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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rob Neyer? On Board?

Rob Neyer finally has come around to what we have all know for months now.

Remember what everybody was saying about the Mets two months ago?

"Sure, they've got a good lineup. But what about their starting pitching? How can they win with that sorry bunch of has-beens and never-weres?"

I thought those worries were a bit overblown. I never thought the Mets' starters would have the lowest ERA in the National League. Which, at this moment, they do.

Mets 3.62
Padres 3.63
Giants 3.78
Cubs 3.89
Brewers 4.00

Of course that did improve with Oliver Perez's tremendous seven inning effort against the Braves. After picking the Mets up after dropping two in a row, he stated his case for being the current ace of this squad. Only Jake Peavy, Brad Penny, Tom Gorzelanny, and Tim Hudson have better ERAs and Perez is 4th in BAA in the NL out of starters with five starts or more.

His BB/9 is 2.86 overall and looks even better at 1.83 if you take out his seven walk and 2.2 inning performance. Of course that is cherry picking numbers, but you get the idea. He's been stellar. In case you missed it (by way of Neyer's blog), Howard Medgal wrote a terrific article about Oliver Perez.

Oliver Perez had managed to defeat, if not dominate, a lineup stacked with offensive stars. He did it on a night when his best command was elusive, and his fastball was less explosive than usual. But baseball’s truly elite pitchers don’t excel only when their pitches are otherworldly. They manage to keep their teams in games even on their off-nights. On Friday night, Oliver Perez finally showed himself capable of doing just that, with a sellout crowd and seemingly all of New York watching.

I think it is safe to say there aren't two Oliver Perez's this season and the one that we have been getting is seemingly getting better. Does anyone miss Xavier Nady anymore?

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  • [13:10] yankeescum: its funny, by the way, watching franco try to get around on a fastball
    [13:10] yankeescum: poor ol' guy cant keep up
    [13:21] Mr. met: tell me about it

  • Mr. Callis fielded quite a few Mets related questions in his last chat.

    Pete (St. Pete): Hi Jim. Close to a .300 BA for Fernando Martinez in AA. At his age, that's pretty darn remarkable right?

    SportsNation Jim Callis: Yes. Martinez is shooting up the list of the very best prospects in the game.

    Possible top prospect candidate next year with Jay Bruce, who the Mets were heavily scouting along with Pelfrey in 2005.

    Greg (Cleveland): Jim, Welcome back. A lot has been said about Carlos Gomez (Carl Crawford comparisons, now an Andruw Jones one on ESPN...). Looking at the minor league numbers, he does project much like Crawford from the right side. What is your take on Gomez? Thanks!

    SportsNation Jim Callis: His tools always were way ahead of his performance in the minors, and I'll admit I've underrated him in the past. But he looks like the real deal and is punching Lastings Milledge's ticket out of New York.

    I like Gomez as much as the next guy, but how exactly has he showed he's the real deal? He can field, but so can Anderson Hernandez. Gomez has hit well, but not great. I need to see more before I'm ready to anoint him anything.

    Nigel (Palo Alto): Doesn't a Jonathan Sanchez for Milledge deal make some sense?

    SportsNation Jim Callis: That would be interesting. I think Sanchez is underrated, and the Mets probably want to get what they can for Milledge.

    My how his stock has fallen. It's a shame that this Milledge thing has taken on a life of it's own that is not really warranted. Does he have any value anymore? They might as well keep him now since they will surely not extract value for guy that still has an excellent chance of being a very good big league player.

    rob (philly): Rank the young NL arms over the next 5 years: Hamels, Cain, Lincecum, Bailey, Pelfrey.

    SportsNation Jim Callis: Lincecum, Cain, Bailey, Hamels, Pelfrey. And I really like Hamels.

    Completely unfair to group Pelfrey in there. He's good, but the other four are waaaaaaaay better. Everyone is under 23 with the exception of Hamels and Pelfrey. Also, Hamels is only two+ weeks older than Pelfrey. That's not to say Pelfrey isn't good, but he is no where near the same level as the other guys.

  • Can the petty and utterly ridiculous writers that try and pretend that Milledge is anything close to a problem stop now?

