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Thursday, September 28, 2006

"Playoffs?! Don't talk about playoffs! You kidding me?! Playoffs?! I just hope we can win another game!"

You won't read a word about the Mets play of late here.

Whether or not you think Jose Reyes is in fact more valuable than Derek Jeter is not the point. The point is that there can at least be a discussion in which someone backing Reyes would not be considered totally delusional.
        R   H  2b  3b  hr rbi  bb  so sb  avg  obp  slg
Reyes 120 192 30 17 19 80 50 80 63 .301 .353 .491
Jeter 114 207 38 3 14 96 67 99 32 .341 .414 .483

Who doesn't want to punch him in the spleen?

It is not exactly apples to oranges being that they do not bat in the same slot in the order and I would expect Reyes to knock in a few more guy further down the in order, but we are looking at two pretty fucking swell ball players. What is extremely crazy is just how clutch both have been.

Runners On               .313/.376/.558
Scoring Position .333/.404/.622
Scoring Position, 2 out .406/.494/.841
Men On, 2 Out .380/.462/.750
Derek Jeter
Runners On               .368/.458/.529
Scoring Position .387/.489/.593
Scoring Position, 2 out .381/.519/.587
Men On, 2 Out .360/.477/.539
When you throw in age, salary, athleticism, Reyes' electricity and potential to improve, most GMs would probably take Jose Reyes given the choice. Reyes' tremendous strides forward this season, while not totally unforeseen, were not easily predicted. He always oozed talent, but continued to frustrate fans even earlier this season. It is easy to forget he is just 23 years old being he debuted when he is nineteen, but one thing is clear. This speedy Dominican has arrived and it is scary how good he can become. At such a young age, he has made a run at unseating the beloved Derek Jeter as the best shortstop in New York. Just let that sink in.

* * *

  • The Giants won't be able to turn away from the allure of having Barry Bonds on their team when/if he breaks Hank Aaron's homerun record, but the sooner they end the Bonds-era the better.

    However, the larger issue with the article above about Bonds is the possibility of the Giants having to fly to St. Louis for a tie-breaker game.

    If the Giants have to go to St. Louis for a makeup game Monday that would determine an NL playoff spot, Bonds wasn't sure whether he would have to make the trip.

    "That's something to ask them," he said. "That's a question for the manager."

    Yes, he has not been playing, but could he help the team win as a pinch hitter? Absolutely. If there is a shred of integrity left in this game, a team that is out of it still owes it to the sport to show up at 100% and try and win the ball game. Imagine some team getting knocked out of the playoffs because another team didn't feel like showing up? Unreal.

  • The casual fan has been edged out of the playoffs.

    With more demand from season-ticket holders and sponsors, and with stadiums getting smaller, there are fewer postseason tickets left for the general public this year. The St. Louis Cardinals, who are leading in the National League Central division race, made only about 3,000 seats per game available for each of their potential home playoff games; last year, they made 14,000 tickets available for their first-round games. This week, the Los Angeles Dodgers -- who were tied for first in the National League Wild Card race heading into Tuesday night's games -- held a public sale of about 10,000 seats per game for the first round of the playoffs, a significant drop from the 15,000 tickets for the opening round in 2004, the last time the Dodgers reached the postseason.

    It's a rough life, but this is the new climate of baseball. You want playoff tickets? You have to pay for them and get season tickets or a smaller pack of games to even sniff them.

  • Mike Carp is getting a chance to play some Hawaii Winter Baseball.

  • You have to respect Kerry Wood. At this point it is only talk and his actions could be in stark contrast to what he is saying now, but it sounds respectful so far.

    "I know I haven't given this organization or the fans or this team what they paid for two, three years ago,'' Wood said in an interview with WGN-AM (720). "As a player, you feel -- you don't want to say 'guilty' -- but you [don't] feel like you've done your job and earned your money and gone out and done what you're supposed to do. There's an obligation there, absolutely.

    "This organization has given me everything I've got and gave me a chance to play baseball, and they drafted me. There's definitely loyalty here. I love Chicago, I love the fans, I love the stadium, I love Wrigley Field. I love everything about the situation I'm in, but I understand the reality of the game. Hopefully, it'll be only one conversation [with general manager Jim Hendry]. We'll talk and decide what's best for the organization and best for me, and hopefully that's staying here."

