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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Remember the Maine / Fuck Yeah

John Maine did not look that sharp and Derek Lowe was looking dominant in the early goings. Things were not looking great for the Mets, but with a little help from Dodger stupidity, Maine was able to hold it together and give what was needed to help win the game and threw 4.1 innings of one run ball.

Words cannot express how ridiculous it was to watch JD Drew try to score after Jeff Kent was dead to rights at home. Yeah, Drew was hauling it and was not far behind, but he should have stopped and turned back after the ball hit home plate about a half hour before he got there.

It is impossible to not be ecstatic about last night's victory as Glavine did not have to pitch on short rest compromising their entire series and Maine was stoic as I predicted.

If nerves and the pressure were weighing on Maine, no one could tell.

“He was chill,” Floyd said. “I was like, wow, what the heck, let’s go.”

Stupid or confident...who cares. In his next start he should be much better after getting his first start out of the way. You have to give Willie credit for keeping the short leash on Maine and getting him out of there in the fifth and handing the game over to the best bullpen in the league. Randolph could have tried to squeak out five innings from Maine, but there was really no point.

On one shoulder I've got a little man saying, 'Hey, there's only two more outs to go [for Maine to get the win],' '' Randolph said. "On the other shoulder I've got the little knucklehead saying, 'Go with what you see and what you feel.' "

He pressed the right buttons last night and that includes leaving Mota in. Yeah, the Dodgers tied the game up in the seventh, but it was a bad break for Mota. Overall, the Mets kiddies showed up to play as did everyone else really.

“I mean, 4-4, seventh inning, you know, they just tied the game, give an opportunity to take the lead, I was excited,” Delgado said. “You’re facing a guy throwing 98 miles an hour, you come up with a big R.B.I., so I was pretty fired up.”

On the next pitch, David Wright blooped a double over first baseman Garciaparra that drove in Beltrán with what would be the winning run.

“For every time they scored, we answered right back or went out and shut them right down,” Wright said. “It was a game of momentum tonight, and just seemed like the momentum was going our way the majority of the night.”

Wright with three RBIs? Delgado almost setting a record? Floyd going deeeeeeep? Amazing. Last night's victory just proves why the Mets should be the favorite. Starting pitching wins championships and the Mets may not have the best rotation, but this team exemplifies what a team is supposed to be. They have had guys consistently picking each other up and unlikely stars rising to the occastion time after time.

* * *

  • The FSL's top 20 prospects are out and Mike Carp is a stud.

    8. Mike Carp, 1b, St. Lucie (Mets)
    B-T: L-R Ht: 6-2 Wt: 205 Age: 20 Drafted: Mets '04 (9)
    Nobody on this top 10 boosted his stock in 2006 as much as Carp did. Unheralded after batting .256 in his first two pro seasons, he emerged as the most dangerous hitter on the league champion St. Lucie squad.

    Carp showed an advanced approach for a young hitter, with excellent pitch recognition and the ability to work counts. Once he got ahead in the count, he showed the ability to drive the ball. Unlike most young power hitters, Carp looked first to use the opposite field rather than try to pull everything.

    Carp was average defensively at first base, though he had a flair for making highlight plays. A former third baseman, Carp has more than enough arm for first base but sometimes has problems with accuracy. He's a below-average runner but not a baseclogger.

    Carp is legit. Anytime you hear a trade rumor, you will most likely be hearing his name as one of the players the other team is seeking out.

    Gaby also made the list.

    13. Gaby Hernandez, rhp, Jupiter (Marlins)
    B-T: R-R Ht: 6-3 Wt: 210 Age: 20 Drafted: Mets '04 (3)
    Just like they have scattered throughout their system, the Marlins had some nice arms in Jupiter, with Scott Nestor, Jose Garcia and Harvey Garcia all earning mentions from FSL managers. None impressed more than Gaby Hernandez, who continued to show a strong feel for pitching, a prototypical pitchers' frame and impressive stuff after the Mets included him in the Carlos Delgado trade last offseason.

    The biggest difference for Hernandez, who struggled in a 10-game stint in the FSL last year, was his improved slow curveball, which now grades out as average. He also has a 92-93 mph fastball with good movement and an average changeup that has a chance to be a plus pitch.

    Hernandez threw all three of his pitches at any point in the count and he could get all three over for strikes. But while he has good control, his command is still a work in progress, as he struggles to hit his spots.