    Tampa Bay rookie Elijah Dukes was held out of the lineup Wednesday night against Seattle following a published report that his estranged wife sought a restraining order after being threatened by the 22-year-old outfielder.

    The St. Petersburg Times reported NiShea Gilbert filed for court protection after receiving a threatening message on her cell phone on May 2, as well as a text message that included a picture of a handgun.

    Gilbert played a voice mail allegedly from Dukes for the newspaper. "You dead, dawg. I ain't even [expletive]. Your kids, too."

    Lastings is not a bad kid. Does he make some questionable decisions? Who doesn't? If people heard of some of the stupid shit that I've done and continue to do in my late 20's you would be left speechless. Life is a learning experience and Milledge is still a kid. I don't know him but I can certainly tell he's a good kid and doesn't mean to do any harm. Cut him some slack already so he can blossom into the player he can be without distracting him further.

  • Billy Wagner? Stud. 0.90 whip, .192 baa, and 0.90 ERA with 11 saves.

  • Joe Smith? The Mets go to guy before Wagner. 1.07 whip, .197 baa, and 1.45 ERA.

  • David Wright has certainly picked things up of late. He's gunning for 80+ extra base hits and he is fifth....yes fifth in the NL in steals. His average is still a bit low for what he can do but that will continue to climb.

  • I applaud Willie for dropping Delgado. As soon as he starts hitting, he will be moved up immediately. Until then, he needs to be dropped in the order. The Mets are in a dogfight here and need to win games more than coddle people's egos. Not that Carlos Delgado has an ego, he is one of the most humble players out there and I'm sure he understands the situation and would agree with the manager at this point.

    “It’s about getting your swing together,” Delgado said. “It has nothing to do with where you’re hitting in the lineup. It’s not going to change the way I get pitched.”

  • Ummm...yeah. Not what Giambi needed right now.

    Jason Giambi failed a Major League Baseball-administered amphetamines test within the last year, which has subjected him to additional drug testing, sources told the Daily News. Giambi tacitly admitted last week that he has used steroids, but he failed to mention that he has been caught using other drugs.

    Just down a few tall boy Amps before the game or drink some of that shitty coffee at my work which could quite possibly be rocket fuel.

  • A-Rod is at it again. He did a shady ass slide and though I'm not a big fan of payback, this certainly warrants it.

    “He went in late and kind of threw an elbow,” Pedroia said. “It was a little cheap but no big deal. I’ll remember. I play second base. I’ve got to turn two with the Yankees 19 times a year, so I know now when he’s coming in, my (arm) slot gets dropped to the floor. That’s it.”

  • Mike Pelfrey went six innings in his no decision against Albuquerque and gave up four hits, one earned run, and no walks while striking out four.

  • Fernando Martinez went 3 for 5 with a run scored and an RBI in Binghamton's win over Connecticut.

  • Matt Dukin lives! He took the no decision against Rome in the South Atlantic League and gave up two runs in six innings.
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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It's wierd because this is the first time I've seen Oliver Perez pitch this season and I must say he didn't seem as explosive as he did last season and especially when he was on the Pirates in 2004. But hey, he came through and shut out the Braves, can't complain.

    The Mets in 2008 can only get better by being able to improve thier bench just by replacing Franco's "production".

    Like I said yesterday for as much as I love Carlos Gomez and for the past 3 years or so I been supporting him and beleiving in him but I just don't know about Gomez. I'm still scared of him failing. I would personally pick Milledge over Gomez if I had to move forward with my team. I'm just scared of gomez failing.

    While all the old geezer prt writers and the moral super heros on Metsblog.com can criticize Lastings Milledge they should all look in the mirror and remember all the crazy and fucked up shit they did at Lastings age, in college.

    I actually liked Green in the 2nd spot, it was nice to see him there and get on base.

    Now I feel bad for Giambi, to me amphetamines are NOTHING! Hank Aaron used amphetamines. People are asking wayy too much from athletes, I mean in a 162 games season that spans about 180 days where they play a very physical game and they're not allowed to take something to wake them up and not make them feel fatigued?
    I hope people hop off the whole amphetimines thing and leave him alone. The people talking abotu Giambi are the same ones drinking Red Bull and dirnking all that coffee to wake up in the morning.

