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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What's That In My Mouth?

Ok, that title seems like it could go in a number of directions. Some disgusting. Some not, but mostly disgusting. However, for those of you who guessed right, it is puke. Baseball Prospectus has their pre-season predictions out and one thing especially stuck out for me.

AL Cy Young

1. Johan Santana
2. Rich Harden
3. Roy Halladay
4. Scott Kazmir
5. Felix Hernandez
6. Josh Beckett
7. Dan Haren
8. Randy Johnson
9. Francisco Rodriguez
0. Jeremy Bonderman
11. Cliff Lee

That's right. Scott Kazmir is ranked fourth for Cy Young. I do realize this means nothing other than some of peole think he is good, but it still is just crazy to read. As for the Mets, Pedro is in the top five and a Zambrano makes the list, just not ours.

Even more crazy is the fact that out of the twelve author's ballots, six of them had a New York team going to the World Series and one of them actually picked a New York team to win. One thing though, not one person picked the Yankees. Simply unreal for the Mets to be getting that much love. It is a strange thing to see, but I like it. Six of the twelve author's picked the A's to win and eleven out of twelve picked an AL team to win it all. Ladies and gentleman, parity has left the building.

Oh, then there is a little matter of the MVP award. People laughed when I said David Wright for MVP, but screw you guys, I'm taking my ball and going home. Apparently a lot of people are riding the David Wright for MVP bandwagon and three Mets make an appearance in the top seven. Again, it means nothing except for the fact that people like these guys, but still great to see.

1) Albert Pujols
2) David Wright
3) Carlos Delgado
4) Andruw Jones
5) Barry Bonds
6) Chase Utley
7) Carlos Beltran

Is anyone else giddy like a school girl baseball is back? I was a bit sad to see the winter and the snow go away because the snowboard had to get shelved, but it is finally setting in. The nice weather is almost here and opening day was amazing. Holy shit, some Met baseball is here and the best Mets team since 1988 will be taking the field. It should be a good year for the real New York team.

* * *

  • Here at The Metropolitans, we try not only to make painfully obvious observations, but we are also about solutions. Figuring out how to solve some of the greater problems in life like social security, foreign policy, the degradation of social values, and what to do about this "Enter Sandman" problem. Scott checked in on the comments with some advice on the last issue.

    I know a way to work out the whole Sandman Bullshit. Rivera and Wagner will stand 20ft apart and throw fastballs at ach other until one calls uncle. OK, I'll draw the names out of the hat...Wagner wins so he throws first.

    Sounds fair to me.

    Sounds fair to me too.

    Mike and the Mad Dog = brain power of a cucumber
    Mariano Rivera = good guy

    "If the guy feels comfortable using the song, then let him be. I know Billy. He's a great guy. He has all my respect....To all the people that are fighting over this, I appreciate the loyalty."

    I cannot believe this is still being written about. I even told myself I was going to ignore it, but I liked Mo's quote.

  • While on the topic of Scott and his desire to help people peacefully come to a resolution in regards to their problems, he offers Kris Benson some advice.

    I hope Benson dumps the bitch in Camden, naked with a sign around her neck that says something bad about Camden Mutha's!

    For those of you not familiar with New Jersey, we have tomatoes, the Statue of Liberty, and the most dangerous city in America. Camden, New Jersey beats out hot vacation spots like Detroit and Compton. That is certainly something to hang your hat on at the end of the day.

  • Jim Breuer will be throwing out the first pitch of today's game.

  • Are you wondering what the deal is for the Mets minor league teams starting their season tomorrow? Wonder no more. Big Mike has you covered.

  • Get ready for a million of these articles this year, especially every time the A's play the Yankees. Look, Zito would say he loved Tampa Bay because he is going to be a free agent and does not want to burn any bridges. Not only that, but most of the guys in the league are professionals and would not say negative things about a city anyway. The Yankees are continually tied to the top tier free agents year after year, and rightfully so. They have a $200 million dollar payroll and didn't get there by signing role players, but the Mets have the trump card here if they want to exercise it. This is one dog fight that could get interesting. For once, the Yankees might have to overpay to get someone from the Mets grasp.

  • I hate the media. People are accusing LaRussa of helping Jimmy Rollins along with his hitting streak by throwing a meatball 3-0 in their opener.

    "So the guy has a hitting streak going, you're supposed to pitch him like the game's on the line? No," La Russa said. "You play the game straight. If that game is 2-1 there, we'd still challenge him, because if you walk him, he steals second. Seven times out of 10 he's going to hit the ball at somebody and make an out. So you take your chances.

    "The thought did occur to me, I didn't want to break this (Rollins) thing up without appearing to compete. And a walk would have been the worst thing to do in that situation. But that was secondary to the game, which dictated that we challenge him.

    "We sent the right message."

    Umm, up by like ten and a 3-0 count? You throw a fucking strike. The guy has a hit streak so you operate differently? You make them hit the ball to get the game over. I give players and managers a lot of credit for dealing with some of these dense people day after day.

  • No pressure Brian, sole possession of first is on the line.

  • Doc could be sentenced today.

  • At least he didn't guarantee two like Kramer did for Paul O'Neil.

    "I guarantee you. I'm gonna go right field," Floyd said, specifying the direction of his blast.

  • The minor league umpires have gone on strike. The replacement umps will be working the games.

  • Evangeline Lilly would be sad to know, her reign as officialy woman of The Metropolitans is running on fumes.

    Unless Lost finishes up the season strong, she's out.


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