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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Rockie Mountain High

Unfortunately I will be busy today. That is a good thing since I do not have to think about Victor Zambrano leaving in the 2nd inning with a sore elbow. Is it serious? Who the hell knows. I do not think it is ever good when your brand new pitcher has the leave the game with any type of arm soreness. The Mets lose 6-4 to add to the problem. Life is not good if you are a Mets fan at this point. Zambrano is questionable for his next start.

From the Post:
Of course, the irony is hard to miss with Zambrano, acquired in a deal involving prized lefty Scott Kazmir on July 30. To now sum up, the Mets surrendered a prospect who some feared would eventually get hurt for a pitcher who already was hurt and now is again.

By the way — just in case you had even the slightest doubt — last night for Double-A Montgomery, Kazmir allowed one earned run in seven innings, striking out seven. Tampa GM Chuck LaMar even hinted yesterday that a pre-September call-up is possible for the phenom.

The Mets knew he had tendonitis when they brought him over but were not concerned with it. It seems they pick and choose when they want to ignore players past injuries for their own convenience.

"They said it couldn't get worse, but it can sometimes," Howe said.

I was in a good frame of mind, I went to a bar to eat wings, drink beer, and watch the game. My friend and I were marveling at the movement on baseball and how great he looked. Then disasters strikes. Zambrano gets hurt and leaves the game, and we leave the bar before we blow chunks everywhere. It was just that kind of night. Very, very bad. I seriously hope this is not a serious injury or something that will plague him over the years. The Mets right now look dumber than they did before and that ain't easy.

Hey I wonder if the same doctor who advised the Mets on Vlad's back was the same guy who checked out Zambrano's elbow.

Floyd on last nights game:
"I don't know, bro, it was just one of those nights," said Floyd, who struck out four times for the third time this season. "He was getting me out on junk. Tonight, he had my number.

"And if we lose him [Zambrano], our chances get dimmer and dimmer. Everyone knows pitching is the key. But we're going to lose a key guy. And it's asking a lot for a callup or a guy from the pen to fill in. Zambrano will be tough to replace."

* * *

  • I really love this idea. Moving Floyd to first frees up an outfield spot for a nice #3 hitter to plug in and gives the Mets and affordable left handed first baseman. This is a very very good thing. I was surprised though. After Floyd's injury back in Montreal I figured he never move back there.

    "We'd consider it but we haven't even talked about it," Duquette said. "If it's something we thought would be good for the team, he's always been open to playing some other positions."

    "Anything to help us, just not now," Floyd said. "It's something I would rather do, if they're going to do it, in spring training so I get a chance to learn it and not hurt our pitching staff and not hurt our team."

  • In Baseball America's Daily Dish column on 8/16, Gabby Hernandez got some love.

    Righthander Gaby Hernandez continues to impress for the GCL Mets, tossing a five-inning no-hitter Saturday against the Expos in a 2-0 victory. The game took just 1 hour, 4 minutes, as Hernandez struck out nine and walked one. He's just 2-3, but he boasts a 1.18 ERA in 38 innings and has allowed just 21 hits and nine walks while striking out 43

    It is not often a guy in short season A-ball or Rookie level ball gets any ink, but to to be in the GCL and get some attention is really rare. Gabby certainly deserves it though. He is one of my favorites in the Met system for no other reason than he is destroying that glorified high school league.

  • MOFO Sports has interview with Scott Kazmir. The kid does not sound like a scorned woman, he actually comes across very mature. Here is a small excerpt:

    MS: If this trade was made for an All-Star, say a Barry Bonds or Tim Hudson, would the trade have been easier to swallow than being traded for Zambrano?

    SK: Yeah, I think it would make it flattering if Barry Bonds was in there and not Victor Zambrano.

  • Dan Rosen believes Hidalgo has what it takes to survive in New York. Since coming over he has hit .267, smashed 15 homeruns, knocked in 33 RBIs, and scored 32 runs. Over the course of a year, I do not think I need to point out that his totals so far averaged out to a full season would leave him with more than 40 homeruns. Pitching friendly Shea has not been a problem for him because most of his shots would get out of any park. He does not hit many that just squeak over the fence. Once again I will take this opportunity to bring up the fact that I was horribly wrong and doubted this deal when it first happened. I just thought he was going to be another useless player on a team that has too many of those. Doggie wants to stay and it looks like Met management wants him back.

    "I like the fans. I like the people here. They're all nice"

    Hidalgo has yet to feel the wrath of the Met fan's boo fest. They boo loud and they boo often. He has been lucky enough to avoid such Cedeno-like treatment.

  • How is Ty doing? Not too good. He has six hits in forty five at-bats which is good for a .133 BA. He has had only one XBH, which is a double, and has eight strikeouts. Ty has almost as many walks as hits with five. His OBP. is almost .100 points higher than his batting average which is a positive. I have no doubt he will eventually succeed there and do well, but I will say the Mets traded him when he had his highest trade value.

  • If you have never read/heard this rant, it is a must. Check it out, it is very amusing..and sadly mostly true.

  • Derek seems to have a little spring in his step....a little too much spring in his step if you ask me.

  • Michael Phelps won two more gold medals on Tuesday bringiing his medal count to five. There are three gold medals total and two bronzes. He is easily the most decorated swimmer at this year's Olympic games.

  • Ben Sanchez thinks very highly of Rick Peterson.

  • I think the Cubbies now own the longest drought between achieving a championship out of any American sport. A US fencer has won gold for the first time since 1904. Now the Cubs have to try an improve upon that 1908 number.

  • Franco is still cranking out babies. Congratulations to the Franco clan, now retire so you can spend some quality time wiht your new kid.

  • Mark Teixiera hit for the cycle last night in the Rangers victory last night. His day at the plate allowed Scott Erickson to win for the first time in two years.

  • David Walstein suggests Reyes may be too tough.

  • This is a pretty damn funny tidbit from the Mets Farm Report.

    Hot Prospects: Norfolk's newest outfielder Ozzie Timmons is in a groove. The 33-year-old was recently signed from the Atlantic City Surf of the independent Atlantic League and is hitting .391 with two home runs and five RBI in six games since joining the club.

    Hot prospect? Can a 33 year old be labeled a hot prospect? Us Met fans lead a tortured life. We truly do.

  • The D-Backs intend to sign top pick Drew and will make it a top priority to bring back Sexson.

  • According to Mets.com Infielders Brett Harper and Jeff Keppinger along with outfielder Wayne Lydon and catcher Joe Hietpas will play on the Peoria Saguaros. Norfolk pitching coach Randy Niemann will serve as the pitching coach and there will be four pitchers to be named at a later date coming from the New York system. I hope Humber is one those pitchers as well as Soler and Pettit. I am a bit surprised that Lastings is not going to get a shot or Aarom Baldiris. I'm fine with Harper going, but Hietpas and Keppinger are strange picks indeed. I guess this speaks volumes of how little the Mets have now after trades and promotions.


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