    Dustin Pedroia is a 5'2" badass.

    Hahaha, Matt Durkin... he's like Victor Zambrano only he's still only in Single A, so that's just bad.

    2:34 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    'Billy Wagner? Stud. 0.90 whip, .192 baa, and 0.90 ERA with 11 saves.'

    Not to mention 'Professional Asshole'. He'll need to keep up this Rivera act just to avoid my wrath.

    'Lastings is not a bad kid.'

    I've never had a problem with his attitude.

    If anything, this team could use a bit of attitude. I WANT the other team to hate us. I WANT David Wright to punch Frenchy right in the face like Knight did.

    I really miss those days.

    'I must say he didn't seem as explosive as he did last season and especially when he was on the Pirates in 2004.'

    If Ollie can get his BB per 9 below 2.5, he'll be battling Cole Hamels for the Cy Young. That's enough for me.

    I watched some film of Ollie from 2004 and it made me want to cry. Beautiful stuff. He just seems to have lost some flexibility. I can't explain it... his arm speed just isn't the same.

    'Dustin Pedroia is a 5'2" badass.'

    He'd look good in a Mets uniform. Wally Backman with a better glove.

    'Joe Smith? The Mets go to guy before Wagner. 1.07 whip, .197 baa, and 1.45 ERA.'

    Can we trade Wagner? I love Smith's makeup and that whole 'i'm going to throw home to save my ERA' BS he pulled on Saturday has really stuck in my craw. He had plenty of time. The hick probably downed too much bad moonshine before the game.


    3:36 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Gomez is definitely still raw. The thing is, he reminds me of early Reyes in that the potential and athleticism just oozes from his body. Is his work ethic as good as Reyes? Will he improve his plate discipline like Reyes did? The chances are not good. But if you put up his numbers next to Crawford's, they are certainly comparable. He has flameout potential, but he could also be a star. That's all you can really ask of a prospect (unless he is Fernando! and you expect multiple MVPs like I do!)

    Omar won't trade Milledge for pennies on the dollar. Jonathan Sanchez? I like him, but come on. The Mets could use an Edge.

    I watched some film of Ollie from 2004 and it made me want to cry. Beautiful stuff. He just seems to have lost some flexibility. I can't explain it... his arm speed just isn't the same.

    I think his loss of arm speed is by design. He's no longer trying to throw the ball through the backstop. Once he figured out he could blow guys away if he located his fastball at 92-94 and his slider in any count, the hitters haven't had a chance. I can't wait until he starts mixing in his changeup even more, and then he will be devastating, even moreso than now.

    All hail Joe Smith. Chad Bradford wishes he had Joe Smith's stuff.

    9:00 AM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Perez is still electric this year at times, but I think the positive here is that he still excels when he doesn’t have his best stuff. But there are certainly times he looks unhittable.

    Ha ha…you put production in quotes. Franco = Good Guy. Useless ball player. He’s a pinch hitter with no power and one position to play and doesn’t have the ability to pull the ball.

    I’m actually on your side Benny. If I’m picking on to succeed, it’s Milledge. Gomez may very well have a higher ceiling, but the odds are that type of player fails before Milledge who is still working on refining his tools, but more of a sure thing in my eyes. I’ve seen flashes of him being a difference maker last year and the jury is still out on Gomez.

    RE: Giambi…if you got pinched for drugs before, you have to be smarter than that. Big deal or not, you are seriously exposing yourself….again. There are other avenues to load up on ungodly amounts of energy. Maybe not as effective, but I don’t think he has that luxury at this point.

    Emad! Why no love for Wagner? I like his Wagner-isms.

    Milledge certainly has an edge, but it’s not really that bad. He’s not going to be Albert Belle, but he’ll be a cocky “I’m better than you and I’m going to beat and I’m not afraid to say it” kind of cocky. Really not a bad thing. I’m all for professionalism and playing the game the right way, but a little edge would certainly be welcome. Maybe a more refined Shefffield that doesn’t accuse people of racism.

