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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

As The Mets Burn

This is a funny excerpt from an article on FoxSports.com weighing in on the Expos situation and their move to DC:

Minaya: Congratulations are in order. Minaya, the Expos' MLB-appointed general manager, is about to receive a "get out of jail free" card. Of course, his reported hiring by the Mets would amount to a move from one dysfunctional organization to another. But Minaya, a shrewd talent evaluator, and Mets G.M. Jim Duquette, a solid administrator, could be an effective combination - if they are allowed to operate without outside interference. Root for the rest of the Expos' hard-working and underappreciated employees to make out as well.

Dysfunctional? Not our New York Mets. Also, what outside interference do you think he could be referring too. The Mets should truly be a real life soap opera on TV called As The Mets Burn. I'm sure we'll find out that Minaya is really Jeff Wilpon's step brother and illegitimate son of Fred Wilpon coming back to exact revenge on everyone with another decade of incompetence.


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