  • Peter Zielinski is a dick. Really, is there a need to wear a Yankee shirt to Mets playoff game? Congrats, you are a Yankee fan and an asshole. Respect the Mets and wear another fucking shirt to the game or give the ticket to someone who actually wants to see the team play.

    "No, not at all," Zielinski said. "This is a New York team. I'm here to make sure the Mets win so we have a Subway Series."

    Thanks for showing up to 'make sure' the Mets won.

  • Everyone was pumped yesterday and it's great to see.

    As Cliff Floyd crossed the plate on his solo home run in the fourth inning, he thumped his chest. It was a reaction, he said, to his father. Cliff Floyd Sr. was sitting in the stands behind home plate.

    "He was jumping up and down," Floyd said with a smile, and he then spoke of how the two had driven to the stadium earlier in the day.

    When they parked, Floyd turned and said to his father, "I don't even know how we just got here."

    Floyd shook his head after the game and said, "You're just so consumed by everything," adding that there were "a lot of out-of-body experiences" Wednesday.

  • Mr. Billy Wagner knew Maine would be alright.

    Tom Glavine takes the mound tonight and 15-game winner Steve Trachsel probably will go in Game 3. Maine's one-run, five-strikeout outing was the arm news on this night, though, as pitching coach Rick Peterson called it "tremendous," catcher Paul Lo Duca "huge" and Virginian Billy Wagner "expected."

    "He's from Virginia," the closer said with a straight face.

    He wasn't joking either.

  • Fuck Steinbrenner.

    Steinbrenner was asked if he was happy the Mets won their game yesterday afternoon to take a 1-0 lead in the NLDS over the Dodgers and responded, "Sure."

    When a reporter followed up by asking if he was "scared" of the NL East champs, he fired back, "Not with the way they played today, I'm not," before climbing into his awaiting town car.

    Not impressed with the Mets game #1 starter going down and throwing in a rookie to start while coming out on top? Fuck that. Fuck you. The Yankees can say all they want that they do not care what the Mets do, but they do care.

    As if I didn't hate the Yankees enough, they seemingly pulled some funny business with Justin Verlander.

    “I heard 10:00 start,” Verlander said. “I found it kind of suspicious Mussina wasn’t out there at all when I went out to start warming up.”

    Hmm...trying to burn Verlander out a bit?

  • It will be Oliver Perez in game four if the series makes it that far.

    Dave Williams could have been a better option. The lefty started five games for the Mets and had a good start in four of them.

    "[Perez is] throwing the ball pretty well," Randolph said. "He's been up and down at times like a lot of the guys have; that's pitching. But Oliver Perez is the kind of kid who has electric stuff. At any given time, he can spin up a gem. That's what you're looking for in a situation like this.

    "So, yeah, he's the best of what we have right now. That's good enough."

  • Pedro Martinez will be having surgery today on his arm.

  • Bob Raissman is not happy about ESPN's performance last night. Not happy at all. I was watching at a bar and didn't hear the audio, but it sounds like EPSN shit the bed.

  • Wagner was shaky, but got the job done.

    "The best couple of pitches I made today were against Nomar, I was able to make him swing and miss ... and I appreciate him swinging," said Wagner, who converted his final 18save opportunities to finish his first Mets season with 40 saves in 45chances. "I think for all of us it was a huge boost that we were able to make big pitches when we had to.

  • The Duque is most likley done for good in 2006. That is not so swell. Do the Mets have enough pitching? I'm not sure. Sometimes I think yes because they are the most well rounded team in the playoffs, but then I just think of Oliver Perez and Steve Trachsel in the rotation and think no.

  • Fun with comments....from last night.

    Benny said...
    Lets fucking go Mets!
    The team is now rested on the shoulder of Oliver Perez, lol. Jeeze louise, I don't trust him.

    Guys I'm having a big wardrobe problem.
    Pinstripe Beltran jersey or Black Reyes jersey for tomorrow?

    Also, for whoever DOESNT have an HDTV GET ONE NOW! It kicks ass. It has been one of the best investments I've ever made.
    Two problem however. The closeups on Randy Johnson's neck? Ugh god. Fucking gross. It's been one of the nastiest things I've ever seen.
    Another complaint? The detail of the TV is soo good, I was actually able to see and be disgusted by Carlos Guillen's incredibly hairy chest and saw tons of hair coming out of his back and into the back of his neck.

    Tough call in the shirts Benny, but I'd go with the black Reyes jersey.