    What’s wrong with Moonshine? LEGALIZE MOONSHINE! Smith cannot close. Lefties still touch him up a bit too well. A good closer needs to dominate both sides of the plate. Of course, this goes back to the old argument, when would you rather have your best reliever pitching? In the ninth or in any high leverage situation before then? I’m not saying Smith is their best reliever, but you think he is, then it’s not a bad thing to have Smith set-up and Billy close. And I really doubt Billy was thinking about saving his ERA. He’s been there and done that with dominating out of the bullpen. He wants to win it all.

    9:02 AM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Danny, and that is the point. If you have F-Mart, Gomez, and Milledge…gun to your head….who are the best bets to succeed? Iove Gomez’s potential, but I’m saying don’t just throw Milledge away. If nothing materializes, there are worse things than to have a glut in the outfield of young, affordable outfielders. I do see a lot of Reyes in Gomez, but Reyes got better than anyone thought he could be. Not many people predicted a perennial top ten MVP finisher like he looks like he is now. Gomez certainly has a ceiling that high if he can hit for some power, but that is what has been mysteriously missing from his game despite big time power in batting practice.

    I think his loss of arm speed is by design. He's no longer trying to throw the ball through the backstop.

    And Ollie did mention that in that article.

    9:06 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Metdynasty here

    I've seen all Oliver's starts this season including Spring training games. I can tell you this: it has been an amazing transformation.

    If he keeps up this learning curve, he will be as dominating as Santana after the all star break and I am not joking.

    This is what I saw:

    A. First part of the spring training: work on his arm angle, location and consistency; ignor velocity.
    Result: a lot of strikes over the plate, got hammered.

    B. Late Spring training: after getting a consistent arm angle, he then turned on his velocity.
    Result: an outstanding performace against the Redsox.

    C. The first 2 games of the season: 1 great outing and 1 horrible one.
    Cause: too emotional on the mount; when in trouble, mechanics break down.

    D. The game against Washington: even though he had a bad first inning, he was able to keep his emotion in check and pitched 6 more solid innings and threw quality pitches even when the pitch count reached over 100.
    This is really a turning point of his season. He finally seemed to be able to channel his emotion in a positive way instead of letting it destroy him, and at the same time he showed he could still be effective even when his pitch count reaches 120

    E. The game against the Giants: Something really important happened in this game and everyone seemed to miss it because of that one inning in which the defense betrayed him.


    Result: less strike outs, more effective.

    Look at his outings before and after this game.

    Before: 7.0ip, 2.2ip, 6.2, 7.0 and 5.2. That's 29 innings in 5 starts which is less than 6 innings per start with a 11.2 k/9.

    After: 8.1, 7.2 and 7. That's 23 innings in 3 starts with a 6.3 k/9.

    Before the Giants game, he could only pound righties inside with fastballs and sliders. Now he can command all his pitches on both sides of the plate.

    His improvement over the last three months is nothing short of a miracle. It takes most pitchers years to make similar advancement. Last night he was throwing his hardest pitches at 95 mph in the 7th inning when his pitch count reached over 110!!!!
    He dropped that back door sliders to righties like it was nothing!!!
    The Braves can only put up defensive swings against him because of it. Were you watching?
    If he can throw 95 mph in the 7th, you know he purposely throws not as hard at the beginning of the game because he understands how to pace himself.

    Like I said, if he keeps up this learning curve, you will be looking at the NL version of Santana after the all star game and I AM NOT KIDDING!

    10:46 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Key to me is that slider. He's super confident with his slider again and has been throwing it both hard and soft. In one of those games that metsdynasty so skillfully elucidates Perez only threw the slow one either because it wasn't there or he's beginning to think about how other teams prepare for him and trying to mix it up. Probably the first all the same.

    When I was blown away by him the first time - while he was with the Padres - he threw 98 and now he maxes out around 96. Yes, he's learned that he can blow people away at slower speed, of course. What's interesting is that he often strikes out the side somewhere in the middle to late innings when you'd think he might start to show some fatigue. The kid is a competitor and as the emotions get controlled, he looks better and better. Giants game is the one to point out, absolutely. A big turning point.

    As for the k's, I think there will be days where he strikes out eleven like it was nothing; others where he has two or three k's through six then strikes out the side in the seventh. Last year the first and the fifth innings used to be the worrisome innings. At the moment I worry more about the first.

