think Beltran would be better in the #2 spot? Yes…that old gag. But when Moises gets back and Delgado hitting again, Reyes, Beltran, Wright, Delgado, Moises, etc…. makes a ton of sense.

    RE: A-Rod…I just do not see many teams willing to pony that kind of cash up. If 2007 was the A-Rod you’d see everyone season, maybe. While his off year is still top tier production, it’s not worth $30 mill…they will have interesting, but at 8/$240 they might shy away and the Yankees need him. Not a good bidding war to get into.

    They should atleast have the partial ticket plans! It's the least they could do. Yes! Maybe a modified version and not every Sunday game etc…But they need to do it and it appears as though they won’t! I’ll buy double the tickets if it makes it more palatable for them, but whatever. I’m not holding my breath.

    RE: Glavine…I’m just so down on him Maybe it’s him sucking for me on fantasy two years in a row. But Glavine’s performances are TOO tied to the ump. He cannot pitch through getting squeeze…guys with actual stuff can. Give me Maddux over him…that dude is still filthy.

    Two-by Four…post as long as you want…we’ll read it and you can call me Mr. Met, Sir Oliver, Mike, fuck face…whatever.

    Good point…no matter how much you want to use math, Willie’s eschewing probabilities and advanced research would throw the standard deviation out the window…just too many human elements.

    The Mets were for the people. I thought the 55,000 person seat stadium was the way to go, but now I’m wavering. I prefer the smaller stadiums, but I guess I really did not think it would kick me out of my partial ticket plans. Funny thing is…if they ever hit a rough stretch, they would come back looking for us.

    I fucking fell asleep in the 8th…I must be getting old, but yeah, great win but very frustrating. I was looking forward to a good old fashioned whooping. FREE RUBEN GOTAY! Or free him a bit more at the very least.

    And with your comments on Glavine, to me that is the problem. Too many external factors factor into his successes at this time. Give me a guy who can win under any circumstances and he is just flat out STRUGGLING. I did not buy into him turning it around…every pitcher has good days….but his are going to be few and far between.

    8:58 AM

    Anonymous gbaked said...

    Anyone see the brave highlights last night? Franco ripped a ball to left center for a hit. What an ass... never warmed to him and cant wait to hear him get booed when he comes to Shea.

    As long as Glavine doesn't fall completely off the deep end, I want him starting for me in the playoffs. Experience is much more important in season part2 then it is in part1. All I want from him is to get to 300 at home so I can go see, and to keep an era under 5 for the season.

    11:35 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Franco ripped a ball to left center? Off what sixth grader?

    He will get booed too…I would agree there.

    All I want from him is to get to 300 at home so I can go see, and to keep an era under 5 for the season.

    Is that what we are praying for now? Glavine’s ERA to stay under 5.00? My how far things have fallen. I think he sticks to his word and retires after this season. He just looks like he is struggling big time at this point.

    11:38 AM

    Anonymous DG in WiFi respite said...

    Yes we are hoping for an ERA under five. I just think the tank is one tick before empty. Teams should tie their young kids bat to their hip from the dugout until it's a 3-1 count. The shMets should give him a big m-fing party with a cake and a gold pie cutter (no car as he didn't win enough of the 300 in NY) then wish him well at the season's end. Sign Carlos Z.

    Phil Humber has not gotten the nicey, nicey from Mr. Mikey. 4.26 ERA is sixth in the PCL and he's leading the league in wins given the 4A superheroes roster they have down in Norleans. My advice to Omar: next injury, skip the Pelfrey and go with a Humber!

    As for Oswalt, I figured that Gomez & Humber still needed another player of the Carpian sort of ilk, though I like the idea of a Carp at first base for the Metties. But Humber (of Rice) has got that Texas thing going on that maybe makes the Dweebs consider trading Oswalt.

    You know I could just send you emails under a false name if you want a weekly emailbag, but I don't send you THAT many emails, do I?

    (And of course I'm real quiet during the dog days of dial up!)

    1:09 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    And at worst, Omar is hiding Pedro trouble in an effort to keep the cost of another starter down somewhat (if you can say that in the existing marketplace). Seeing Pedro this year would be gravy. The rotation (excepting the lefty who gets older every day) is more than able to put the team in the playoffs.

    1:15 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    DG…you called me out. I should have checked those sort of numbers…you know…him vs. the league. Especially with how rough the PCL is on pictures, that is an egregious oversight. At least try Humber in the bullpen!

    I’d love to see him at Shea this year….and I definitely would prefer to see him instead of Pelf…I also suggest that after the break they try that as well…but you know that since you read this site religiously…right…right?

