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Friday, August 13, 2004

Stormy Weathers for Astro Fans

The Astros fans better get used to Weathers for the remainder of the season. Back in 2003, the Houston pen was as automatic as it can get. Lidge, Dotel, then Wager...game over. These are not your father's Astros and their pen is worse than the Mets'. Nothing like looking at someone else's misfortunes to make you happy. The Astros may be the single biggest bust this year. Not many teams have failed to reach their expectations like the Astros. They were supposed to be a lot better than this, but injuries and inefficient play has brought them to an under .500 record which was just about unthinkable before the season started.

Zambrano pitched a great game. The only run he surrendered was a result of his own fielding error which set up an inning with presented him with some problems. Bases loaded with Lance Berkman coming up being the biggest one. He did end up singling but it only resulted in one run and Zambrano got out that inning and eventually went seven total innings. His seven was a rather economical seven innings also. Outside of the sixth inning he managed to keep pitch count pretty low and only walked two batters, who were both in the walked in the 6th inning. Outside of that he K'd five and allowed only two hits.

Everyone's new favorite prodigal son David Wright picked up another two hits and is batting .282. Like Reyes was the bright spot in a bad season last year, Wright is quickly becoming the bright spot to this season.

I bet Andy Pettite was intimated by the Mets 1-2-3 batters in the order. "ICE" Williams, Joe McEwing, and Todd Zeile. On top of that, Phillips and Danny Garcia rounded out the bottom of the order. The only person's average above .240 out of that bunch is Williams. As much as I like some of those guys, a lineup full of all of them is not exactly what inspires fear in other player’s hearts. On top of that, the lineup does not look like it will be improving anytime soon with Reyes and Matsui still doubtful, Wilson still suffering some head problems and Piazza on the DL. Floyd may not even be ready tomorrow, although I will hope he will be. But hey, at least the Mets will be playing the horrible D-Backs.

The crappy part is, the Mets were so close to sweeping this series from the Astros if the won Wednesday's extra inning one run loss. That also got me to thinking, what was the last team to get swept, then sweep, then get swept, then sweep again? The answers is I have no friggin idea and have no idea how to look that one up. But I do know it does not happen too often.

Four out of the last six series for the Mets ended up being a sweep. Unfortunately one sweep was in their favor.

* * *

Yusmeiro Petit keeps on trucking. He continues to barrel his way towards the top spot on the Prospect Hot Sheet. He has checked in at #3 this week. BA pointed out that he has whiffed 37 percent of opposing batters this season. That is astounding. Am I nuts to think he should be give a few starts at the AA level this year just to see what he can do? He has had absolutely no adjustment period to high A ball and came in and dominated from day #1. Just a thought, but he may already be beyond this competition. He already knows how to pitch and locate his pitches. What else can he work on at St. Lucie? He needs to face better competition to give him a run for him money and make him work harder. I would think that he would be better off getting some time against AA competition rather than proving that all stops of A ball are beneath himself. He will most likely start the 2005 season as B-Met anyway, so why not give him a taste. Maybe he'll even surprise everyone by stringing together a few impressive starts to end the season and leave everyone even more extremely impressed with this kid as he goes to pitch in the Arizona Fall League. I know teams do not like rushing prospects, but if they are good enough, why not push them? The worst thing that can happen is he gets touched up and starts the season at St. Lucie again or has a better idea of what type of competition he will be facing in 2005.

  • Did anyone miss this in last Friday's edition of AskBA? This was a classic email:

    Due to the miracle of the wireless web, I can now email you from the ledge of my building. As a despondent Mets fan, is it as bad as we fear? Why did GM Jim Duquette go after Kris Benson and Victor Zambrano when the trade deadline would artificially inflate their worth, thus costing New York its top two arms? Despite all the talk, it looks like the Mets have reverted to their win-now, patience-less strategy. Clearly, they have a short memory.

    It's good to see Met fans still keeping their sense of humor.

  • Why is it that with all the injuries that the Mets have been sustaining that Craig Brazell is not inserted in at first. The fact is that Gerald "Ice" Williams does not need to be on the ML roster is partially behind my reasoning. I'd rather see Craig come up and get some ABs while Piazza is out and get a few starts in the majors. He may be able to see more constant playing time while Piazza is out than in September when Mike may be going 100% at first to prepare for next year. Wright can easily be pushed up in the order leaving Brazell to man the six or seven hole. Just a thought.

    And no I'm not a big Brazell fan, just seems like something to try.

  • David Wright finally got his first hit against a lefty in the major leagues. He singled off of Pettite in the 6th inning to bring his average against lefties up to .100. David is hitting over .300 vs. Righties.

  • Mike Stanton is 0 - 5 with 5 blown saves. I'm pretty sure he is not in contention for the Rolaid Reliever of the Year Award.

  • Joes Sherman actually makes some valid points in a move with Matsui. What the heck is this world coming too? First Zambrano only walks two in seven innings, then Sherman makes a valid point?

  • Apparently the Mets are interested in Kendry Morales. I have no idea if he is good, but I want him in the Met organization. If he is nearly as good as they say (again, another big IF), he is a way to begin to restock the farm system with a position (actually two positions) that the Mets need to strengthen on the farm and the give nothing up but money to do it.

  • Glavine is shooting for next Saturday for a return to the mound. Looks like the Gint may get another chance to prove he is a solid pitcher.

  • Floyd on getting hit by Oswalt:

    "I thought about it a little bit last night, I thought of it after he hit me. I started breaking it down. I'm smart enough to realize that he gave me the inside the whole night. But I'm not an idiot, either. I'm not dumb. I know I took him deep."

    It is disturbing if Roy Oswalt hit Cliff Floyd on purpose the other night because he hit a homerun off of him in the series in Houston. Someone takes Oswalt deep, so he hits them? That part of the game detracts from it so much. Whatever happened to just beating the guy who beat you by...oh, I don't know...striking him out? Just get him out to get your revenge. If was pitching him inside to keep him tied up and and did not mean to hit him, that is another thing. But when players get hit square in the back, it sure does not look like a mistake.

  • Lastings Milledge went 0 for 4 in last night's St. Lucie loss. However he did manage to get a walk for his third consecutive game. Aarom Baldiris went 1 for 2 last night with two runs scored and three walks.


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