    All in all, I wonder if part of Perez's problems, especialy in Pittsburgh, was the lack of that favorite Mets tag word, "meaningful games." I mean Ollie doesn't strike me as a paycheck type. He clearly loves how he's being received at Shea when he pitches well and totally loves sticking it to a rival. For me, Game 7 last year was a big changing point for him and everything has stemmed from there.

    Keep Magic Joe where he is, and let Wags be Wags. I know he sounds like a regular hillbilly when he's not just sounding like a yokel, but it does feel like we're beggining to get our money's worth. With Magic Joe, Heilman, the other Pedro, and Mota soon to come, I think we ought to feel swellicious.
    And I already do!

    Lots of teams hoard their youngsters too long - or in the case of the Dodgers, they choose not to use them. There's nothing wrong with the Mets holding on to all three until one of them - longterm, two of them - plays themselves into the outfield. Gomez looks great, but there's clearly quite a bit left for him to go before he's truly major league ready. Milledge is ready, or was; he's hurt. That's the only reason it not him starting against lefties at the moment.

    No one saw Reyes as a perennial top 10 MVP? Come on Mikey, the kid has drooled skillz since he first showed up on the scene. Gomez is a babe compared to what Reyes looked like on his first callup. I have to disagree. Reyes always looked like the shit!

    Injury notices: anyone note that the one player we heard nothing about yesterday along with the updates on the Duque, Stache, LMillz & Pedro was Son of Alou? I found that troublesome. No news form the Metties is not good news, so I wonder....

    11:46 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ahh, one more: imagine the boardroom burn in Pittsburgh when Ollie gets named to the all star team this year!

    11:52 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    NEW YORK - Dustin Pedroia reiterated that he will have no qualms about lowering his arm angle and buzzing Alex Rodriguez with a throw the next time the New York Yankees star attempts to take him out with an elbow during a questionable slide.

    Rodriguez angered the rookie second baseman in the eighth inning of the Red Sox [team stats]’ victory Tuesday at Yankee Stadium by sliding on the infield side of second and popping up with an elbow to Pedroia’s left side as a throw was being made to first in an attempt at a double play. If it takes dropping down with a throw the next time Rodriguez slides into him to get the message across that he’s not going to tolerate such tactics, Pedroia said he’ll do it.

    “It protects me,” said Pedroia before last night’s incident-free game, an 8-3 Sox loss. “If guys are going to come in like that, late and high and throwing elbows, then I’ll make an adjustment.”

    Pedroia otherwise attempted to remain diplomatic.

    Albeit neo-con diplomacy, but who could argue with the sentiment?

    12:31 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Good stuff Metsdynasty…Ollie definitely has an elite pitch in his slider to take him game to the next level, or his 2004 level. He has the tools and the arm and I love how many innings he’s given and how many times he has reach 7 innings or more.

    Perez is going to be thankful for what the Mets have done and he can get paid here to keep working under Ricky P. It’s too soon to think about extension, but if he continues on this course, they will snatch him up before he hits the market and he will more than likely take it and stay with the Mets for numerous reasons.

    DG…too your point about hoarding prospects, Gomez or Milledge should be available for a deal. If something comes down that makes sense for the Mets and extracts value, they should pull the trigger because of depth. The bad part is (for some at least), Gomez has more value at this point in time. They cannot trade Milledge for what he’s worth so they are going to hang onto all three because they are not ready to trade Gomez yet or maybe ever.

    It’s not like any deals that have made sense came across the table. He was gone in a package for Oswalt so I have faith in Omar to do the right thing. I don’t see this situation similar to what the Dodgers, Angels, and Devil Rays have done with their guys. Milledge has been ‘tradeable’ for a quite a bit now. Problem is, the NY media has trashed his trade value. THANKS GUYS!

    I’m not saying I didn’t think Reyes would be good or didn’t have tools, but perennial top ten MVP is saying a lot. I thought he’d be an effective player….great in the field…good at the plate…but I thought his discipline would be his downfall. It looked like he was going to be a B+ player with some A years….now it looks like he’s an A+ elite player every year. I stand by what I said. Not many people could have predicted Reyes would be this good.

