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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Incredible Dissapearing First Baseman

Is Carlos Delgado injured or is he healthy?

Mets first baseman Carlos Delgado has hit only three homers — four fewer than Damion Easley, who began the season as the team's backup second baseman. Delgado's slow offensive start might be related to the surgery he underwent on his right wrist last Oct. 23. "You never know how long a hand injury is going to take," one Mets official says.

Is it his wrist? Did he lose a bit of his bat speed? Is his batting eye way off? Is he having trouble in the bedroom? What is clear is that something is going on with Carlos Delgado. What is not clear is what it is. Delgado has been largely silent during this slump so it's not too obvious what is going on in his head.

But a .214/.294/.321 line with a .168 batting average against righties forty+ games into the season is disturbing. May has been better with Delgado putting up a .254/.342/.413 which is way better than the .188/.262/.260 line he put up in April and it also bears noting that he is still on pace for 91 RBIs, but at some point, people are going to get really concerned.

Delgado is a borderline Hall of Fame bat. He is also a below average fielder and with no offense and a sub-par defense, he is a not really adding much outside of veteran leadership, which Julio Franco provides plenty of. What if he is injured? Would he speak up? If he is injured, they need to let him heal. Put Green at first and let Endy and Carlos tear it up and play stupendous defense in the outfield. However, there enlies the problem. No one seems to know what the issue with Carlos Delgado is though people seem to think he is turning a corner. He was huge for this Met team last year and carried them at times while being a beast in the playoffs. As good as this team is, they need Carlos to be Carlos.

* * *

  • The Duque is on his way back and Jason Vargas will inevitably be the odd man out of the rotation.

    Orlando Hernandez threw a simulated game in Port St. Lucie, Fla. on Sunday, throwing 72 pitches in five innings and coming through the session feeling fine. Hernandez is scheduled to throw a bullpen session in the next few days and could be slotted into the rotation for the series in Florida next weekend.

  • The Mets are still kicking some ass in the run differential department.
    NY Mets         57
    San Diego 32
    Chicago Cubs 30
    Milwaukee 22
    Atlanta 21
    LA Dodgers 17
    Philadelphia 8
    San Francisco 7
    Houston -4
    Florida -10
    Cincinnati -10
    Arizona -13
    Pittsburgh -31
    Colorado -57
    St. Louis -62
    Washington -63
    Out of the bigs, only Boston has a bigger run differential and they seem to be running away with that category. The Cubbies seem to be the big surprise here being the only team with a losing record and a run differential in double digits and they are #3 in the NL overall. Lou Pinella might have a stroke before this season is over.

  • Phil Humber had another rough outing for New Orleans and gave up four earned runs in five innings to raise his ERA to 4.59. In fact, only three pitchers have an ERA under 4.50 on the Zephyrs and one is future Cy Young Award winning Jorge Sosa. The others are Mike Pelfrey after one start and Willie Collazo. Though the park factors say that New Orleans is a pitcher's park, I'm having a hard time believing that. I wouldn't be surprised to see Humber pitch better in the bigs than in the PCL.

  • Sammy Sosa is quietly putting up some nice power numbers and is on pace for 36 doubles, 36 homers, and a .507 SLG%. Not bad for a guy who has been out of baseball. What is bad is his .319 OBP but for $500,000, he's certainly earning his paycheck.

  • It looks like Big Z. is going to hit the market and you can be sure he'll fetch a ton of money even if he finishes with a 5.00 ERA.

  • The D-Rays have it down to Matt Wieters, Josh Vitters, and David Price. Only Price is a pitcher and with a team like the Devil Rays being desperate for pitching, it is beyond me how they can pass up a pitcher. Although, there have been statements made that Price may be the best pitcher in the draft, he is still not as refined as you would like from a college pitcher and will not rocket through the system for some quasi-immediate help. One has to wonder if Rick Porcello is the better choice for Tampa though he is further away from helping.

