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Monday, June 07, 2004

Guess Who I Am

I am a prospect for the New York Mets.

I throw around a 92 MPH fastball.

I am right handed.

My bread and butter is a 12-6 curveball.

Who Am I?

A) Matthew Peterson
B) Phillip Humber
C) Gabriel Hernandez
D) All of the above

Alright, this was a bad joke. Besides Humber's curveball and Hernandez's curveball is 11-5, right? I liked Peterson the first time around, I sure like him the 2nd and 3rd time around. I think Humber was a good pick as well as Hernandez. Humber is someone that is said to be almost major league ready and his curveball looks nasty on film. On top of that, Humber is said to have three plus pitches by Baseball America, which would qualify as an indicator that he has future #1 or #2 starter projectability. I guess more importantly to the Mets, he had no injury history, which is refeshing after the past events of the last two years. Peterson and Humber should be ready for MLB action around the same time, and they basically have the same stuff, which should be interesting. I have no idea about all the rest of the players drafted, and would have loved Huston Street instead of Matt Durkin, but this draft was OK in my book. For a weak overall draft, I think we came away with some good players and potential gems. The guy Matt Durkin looked like he had an off year and put up great numbers his first two years in same conference as Rice.

Humber was quoted on an article from mets.com:

"I feel like I have the best curve in the country," said Humber, who grew up watching Nolan Ryan in Texas. "I haven't seen a better one. I feel like I have the stuff to get guys out anywhere. The curve, with the amount of break and sharpness, it's really hard and late.

"A lot of times, guys will have a good curve but can't throw it over consistently. It makes it a challenge for the hitters."

You have to like the confidence. If you play in New York it is certainly a pre-requisite to believe you belong there. Check out all the draft picks here.

  • On side note, I was at bar having a few beers. It was an off-night for local sports, but the bar I was at had the YES channel on. Now, I hate the YES channel as much as the next guy, but they had on the Trenton Thunder vs. the Portland Sea Dogs. It is great to able to watch your team’s minor league games. Too bad as Met fans, we cannot. If this Mets channel pans out, and we are able to see minor league games from the Mets farm system, life will be good.

  • David Wright is continuing to bitch slap AA pitchers. He went 2 for 4 with a double, a homerun, and three RBIs. He is now batting a healthy .351 and proving to be the most dominating AA player on the planet.

  • Justin Huber was 2 for 2 with a homer and two walks. He is now hitting .272 after slumping badly when he rejoined Binghamton after his injury. He is taking his spot back from Jacobs as the top catching prospect in the system.

  • Victor Diaz is continuing his torrid pace. He was 3 for 4 with two doubles and one RBI bringing his average up to .298. He should be over .300 very soon, which is more customary for the three time minor league batting champion.

  • The Mets are in Minnesota today and will be flashing the best DH in baseball in this trip to American League ballparks. Glavine is going against Brad Radke tonight. The turf is going to feel like home to Matsui. I'm going to keep an eye on him. I hate to state the obvious, but the Mets need to win three or four straight to put .500 behind them so they are not in danger of going under .500 with every damn game. Get over the hump and stay there.

  • The Rumor Mill is lukewarm, that is for sure. The whispers are that Freddy Garcia is going to end up with the White Sox. Although the Yankees are offering an attractive package centered around a 50 year old Cuban with an ERA over 7.00, it does not look like Seattle is going to bite.

    Joe Randa is drawing interest from the Red Sox, A's, and the Padres. According to the Star, the Royals and Padres are talking about a swap centered around Sean Burroughs and Xvaier Nady, and possibly Terrance Long for Beltran and Randa, who has a no trade clause.

    As for Carlos Beltran, the Padres look like the front runners here. There are only a few interested teams at this point. Not as much noise being made as there was originally thought to be. No bidding wars to this point, and Beltran will be traded, that is for sure. Beltran could be a steal since it does not look like Royals are going to get the bevy of talent that were once requesting. Sorry Yankee fans, Lofton, Dioner Navarro, and Bubby Crosby will not get it done much too popular belief. Even George cannot pull this one off.

    That wraps it up for the cold Rumor Mill.

  • The San Diego Union Tribune provides some insight as too why Towers drafted Matt Bush instead of the Boras Bunch.