    12:32 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Pedoria is one of my new favorites. 'Nuff said.

    12:38 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Petunia is a great nickname for a scrappy, hard-nosed ballplayer.

    'Emad! Why no love for Wagner? I like his Wagner-isms.'

    He blew a four run lead against the Yankees on national tv. UNFORGIVABLE.

    He thinks he's the clubhouse spokesman. Please, STFU, and stop feeling the need to embarass rookies with anonymous notes. Fucking arrogant cunt.

    For all his 'greatness' and for all my anti-Milledge sentiment, i'd trade Wagner first. Winning is secondary if I can't root for the players on my team. That's just the way I role.

    He should take Schoeneweis with him.


    1:05 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I guess people forget how cocky Ken Griffey Jr. used to be. I think the worst of all for Griffey was that he was a cocky son of a bitch and did it with a smile. I guess the smile threw everyone off. Lastings Milledge needs to just start smiling.

    You know what, thinking back at the game now, Oliver did get alot stronger as the game went on. He was like a true ace out there.

    Also, sucks for the Phillies and Brett Myers with him getting injured and all. That bullpen is officially pure grade A shit, whomp whomp.

    1:28 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Dustin Pedroia should do what he has to do and keep his mouth shut. There was a time in baseball when runners would go into 2nd with a rolling block. Other times they would come in with spikes high. The game is softer today. Bob Gibson welcomed Tommy Agee to the NL by beaning him in a ST game. One of my favorites was if a pitcher was throwing at you bunt down the 1st base side where the pitcher has to field it and when he’s close enough to you knee him.

    Ollie reminds me of Steve Carlton and RJ. Both Carlton and RJ threw harder than Ollie does but the talents are similar. BTW Carlton used to engage in strenuous workouts to remain strong enough to throw that devastating slider.

    My 3 favorite pitching coaches are Peterson (listed 1st because I’m a Mets fan), Dave Duncan and Leo Mazzone. We are all aware of what Mazzone and The Jacket have done but Duncan, among other great moves as a pitching coach, got Weaver to pitch well last year, converted Looper into a starter (both minor miracles) and was the one who converted Dennis Eckersley into a reliever.

    As far as Ollie and Pittsburgh are concerned not all players thrive in a given organization. Sometimes there are guys ahead of them in the pecking order and sometimes they don’t respond to the coaching, the managers or the environment. You may actually be doing them a favor by trading them or even releasing them.

    They say you can’t teach speed you can only enhance what someone already has. The same goes for an incredibly quick bat and LM has that attribute. I would love to see an outfield of CG, Beltran and LM with FM converted to play 1st base. BTW CG reminds me of Amos Otis.

    2:20 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I've got to agree with just about everything people are saying about O-Pea. What's the good in striking out 11.2/9 if you go 2.2 innings in one start, and 5.2 in another?

    If O-Pea goes 7 in the next 2 starts, and k's people at the same rate he has over the last 2, he'll have 27 k's in 5 starts as opposed to 36 in his first 5. That's not so much of a drop off. He's just spreading the k's over more innings, and good innings, at that.

    The next step for him is to be able to go 7 innings with fewer pitches.

    2:49 PM

    Blogger I.M. Forme said...

    Mike, dg, benny, sid, emad and all.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Mike's thoughts on LM. That is why I hope you will join me in my
    "It Takes a Milledge" Campaign. I hope you will read my manifesto, and join the "Silent Milledgeority."

    Let's make a difference.

    3:12 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Emad, Mr. Billy Wagner and you do not appear to get along. I don’t think he’s bad at all…we agree on Schoeneweis though.

    The Phillies are looking at Troy Percival. Not a good sign for them. It just looks like they might pull a Baltimore next year and buy up every reliever on the market and drop $20 million or so on a bullpen. .

    I don’t mind Pedoria talking some smack. I think you can make a good slide that might be deemed dirty, but that wasn’t A-Rod’s. It appeared to be a jackass slide.

    I definitely thought about moving someone to first base, but no one profiles enough as a hitter and without those legs in the outfield, they surely do not give you enough value. Part of Gomez’s package is that he looks like an amazing outfielder with a sick, sick arm. You cannot squander that at first. A trade would be in order.

