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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Buster Speaks, Omar Should Listen

Bust Olney weighs in on the Mets reported pursuit of Sammy Sosa.

Questions of money are holding up the Mets' pursuit of Sammy Sosa. There is haggling to be done over his salary and Cliff Floyd's salary and Sosa's option year and union rules.

Sosa is a career .232 hitter in 177 at-bats at Shea Stadium.

But the questions the Mets should be asking now are whether Sosa, at 36, would fit into their lineup (The answer is no); would be suited to play in Shea Stadium (no); could possibly develop into an enormous problem for new manager Willie Randolph (yes); and could be an utter disaster of Ed Whitson-like proportions playing in New York (yes). Questions about dollars and cents should be the least of the Mets' worries.

Check out the article, he asks a lot of good questions.

As Benny pointed out, some scary info has been circulating around.

Cubs: The Daily Southtown reported that a Sammy Sosa-Cliff Floyd deal could be nearing. The report stated that Cubs officials are not talking about the speculated deal, but some in the New York media have predicted a trade is on the horizon and that it could be done as early as this week. While it seems unlikely a deal would be struck that quickly, there are reports the Mets are intensifying their talks with the Cubs and trying to rid themselves of the oft-injured Floyd in the process. Likewise, Sporting News columnist Ken Rosenthal said on the radio Tuesday night that he expects Sosa to be a Met.


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