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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I heard from a friend, who heard from a friend, who heard from a friend...

The Mets want both MacDougal and Affeldt. KC does not want to do that so the Mets are looking to expand the deal to get the both of them. The other name being tossed around is Victor Diaz. Now, I am of the mind that the Royals have the upper hand in that deal. I would still look long and hard at it, but ultimately it is a tough call and why I'm happy I'm not a GM. I'm on the fence because I want those two arms, but they are erratic. Diaz can hit 20+ homers in '06 if given a full time job. Is that giving up too much? Probably, but I do not know realistically what Benson can net back. You hear conflicting things that Benson is a hot commodity and that he is not so much a hot commodity.

If he is, surely Diaz and Benson are worth more than two guys with stuff and a lack of consistancy. With all that being said, I would still consider it since the Mets have some options with Nady. Though he profiles better as a platoon guy, it is still something to think about with Milledge possibly ready to take over mid 2006 and Angel Pagan being able to give it a go should he faulter. Something tells me Nady would still do an admirable job if given an everyday shot, but Omar certainly has some tough decisions to make. I'm 50/50 on the deal if Diaz is involved, but for once, I would like the Mets to get the better end of the deal. I think they did that in the Delgado deal, but that is a rarity.

On the Zito front...

Mets GM Omar Minaya asked Beane about Zito on Tuesday. "He told me he's not moving him," said Minaya.

ESPNRadio reports that if Omar wants Zito, it would be Milledge straight up. However, the prospect of giving up Diaz and Milledge disturbs me. Once again, I do not evny Omar. He has everything he wants practically in front of him, but there are consequences.

In fact, the Burnett deal might keep Zito in Oakland. Zito is 27, left-handed and has a 86-53 career record. One close friend said Zito wouldn't sign right now for anything less than the Burnett deal, and is expecting to sign for "considerably more." So while Billy Beane had intended to explore the Zito trade market once the free agents had signed, he might hold onto Zito and make a run at the 2006 season.

I'm taking one for the team. Ed Coleman is on Mike and the Mad Dog and I will listen to it and I will report back.


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