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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Opposite of Swell

Wow...this is a great vibe. It's like Daddy just hit Mommy at the dinner table and we are all trying to eat still.

Mommy: "Just eat honey, Mommy's OK. Daddy just got a little angry"
Child: "I don't wanta eat."
Mommy: "Mommy's fine, Daddy just got a little crazy and Mommy's fine."
Child: "Do I have to eat?"
Mommy: "Yes you have to eat."

There are a lot of people enjoying this. Every Yankee fan and every fan of every other team not the Mets are really enjoying this. I was 100% sure the Yankees were going to miss the playoffs while the Mets would slide right in. Then it appeared the Yankees were going to make it, but who cares? The Mets were going to not only make it, but finish in first while the Yankees had to settle for the Wild Card.

Now, the Yankees pulled off a truly amazing run to not only get into the playoffs, but finish with more wins and clinch before the Mets did. It seems unthinkable to me that the Mets could miss the playoffs altogether, but that is a very real possibility. At best, they could be tied for first place in the NL East and tied for the Wild Card at the same time after all the games are played today. At worst, they could be tied for first in the NL East and one game back off the Wild Card lead.

The optimist might see some positives to take out of this being the Mets are still where they are despite playing so badly. However, with three games left, you would have to think the hot hands have a huge advantage here. I am not going to say this team does not care. I do not think I'm in a position to say that and I do see some frustration with this team, but something has been drastically off with this team for a bit.

I think a lot was taken for granted. I do know that a lot of Met fans had turned a blind eye and thought everything would be fine despite how poorly they had played at times and despite the gaping holes that presented themselves. This is for real and the Mets are in danger of completely the biggest and most embarrassing collapse in baseball history to end the season.

The Phillies have Hamels, Eaton, and Moyer on tap and the Mets have Perez, Maine, and Glavine. The Padres have Maddux, Young, and Peavy rounding out the season and I'm thinking it does not even matter who the Rockies have on the mound.There is a very real possibility there will be two one game playoffs needed to decide this thing in the end. However, if there is going to be any October baseball for the Mets, Perez needs to step up and give seven sparkling innings with the offense getting some early runs on the board to end this free for all. I thought this last Sunday game coming up was going to be a nice relaxing day at the park to throw some beers back, but it looks like it might be a tremendously important game. Who would of thought that two weeks ago?

* * *

  • This just outlines this bizzaro world that upon us.

    The Mets' pitching is so bad, general manager Omar Minaya is ready to put out an all-points bulletin for Steve Trachsel. Since a three-game series with Philadelphia at Shea in mid-September, here are some Mets ERAs: Jorge Sosa (10.80), John Maine (10.61), Mike Pelfrey (7.59), Guillermo Mota (7.50), Billy Wagner (6.75), Tom Glavine (6.11) and Pedro Feliciano (5.68). Amazingly enough, New York's team ERA of 5.09 in September is still better than Philadelphia's 5.15 staff ERA this month. But Mets manager Willie Randolph sure looks a lot more stressed than Philadelphia counterpart Charlie Manuel these days.

  • Stevie....he was your last first round draft pick!

    Owen (Washington, DC): How do you see the NL East playing out? Right now it seems that no one wants to make a statement.

    SportsNation Steve Phillips: I think that the Mets will limp to the NL East title, and will have major questions about what they are, headed into the playoffs, because of their starting rotation and struggling bullpen. The Phillies and Braves will finish a close second and third. Tonight is a key game for the Mets. The Mets need this game, and need a good start out of Umber.

  • Wow.

    Luke (Miami): Reyes or Rollins?

    SportsNation Jim Callis: Rollins.

    My, my, my. Jose has not made many fans in the second half. He went from being the MVP and best player in the universe to being below Rollins. Of course Jimbo is having a tremendous year so it could speak more towards how good Rollins has been vs. how bad Reyes has struggled, but I tend to think this is more of byproduct of Reyes' struggles.

  • After a 4 for 4 night, I'm not so sure Micah Owings should be pitching. He has an OPS over 1.000 with four homers in 59 at-bats. He could stand to walk a bit more, but I would really be nitpicking if I got on a pitcher for not walking more.

  • The Mets playoff chances should now be under 80%. If not, it will be really close to it with the possibility of a tie extremely large.

  • Moises wants to come back in 2008 and the Mets would be foolish to not bring him back.

  • The Pirates should trade Jason Bay and the Twins should trade Joe Nathan. While they are at it, the Twins should trade Johan if they are not going to sign him this off season.