    As far as the HDTV, consider yourself luckly you didn't have to see Matt Laughlin in HD. He's been known to make small children cry.

    As far as Guillen, hairiest guy ever....

    sidd finch said...
    Only seen that once before, it was a Red Sox Game.

    sidd finch said...
    Only seen that once before, it was a Red Sox Game.

    sidd finch said...
    Only seen that once before, it was a Red Sox Game.

    sidd finch said...
    sorry about the triple post, my machine hung up, and I kept clicking enter!

    brian b said...
    sidd, thats fine, that DESERVED a triple post.

    Indeed it deserved the triple post.

    DG said...
    Anyone want to explain going with Mota for two innings?

    benny said...
    Mota was kept in for 2 innings so they could purposely lose the lead and have Wright show Jeter who the real Playoff Clutch man, really is!

    Fucking awesome game.

    DG man, it was plain to see. It's all designed to make Wright look like the real king of NY.

    jake said...

    That sums it up right there.


    Anonymous benny blanco form da Bronx said...

    That fucking game was fucking NUTS!
    I was at home and clapping like an idiot for simple things like a strike...

    Over on Metsblog, Mr. Cerrone had a bunch of links for different journalists and umm, some people are dicks. Some of them are actually criticizing Willie Randolph and the Mets.
    WTF? Did I miss something here? Did the Mets win the game?

    Carlos Delgado high fived real fucking hard, I could tell. He smacked the shit out of Willie's hands.

    Carp getting some love, gotta like that. Especially in the league full of stud pitchers. Fortunately for him alot of those guys didnt even qualify for tht FSL list.

    Peter Zielinski is a dick head. And assholes like him is reason I don't want to see another Subway Series.
    Say no to Yankee fans contaminating Shea! NO SUBWAY SERIES PLEASE!

    As far as Oliver Perez starting goes? Fuck it. He's in there and he'll be clutch.

    ESPN DID shit the bed, they had Tim Robbins up there talking caca. He seemed very uncomfrtable though. THey kept asking him questions about some stupid fucking movie and he was ery relectant since it was like the 6th inning.
    And speaking of ESPN they have Vernon Wells and Eric Byrnes as the "analysts" for thier Baseball TOnight Studio. And I gotta say, Eric Byrnes? haha he looks sooo high. I'm sure they could have chosen a much better guy.

    Shit, you think CLiff Floyd is consumed in the whole playoff thing?
    I'm only GOING to the game and not participating and I've been numb since I woke up for school. I had a test that I didn't even think about, the only thing on my mind is the Mets and playoff baseball. ANd I wouldn't doubt myself writing Mets or playoffs on the paper.
    I'm fucking hyped, after school I'm headed to the game in full mEts gear.
    Wearing that black Reyes jersey with my Mets jacket. I'll be in the MEzz Section 12 Row F

    I live for this... BITCHES!

    12:41 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Willie managed pretty well last night, but more importantly, the Mets finally looked like the Mets we've watched all season. And that Cliffy shot after Delgado lunar launch looked like vintage Cliffy circa 2005. He may actually earn his salary over the playoffs. Guy's had an tough year to bear personally, kind of stuff that makes baseball seem far from the focal point. The finger point towards his Dad somehow gave me chills.

    Maine deserves serious credit and showed why he has a future in the Mets rotation. To quibble, I don't think that you can characterize him as not being "sharp" as much as his overall being inconsistent. In the 1st and 3rd innings he looked like an ace. I have a lot of confidence in the guy somehow.

    Anyway, wins and losses only matter in the big sense of the word, so no problem with going the Pedro/Chad route in the 5th inning. Was less convinced about the Mota move but why quibble when the big picture was the color we wanted? Interestingly, Willie handled this game like he did OPerez's last start, getting as much out of him before giving it to the pen. We're going to clearly attempt to ride the pen as far as we can go.

    Strange moment perhaps to go back to the Nady trade, but does anyone wonder who the Mets traded for? Since the trading deadline, Willie Randolph has pretty much shown no confidence in Roberto Hernandez. He hardly used him in serious situations before the Mets acquired Guillermo Mota, and I don't think that Roberto pitcked up a ball last night. It almost makes you wonder why the Mets didn't just attempt to go with what they had, except that the other player we acquired, the "throw in," has become necesary by default to our post season.

