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Friday, September 07, 2007

Randon Tidbits 9-7-7

  • So I was watching the Cyclones game last night and I got to watch Dillion Gee on the mound who was the Mets 21st round draft pick. He was drafted out of U Texas Arlington and has had a nice first exposure to pro ball. He has a solid low 90s to mid 90s fastball with excellent control.

    He has a 6.22 k/bb ratio and has struck out 8.13 batters per nine innings. He supplants his fastball with a tight breaking ball. He did not do all that well in college, but he certainly looked decent in yesterday's game and has put up nice numbers so far for Brooklyn.

  • Delgado is down and no one is really sure for how long. The contingency plan is a Green/Conine platoon. If you take their righty/lefty splits and then extrapolate that into 501 at-bats, which is how many Delgado has, you get the following:
     R  2b   hr  rbi   bb   so    avg   slg
    64 38 14 65 53 61 .291 .457
    67 29 22 80 50 110 .255 .455
    The top line being Green/Conine and the bottom line being Delgado. I am not concerned about Delgado's injury for two reasons. For one, I do think he will be back by the playoffs. Secondly, even if he is not, the Mets can put together a reasonable facsimile of his production this year.

    As much as Green makes me wretch, him and Conine will do fine and get dropped down towards the bottom of the order and hopefully in the 7th or 8th spot. Alou slides back up to the fifth and everything is swell.

    The x-factor between the two scenarios is that Delgado has the ability to carry the team when he is hot and the other two do not in any capacity. Delgado was hot and showed some encouraging signs, but there were no guarantees that was going to be the Delgado we got for the rest of the season.

    As long as Wright, Beltran, Reyes, and Alou are happy and healthy, that is the most important thing for this Met offense. All the others are pretty much superfluous.

  • The big talk of the off-day is David Wright. He is on the verge of a 30/30 season which we are all extremely aware of.

    With four more longballs over the Mets' final 23 games, Wright (born Dec.20, 1982) would become the fourth-youngest member of the 30-30 club.

    Only Alex Rodriguez (22 years, 3 days in 1998), Bobby Bonds (23 years, 182 days in '69) and Jose Canseco (24 years, 35 days in '88) would be younger than Wright when they reached 30-30. Hanley Ramirez, Florida's 23-year-old shortstop, is six homers away.

    He would also log the fifth season a Met has done it joining HoJo who did it three times and Darryl who did it once. The other big news item for Wright is the fact that he is quickly becoming the prime MVP candidate in the National League and is trying to become the first Met to ever win the award. That is truly big on so many levels for this Met franchise as they have had some pretty good players come through here and no one has ever won an MVP award.

  • Reyes is excited about his rest.

    Jose Reyes said he welcomed yesterday's day off, just the second time he had been out of the lineup this season. "Basically it's going to be two days for me, so it's going to be nice," Reyes said, alluding to today's off-day before the Mets welcome the Astros to Shea tomorrow. "Sometimes you're going to feel tired."

  • I guess Willie is just one of a long line of people that have lowered their arm slot as a Met.

    Lefty reliever Willie Collazo, taught a three-quarters delivery by pitching coach Rick Peterson before the season, made his major-league debut with 1-2/3 scoreless innings in relief of John Maine. Collazo, 27, allowed two hits and a walk. He arrived from New Orleans with a 33-inning scoreless streak.

    It seems to be a working formula.

  • Orlando is almost back.

    Orlando Hernandez threw his first bullpen session since receiving a cortisone shot in his right foot. El Duque expected to throw another bullpen session tomorrow or Saturday, which could set him up to pitch as soon as Monday against the Braves at Shea.

    When he gets back, the Mets should seriously think about giving Maine and Perez a break with Pelfrey or Humber getting the call for them.

  • So Rick Ankiel received a 12 month supply of HGH back in 2004. While that does not mean that he is taking it now, it certainly just about confirms a lot of people's suspicions that it is circulating around the league. If you cannot test for it and many were OK with taking steroids, why not?