  • Griffey hit his 572nd homer on Monday. Just go back and look at what he did back in the 90's and his first season with the Reds. He is a first ballot Hall of Famer as is, but just imagine if he didn't get hurt? Easily a 3000 hit, 2000 RBI, 700 home candidate. He will get to 600 homers early next season and has an shot at 3000 hits still, but his career has gotten lost in the shuffle somewhat. He was hands down the best player in baseball for a long time.

  • Courtesy of DG...

    Tattooed on the newest Marlin's buttocks is the phrase: "I (heart) Billy Koch." Koch, a former reliever who spent time with the Marlins, paid Miller $1,000 plus picked up the $80 tab from Mom's Tattoos in Dunedin before the 2004 season for the advertisement. Koch felt so bad for Miller's wife, Jessica, for "having to see it every day," that he gave Jessica an additional $500.

  • Ollie Ollie Ollie....what can you say? 3.00 K/BB, .202 BAA, 1.09 WHIP, etc. John Maine is on track for 100+ walks and Oliver Perez is on track for 58 this season. He looks to be official.
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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    While Earned Run Average is historically inflated in the PCL, I suspect that Humber's elevated ERA is symptomatic of his limited professional experience. He'll get better and so will his buddy Jeff Pelfrey. They would both profit from a full year in the minors, and I hope at this point, the Mets will leave them there. Between Vargas and Lawrence, the Mets have better immediate choices for the major league rotation (unless Pelf or Humb starts truly excelling).

    Pelfrey was pretty much the same pitcher in his first start at NO. Not many missed bats, plenty of jams and, as I read later, not too many breaking balls. Boys got to start pitching instead of throwing, but he apparently did not receive the memo. It's no surprise that the Mets have opened a lead on the Braves now that Pelfrey is in the minors.

    Delgado will come around, but wrist injuries are notoriously slow to come back from. My guess is that by mid-summer he'll be King again. Thankfully, the Mets have so many different components to depend on at any one moment. Why the team could win over 60% of its games with Wright & Delgado struggling to begin with.

    There's a moment in Bernard Malamud's novel, The Natural, where the fans boo Roy Hobbs during his first professional slump, and he never views the fans with the same appreciation again. For me, the low point of this season was the fans turning on DWright. I wonder what he feels like now that he was ever briefly booed by fans that he clearly adored before then. It's gotta be bitter, but he's young enough - and unlike Hobbs, not bitter by life's other turns - to perhaps let that go. Still, a damn shame. Fickle.

    This series strikes me as the first really important one of the season. If they can't take two out of three, it should be viewed as a defeat. But you can't not like how the team is playing at the moment.

    My first tattoo on my right arm says "I (heart) metropolitans" with a little postage size portrait of a (drunken) Mike Oliver from his trip to South America. I then added "I (heart) Coop" since that's pretty close to my daughter's name. Of course, I immediately added "I (heart) Benny" upon reading about Justin Miller. I'll get around to my wife one of these days! But, Billy Koch? For the rest of my life? Never!

    Mets have five picks in the top 100, two of which come in the first 50 (#42 & #47). Plus I read that they signed their 10th pick from last year, Phillips Orta, as a draft & follow. I somehow doubt that the team will sign Jeremy Barfield after he beat up his Dad; I mean, not even Lasto has done that!

    As for the DRays, they need pitching but I'm guessing they take the catcher.

    4:27 AM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Pelfrey has a bit further to go. I hate big league contracts for draftees. It jut doesn’t make sense. You clog up the 40 man on guys you won’t be able to use for a bit while prohibiting you from protecting players you normally would have if you didn’t have to occupy that spot on two first rounders from the past two years. Now, Pelfrey and Humber will have been in the Mets organization for a combined five years after this season while taking up 40-man spots (except when Humber was on the 60 day). If these guys really cared about their team, they wouldn’t put them in a bind. They’d get paid either way.

    I know Carlos and Carlos, but do you consider dropping him in the meantime? He does have 91 RBIs, but it’s akin to Piazza usurping good RBI opportunities in front of Wright which is an all too familiar situation. Should Delgado bat 6th until he heats up and when Moises returns? No disrespect to him, but I would think he would want to do something that’s better for the team. When he’s on, he’s our 4th hitter. But right now, Wright should be cleaning up the big boys at the top of the order while he is crushing the ball.

