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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's The Coolflo Helments

The Mets are now undefeated with the new Coolflo™ helmets during regular season games as they defeated the Nationals 3-2. Sure, they had a little help from the umpiring crew and the Nationals appearing listless at times, but they started the season on a high note. David Wright went deep, Tom Glavine worked himself out of some tight spots, Xavier Nady might be Teddy Ballgame incarnate (will anyone ever get him out? will people ever stop making fun of me for drafting him way to high?), and Mr. Billy Wagner makes me happy...just like puppy dogs and the color blue make me happy.

I really liked the fact that Willie had enough faith in Aaron to send him out for his second inning of work. He obviously was not sharp, but he went out and got the job done. On top of that, he was the first guy he called from the bullpen and sends a nice message to a guy who probably feels like he has been cheated somehow of his shot to start. He should be a big part in the bullpen after all that has happened and should be one of, if not the primary set up guy. Obviously Sanchez is going to be there in big spots, but it will benefit everyone to have fresh arms at the end of the season and spread the work around.

Onto the last item of the day, poor, poor Beltran. I in no way thought Beltran would be booed on a day that there was a lot of good will at the stadium, but I was wrong. Wrong like my friend who thought getting the mozzereppa would be a tasty turn of events in his day at the stadium. Beltran did get booed. In fact, he was the only guy to get booed and they were winning the game. I hope he earned himself a few boo free games with that strike from centerfield to end the game, but something tells me no.

"I went through it last year," Beltran said. "I want the fans to relax. It's going to be a long season."

The center fielder paused a moment before quietly adding, "You expect that [booing] for the opposing players, not when you're at home."

Umm, not going to happen. They are rabid animals that want production and wins. If they do not get that, they get restless and boo happy and the guy with the largest salary on the team catches the lion's share of the blame. Enjoy. As Darryl Strawberry said during the pre-game show, you will be booed in New York. The sun rises. The sun sets. Girls that miss a few hugs from daddy become strippers. New York fans boo. Those are all certainties in life that will never change. I hope he does not take it personally and understands the environment he is in. If he catches fire, the fans will treat him like the second coming of little baby Jesus. They want to cheer, just give them a reason too.

"I want people to know that when they boo Carlos, they're booing David Wright, they're booing me," said Cliff Floyd. "We're in this together. No one is thinking, 'Damn, I'm glad it's him and not me.' We all wear the same uniform in here."

I highly doubt it. Sure it sounds good coming out of your mouth to support your teammate, but when you are the one getting booed, it is decidedly different. Good try though.

* * *

  • According to Alan from 15sports.com, the Mets are looking into making a deal for Julio Lugo. Alan did mention that Aaron Heilman and Heath Bell have been tossed about, but the details are completely sketchy and it could go nowhere. Interesting to think about anyway. Reyes, Lugo, Beltran, and Wright part of the top five with the ability to steal TONS of bases is scary. Every catcher in the NL East just crapped their pants thinking about it.

  • I always assume Marty Noble is 'in the know' at least a little bit since he is the official beat writer of the Mets, so this made me happy.

    Mets probable lineup
    Pos. Name
    1. SS Jose Reyes
    2. CF Carlos Beltran
    3. 1B Carlos Delgado
    4. 3B David Wright
    5. LF Cliff Floyd
    6. RF Xavier Nady
    7. C Paul Lo Duca
    8. 2B Anderson Hernandez
    9. P Tom Glavine

    Then LoDuca was batting second. I know, I know LoDuca had a good game. I had to eat my words countless times on Monday, but whatever. Beltran does not feel comfy in the three hole. That should be the end of the discussion. I agree good hitters should be able to bat anywhere, but the metal aspect cannot be discredited.

  • Bannister is going to get the start for Mets on Wednesday. Wacky stuff.

    "I still think it'll be fine," Bannister said.

    Great insight Brian. Good luck.

  • Direct TV and SNY have reached an agreement. Speaking of SNY, you cannot make this stuff up.

    "A fuse blew at Shea Stadium, causing us to lose power," SNY's Andrew Fegyveresi said. "It was for less than a full inning. We addressed the situation immediately and we apologize to our viewers for the inconvenience."

    During about 15 minutes without a Shea Stadium picture, fans missed the Mets first hit of the season, by Xavier Nady, instead seeing channel promos, public-service ads and a 1986 Mets game.

    Of course this couldn't happen during game two, or game three, but the first regular season baseball game for their big time network? Only with the Mets.

  • Mr. Billy Wagner's favorite team growing up was the Atlanta Braves. His favorite baseball moment was no hitting the Yankees. His favorite flower is the gerber daisy.

  • The Mets stop in at number five on the Prospectus Hit List.

    "...as interesting as Brian Bannister may be, Aaron Heilman merits another look for innings one through seven. PECOTA may say the Mets will knock off the Braves, but we'll believe it only when we see it."

    I have to agree there, but overall, it is great to see the Mets as the favorite and have some sort of math to actually back it up.

  • "Everybody's calling and saying, 'Why are you hitting sixth?' " Floyd said Sunday. "I'm like, 'Bro, what do you want me to do? Beat Willie up?'"


  • The Yankees won 15-2 and Yankee fans everywhere are trying to knock Mets fans down a few notches because the Mets only won by one. Fuck you all.

  • The Angels won 5-4 and Vlad Guerrero hit a home run on his first swing of the year for the second consecutive season. Nice.

  • I never cease to be amazed that people actually listen to Mike and the Mad Dog. I realize they are basically the only show on at that time since the Michael Kay show is actually worse if you can believe it, but I would prefer to listen to dead air.

    Well, not according to WFAN’s Mike Francessa and Chris Russo, who proceeded to rip the Mets and Wagner for daring to use the song and infringe on Yankee turf.

    The problem with Mike and the Mad Dog’s argument is that Wagner has been using the song his whole career, when Jeff Bagwell picked the song for him. And since he started closing for the Houston Astros in 1996 – a year before Rivera did with the Yankees – why should the new Mets closer have to change music because he’s now in New York?

    Just kill yourselves. Mike, you are fat, ugly, and sound half dead. Russo, you are just completely annoying.

    "I know, Mariano's got it. Lord forbid, the Earth should crumble if two people have it," Wagner playfully said about the Metallica tune he has since used. "I play for the Mets. He plays for the Yankees. I never have to face him and he never has to face me. So there's really no big competition there."

  • Nomar to the DL.

  • The Braves top four are going to be tight and I know I'm stating the obvious, but the x-factor is their kiddies.

  • This is another reason to like the Mets and not the Yankees. At least the Mets admit when they've cheated and gotten away with something.

    "It was weird because I guess the guys in the dugout were the only ones who could see it," Lo Duca said. "It was close to me and I was huddled, sort of covering it."

    Plate umpire Rick Reed, who went to third base as part of the normal rotation with third-base umpire Laz Diaz out in leftfield, admitted the men in blue blew it. That and $2 will get the Nationals a ride on the subway, but at least he was honest about it.

    "We weren't even aware that even happened until we got into the room and looked [at replays," Reed said. "[Tschida] did say that definitely would've changed his call. There was really nothing he could do about it. The ball seemed to pop out. It rolled right to Lo Duca's hands."

    A-Rod just said he would do it against when the slap heard around the world went down with no remorse or no sense of wrong doing.

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