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Thursday, November 10, 2005

How's It Taste?

We have all made decisions in life that we end up regretting for a long time. Whether it was not taking that job you were offered, not ordering the Arch Deluxe more while it was still around at McDonalds, passing up Stephen Drew, or not finding out that hooker was actually a transsexual before you gave shim the cash, it happens to the best of us. However, I am taking a lot of enjoyment out of this certain situation.

From a recent SI scorecard, I found this tidbit pretty funny.

Yankees right-hander Carl Pavano and Marlins first baseman Carlos Delgado -- could be available.
-- Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Of course ESPN Insider had a bit information to the contrary the other day...

First Fish
Nov 3 - David Sloane, Carlos Delgado's agent, expects the first baseman to remain a Marlin and not be available to the Mets via trade, the New York Daily News reports. Sloane is relying on assurances from owner Jeffrey Loria to his client in September, and also cited Delgado's ability to demand a trade after one season if he is dealt.

Delgado, who selected the Marlins over the Mets last winter, will earn $13.5 million next season. That sum would jump by more than $1 million in 2006 if he is traded to the Mets because of a kicker in Delgado's contract that increases pay to account for New York's state income tax.

But it is all irrelevant. What's true, what's not...who cares? The fact is Carlos Delgado picked a team that he claimed was closer to winning it seems like they are in disarray and have virtually no shot to win next season in my opinion with that young staff and there are seeds of doubt in his mind.

"I want to be in Miami," Delgado said. "I want to be in Florida and have a chance to win. I don't know what's going on in their end. ... I was hoping I didn't have to deal with this and unfortunately I am. ... We like to have an idea what's going on. I'm getting married and going away for a while. The more I think about it, the more of a distraction it is. I'd like to know where I'm going for spring training."

Not to be outdone, super-agent David Sloane did not miss an opportunity to get into the fray.

"I said, 'Look, Larry, if you guys are going to field a team of Dontrelle (Willis), (Miguel) Cabrera and the seven dwarves, let us know if that's the case and that would obviously change our feelings,' " agent David Sloane said.

"Larry told me they had received a 'partial budget' from Jeffrey but he was not prepared to make any statement."

Sloane said he called Beinfest earlier in the day to ask about persistent rumors the team was trying to trade Delgado, who is owed $13.5 million in 2006.

"For weeks now we've been hearing all these rumors, and there's been really nothing done to counteract them. It really would not take a tremendous amount of effort to prevent this from happening," Sloane said.

At least the Marlins management is doing some damage control.

"No comment," said Beinfest, who was clearly caught off-guard by Delgado's decision to take his displeasure public. "No comment on specific players."


"We've got a business to run. We're not going to respond to every stunt an agent decides to pull off," Marlins Vice President P.J. Loyello said Wednesday.

That doesn't strike up much confidence that they are going to keep him or at the very least, not shopping him. They are sending a good message to big stars they may attempt to sign in the future too.

I hope he rots in the basement with whatever team he is on for the rest of his career. Of course he'll have about 12,000,000 things a year that will console him, but at least he won't have all those things and a World Series ring. He is due 13.5M in 2006, 14.4M in 2007, and 16M in 2008, and a team option for 2009 worth 12M or a 4M buyout. Raise your hand if you think the Marlins can afford that without their new stadium and fill other needs that will arise. No one? Not one of you?

For fun, let's rewind back to January 26th, 2005.

"I feel Florida offers me a real opportunity to win a championship, which is what I'm looking for at this stage of my career," Delgado told a Puerto Rican newspaper, El Vocero. "This is a very talented team, very aggressive at the plate. They have a good combination of speed and power."


"From day one, we have told everyone that Carlos would make his choice based on where he felt he had the best chance to win a World Series," wrote his agent, David Sloane, in an e-mail. "I'm proud to say that is exactly why he made the choice he made."

To recap, the Mets finished tied with the Marlins in wins and six games out of the playoffs without Carlos Delgado and getting a terrible performance of historical proportions out of first base. I wonder if he wants a mulligan?