  • The Mets Low-A Ball shuffle continues and the Hagerstown Suns are out and the Savannah Sand Gnats are in. The Mets youngins will play right in the Braves backyard. Good stuff.

    The Sand Gnats, most recently an affiliate of the Washington Nationals, will continue to play their games at historic William L. Grayson Stadium, which will undergo a $5 million renovation beginning in the weeks ahead.

  • Likely playoff rotation according to some sources....

    Game #1: The Duque
    Game #2: Tom Terrific
    Game #3: The Human Rain Delay
    Game #4: John Maine
    Game #5: The Duque

  • From the Daily News:

    Turning serious for the postseason, the Mets sent home four players, ending their seasons: Heath Bell, Brian Bannister, Mike Pelfrey and Philip Humber. Bannister, who pitched last night, will pitch in Mexico this winter. Pelfrey and Humber (who tossed a 1-2-3 inning last night) will head to the Arizona Fall League next month. Bell's days with the Mets likely are over.

    *sniff* *sniff*....No more Heath Bell? Good luck and I'm sure you'll be a solid reliever for somewhere in this crazy world.

  • I give my bitch these packs of wet Pedigree food with her dry food for dinner. They actually look quite tasty for dog food. Bits of meat and gravy with some even having bone shaped pasta. I've thought about partaking in the tastiness many o' time. Last night I was at the store picking up some as she was running out. They sell single packs and eight packs but also just came out with the twelve packs of tastiness. I went to buy buy the twelve pack when I noticed that they are charging more per pound on the twelve pack than the eight pack. Am I missing something here? Why are those bastards trying to rip me off? I know bulk does not always represent cheaper as anyone who has shopped at Costco would know, but it fucking should.

    Anonymous Scott said...

    Pedro's outing last night proves thaty we need to sign Zito in the offseason. Our top pitcher in the playoffs will be El Duque? We NEED a STUD ACE. It will be great if Pelfrey, Bannister and Humber do step up and Maine,Williams and Perez kickass... but we damn well need a number 1 stud to lead us into the playoffs next year and the coming years.

    11:07 AM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    It's all about the Science Diet Puppy Small Bites for us.

    11:29 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Scott, I'm on board with you. The Mets need an ace...bottom line. Pedro cannot be counted on at this point. Anything you get from him is gravy and though the signing should never be regretted since he has brought so much to this team, he is becoming a problem and cannot be depended on like everyone hoped. THIS IS THE REASON THE METS GOT PEDRO AND HE MIGHT NOT EVEN BE AVAILABLE. Scary stuff.

    11:30 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Small bites for my 70 pound pit bull/german shephard won't exactly work.

    11:31 AM

    Blogger Kenny said...

    That playoff rotation looks like ass.

    I've gone from expecting a trip to the World Series to more or less expecting to lose to the NL Central champ in the 1st round. Baseball can be a fucked up game sometimes.

    Science Diet is pricey. Toasty is bigtime.
    I bet my dog could take his dog though.

    11:37 AM

    Blogger Kenny said...

    For the record, mine is german shepherd akita mix.

    She means business.

    11:38 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ass indeed Kenny...ass indeed.

    I used to buy all that fancy stuff like Science Diet, Natural Choice, and Wellness etc....but those weren't appreciably better than Purina One, which I now use. You just want to stay away from foods that are high in sugar...what dog needs that? The shitty foods are loaded with it.

    I think any dog could take Toasty's.

    11:52 AM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    i wouldnt call pedro a problem. he's breaking down physically. we all knew he would sooner or later. i just thought it would be in year 3.

    we've got a ton of pitching depth. we do need an ace though. we've got the arms to survive injuries but now we need arms to win big games. there is a difference between the two. the 150 win mariners team showed that a few years ago. we have one of those staffs.

    maybe the bounce back ability of this team will carry us through the playoffs.

    i dunno if the offense can carry us though cus we're gonna be seeing alot of aces depending on who we play.

    12:30 PM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    i could do without the homo jeter moments

    12:36 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    I wouldn't count us out yet. At least as long as the bats show up. I couldn't help drawing an analogy as I was thinking about it last night to the Rangers season last year, where the wheels completely came off at the end of the season once Jagr went down. Obviously the Mets have more depth than the Rangers did last season. But still, point is that I personally never expected a World Series this year, and it has been a great year for the team and for us poor impoverished Mets fans. Anything we get from here on in is gravy. It's going to be interesting. But the Mets are built to last; this is just the second step of many.

