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Friday, November 12, 2004

Just Say No to Catch Phrases

The Mets catch phrase last year was meaningful games. This year it seems to be full autonomy. How about we forget these stupid phrases that should never have to be made up in the first place and make some intelligent moves to start winning. If you win, you do not need any catchy phrases to placate the masses. Making intelligent moves basically means avoiding the ones we have been reading in the papers lately. Soriano? Green? Sosa? Cabrera? We have to take everything we read with a grain of salt because if Minaya is seen taking a wiz with Brian Cashman rumors start flying out that the Mets are trading Jose Reyes and David Wright for Jason Giambi and Bernie Williams with Bernie playing centerfield. I know these writers have their sources but I do think that Omar has the best interest of the team in mind and will not do anything stupid like we've been reading. I have faith and I'm officially drinking the Omar Kool-Aid. I believe he has a plan and he knows what he wants to do and is going to do it. That does mean keeping the young core intact while upgrading the staff and putting punch in the lineup. I have a feeling it will be happening even if it is too a lesser extent than we hope for. So far you have to like the way Omar is handling Kris Benson and not paying him the $8 million dollars a year he is asking for. He will not get that from anyone else and should not get it from the Mets. He's classified as a Type C free agent and the Mets current offer is as fair and as good as he can get. In 2005 the Mets will be playing some more meaningful games than they did this year. For me, with two or three good moves the Mets can be a team that will be in the hunt in the NL Least next year. The Mets will definitely still be returning with a solid starting rotation next year even without Leiter and that is certainly a place to start. With the resources the Mets have and the money available to spend this off season it is not out of the realm of possibilities that the makes could make some noise.

* * *

  • ESPN had five burning questions that they asked 15 baseball executives.

    1. If given a choice, which elite first baseman would you sign -- Richie Sexson or Carlos Delgado?
    Responses: Delgado 10, Sexson 4, one no-decision.

    I was a bit surprised on this one but there is still concern about his injury and they thought that Carlos Delgado being a more accomplished hitter was more important to Sexson's being younger and a better defender. I still like Sexson more and he comes with less baggage in my opinion.

    2. Where will Carlos Beltran sign -- and for how much
    Responses: Yankees 8, Angels 3, Cubs 2, Orioles 1, No Earthly Idea 1. Amount: Somewhere between $12-15 million a year.

    The only surprise here is the salary. After Beltran proved he was a solid Postseason Performer® the potential of him becoming a Real Yankee® skyrocketed.

    3. Which superstar is more likely to be dealt in the off season -- Randy Johnson or Sammy Sosa?
    Responses: Johnson 11, Sosa 3. (One executive thinks both will go.)

    I think RJ will be gone, just not to the Yankees. As for Sosa, write him into the Cubs 2005 lineup because the stars have to align for him to move.

    Don't hold your breath Yankee fans. You actually have to GIVE something to get a future hall of famer back like Johnson. Cano + other prospects will not get it done and I'm not sure Vazquez would either when stacked up with what other teams can offer. They are going to have a big hole at first base and Paul Konerko's 41 homeruns would sure look nice there with young Jon Garland to put in the rotation.

    4. Will Roger Clemens retire or come back for one more go-around in 2005?
    Responses: 12 say Clemens will pitch in 2005, 2 say he'll retire. (The other official polled said Clemens will pitch if Houston signs Carlos Beltran and makes other moves to upgrade the club, but will retire if the Astros aren't in a position to contend.)

    I'll agree with the other GM. If Houston has a shot, it would be tough for Roger to walk away when they were so close. If they lose Beltran, Roger will most likely pack it in like Michael Jordan should have when he was at the top of his game.

    5. If you were Atlanta general manager John Schuerholz, would you move John Smoltz to the starting rotation or keep him at closer?
    Responses: 10 say keep him in the bullpen, 5 say start him.

    I'd say keep him in the pen too. As the article also mentioned he gets $100,000 FOR EVERY START HE MAKES!!! That costs the Braves $15,000,000 for the entire year for a starter IF he is healthy and his arm holds up. If it does not hold up, it ends up costing them $12,000,000 for a guy who is not starting or closing. Too big a risk for a team that has to watch it's pennies.

  • As if anyone needed any more reasons to sign Matt Clement, he only gave up 23 homeruns in 2004, which equated to one every 29.4 at bats. Away he gave up only seven homeruns in 253 at-bats, which is good for a homerun every 36.1 at-bats. When he pitched at Wrigley, which had a park factor of 1.329 when it comes to homeruns and ranks 2nd in all parks for homeruns behind U.S. Cellular, he only gave up 16 home runs in 424 at bats. That is good for a homerun every 26.5 at bats. Shea Stadium has a 0.804 park factor in terms of homeruns. Going by the park factor and his 2004 home numbers Matt Clement gave up the equivalent of roughly 10 homeruns at Shea. Matt has a legitimate chance of giving up less than 20 homeruns as a pitcher at Shea. Glavine gave up only 20, Leiter gave up 16, and Trachsel gave up 25.

  • Let's get ready to ruuuuuuummmmmmmmmbbbbbbllllleee!!!!!

    "Our payroll has always been flexible," Wilpon said. "You have to have a budget, but we've always been flexible."

    After the Mets sweeping the Yankees at Shea last season, it renewed my faith that anything can happen. Could the Mets possibly pull off the coup of the off season? According to the NYPost, Omar Minaya sat down with Scott Boras to reportedly discuss his interest in Carlos Beltran and Magglio Ordonez. However, I have a huge problem with Boras representing both of them. Boras is going to try and get the best deal for both of them and try and get the most money he can for each player. IF the Mets get Beltran, then Magglio has one less big money team involved with his negotiations. I can see Boras steering Beltran towards the Yankees no matter what the Mets do just to keep the market open and the bidding higher on his other star free agent outfielder so they both get paid.

  • The Big Unit wants out of the desert. First trading Schilling for a bag a peanuts, then trading Sexson for four regulars just to see him walk via free agency and miss just about the entire season, then the Wally Backman debacle, the team is about $200 million in the hole in deferred payments, and now Johnson is demanding out. I think we found a team more poorly run than the Mets. World Series win in 2001 be damned, this team is a mess.

  • The Red Sox are giving a look at Troy Glaus. With Mueller having a stellar glove and able to play 2b or 3b it give the Red Sox the flexibility to find the right pieces this off season. If the Red Sox can get Cabrera back and bring in Glaus while moving Mueller to 2nd that is not too bad. It also gives them the personnel to be able to move Billy Beane's wet dream in Kevin Youlkis to fill some other needs or maybe stock their barren farm system.

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