    Of course you don’t and you don’t need to have pseudonyms. But hey, we could also do weekly mail with DG and make something of it….

    It should be noted that I’ve sunk low enough to steal questions for someone’s chat. I mean, that’s low.

    And at worst, Omar is hiding Pedro trouble in an effort to keep the cost of another starter down somewhat

    Hadn’t though of that but that makes 100% sense and surely explains why the comeback has been kept under tight wraps. Good stuff as usual…time to fix the post for tomorrow so I don’t sound stupid…or maybe I should say less stupid, but we all know that is umpossible.

    1:35 PM

    Blogger AE said...

    "While the Mets winning is a good thing, it is just going to complicate getting tickets to home games."

    i was discussing this with the wife. we were talking about how much more fun we had at shea from 2002-2004 when they were losing.

    we would get seats in the mezz, right behind homeplate, day of the game. you couldn't even come close to doing that now...

    anyway, i've got a tues/fri pack and i'm not really worried about citifield seats...yet. a little loyalty would be nice but i don't blame them for keeping their options open. seats and plans will be available because they are not going to sell 42,000 full season ticket plans. we're just gonna have to sweat it out and see how fucked we get. if the mets front office is smart, they wont fuck the casual fan too hard...

    2:54 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yes..loyalty would be nice...I mean, we've been here through the lean years. But everyone on a list and give us first crack. I mean, that is why I was buying them in the first place.

    As for them not selling all 42,000 via season tickets, it would not be all, but a large chunk. Shitty teams have sold out complete seasons consecutively just because of a new stadium. Sprinkle in New York City with a dab of success and you'll have quite a ticket grab going on.

    3:20 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i dont get why you rip sabean

    he's been handcuffed by this bonds thing for like 3 years.

    look at these trades he made

    Mark Leiter to Montreal for Kirk Reuter and Tim Scott.

    Matt Williams and Trenidad Hubbard for Julian Tavarez, Jeff Kent, Jose Vizcaino and Joe Roa.

    Allen Watson and Fausto Macey for J.T. Snow.

    Keith Foulke, Lorenzo Barcelo, Bobby Howry, Ken Vining, Brian Manning and Mike Caruso for Wilson Alvarez, Danny Darwin and Roberto Hernandez.

    Joe Fontenot, Mike Villano and Mike Pageler for Robb Nen.

    Darryl Hamilton, Jim Stoops and Jason Brester for Ellis Burks.

    Darin Blood for Joe Carter.

    Dante Powell for Alan Embree.

    Troy Brohawn and Chris Van Rossum for Felix Rodriguez.

    Nate Bump and Jason Grilli for Livan Hernandez.

    Bill Mueller for Tim Worrell.

    Armando Rios and Ryan Vogelsong for Jason Schmidt.

    Felix Diaz and Ryan Meaux for Kenny Lofton.

    Jeff Verplancke for Bill Mueller.

    3:28 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    i dont get why you rip sabean

    I used to think he was good and it's often been cited here he's been handcuffed by Bonds (ask Benny, we've talked about it may of times). However, that is NO excuse for him having the philosophy to skip first round picks in the past. The way he has run the draft has pretty much hampered the franchise at this point. Sorry...Bonds is no excuse to do what he's done and sign the players he has. That's inexcusable. He could have you know...built the team like everyone else does rather than sign as many 40 years olds as you can. Did I miss where he didn't have over a decade with Bonds on the team to do that?

    Also, to be fair, he traded Nathan, Bonser, and Liriano for AJ and I'm sure there were other unsavory moves. He might of made good deals, but he has done quite some damage which I think outweighs the postivies and set his team pretty far back.

    3:54 PM

    Anonymous Richie said...

    Camden Yards is a great stadium, and the planners there were able to squeeze 48,000+ seats into that park. I don't see why the Wilpons couldn't come up with a capacity of 50K.

    The notion (purportedly held by the Wilpons) that fewer seats help drive demand is ludicrous. It might help at first, but winning ball games consistently drives demand. Are the Wilpons looking to eventually sell the team, using a few years of good attendance numbers to heighten the attraction?

    4:01 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Well said. I was misguidedly for the reduced capacity, but if Camden could fit that many in, surely the Mets could have. Also, Coors is 50,000+ and both are just flat out amazing.

    4:20 PM

    Anonymous sidd finch said...

    I said it long ago, and I'm sticking to it, the Mets should have at least 50,000 seats in the new park, or there should be room to add capacity if the Wilpons decide they were wrong.

    Why should the Mets play red headed step child to the Yankers.

    Coors Field IS amazing. Best park I've been to, and I've been to Safeco and Camden yards. Worst park I've visited? The old Pittsburgh stadium.

    5:02 PM


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