  • It seems Mike Lowell would be too pricey for the Red Sox? I thought he would have been a bargain. Go figure... It looks like this off season is going to be another doozy and prospects might even become more valuable than they already are further throwing the trade market out of whack.
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    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    I'm not going to lie, I was impressed with Dillon Gee. I was always curious about him and I was forutnate enough to watch him last night.
    I couldn't quite put my finger on his breaking/off-speed stuff. Is it really that good with a nice bite or is this all about un-disciplined hitters? It did look nice though, I liked.

    I think I'm going to lower my arm slot as well...

    I don't blame Rick Ankiel for taking that stuff, with all the elbow issues he had, shiiiiiiiit. Anyways, Ankiel looks kinda monster-ish right now, so its a surprise but not a surprise.

    Mets kick ass...

    11:49 AM

    Blogger AE said...

    - i bet most mets fans don't realize that delgado has been the mets 2nd most "clutch" hitter in terms of win probability added:


    although delgado hasn't produced as much this year as he has in the past, when he has produced this year, it's actually counted towards winning games and not just padding his stats in blowouts.

    with that said, i do agree though that a green/conine platoon at 1st is a good (if not best) solution until delgado gets back.

    - speaking of nl mvp, there's 1 guy that no one is talking about, even though his team is making a big run: albert pujols.

    the following are the most talked about mvp candidates and their warp1 numbers:

    pujols 9.4
    wright 8.9
    utley 8.1
    rollins 8.1
    fielder 5.5
    holliday 7.6
    peavy 9.5

    by virtue of peavy being a pitcher, i don't think he should be the mvp - that's why there's the cy young award. however, he's been so dominant on the mound that to not include him would be a crime. it's not like sd is winning with the awful lineup that they have going up to the plate everynight.

    if the season ended today, my voting would go this way based on the player's performance and where sd, ny, and sln are in the standings:

    1. peavy
    2. wright
    3. pujols

    if the cards somehow win the nl central (they are only a game out), pujols in my opinion should be the mvp - even though rick ankiel will be given a lot of the credit in the cards come back. pujols has once again carried the cards on his back the entire year and should get credit for that.

    i however would love to see pants win it and at this point i think he has as good a shot as anyone...

    and mike, fyi, i put the mlb power rankings up on su this week, the mets come in at #4, best in the nl.

    12:17 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I think I'm going to lower my arm slot as well...


    His breaking pitch was a tight slider more so now that I think of it. Also, if we are talking about him a reliever or starter makes a big difference and he is far away. He has a nice fastball with good command and plenty of time to work on this secondary stuff, which looked decent. All in all, a good showing, no?

    But Marlon is right behind him for what it's worth. A few big hits really bolsters everything, but overall, he has been disappointment. I want him back and think he will be back, but I just do not see him being the linchpin to the playoff run.

    I think Peavy deserves to be in the discussion and should crack the top ten, but I just don't know. I'm one of those people who think they have to so ridiculously good to take out an everyday player. If no one else in regards to hitters were really knocking the cover off, then sure.

    But there are a few fine candidates. Good stuff on Pujols...he gets left out. He deserves to be in there if they make the playoffs. Unfortunately, I think the MVP is tied to their team making the playoffs for a few guys. Also, it could be argued that Ankiel's 29 RBIs in about a month are the reason they are in it right now.

    12:30 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    I tried to get a question in to Jim Callis the other day regarding Brooklyn's two Dylans, but no avail. Not sexy enough I guess though Owens' numbers are awesome.

    Lowell is on a comeback season and whoo hoo what a surprise it's his contract year. Heard somewhere that he likes the Phillies, and you never know, he might make it back to the Yankees if ARod flees. But he's a bad investment frankly. Buyer beware.

    Saw this documnetary on HGH a year ago while rehabbing a torn miniscus at my physical therapists, and fuck the rancor I'm supposed to have towards Ankiel. Personally I'd like to try some. In 50 years, HGH is going to be a natural part of the therapy regimen. The benefits of the stuff are pretty promising.

    I'll believe DWright is MVP when he's voted it. Until then it's newsman's drivel. He's had a really fine year, and the sky's the limit with him.