  • Mark Ecko's little stunt was an expenseive one, but very amusing as well. If you pay that much for a baseball, you should certainly be allowed to do whatever you want with it and to any asshole who said that dude who caught the ball should give the ball to Bonds, please punch yourself in the face. Twice...and onces in the balls for good measure.
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    Anonymous orangeandblueblood said...

    I don't see the Mets winning more than 2 of the next 3 games. Will the Phillies sweep the Nationals? I think they will, but if they don't the best the Mets will come away with is a one game playoff against the Phillies in Philly with Humber, Pelfrey or Hernandez pitching. The Mets are 1 and 5 against the Nationals over the last two weeks. Maybe Omar shouldn't have traded away four relief pitchers in their late twenties for basicly nothing last off-season. Maybe he should have followed the Yankees lead and brought Pelfrey and Humber to the bull pen with a month to go so they could spell the regulars and see what they could do. Regardless, making Joel Pinero look like an ace reminds me of the post season last year. Remove D. Wright and M. Alou from this line-up and you have six tight hitters that have proven unable to perform under pressure. Stick a fork in them, its over.

    11:29 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    In all the years I have been participating in and following baseball I have never seen a team of such obvious talent totally crash at the finish line. This transcends anything Bill James has covered. It is the blip in the statistical analysis. It certainly doesn’t fall into a Gaussian distribution. :) This team has a chance to take folding under pressure to a whole new level. They prove that building a talented team where each of them love each other and form an harmonious group does not guarantee success on the field. Under pressure they seem incapable of raising their concentration and intensity levels needed to win. While Randolph is not a suitable manager for this type of team I’m not sure who is? Omar has to take the hit for a poor off-season and some of the other moves we have discussed here but mostly his fault was in not acquiring players that can play under New York pressure.

    1:25 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    If I said I STILL believe the Mets can make it to the playoffs, will I be in the minority?
    Am I crazy?

    2:46 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Benny the question is do the Mets believe they can make the playoffs?

    3:00 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Milledge, Gomez, Pelfrey and Maine for Santana.

    - Nokes

    7:37 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...


    At this point, it would be impossible to argue with Omar’s decision to trade away four relievers for four guys that had zero impact on the Mets this season. I was not against the Florida deal and the San Diego deal was more of if you weren’t going to use him, might as well trade him but that could very well been the difference for this Met team in the end.

    Their absolute inability to give youth a chance was their downfall. Experience does not always mean good things and you have to have some faith in your ability to identify talent. And if they are this bad at identifying talent, then there are greater problems here.

    Pineiro shutting them down is akin to Suppan shutting them down. Not acceptable.

    RE: Humber and Pelf to the pen….you know Ive been beating that drum for a while and it’s too late now. Huge mistake by the Mets.


    The suitable manager is a firey guy. Like Valentine, but with less over managing and more likeable to all the players…..say Lou Pinella. But he has his faults when it comes to young guys. Right now, I’m not really sure who it is…but Carter and Oberkfell would be a good start. I know you are right and Willie is not the right guy.


    Of course they still can, but they are in a tailspin with three games to go with two hot as shit teams in contention with them. It is going to be very tough. Anything can happen, but really, this team has embarrassed themselves.


    Part of me says yes. Part of me says no. Part of me wants something drastic after this, but I think you have to stay the course. Picking up Santana is nice, but they still have a huge hole in the bullpen and have one hole in the rotation still. Santana helps anyone, but creating a hole in the outfield and not addressing the other needs makes it pointless. It’s sounds weird to say this now, but this team is more than one player away making a trade of that amount of youth not the best move right now.

    8:51 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Benny, you got the minority big time! It's hard enough watching the games. I personally think they crap out. I mean, personally I think they've already crapped out. And maybe that's a good thing. Do you really want to live through games like this for another week?

    In (very slight) defense of the Bell/Ring trade: the Mets basically saw Milledge as having proved he could not perform in NYC if not the majors, and Bell, for reasons far from the normal mind's capacity to perceive, to be somewhere just above 4A. There was clearly an issue there that we weren't hearing, though I remain convinced that that had more to do with Wille & The Jacketmaster than Bell himself. But the Mets saw a need for an extra outfielder who could potentially start, and of course, we know that Omar has had quite a lot of success in the reclamation department, ... or at least until this year. Johnson, like Nady, was begging for a new gig. Unfortunately, it wasn't happening this year. And Adkins was just a bad reliever to get back in that deal. Johnson & someone with an arm would have been one thing, but we knew Adkins had no chance when they aquired him.

