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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Thanks to Scott for pointing this one out.

A power bat, be it at first base or in the outfield, is on Minaya's shopping list as is a starting pitcher should Martinez not end up in Queens. Minaya said he wants to upgrade the defense as well, particularly at first. The club has an eye on Richie Sexson, whom despite published reports, has not received an offer from the Mets. Carlos Delgado and Troy Glaus are also on the free agent radar screen while Texas remains a possible shopping partner in the trade market with Mark Teixeira a target if the right match can be made.

With Mark Texiera only making $2.5 million in 2005, one has to wonder why? I can see if the Mets were dangling Scott Kazmir or some other premium pitcher, which Texas needs badly. Mark got a $9.5 million big league deal with the Rangers when he was drafted and I believe that his contract will expire after the 2005 season. I cannot see them being so high on Adrian Gonzalez's AAA season that they feel compelled to move Mark just yet so one has to assume they've already decided that are not going to pay up and ink him long term so they want to see what they can get in return. Whether this has any validity or not, at least we have a sentence with the word target and a player that is not an ex-star in deep decline.


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