    I don’t think Wright was overly affected. I’ve only heard a smattering of boos for him so I don’t think it was quite Beltranian proportions of boos. I think he was more fixated on his prolonged slump than the slight boos. Fans also boo guys that are good overall after disappointing spots. I don’t think he got booed everytime at-bat like some guys, but just when he missed out in a big spot.

    Barfield’s done with the Mets. He doesn’t really have a position or much power. He is intriguing, but only because of his last name. No big loss!

    Of course the Rays take a catcher if they need pitching! Then they’ll go on complaining how they have no pitching while holding onto every single one of their positions players without places to play them.

    The Rays are in an interesting spot…they have most of their guys working out for them. They have such a high rate of success with their position guys that they are almost in a win/win situation. The guy they trade might end up being good, but the guys they keep will be pretty good too which should assuage any feelings of doubt. Besides, if you are going to go about running a team with doubt and fear when it comes to moves, you better just quit now. You’ll never succeed. You are going to make some bad trades, but you want to just try and limit them. You simply cannot be afraid to pull the trigger. That being said, it might be too late to trade Balldelli…They are always just too late. Waited on trading Cantu, Gomes, Baez, and Huff. Just think what they could have gotten back.

    9:41 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It's "therein lies", not "there enlies"...

    10:51 AM

    Blogger mr.bmc said...

    I happen to have met an orthopedic surgeon doing a fellowship under Dr. Weiland. She did the Big Man's carpal tunnel surgery - which according to her isn't a big deal.

    It's a big deal to a baseball player!

    I accused her of "breaking" Delgado. She laughed and said he's probably just distracted by the new baby and home in Connecticut.

    Fucking babies. They're a plague!

    11:00 AM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    It's "therein lies", not "there enlies"...

    I don't care. If you want to come criticize grammar, spelling, etc...you'd be pretty busy.

    Interesting take on on babies. But if she is saying that the surgery was no big deal then it's mental, age, or just a flat out bad slump. But when a slump heads into a quarter of the season it starts to raise questions. I don't think there is any way he has regressed this much so I think he'll produce, but to what levels?

    11:24 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Delgado will be back, he always comes back. I mean there are such things as drop offs but never this drastic for such an amazing player.
    But then again we did experience Roberto Alomar's drop off.

    If I'm the DRays I draft the pitcher, then with the over abundance of position players trade ANY of them but Crawford for a pitcher and they should atleast have something decent at the top of the rotation...

    And I always get depressed when I think of Griffey and what could have been.

    11:32 AM

    Blogger AE said...


    thanks for the billy koch info. i play softball with a guy who went to h.s./played ball/is friends with koch. i wonder if this dude knows and ribs koch about it...good stuff.

    11:44 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    With the Mets having to wait awhile for thier first pick in the draft, it's going to be hard as hell to gauge who they're going to pick.
    But what do you guys think of this guy?

    Ambidextrous Pitcher, Pat Venditte.

    12:50 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Am I the only one who thinks Zambrano is overrated?

    Sure, his stats look nice and he is young but we don't really know him.

    Quite a few cub fans told me that he is not dependable at all especially in a clutch situation. I believe them because they follow the cubs everyday and they observe beyond the stats.

    IMO, if the Mets are gonna throw big bucks at an ace type pitcher, Santana is the only sound investment. Otherwise the Mets should just do Perez and Sosa type of deals until a true No.1 becomes available in the market.

    Delgado should be fine. The guy is a winner and he will figure out his problems. If he can't hack it anymore, he is not gonna drag on like Mo Vaughan did. The guy has too much pride.


    1:12 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    your not alone on the opinion of Zambrano. I think the man is out of his mind and bound to get injured with the way he throws and how much he throws. If I'm the Mets I wouldn't sign him. I also think he walks to many batters, his WHIP has been higher than you'd want from an "ace".
    I really doubt the Cubs fall out of the race because they have a super solid team but if they do I'd trade for him, but not sign him to a long ass extension like he's expecting.