    The Fish trade was consistent with the Mets organizational philosophy, mainly that a surfeit of starting pitching is what makes teams survive the long season. Had Burgos not been Jorge Armando Benitez-Julio, this trade would have looked better. It doesn't. It stinks.

    Don't forget that by donating the ball to the Hall, Ecko is going to get a nice tax write off. No that's not full value for the expenditure, but he'll survive. Great P.R. for the fashion designer no one has heard of. Plus he deserves a humanitarian award or something from Major League Baseball. I love how the spokesman for the Hall tried to downplay the asterick as being symbolic of Bond's steroid use. That's the public face; they've got to love that someone had the balls to brand the thing, and accepting and exhibiting it means Bond's ignomity will be lasting.

    Rollins is the MVP whether the Phils make it or not. DW, Holliday, Prince, they all have arguments, but a lot of this goes past numbers to impact.

    Alou will be back, and personally I don't think this team needs to be broken up. I expect that Delgado will be better in his contract year and that the Mets may opt to sign a real gutsy second baseman (where have ye gone, Wally Backman?) or trade for Mark Ellis over bringing Castillo back. A new catcher, yes, perferably one with an arm. And bullpen will be premium. Let Glavine go back to Atlanta.

    Lastly, what a relief to not have watched last night's game. Pedro will be great next year. Shoud be throwing in the mid to low 90's. The future's okay; it's just now that sucks.

    Attending my first rugby match tonight. England vs. Tonga. Rugby World Cup. Is it even being covered in the U.S.?

    8:53 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    DG....I would not say no one has ever heard of Mr. Ecko. Maybe no older folks like yourself, but I used to be big into his clothes about 7 to 10 years ago.

    He's still rather big and has been opening store on 42nd street for about three years now. He also has his own magazine which is readily available at many newsstands. I do think it was a nice PR move by him though since he got to go on some big TV shows to promote the entire deal and got 10,000,000 hits on his website.

    I'm not sure about it being covered in the US. I supposed you could find some Irish Pub with satellite showing it, but while I was in Africa and Heathrow, I did catch quite a few matches and they were impressive. Really, really, great sport. Vicious at times and really interesting.

    9:02 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Man, just cause I got kids, I'm older? I'm not that old, just past 40. But I probably have not heard of him because my principal address has been in France for 17 years, and when I come to the States I hide in a nice underpopulated place like Vermont.

    Yeah, great matches. It totatlly makes football look like a little wuss game. Pads? 15 secionds of activity for every minutes worth of standing? Television breaks? Nada. Nothing but rugged poetry. Oddly it's a family sport here whereas soccer attracts the dregs of humanity. I wouldn't think of taking my kids to a soccer match but no problem with rugby if they were old enough.

    Incidentally, American football has been growing in popularity here over the last ten years. I meet more and more Frenchman who tell me they watch the Sunday night game that gets shown here quasi-live and with no commercials! Plus college games get shown as well. No one complains about not understanding the rules as with baseball.

    9:21 AM

    Anonymous jake said...

    i'm going to swallow my puke -- gulp, gulp, gulp! -- and boldly declare, I'm with Benny!

    9:29 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Worth noting too that it's not like there wasn't foreboding of a swoon like the current collapse. Mets have consistently lost series to teams with winning records this year. And what is their longest winning streak? Four games?

    9:35 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    DG...yes. It is very urban-ish. Some skate kids might wear them and I know France does have some of those. You might have seen it out there, but he has a new line for grown-ups. Cut & Sew I believe it is called. Decent stuff, nothing great.

    Football looks like a wuss game. Four minutes of actual action compare to 80 minutes of madness. Also, some of those guys are just flat out giants and some of those guys would easily be a top kicker in the NFL.

    Jake...I was going to post a comment from you a month ago. It is quite amusing. Your confidence is brimming!

    Fuck it. I need to find it.

    i do appreciate the non-homer perspective, but wow what a pessimistic vibe here.

    i just don't feel the same way. i feel like the mets are going to get hot, run away with the division and win the world series.

    10:01 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I might make a t-shirt for you with that on it so you can wear it in shame!

    10:02 AM

    Blogger Rickey Henderson said...

    Is it asking to much for the Cardinals to mail it in? Is it?!