Oh, and If you were wondering, I am slightly bitter. To me, he was the difference between the Mets slipping in the playoffs and not making it. You can shove your win shares and tell me he would have equaled three wins or whatever, but that is what I feel in my bones. Delgado on the Mets = 2005 trip to the playoffs because he makes the people hitting in front of him better and is on a lot for the guys behind him.

* * *

  • Like I said before, the entire World Cup of Baseball is a great idea if they do it right and get all the best players. Well, it turns out, it can't be done right. The pitchers are on a 75 pitch pitch count at least get to finish the batter if they hit that ceiling, which is really surprising giving all the paranoia. Also, Mike Piazza, Frank Catalonotto, and Doug Mirabelli are playing for Italy, which is strange, since they were all born here. I understand the team they would be putting on the field could not compete with high A-ball All-Stars, but it just does not taste right. I wonder if I get on the Italian team since I'm sure they are looking for some able bodies that have Italian descent.

    The jittery GMs are worried about their prized horses getting injured in something that is insignificant to them.

    GMs were told that the regular-season salaries of all players injured in the WBC will be covered by insurance. "But that won't replace my asset," one GM said.

    But Omar is on board.

    "We support it," Mets GM Omar Minaya said. "We all want to grow the game. The pressure to play, for some guys, like Petey, is very strong [and is] coming from their home countries. When the president of your country wants you to play, that's pretty strong."

    If you are not doing it right, don't do it. Imagine Pedro is in the championship game pitching against the US and has to be pulled after the sixth at 75 pitches of a 2-0 game with the DR winning only to see the US team pull it out after a five run seventh? People got pissed about the All-Star game tie and this is much, much, much more important. More important in theory at least, but get ready for more crappy exhibition games. It seems like to me the most interesting thing about this is going see the ridiculous teams that will be assembled and seeing some ridiculous stars on the same team without having to see Yankee fans voting in their undeserving players.

  • Spring cleaning came a bit early. I cleared out any links from Mets blogs that have not been updated since the summer. Some hurt to take off like the Shea Hot Corner and Simply Amazins, but some did not hurt at all and those shall remain unnamed. Some where only there as a shrine to past glory like Sabermets, but the author has moved on while the extra links were making my OCD work overtime.

    If you are still actually doing one and I deleted it, email me and I'll be more than glad to add it back.

  • The White Sox laid it out for four years and $52 million for Konerko, but he is expected to see what free agency has to offer. This is one guy there has not been much connection between in terms of the Mets and I think it should be that way.

  • Soriano, Ramirez, Lugo, Baez, Wagner, Burnett, Delgado, the Pope, Old Mother Hubbard, that guy you saw at Starbucks the other day, and Huff.....Ben Shpigel has it covered.

  • Delgado is NOT coming here. The Marlins are not helping out the Mets by making them the one of the best teams in the NL.

  • Billy is ticked. Want to get back at the Phillies? Sign with the Mets.

  • Athletics general manager Billy Beane is gauging the market for ace Barry Zito.

    Before anyone thinks this makes sense for the Mets, it really doesn't. It would cost too many prospects to fill a void that is not there.

  • While SportsNet NY made it official yesterday that Gary Cohen is the new TV voice of the Mets, sources have told The Post that Fran Healy will not be part of Met broadcasts any longer and will remain at MSG Network.

    Let that soak in...ok, one more time.

    sources have told The Post that Fran Healy will not be part of Met broadcasts any longer

    Music to my ears.....but one more time for posterity.

    sources have told The Post that Fran Healy will not be part of Met broadcasts any longer

    Alright, one more.

    sources have told The Post that Fran Healy will not be part of Met broadcasts any longer

    Ding dong the witch is dead. Just when you thought life could not get better...

  • Furcal to play center for the Yankees? Nothing is out the question at this point. He could end up being the most coveted guy just because he is available for three positions. He is licking his chops and it is clear now, the Mets will pay through the nose to get this guy.

  • Also from the above link:

    The Rangers are interested in trading for Padres right-hander Adam Eaton, who is a free agent after next season, and the Padres like Rangers center fielder Laynce Nix and first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. The Rangers asked for first baseman Xavier Nady in a larger deal, but the Padres balked at the Rangers' attempts to include Soriano.

    Eaton for A-Gone? Can't the Mets work something like that out?