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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Anyone Notice...

That Jason Bay stole over twenty bases this year? That's all I got. Weak I know, I was just impressed when I saw it. Solid, solid player.

* * *

  • It's on. The Mets and Yankees are competing head to head for more free agents this year than probably ever in the past. Both are ineterested in Scott Eyre most likely and have interest in Kyle Farnsworth as well as BJ Ryan amongst others. In an effort to have a bullpen of closers, the Yankees are trying to get Ryan and Farnsworth to set up Rivera. Who doesn't hate them?

  • Gordon Edes states the painfully obvious in saying it would be tough to give up Manny.

    The Sox don't have the luxury to fall back into full rebuilding mode. They need a Ramírez trade, and the money they save by losing Ramírez's salary, to fill some of their immediate holes: first base, second base, outfield, bullpen. But the true value of trading Ramírez is making sure they identify, and acquire, the kind of premium talent that will help them the rest of the decade. A Lastings Milledge (Mets), perhaps, or a Brandon Wood (Angels). If not, keep him.

    First off, the Red Sox would have to get Konerko and can afford him if they should let Manny go while putting Cammy in center. Secondly, Big Pappi is the new Manny. Without him, there is no way they can think about making the deal. With him, they just need to find a bat to supplement Ortiz and not necessarily replace Manny. The are going to be getting some more pop should Manny go and they might have to risk not getting Konerko or making sure he is in place, but if the Mets are taking on that salary, you can forget Milledge going there. That is just ridiculous.

  • Other stuff happened in the new today, but have no time to look at it. Enjoy the weather....

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