    10:03 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Wait, you mean they didn't? Pineiro vs. Pedro with a lineup that featured, Eckstein, Ludwick, Schumaker, Cairo, Stinnett, and Aaron Miles was supposed to win?

    I thought they did try and mail it in, but they were totally unprepared for who they were dealing with.

    The finally keep a team under 10 runs and the offense manages three hits.


    10:10 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Giants with wide shoulders, skinny hips and solid legs. Make an NFL team play them in rugby and maybe the safeties and cornerbacks don't get winded but the tackles would all have heart attacks. These guys keep moving. The American team did not fare well here - very strong and physical but no passing ability whatsoever. If you came out fast and frenzied like the Tongans did, you would be up 20-zip before the team finally had a chance to regroup. Mike Hercus missed like 7,000 penalty kicks.

    Skate and surf wear are big here. There's a Rip/Curl shop right down the block. Beyond Gap & Timberland, there's not much presence outside of the designers in the big department stores.

    You made Jake eat his words! That's worse than vomit! Jake, there's a place in the world for optimists. Don't forget that.

    10:15 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Jake, there's a place in the world for optimists. Don't forget that.

    Yeah...in Social Work and kid touching!


    10:19 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    You pegged it!

    10:40 AM

    Anonymous joe said...

    In the style of the Chris Crocker “Leave Britney Alone” video...If you haven't seen the YouTube video you won't get the joke!

    How fucking dare anyone out there make fun of The Mets after all they have been through!

    They lost some games; they went through a rough stretch. They had a seven game lead.

    Their bullpen turned out to be a mess, then their starters; they can't even get a big hit. All you people care about is…winning and getting to the World Series.

    They are human! What you don't realize is that they are trying their hardest and all you do is boo and talk a bunch of crap about them

    They have been building towards this for years. The team motto is "your season has come" for a reason because all you people ever want is More! More- More, More: More!

    Leave them alone! You are luck they even have a chance this year you bastards! Leave the Mets alone...Please.

    Willie Randolph talked about his team and said if The Mets played the way they are capable they would pull it off no matter what.

    Speaking of the team, when is it okay to publicly bash a team who is going through a hard time?

    You’ve Got to Believe! Please…!

    Leave The NY Mets alone!...right now!...I mean it!

    Anyone that has a problem with them you deal with me, because they are not doing well right now.

    Let’s Go Mets!

    10:50 AM

    Anonymous joe said...

    I played Rugby in college and our coach would refer to the game as Poetic Chaos. The game often resembles a war in that field position, endurance, perseverance and strength are of utmost importance. If you've never watched a game...do it! and if you've never played in a game...it might be hard to understand its greatness.

    10:56 AM

    Anonymous gbaked said...

    Jose has some priority issues i think.

    The evidence has been there for a while.

    remember a game either early this season or late last... there was a sb attempt and paulie threw down to 2nd. Jose was covering and just let the ball go by him. They prob didnt have a chance at the runner... but he didnt even try to catch the ball. It was a telling play for me, one I will never forget... because that just shows a lack of something... something important.

    He needs to grow up a little. Maybe this will do it...

    whatever doesnt kill us will only make us stronger... of course... this could kill me... then i dont know or care what will happen... cause i will be dead... and unable to have an opinion...

    11:13 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Joe...that was a guy? I thought that video was 110% a woman. That is truly scary.

    I certainly have never played rubgy, but I have a full appreciation of the game and think it is much more demanding than anything else I've watching. It encompasses endurance and the ability to kick the shit out of people while getting the shit kicked out of you.

    Crazy stuff.

    11:14 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    gbaked...I think Jose has officially become an enigma. I do not know if it is attitude issues or something else at play here.

    It is kind of scary because he seems to have regressed a lot and is not adding much to this team in any form right now.

    11:15 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    DG, I'm not into the international rugby matches. Give me some Leicester Tigers baby!
    And btw those Rugby guys are just... scary. They're all taller than 6'4" all of them weigh more than 300 lbs, and none of them have necks. And I've seen thier training facilities and what they do to train is, wrap rope around thier waist and PULL a big ass construction truck/bulldozer type thing from end of the room to the other. It was the coolest and scariest shit I've ever seen in my life.

    ANd DG, some Europeans just need a reason to drink and get completely pissed, hence them watching American Football and even Baseball.
    I was in England during the Super BOwl with the time difference the game started at like 2am, and we were out of there by like 5 or 6 am, sure a bunch of American kids were there but the majority of them were British kids just trying to get DRUNK!

    Lets go Mets bitches!