    Delgado was just beginning to look a bit like his old self, but still "old" is his adjective in 2007. I do think the wrist surgery has had something to do with his decreased production, but I'm not sure we're going to see the Delgado of last year next year. BUT then again, next year is his contract year, so I'm sure he'll manufacture a latter career year.

    12:58 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Gee is not sexy enough for sure. Unheralded 21st rounders get no love. I think I tried to get a Francisco Pena question answered.

    Lowell is 32 and has had some pretty disastrous seasons recently. Yes, buyer beware, but at the right price he's solid. Not sure what he will go for though.

    HGH is a wonder drug in theory and can be used to do many, many things. It is certainly good where there is a deficiency in some people, but for people that produce enough of it naturally, I do believe it can be a negative thing.

    I'm also sure Delgado will be calling for an extension as well.

    1:07 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    dg - sure, HGH may (I'm not qualified to say) become a useful treatment drug in the future. Just like steroids are now. But the problem is if athletes are allowed to use them without supervision, they (or at least some of them) will abuse them. You can't look at Bonds' massive cranium and tell me that's good for his long term health. And once some players abuse performance enhancing drugs, others will feel compelled to use PEDs as well. Then baseball ends up like the WWE...

    I like Gee (wish I could have seen Brooklyn's game) but I really like Owen. His numbers are filthy, and so were his college numbers - led all of D2 in ERA & Ks.

    Lowell had a good year last year to - his first in Boston. I personally think he is built for Fenway, and buyer beware...

    mr. met - great points on a Conine/Green platoon; Omar deserves massive kudos for piecing together this and Castillo as backup plans for unexpected injuries on the fly. But, whatever the numbers say, I'd be lying if I didn't say I think this team will miss Delgado in the playoffs if he's not ready to go. Or worse, if he says he's ready to play but really isn't...


    1:55 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    SPeaking of the WWE, reports came in that Chris Benoit had brain damage.

    Nobody in the NL stands out yet atleast in my opinion. We're just going to have to wait. Peavy, Pujols, and Wright are all good choices.

    Whoa, Mike Lowell the free agent. Say your a team like the Phillies. I would sign him but how many years is enough? Ideally you want to give him 2, but the reality is he gets 4 or someshit. I dunno, I don't trust him though, something about a 31 year old with grey hairs that bothers me.

    THe COlts put on a spanking!

    And in the best news of the year, the Pirates have fired Dave Littlefield. Now for them NOT TO FUCK UP AND HIRE SOME STUPID DUMBASS like Tim Purpura or Dan O'Brien. If I were the Pirates I'd hire Paul DePodesta and let him use his computer programs and OBPS to tell him who the good players are, I would also fire every single scout employed by the team and replace them with robots who can analyze and filter for players that have "heart" and are "gritty".

    2:52 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Agreed. Delgado > Conine/Green even if the #'s are similar, but I do not not think he is essential as say David Wright. He will be missed, but simply not as much as the others. Granted he carried the Mets last year in the playoffs for a bit, but this is not last year in more ways than one.

    Lowell on the Phils would be a good thing for them, but it really is going to be interesting to see if someone goes more than four years, which should be the tops for him. I guess 4/$40 would be the market for him?

    DePodesta would be a good choice. I do not think he had enough time in LA, but does he (or anyone for that matter) really want to go to the Pirates?

    3:21 PM

    Blogger AE said...

    the pirates need a total overhaul. 15 or so straight seasons of sub .500 ball, that's awful.

    as for lowell, he's making $9M this year. bp thinks he will be worth $9.3M next year and a total of $28.4M (9.3/8.0/5.8/5.3) over the next 4 years. if a team can sign him to a contract in that ballpark, it might not be so bad.

    as for the phillies, they might be best served by staying with greg dobbs. his line this year is .282/.338/.462 and for his 219 game career he's .271/.317/.412. lowell's career line is .279/.344/.468. i think i'd rather pay dobb's league minimum than lowell $10M and spend the money not spent on lowell on pitching if i were the phillies.