    I honestly wonder whether the Mets should just shut Pedro down now and keep him in the dugout to help the other pitchers where he can. I don't think he'll be nothing next year, but he needs to do something about his toe the week after the Mets are eliminated (surgery?). Everything seems to have emanated outwards from that fucking toe (and the lack of physical preparation he could do during the off season).

    So, anyway, I still hesitate in regards to Zito, but I'd be happy if he came to NY. I'd rather see someone like Dontrelle if we are going to have to commit longterm.

    Hey Mike sorry about Heath. He'll benefit from having the chance somewhere else. Still gives up too many hits with that super straight fastball.

    12:54 PM

    Anonymous Benny blanco from da Bronx said...

    I feel like I'm the only one NOT worried about the team. I'm still confident for this team to make the World Series. ANd i mean yeah the rotation looks like ass but shit, compare it to the other teams.
    If they have good pitching, thier offense sucks.
    If they have decent offense, thier pitching sucks.
    I think the Mets have the smallest drop off between the two.

    I like the fact that Reyes has scored more than Jeter despite Jeter being in that lineup and Jeter's amazing OBP.

    I think the owners thinking is that having Bonds will generate money because of merchandising and ticket sales. But I do think the sooner they blow it all up the better.

    First I've ever heard of a Hawaiin WInter League. Nice.

    I'e never been a big fan or believer in Kerry Wood. As long as the Cubs don't rely on him next year to do anything, they're in good shape. Because the past few years depending on Wood and Prior have destroyed the team.
    Wood should be in the bullpen... and that's it!
    Mark Prior, I like alot but don't trust him. THe Cubs shouldn't look at him as an ace, he should be thought of as a back end guy and anything he gives them is gravy.

    With Heath Bell gone who are we gonna wanna "free" now?
    He should be traded.

    Costco is the shit man.
    But hey man, stop buying food specially for your dog. Just feed them your leftovers. Seriously.
    I used to have a dog and my dad fed it leftovers and used to argue with him not to do it. THen he told me all the dogs he had when he was a kid in the Dominican Republic. There was no special dog food. He fed them leftovers. They lived very long lives and its not like it got them sick or killed them.
    This whole dog food thing is just a business and a way for somebody to make money off of this belief and this perception that if you don't do it, your hurting and slowly killing your best friend.

    1:34 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ossy, I call Pedro a problem. Next year, Omar has to be responsible enough to make him not a problem by somehow getting an ace in here.

    We have depth, but not in terms of aces. Depth that is good is what the A's have right now...Harden...Zito...Haren? Swell.

    Sorry about the quasi-Jeter praise, but I didn't have much time....which seems to be a reoccurring theme here and it is showing in the hits....

    DG, good stuff. This team is built to last and maybe we didn't expect WS to start, but it became clear the Mets had a nicely paved road there. It would be a shame if the Mets were one starting pitcher short. A fucking shame.

    Oh year. D-Train above everyone, but we'll have to pay through the nose. Zito costs money, but not prospects. At least ones that we have...worst we can do is not have a 1st rounder....again.

    Thanks for the condolences about Heath....I appreciate it. It's been a rough day for me....

    1:39 PM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    bell is an AAAA pitcher. i dunno how he hasnt run out of options with all the times the mets called him up and sent him down.

    1:40 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Benny....good to see you keeping your head up. Last night was rough to watch.

    Bonds' pursuit of Aaron is big time cash...but the team ends up doing dumb things because of their win-now thinking soley for Bonds. I don't care, not my team, but it is something that will be good for the Giants when it ends.

    Me too...Fucking Hawaii League? Not a bad place to go on an all expenses paid trip to play baseball! Tough life. If I were a prospect I'd be begging to go.

    Wood = Pedro in 2007. Gravy...whatever he gives you is gravy, but temper your expectations.

    Free Brian Bannister? Who am I kidding...

    Leftovers? She'll be 100 pounds. I agree on the special food thing which is why I do the Purina One at half the price as fancy brands. Dogs can eat anything...they can process raw meat, but dogs that eat table food usually end up fatty fat fat.

    1:44 PM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    i like to call what the A's have "playoff depth." the astros, angels, chicago and twins (pre-loriano injury) have it and the padres kinda have it. i dunno if the tigers have it yet.

    we have regular season depth. we can trot out dave williams and a bunch of guys who have the ability to pitch in the league.