    11:47 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    we should be able to sweep the marlins. with that, we'll win the nl east and play the pads.

    see you in shea next week!

    you guys are going crazy. we still are in first place. til someone knocks us off, they should worry about us in philly.

    btw, if philly does make it, i can see them getting swept the fuck out

    12:34 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    you guys are going crazy. we still are in first place. til someone knocks us off, they should worry about us in philly.

    I cannot believe that you are rationally thinking if you believe there is nothing to worry about!

    1:57 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Why is it that I'm MORE excited about the Mets NOW than since last October? Seriously, I'm fucking pumped, I changed plans and decided to go to the game today, fuck it and honestly I feel like I'm going to a playoff game. I've got the same excitement, fire, and butterflies in my stomach as I did last October.
    w00, bring it on bitches, we gotta get this done.

    2:38 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    thanks mike. thanks a lot. i was going to compliment your africa pictures but nevermind.

    the mets did rebuild their 7-game lead after i made that comment. it's not reasonable to expect me to predict a resurgance followed by potentially the worst collapse in history.

    actually, reposting that comment is distant second to this week's number one humiliation of me.

    because last sat night i was at a wedding and a redskins buddy was getting pissed that i wanted to talk about baseball during football season. he told me, "your mets flag is going to be gone in the morning." i called b.s., he said he was serious, we made a wager. i kept getting drunk, went home and forgot the conversation.

    mid-afternoon the next day i realize my flag is missing. ha ha, very funny, no problem -- the dude that stole it intended to get it back to me.

    problem is, turns out the driver from that debaucherous evening is a phillies fan. my flag remains in his car.


    2:57 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    That is just salt on the wound my man.

    I don't expect you to predict every up and down, but you should be mindful of the whole. Right now, the whole don't look so good.

    3:38 PM

    Anonymous gbaked said...

    Why is it that I'm MORE excited about the Mets NOW than since last October? Seriously, I'm fucking pumped, I changed plans and decided to go to the game today, fuck it and honestly I feel like I'm going to a playoff game. I've got the same excitement, fire, and butterflies in my stomach as I did last October.
    w00, bring it on bitches, we gotta get this done.

    hell yeah!!!

    I am so ready for this tonight...

    Everyone is on notice, the whole baseball world is wondering what the mets are going to do and what the fans reaction will be...

    soooooo pumped...

    Time for OP to step up. This is where our ace will be born.

    3:52 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    I am hoping that come late Monday afternoon I will have to eat any and all of my negative comments about this team. I wish I could be a sunshiner or pollyannaish but I’ve either watched or participated in too much baseball over the years not to be objective while I still root for the team as hard as anyone. But the Mets destiny is still in their hands and they have to seize the opportunity. The talent is there but the needed team character has not been shown to be there.

    Over at other blogs people are blaming the fans. As far as I know the fans are not permitted on the field during a game. It's silly to blame the fans. It’s up to the Mets players to step up and get the job they’re being handsomely rewarded for done.

    After reading some of the comments and commentaries at other blogs I’m staring to think that perhaps I shouldn’t be posting. Baseball is an important part of my entertainment life but it is not my life. Some of these posters should be posting at Prozac or Zoloft web sites. BTW if you expect Matt Cerrone at Metsblog to show any objectivity recall that he does this for a living, It’s in his best interest to ingratiate himself with the Mets hierarchy.

    Neil Best wrote this in his Newsday column:

    Here is Ron Darling in the ninth Wednesday, with Ryan Church facing Billy Wagner and the Mets down by one:

    "Be careful with Church; The fastballs out over the plate against lefthanders, he tends to hit that ball in the left-centerfield gap, but [Moises] Alou shading more to leftfield against Church. You can't even see him in the picture. There he is."

    Seconds later: two-run double to left-center.

    "Far too prescient, Mr. Darling," Gary Cohen said.

    "Didn't want to be," said Darling, who in 2005 was a Nationals analyst.

    "Nice call, Ronnie," Keith Hernandez added.

    "Did not want to be," Darling glumly repeated.

    After Church's hit, Mrs. SportsWatch asked a fair question: Why does Darling know more about the Nationals' tendencies than the Mets' coaches do?

    5:59 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Blame the fans? Please, the fans pay a lot of money and have a right to show their displeasure. I'm not a huge fan of booing and I do not do it, but criticize the fans is silly. I know the media has been on how dead Shea Stadium as been, but else could it be?

