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Friday, May 05, 2006

Question of the Day

My friend asked this question yesterday. Would you take Roger Clemens if he would be open to joining the Mets? Of course he is most likely going to Houston, who has made a strong first move to say the least, with the Red Sox, Yankees, and Rangers with outside shots of landing him. It was just a hypothetical question and he is a guy that is not too high on everyone in Met-land's favorite person list, but he is one of the best pitchers of all time and still has some life left in his arm.

The Mets could certainly afford him and the Mets have questions in the last two slots of the rotation, but it goes against every fiber of my being to even envision him in Met uniform. In the end you would have to jump on it and though it would be an extreme long shot to say the least, it behooves Omar to give him a call and let him do whatever he wants as long as the price is not $20 million for five months as stated in the above link.

I know people may point to team chemistry and Roger possibly disrupting it, but he did not seem to negatively impact his Astros teams with his special treatment because everyone on the team knew the deal before he came in. This team is making things happen this year and he can choose from The American League and three hitter's parks, the Astros' bandbox, or the Mets spacious Shea. He has no allegiance to the Mets and has a lot of history with the other teams, but it never hurts to ask and Omar has not been a shy guy so far in his term as Mets GM.

* * *

  • As Gary Cohen stated on the Mets broadcast last night, Tom Glavine has pitched twenty-two straight games in which he has thrown at least six inning. These days, that is pretty amazing.

    On top of his dominance on the mound since the All-Star break of last year, he has hit OVER .300 in that same span and as Ron Darling pointed out last night, he is the all-time leader in sacrifices. If this guy is not a Met in 2007, I would be shocked.

  • Fabuloso? Not so much.

  • This is one of the craziest things I have ever seen. I cannot imagine how things get to that point. However, what is even weirder is that his belly looks more like elephantitis of certain something than an actual belly.

  • Someone help me out here. When did Tom Glavine become a strikeout pitcher? So far he is on track for a career high K/9.

  • If Salomon Torres hit Cliff Floyd on purpose, he should have his toe nails ripped off one by one.

    "I just wanted [Torres] to know it was [nonsense]," Floyd said, adding that he didn't want to chance a suspension or a fine. "I didn't want to risk missing time and all that. I guess only he knows if he did it on purpose."

    Someone beats you because you suck, so you drill someone else?

    Tracy defended Torres' intentions, saying, "Salomon couldn't get the ball to go where he wanted."

    I hope so.

    "I want to think he wasn't, but he has a reputation, I guess," Floyd said about being hit on purpose. "Maybe he was; maybe he wasn't. I've got more things to worry about than Salomon Torres hitting me in the leg."

  • Lima Time!™ is possibly right around the corner.

    Jose Lima was pulled from last night's Triple-A Norfolk game after two innings and received congratulatory handshakes from teammates, but Mets officials insisted they aren't bailing on John Maine for Sunday's start. Not yet, anyway.

    Of course the article points to Maine having some finger issues that could factor in and Lima Time!™ looks more like a fallback option.

  • Chalk up Sanchez as another guy the Pirates threw away with Chris Shelton and Henry Owens all coming after the 2003 season. Someone over there needs to get fired.

    "He is going to give up a run eventually," Wagner joked. "It might not be this year, it might not be next year, but eventually it's going to happen."

  • Octavio Dotel is close to returning.

    Octavio Dotel, who is nearing the end of his rehab from elbow surgery, is targeting the end of this month or the start of June as the time he'll be activated, and the hard-throwing righthander can't wait.

  • John Heyman is drinking the Met kool-aid.

    But I would counter by telling you that in the case of the well-paid pinstripers from across town, they've also been engaging in some unfair fights: the Royals and Devil Rays should be virtual gimmes for a team pulling a $200-million price tag.

    Take a closer comparison at our two local teams, and things are starting to tint orange and blue. Consider that:

    The Mets have the more versatile offense. Entering last night, they led the league in stolen bases and were third in home runs. While they haven't yet established any offensive consistency, they have the ability to beat you a number of ways, rare for a Mets team.

    The Mets have the best new high-powered acquisition. To steal a phrase from one of the many high-priced, high-profile failures of the Mets' often star-crossed past, we're never going to wipe that smile off of Carlos Delgado's face. It's obvious now that Delgado is as cut out for the big time as anyone who's ever come to Queens.

    It's about time.


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