    3:21 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    P.S. By all measures I can find -- both numbers and media buzz -- if the Mets finish in first place, David Wright is a lock in the National League. Book it.

    From Neyer's blog...the bigger part of the statement was media buzz since a lot of those guys are going to do the voting. Sick...

    The Pirates need to make some tough decisions and trade Bay and whatever usable piece they have if they can get a decent return. THey need to blow it all up. Completely...

    Dobbs is doing nice this year, but they have to put their truest in him versus almost assuredly getting some solid production from Lowel.... The eternal quandry of gambling on the kids or not to gamble on the kids. I'm using the word kid loosely though and more so talking about inexperience.

    3:59 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Dun Dun Dun for Troy Glause.
    The names just keep on coming. This is becoming fun and exciting.
    Who's going to be named next?!?! the suspense is killing me!


    4:31 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I think that most people fail to understand what the firing of Little Field does for major league baseball's diversity program. Perhaps you've all forgotten the hoopla that came with his signing, as the first Native American to attain the GM position. He immediately solidified his reputation by installing a sweat lodge in the Pirates clubhouse. Jason Bay claims that it was in this lodge that he first tried peote (for religious purposes only and thus exempt from the MLB/Player's Union agreement on illicit substances). In fact Pirate pitcher Ian Oquendo had an epiphany in the lodge and changed his last name to Snell.

    So, in my view, this move by the Pirates smacks of sheer commitment to the pro-White, quasi-colonialist policies of the Major League Baseball and should be viewed with suspicion. I won't argue against the impression craftily stoked by the media that the Pirates had a losing season during every year of his GM-ship, but one must emphatically note that the Pirates contended every April during every season of his tenure.

    7:50 PM

    Anonymous Donald Grants' Ghost said...

    Seriously though, the Pirates have been woefully mismanaged. They do have a bevy of young pitchers, but you could almost argue that they've been modeled on the blueprint of the mid to late 1970's NY Mets. That is, dependence on a single "star" while fielding an entirely young team that in many cases is not MLB quality, and of course, no expenditure on scouting, players, nothing. All they need is M. Donald Grant.

    7:59 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Stuck watching Florida vs Philly here in Korea. Kim threw strikes and did a good job holding down the Phils, only gave up a 3-run shot to Burrell.
    Not over yet though....

    BTW..Smoltz no-hitter through 6

    9:25 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    now seven no-hit innings.

    Marlins added a run, lead Philly 6-3 in the 8th

    9:38 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Senor Lengua just singled to open the 8th against Smoltz. Now it's time for a Washington comeback.

    9:48 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Florida finished em off. What's that? a 6 game lead? Sweep? I don't remember any sweep.

    10:10 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Watching the Mets today, watching Guillermo Mota, and I really liked what I saw.
    THe zip, the explosiveness in his fastball that I saw last year is back. His change looked alot better as well. I really liked it. Good shit.

    12:44 AM

    Blogger AE said...

    lastings homerun didn't get more than 25 ft off the ground...a total rocket of a linedrive. i love that kid.

    3:57 AM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    I was amazed that Pedro was able to keep the Astros scoreless yesterday, he just bamboozled them. He came within one strike of striking out 4 in one inning. That would have been pretty cool.

    Gotay has the tools to play third base once in a while, but twice he had plays at second base, but inexplicably threw the ball to first. I think it's because he was not as familiar with the position. It's good to get his bat into the lineup and give pants a day off as well.

    I miss Ramon Castro, and was kind of hoping that we'd find out whether he could handle the load of being a first stringer over the last couple of months.

    Mota has one good outing, followed by one bad outing. I felt bad for him yesterday. That home run he gave up was CRUSHED. Then he makes that horrible throw to second base on the bunt. Yikes. I wish we had better options in the bullpen. At least the top 3 seem to be in top form.

    The magic number is 15. Now it's time to crush the Braves and Phils and get this thing over with.

    9:03 AM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    Here's MY Random Tidbit for the day:

    Curtis Granderson became just the third player in major-league history to notch at least 20 homers, 20 triples, 20 doubles and 20 steals in the same season.


    5:18 PM

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