    Johan is a different story, he on the other hand can have whatever he wants.

    1:26 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Benny, great call on the Alomar thing, but I cannot help but think that had something to do with attitude and desire whereas Delgado is the man and is a team player/leader through and through.

    Decent? More than decent. Kazmir, Shields, Townsend, Nieman, Price, Davis…not too shabby and with great position players that are extremely young, they will be sitting just fine. Just sucks they are in the worst baseball market in the universe, but I thought Neyer’s article the other day was great in regards to how the Rays are trying to do what the Red Sox do and be a team for a region rather than one metropolitan area. They know they cannot sustain themselves there without something more so they are going to some big time media bucks. Will it work? Probably not, but they need to draw more than 9,000 per game or else it won’t matter who they draft.

    AE, thank DG.

    Benny, I read about that guy last year. He’s nuts. Simply nuts. I’d love to see him succeed in the bigs, but I think he’s just a freak show. Does he have a MLB arm with either side? The article says 88-91 as a righty and 78-81 as a side arming lefty…those would work if he can pitch, but I guess that remains to be seen….I was going to peruse the top 100 this week to see if anyone stands out. I’m hoping for a BIG fall for Max Scherzereererererererer.

    Big Z overrated? Stud. He’s a stud and one of maybe ten who could be true ace guys. Let’s not forget he’s 26 and has plenty of good baseball in his arm. I give him 5 / $75 if he shits the bed this year. I am with Omar on giving out insane contracts to pitchers when you have Rick Peterson on the staff. Besides, he pitches in the Central with has three (four if you count PNC) good places to hit. Get him here and the Mets have a serious ace on their hands. The biggest concern for me is the walks. He perennially walks 100 per year. Could Rick cut down on those by 20%. Don’t forget the dude can rake too.

    1:37 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    but not sign him to a long ass extension like he's expecting.

    You have to have your limit and go for it like the Mets and Zito. If I condoned Zito for 5/75, then I can condone that for Big Z. Omar will value him right and not budge for aforementioned reasons.

    1:39 PM

    Blogger I.M. Forme said...

    "Tattooed on the newest Marlin's buttocks is the phrase: "I (heart) Billy Koch." Koch, a former reliever who spent time with the Marlins, paid Miller $1,000 plus picked up the $80 tab from Mom's Tattoos in Dunedin before the 2004 season for the advertisement. Koch felt so bad for Miller's wife, Jessica, for "having to see it every day," that he gave Jessica an additional $500."


    1:52 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    I'm just shocked no alcohol was involved.

    2:13 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I got "I (heart) itsmetsforme" this afternoon. Bring on suggestions; it's only my skin for the rest of my life.

    Think, what does "I (heart) Billy Koch" look like on a 60 yr old man? Sexy, right? Uhhh, nope.

    NO way Scherzer falls to 42, but you may pipedream Mr. Oliver. They ought to get quality but why bother reading about the top 100 before the Mets pick? There's no way of knowing what they get at 42 and so on.

    I was hoping that maybe they'd draft Dave Kingman's son, Baby Kong! But of course, I have no idea if Kingman even had a son. Those were the days, the Mets were so bad that Kingman seemed like a star. These days Kingmans can't even DH. I mean, Jack Cust is akin to a Kingman and he's barely had a career!

    My big dilemna: family obligations vs. Mets/Braves. Sleep and work vs. live baseball. Help me someone!

    Mike, you really must selflessly plug yourself like on other Mets blogs. I'm worried you're not showing enough ego. Something like : "watch me talk about the Mets on the Marty Finnerman show!" every once in a while would build up your caché!

    2:31 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    I plug nothing.

    Max is a pipe dream especially with NO leverage on his part. However, BA ranked him the 17th prospect overall so there is an outside shot he falls. Every pick over 10 that passes him our chances rise...and rise...and rise. Hochevar went in the 40's before opting to pitch in the independent league and frankly Hochevar is better.