    They are watching the greatest collapse in the history of baseball (or close to it) and they are down for the most of the time. How do you get behind a struggling team that is down? Why should anyone waste their energy? Get ahead and get the crowd energized. Last night when the Mets were down 3-0 with Pedro on the mound, it was utterly deflating. I stopped watching.

    6:22 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I just read it....blaming the fans is silly. They want to cheer, but they feel beaten and beleaguered. This is not the first time Met fans have been let down and it is sad to say, they almost expect it at times.

    Now the Yankees squarely kicking their ass yet again, it compounds the issue and how do you not feel helpless? There is nothing a fan can do. If they want people to cheer, try not to boot balls early in the game to set a negative tone and try and get more than three hits off of Joel Pineiro.

    Losing 10 of their last 14 to end the season (or 11 or the their last 14....whatever it is) will tend to do negative things to people's psyche.

    Winning cures all that will happen when both the Mets bats and arms show up on the same day. That has not happened in a bit.

    6:32 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Not a woman


    8:35 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Watch this Cubs-Mets video 1000 times and you'll feel better. (Could be Willie's in-game view)


    8:42 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Where the hell is the super Washington team vs Philly. F$%$$

    8:53 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...



    10:10 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    WOW, save for some 9th inning magic, we could be ELIMINATED completely tomorrow.

    10:26 PM

    Anonymous benny said...


    10:45 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...



    10:46 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    All I can think of now are Rollins' comments in Spring...fuck


    10:49 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Bell just closed the door on a Brewers potential rally...Hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahha

    Well, if San Diego and The Phillies both lose the next two and we win them, we can do it!!!

    GO METS!!!


    10:52 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Rox just lost 4 -2 as Matsui struck out with two on.

    10:55 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    9/27 article on worst baseball collapses:


    "The Mets (99.80 percent on September 12th) would rank second all-time if they miss, making good on a 500-to-1 shot against."


    11:14 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Number one by far: 1995 Angels. They blew a 9.5 game lead and 12 game wild card lead by going 12-26 after Aug 20th.

    11:17 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    THREE straight losing Septembers.

    thats all you have to know about this team led by Omar and Willie.

    THREE straight seasons where they failed to get it done in September.

    Last year they had such a huge lead, that fortunately for them, it didn't matter with regards to getting into the playoffs. but not so for this one.

    Congrats for making yet another dubious milestone in NY Mets history, boys!

    Fire Omar "You Know What I'm Sayin" Minaya, fire Willie "All Is Well" Randolph, fire Rick "Soul Glow" Peterson, and trade Binghamton to the Twins for Santana.

    11:37 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Everybody going to the park Saturday and Sunday, please make A LOT of cheering noise.


    12:30 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'd rather gouge out my eyes than go to the game. I already sold my tickets.

    I'll watch the funeral from home.


    12:48 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Both Bell and Lindstrom put nails in the Mets 2007 coffin tonight. At first I thought could Omar’s 2006-2007 off-season moves get any worse but then I realized that had we kept these guys Willie and Rick (I can fix Zambrano in 10 minutes) Peterson would have made sure they would not have contributed this year.

    Anyway a poster at Metsblog made this very coarse but funny post. Those of you who are timid pass it by.

    “I have faith in my guys.. theyre tough.. we just gotta bounce back tomorrow.. well be celebrating soon.. i can almost taste the champagne.. oh wait, thats JIMMY ROLLINS’ PISS!!!! ”

    1:08 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I am already thinking of a nice, hard Spring Training slide towards Rollins. Good for him. He put his neck on the line early and made sure the Phils got there.

    He'll be a good Met pickup in 2015.


    1:18 AM

    Anonymous Mike from Brooklyn said...

    Two words: Joe Girardi

    9:40 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    You know, for a couple of days the biggest complaint was that the fans weren't behind thier team. Whether it was the fact it was an "empty" stadium, people leaving early, or the fact it was a hostile environment with not much cheering and alot of booing.
    Well... Yesterday me and about 55,000 other Met fans gave it ALL we had and it made no difference. We were not rewarded with anything. Fuck 'em, Fuck the Mets.
    I'll get hyped and excited again during Spring Training but this season is sadly over, I'm not even mad, I'm just very very very dissapointed.

    11:17 AM

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    Yeah...saw a lot of disappointment on the faces yesterday. I'd be there if I could but I'm 1000s of miles away and no one hears me scream , or even yell fuck, in my apt except my gf.


    12:57 PM

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    But I still hold out hope because it ISN'T over just yet.


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