    Although I'd rather not even have to consider either, I am much happier to see the Mets go with Perez over Dave Williams. Williams gives up a lot of hits and the Dodgers are a team that relies on multiple hits over the long ball. Perez shows a new angle for the Dodgers to adjust to given his stuff, and of course, with how he pitches there's always the chance he throws a complete game no hitter (as well as the chance he gets bombed in the early innings). We'll certainly get to see his mental make-up, but this was supposed to be an issue for next year!

    12:54 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Also, gotta show love to my man, Steve Keane who posts at the Eddie Kranepool Society.
    He wrote this kick ass sentence about the Mets yesterday that I feel is true.

    "“There is an air of confidence on this team that I haven’t seen ever. Sure you may say what about the 86ers but I think they were more cocky than confident but this Mets team seems to not give a shit what the media or even the fans think.

    1:01 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Precisely on Zielinski. I just want the Tigers and a world series championship for the Mets.

    I'm hyped today to man. I haven't been to a playoff game since 1999. It's going to be nuts.

    Benny, we'll be close. I have Mezz...section 20....row G...seats 11 and 12. Hopefully I'm on the end.

    DG, agreed on Wille. Not much to complain about and Mota didn't exactly get helped by Valentin. Willie couldn't have predicted that.

    I think Floyd has earned his salary. $6 million is a bargain these days and he made last summer nice.

    I didn't see the finger point. I suck. I was in transit bar hopping.

    Yeah, they will ride the pen because they are stronger than the rotation. Give the innings to better part. Cannot argue with that.

    Perez could come out and throw a no-hitter...that's why he's in there. They are trying to catch lightning in a bottle...and yeah, it was supposed be an issue for next year, but I'm happy the Mets have him now.

    1:08 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Benny, I'm with ya. I don't mind OllyP starting a potential Game 4. Because honestly, what have we got to lose? He p itches a gem or has a nuclear fallout, the BP is there to pick up the pieces. BELIEVE is being part of a Mets fan.

    Mike, I am rooting SO HARD for the Tigers, my cousin and I went to watch the game at a bar last night, wearing my Mets hat. He said, if you were wearing a Detroit cap I would have said you f'in rock. GO JUSTIN - my boy Sean Casey just ran over Gary Sheffield at first. The announcers were like "slurp slurp, sheffield could have gotten hurt on the play" I said GOOD I wish he did. OK that was wrong.

    Oh and guys, I'm going to try to track you all down tonight. Benny, you are sitting right by my season seats which I sold because I got 4 seats with my uncle. They are in the bleeders, and because its gonna be so cold, i'm gonna WISH i didn't sell my original seats.

    Beer anyone?


    1:29 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    The announcers were like "slurp slurp, sheffield could have gotten hurt on the play" I said GOOD I wish he did. OK that was wrong.

    Classic coop. Good to see you have a good sense of humor and aren't afraid to get right in there...

    Beer is good. I'm still recovering from last night. Truth is, the entire game is hazy for me. I know there were corn dog bits at some BBQ place at some point during the night.

    1:43 PM

    Anonymous sidd finch said...

    We will be in Section 16, Row F. Wearing my Mr Met hat. I have my 'reverse the curse' sweatshirt if it gets cold, and I'm wearing an old Hartford Whalers tshirt as well. Got to wear all the lucky clothing. BELIEVE, indeed.

    1:59 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Mike, kudos for your decision to praise Willie's performance last night. As I wrote on my blog, I agreed with every move he madem especially pulling Maine when he did and leaving Mota in. If Zorro doesn't make that retarded throw to second, Mota probably gets through the 7th unscathed.

    2:02 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Andy, in the Mezz?

    Toasty, I just read it and I agree man. It's one of those things that if it works out, he's a genius. If it doesn't, he's a goat. Mota looked nasty and if you have a lead with the Mets bullpen, the game is just about over. That's how he was treating it. You cannot use Endy there and no other bat bowls me over. Mota is decent with the bat as has been well documented today and me saying Willie did anything right is big. I don't like to give the man compliments.

    2:08 PM

    Anonymous Robb said...

    ya know if you had just done n-y-c at the end of this you could have written a real rap. notice the rhyme sceem:

    DG man, it was plain to see. /t's all designed /to make Wright look like the real king of NY. (N-Y-C)

    2:11 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yeah Benny....what the fuck? Get with the program.

    2:12 PM

    Anonymous sidd finch said...

    I haven't seen the tickets, but it says 'upper reserved' on them. I guess we will find out what that means when we get there.