    Regardless...I can dream, right? Like it has been written, karma owes us for passing on Beato because the commish was coming down on us. Omar has been a good company man and deserves to get rewarded!

    Food for thought...Lincecum was the 10th pick last year and Pelfrey was the ninth the year before. Both three years in college. It really puts it into perspective of where he should be. He fooled us in the spring, but he really, really, is not close to dominating the bigs. I'm down on his secondary stuff today and inability to miss any bats whatsoever with a ++ fastball. He should have better stuff at this point.

    3:27 PM

    Blogger I.M. Forme said...

    Plugging one's website...how shameless can you get :)

    the Mets future is so bright, i have to gauge my eyes out. or is that because i slept with my mother and killed my father? I'll get karma deducted for this, but it
    would be nice to have a bit more fabulous arms in the minors, and perhaps a stud catcher. we used to have all sorts of stud catching. Ramon's castro's head can't last forever.

    4:28 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    a bit more fabulous arms in the minors, and perhaps a stud catcher. we used to have all sorts of stud catching.

    I'm actually comfy with the arms. Perez and Maine are still under 26, Pelf, Humber, Guerra, Niese, and Mulvey are all solid.

    Mulvey is doing really well in AA and he's got four legit pitchers. Keep an eye on him to start getting some respect this year. Decent BAA, great K/BB ratio, only one dinger allowed....I'm happy with what he's done so far and he'll be in AA by the end of June at this rate.

    There aren't many teams with multiple ace type guys and the Mets three, a hard throwing lefty, and another John Maine type.

    As for a catcher, Jesus Flores hurts. I wish we had some better depth here and Pena is what, four years away at minimum? Five years is more likely. I'd also like for Carp to be a bit more productive than he's been. He needs to stay on schedule.

    4:34 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    I meant Mulvey would be in AAA...obviously he is in AA already.

    4:35 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I haven’t seen Humber in action recently and I was wondering what is the velocity of his fastball, how much movement does it have, etc? IOW has he come all the way back from the TJ surgery?

    Willie has to ascertain if Delgado is hurting because presently he is hurting the team. It might be wise to drop him in the lineup. I would also like to see Beltran run more often. With Delgado’s lack of power if Beltran steals a base it cuts down on the DP and perhaps Delgado could drive him home by going against the shift. When Delgado’s power returns Beltran could cut down on his running.

    I really don’t pay much attention to the baseball draft. At my age by the time these guys make it to majors I might be 6 feet under.

    The Braves have now taken 5 out of 7 from the Mets. They match up very well in head to head competition.

    12:49 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I just saw an interesting stat about Jeter. "According to The New York Times and the Society for American Baseball Research, New York Yankees SS Derek Jeter singled in the first game of the May 16 doubleheader against the Chicago White Sox to give him hits in 92 of his past 100 games. No player in the 1900s has accomplished that feat. The last player to do it was Wee Willie Keeler, who hit in 93 of 100 games 1898 and 1899."

    I also noticed that couple of days ago he was hitting .500 with RISP for 2007. I know it’s early but that is still an accomplishment.

    Even though he’s a Yankee I have always liked this guy and I can’t believe people put him down.

    1:06 AM

    Blogger I.M. Forme said...

    Here's what bad feels like:

    I am Celtic fan.

    I am suspecting bud selig had something to do with the NBA draft. The west is so powerful, they might as well shut down the east and expand to Asia. Burn NBA, Burn.

    Then the Br*ves go all late 90s- early 2000's on the Mets asses.
    Didn't anyone tell them this is the NEW mets, these guys don't lie down like fucking pansies anymore. Do they? It's like being a little kid; I think i'm all grown up, but mommy won't let me stay up late in the clutch, when it really means something. Waaaaaa. Sosa literally took slumping Andruwuw Jwunes hand and lifted him up to safety.

    it could only get worse for me if my doorbell rang, and it was accursed derek jeter with a free sample of his skin care product line and tickets to a show.

    Or maybe if I look at my ass in the bathroom mirror and it says "i heart billy koch."

    it's that bad.

    2:46 AM

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