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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


We all know Jose Reyes is still very young and working on his game to become the catalyst for the Mets for the next ten years. However, Greg Maddux exposed Reyes at, after at bat. He swings at just about everything and cannot lay of the low breaking/off speed pitch that almost bounces in front of the plate. Why any pitcher gives him anything to hit or any fastball is beyond me. He has a clear deficiency in his game and it will start to handcuff the Mets if he continues to be run out night after night. His numbers are bad, but he has really been worse than his numbers are showing. In the first two series, Jose was hot and hit .393/.393/.607. Since then, in 27 games, Jose has hit .217/.244/.313. Furthermore, If you take out his 4 for 5 game he had on May 2nd, he is hitting .191/.219/.291 in the other 26 games. Those numbers would qualify as horrendous.

As of now, a logical choice to try out in the leadoff spot is Mike Cameron. We all know he does not have the average of your typical leadoff hitter, but his OBP is more than any current Met leadoff option and he will steal bases. While Cameron is less than ideal, Willie needs to make a move at some point. Reyes has tons of talent, but he will continue to get exposed at the top of the lineup and continue to be in a tailspin unless he changes his approach. Reyes will not have many fastballs to hit from here on out if opposing pitchers are doing their research.

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  • The Mets blew their chance against Maddux last night and now have to try and take the series while going up against Mark Prior, who has been spectacular since coming off the DL.

  • Note to Pedro...Mets vs. Yankees are a big deal.

    "I thought I ran away from all the garbage you guys write about," the pitcher said. "I thought once I left the Red Sox, it was over with. A game is a game and that's it. Tom Glavine against the Yankees. (Bullpen catcher Dave) Racaniello against the Yankees. It's the same."

    Martinez was told that the Yankeees-Mets games really were a big deal.

    "Really? Since when?" he said. "They're not Red Sox games. You want to make it up. It ain't going to work."

    He'll get the clue when the stadiums are sold out and rocking with drunk New Yorkers.

  • From NJ.com:

    The Mets are keeping an eye on reliever Scott Strickland, who is 0-1 with a 1.42 ERA in six games at Triple-A Norfolk. The right-hander has missed virtually all of the last two seasons after undergoing Tommy John surgery and was sent down during spring training to improve his arm strength. "We've got some options," said Randolph. "We want to see how it plays out."

    I can no longer defend Manny Aybar and his days are numbered.

  • Also from NJ.com:

    With 12 homers in the first four games of this trip, the Mets went into last night's game leading the National League with 43 homers. But, thanks to Kris Benson, the Cubs moved past them with a four-homer night. Roger Craig holds the franchise record, giving up five homers in a game on May 4, 1963.... Maddux's 10 strikeouts were his most in a game since the 2003 season.

    Thanks Kris.

  • Last night was the first shutout loss the Mets suffered all season.

  • From the NY Times:

    Randolph hinted Heilman, who has thrived since pitching coach Rick Peterson switched him to a three-quarters delivery, might even go to the bullpen.

    "It's caused a real consideration in how to put together our staff when Ishii comes back," Randolph said.

    Another possibility is demoting Victor Zambrano (2-3, 5.63 E.R.A.), who has minor league options. Because Zambrano has less than five years' major league experience, the Mets do not need his permission to send him down.

    Strangely enough, there were discussions about actually skipping Aaron Heilman, who has been the Mets second best pitcher. Very, very, very perplexing. Why the hell was it even an option to skip his start and not go with the five man rotation? Some things Willie has done so far are out there.

  • The Giambi saga continues. This has officially become the worst signing in the history of baseball.

  • Brian Daubach? Under the bus.

    Just want to say: Way to go, Brian Daubach! The Red Sox were crazy not to keep you on the roster. Keep up the good work. -- Bob R.

    Yes, Bob, Daubach is hitting .368 with eight home runs and 29 RBIs for Norfolk. Of course, he's 33, so it's like congratulating a high schooler for getting good grades on a sixth-grade math test.

  • Both Anderson Hernandez and career AA guy, Prentice Redman missed hitting for the cycle by a triple. Petit rebounded nicely from his last game and went four innings, gave up three hits, one run on a homerun, one walk, and struck out two. Matt Lindstrom pitched two innings in relief and gave up no runs.

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