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Sunday, November 14, 2004

It's Sunday and It's Cold

Ah, winter is upon us. It is getting colder out and since Sunday's are typically slow, I figure I would check back on one of my favorite posts that I've done so far. It should help to warm everyone up and give everyone another reason besides baseball to look forward to the summer.

* * *

  • Now I'm getting nervous about the Sosa news. The player's union appears ready to nix his automatic option that kicks in if he is traded making the numbers a lot closer in the Floyd for Sosa deal. Mike Lupica is for it and states a pretty decent case. For me, this should be last resort and last resort only. I'd rather move Floyd for a prospect even if the Mets have to pick up cash. I do still believe there are many more options that are more attractive and Sosa should be plan Z.

  • The Marlins are interested in Jose Guillen and the Angels are interested in possibly aquiring Randy Johnson.

  • The Los Angeles Angels? Arte Moreno is interested in boosting the team’s media revenue streams by trying to capitalize off the LA market. If the Jets and Giants can do it, who not Anaheim?


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