    1:50 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    who are the other top free agent pitcher options? i'm sure zito would be fine, but isn't there anything better?

    mike how long since your hits started declining? if just in the last few weeks it's prob bc we're all just waiting for playoffs to begin. like i said the other day, i haven't watched a game in forever. but part of that is bc i've been distracted by loads of hurricane swell here and in the outer banks. i even have a picture blog going: cleanphotos.blogspot.com

    horrible news about pedro.

    1:54 PM

    Anonymous DG's A Regular Pain In The Ass said...

    What was really nice was to see Mike Carp listed amongst the top prospects going to Hawaii to be paid to play in paradise. Pretty cool.

    Here's the list of other Met suspects getting the (almost) all expense paid shindig. C Drew Butera; OF Dustin Martin; P Blake Eager; P Bobby Parnell; WB Michael Oliver.

    You know, last year we finished the season with the feeling that we should have made the playoffs; this year we may finish thinking that we should have gotten farther, but it's still the right progression, n'est-ce pas? I still feel we can do damage now.

    I think we ought to design a little webstone for Heath Bell to put on your site as a lasting memorial to the humanitarian nature of this site. (But I'm with ossy on this one.)

    On a personal note:
    Mike, I have enormous (perhaps misplaced) respect for you, but what's with the part pit bull bushit? If you want something that might unexpectedly freak out and bite your ass, get a girlfriend like everyone else!

    PS WB stands for Water Boy!

    2:05 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ossy, good and scary point. I hate the term built for the playoffs, but the Mets were built for the regular season and not so much the playoffs. They are fortunate to be a in a weak league, we'll see how it goes.....

    Schmidt is out there Jake. He's what, 34 though? I think he's pretty old.

    As for the hits, they started decling after I went from such to mega suck make obvious observations. It's all good though, the people who like to go back and forth with the comments still come so as long as that happens, things are peachy. It gets me through my day.

    They Mets should send me for some coverage out there....I'd take water boy though...

    Yes, the progression is there and in the end, no matter what happens, the season was a success and Omar knows what he'll have to do for 2007 to keep moving forward. We are not dead yet obviously and anything can happen. Hopefully they wake up.

    If anyone can do photoshop, make a tombstone and I'll put it up.

    Oh, I have a girlfriend....strangely enough, but my pit bull is the sweetest thing. If you were another dog, that's another story. She might kill you.

    2:28 PM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    on willie ball:

    we've dominated the league but didnt win a 100 games? i dunno whether to blame willie or the 8 million injuries we had.

    i think we couldve hit the mark despite the injuries but this september spring traing that willie has is killing me. i cant watch games now

    3:12 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Yes, your dogs can all "take" my 5-lb. puppy. You should all be very proud of yourselves. However, now that she has had all her shots and is allowed outside, she is quickly turning into the most popular pup on the upper east side, so there would be hell to pay if your mangy mutts do her harm.

    You can make a tombstone here:


    3:20 PM

    Anonymous JohnF said...

    Ossy, options are counted in terms of years, not number of times on the shuttle.

    After three years as a pro, a player must be protected on a team's 40-man roster, or he is eligible for the Rule 5 draft (more on that later). Once he's served those three years, and assuming he is added to the 40-man roster, his club then has what are called "options" on him.

    When a player is on the 40-man roster but not on the 25-man Major League roster, he is on "optional assignment." One common misconception about the rules is that a player may only be "optioned out" three times. Actually, each player has three option years, and he can be sent up and down as many times as the club chooses within those three seasons.

    When you hear that a player is "out of options," that means he's been on the 40-man roster during three different seasons, beginning with his fourth as a pro, and to be sent down again he'll have to clear waivers (more on those below).

    3:56 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yes, your dogs can all "take" my 5-lb. puppy.

    Ha..yes, I'm very proud. When my dog used to own dogs in the Hoboken dog park, I was disturbed that is happened...and yet proud... She never went after small dogs and she never started it. She didn't like to get humped.

    Ah, I will go and make one for Heath.....

    4:44 PM

    Blogger Tommy Conigatti said...


    9:58 PM

    Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

    maybe im late but channel 7 is reporting that pedro is done...

    wtf? that toe prolly messed up his legs..

    11:34 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    13-0. Why are we worried?

    11:31 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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