    Itsmetsforme, I will happily join your campaign.

    3:42 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Have I told you lately that i'm in love with Dan Haren? Yes, its a fuck and run thing, since he's on the A's, but he really doesn't get the props he deserves.

    If he's ever made available, and the Mets don't get him, i'll cry.


    3:54 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It's all about the magic beard, Emad.
    If he were on the Yankees he would have to shave it so he can look like a damn profesional!
    And then he'd lose all his magic powers...

    4:36 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Insane thought of the day. Anyone still believe in Zack Grienke? Is he too fried? Would the Mets be wise to try and go after him considering they might have to overpay to pry him loose?

    4:39 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Grienke has tons of potential. Of course you have to still believe in him, but he would shrivel up in NY and be found in some sink hole or whatever it was they found Saddam Hussein in. Not a NY pesonality, and that's no put down or anything. Just doubt he has the makeup.

    I'm there with you itmetsforme!

    4:45 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Maine can be really good too.

    He still needs to work on his command and focus. I can't understand why he constantly walks a leadoff guy with 4 pitches.

    Perez now seems to be ahead of Maine in development.

    Maine could also be a great bullpen guy. His stamina is a big question mark when he starts but his fastballs are so tough to pick up.

    Maybe he will make a good closer someday.


    4:47 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I believe in Zack Grienke, he's currently 23 which is plenty of time. It's just that the Royals are wierd.
    Promoting him, demoting him, promoting him, sending him to the bullpen, making him a pinch-hitter, starting in RF, demoting him, promoting him, making him the manager.
    What the fuck are they doing? Is this Buddy Bell's dumbass idea? I thought that once Dayton Moore became in charge this non-sense was going to stop.
    Anyways, the thing about Grienke is that he's kinda sorta out of his fucking mind.
    Remember last year when he took time off from baseball? It was because he was having psychological problems because he wasn't any good when he'd bat during Spring Training and Interleague games. No seriously, he went crazy because he wasn't a good hitter.
    If people make fun of A-Rod for going to a psychiatrist how about Grienke? I mean seriously, what the hell is wrong with that kid?

    5:04 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Maine is a legit starter. Control issues that he is experiencing should subside with some more time.

    So the consensus is that Grienke wouldn't survive here. Even Professor Rick couldn't straighten him out? Headcase and malcontent are two different things.

    5:18 PM

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    Grienke battled a severe case of anxiety and depression last year if i'm not mistaken.

    I like the kid, but NYC probably isn't the best place for him... to say the least.


    5:42 PM

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    You are not mistaken, but that's why I ask. Too much of a risk? There is upside there and him pitching in middle relief just doesn't seem like a good thing for him. Minors or majors, he should be starting somewhere.

    I'm guessing everyone is siding "or is he fried?" end of the question.

    5:50 PM

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    'Too much of a risk?'

    No. I'd take the chance. He's a flyball pitcher, but he's got ability. I also believe his emotional problems are not likely to manifest themselves on a mound. I've seen nothing to suggest otherwise.

    In terms of ability, Grienke isn't fried, but it's my opinion that he'd be better off in a city like St. Louis. You know, a more SUPPORTIVE baseball town.


    6:00 PM

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    Didn’t Bill Pulsipher have a depression and anxiety problem? NY is not the place for Grienke. He could be another Rick Ankiel.

    Another miserable loss to the Braves. BTW why is it I get the feeling that when Glavine is sitting in the Mets dugout and looks over to the Braves dugout he wishes he were there.

    2:29 AM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    I certainly believe Glavine feels that was especially when they lay the smackdown on the Mets.

    An aside, what is Willie doing puting LoDuca 5th and Delgado 6th? Did that happen the day before as well? AND THEN PINCH HITTING WITH FRANCO IN A BIG SPOT WHEN EASLEY HAS BEEN HUGE OFF THE BENCH? Scary stuff man.

    Wait...Maybe he was testing Franco to see what he had.

    8:58 AM

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    I've had enough of Julio Franco. He's fucking useless...

    11:51 AM

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    Preach on Benny...when he was coming up I almost crapped myself. Can anyone defend that move with a full bench?

    12:23 PM

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