    I hope this is not like what the Red Sox, they see 06 in the zip code, then throw us out in right field grandstand.

    2:20 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Upper reserved? Hope you ain't afraid of heights....I get vertigo up there....

    2:25 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Sidd, welcome to the world of bleeders - I am also in UR

    And Mike the slurp slurp reference is ALL Toasty Joe. OMG, his Jeter slams were priceless yesterday, my cousin and I were crying over it we were laughing so hard - Toasty if you read this, mad kudos. It was great.

    And Mr Jose Valentin's "blog" is up and running again :-)

    2:26 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    first of all, you guys suck for going to the games. i'm jealous.

    second, how great is it that floyd went yard? if he gets hot that could be awesome.

    third, perhaps the best break was that jose didn't get hurt on valentin's stupid throw. i was scared.

    enough counting.

    our bullpen RULES. and that's without duaner and with roberto obsolete. pretty sick.

    i haven't been watching many games last month, so a question. is green worth a stank shit?

    benny, i was hoping to see the yankees lose and ended up listening to byrnes and wells and i thought byrnes was pretty good acutally. he did need some wardrobe help though.

    re: the announcers. uggh. the thing is that article doesn't even mention the lowlight, which occurred when all three bozos agreed they had never seen two men out at the plate like that. shortly thereafter they had their between innings interview with willie, maybe 15 seconds long, and he referenced the two yankees who were thrown out in the 80s. the three bozos just let that go as if no one watching tv was smart enough to pick up on it and wonder what willie was referring to. finally, around my 5th beer, espn ran the highlite of the old play, but still the announcers had absolutely no comment.

    now, i HATE joe morgan's commentary. but the worst point in the broadcast was when he left the booth bc then steve phillips had to talk more. yuck.

    2:35 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Valentin's blog is back and the Mets are up 1-0? Could life get any better?

    2:35 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Green is not worth stank shit....maybe regular shit, but certainly not a stank one.

    Steve Phillips doing Met games is criminal.

    2:38 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Coop, thanks for the props. As I mentioned, I was cracking up Section 26 last night with "Jee-tah woulda had that one!!"

    2:41 PM

    Anonymous Coop said...

    Oh jeez, I almost forgot to comment on the Yankee blowhard Peter Sucklinski. Here's an idea jackass...GO MAKE SURE YOUR OWN TEAM WINS. Loser.

    Exactly what Benny said...I don't want to see a Subway Series b/c of this fact. But I do want to see one to shut the Yank-mee fans the f*ck up when we kick their ass.

    2:42 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    It kicks ass that alot of the Metropolitans guys will be in the Mezz section, nice... Pretty badassed.

    Well I'm outta school.
    TO Shea Stadium I go.
    I'm ready!

    2:59 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yeah, I should be there nice and early.

    Zielinski or whatever his name is should have gotten punched in his face. I cannot understand the thought process that leads you to believe you should wear your Yankees shirt to a Mets playoff game. I don't believe in wearing a team's shirt that is not playing in the game. At no point is it acceptable.

    3:15 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    The Daily News also had a piece today about some schmuck who was mad at himself because he left the Met game early to get to Yankee Stadium, only to have the Yankee game rained out. There's so many things wrong with that, I cannot even begin to count. If he's a Yankee fan, fuck him, he's a waste of a ticket. If he's a Met fan, he's an absolute disgrace for leaving early to go to a Yankee game. And if he's neither, he's still a waste of a ticket. Jackoff.

    3:28 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    That guy is a class A douchebag. Why even go? People like that really make me question humanity as a whole.

    3:32 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...


    3:41 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    theeeeeee tigers win....theeeee tigers win!

    4:32 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Since when does Johnny Damon look like the freakin Bambino?

    4:33 PM

    Anonymous rick m said...

    Gary Thorne was pretty shaky yesterday, but I was psyched when I heard his voice at the open. When I was 14 and my parents were too cheap to pay for SportsChannel in 1986, I used to lay in bed and listen to Thorne and Bob Murphy call every game that magical year. I took it as a good omen.

    5:03 PM

    Anonymous s said...

    two - love.

    Balls in your court now Mr. Little.

    Wrong metaphor for baseball...tough shit we are two - love up!!!!

    11:49 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Less than $18 for the Mets 1986 WS Set.

    Oh, and Glavine threw magnificently! Now we don't have to worry about our season ending with Oliver Perez or Traxx.


    1:07 AM

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